428 examples of barb in sentences

In this way the barb-toothed points of the quills were dulled and broken as they came through.

[Illustration: BARB PIGEONS.

THE BARB PIGEON.The name of this variety is a contraction of Barbary, from which country it originally comes.

Hitched to the branches of the trees close at hand were six horses, one of them a barb with gay trappings upon which the Bishop was wont to ride, and the others laden with packs of divers shapes and kinds, one of which made Robin's eyes glisten, for it was a box not overlarge, but heavily bound with bands and ribs of iron.

But though he was so plainly dressed himself, the horse he rode was a noble barb, and its trappings were rich with silk and silver bells.

I told Laban to help you in the buyin' o' horses, and cattle, and barb-wire, and groceries.

Misterton had cleared and planted about forty acres, enclosed with a barb-wire fence.

As it went under the wire the can caught on a barb of the lower strand.

Finally he noticed that a wire ran from the barb wire fence in front into the house.

The pronghorn is a wonderfully clever and adaptive animal, crawling under barb-wire fences, and thus avoiding one of the greatest enemies of Western life.

Each cell contains a fine thread with a poisoned barb at the tip, The thread is packed away in the cell, coiled up like the spring of a watch.

The dear Mother seldom stays long, except when she finds me alone. (Having insinuated this barb into the flesh of her 'dear sister,' she takes up her crochet with an air of great contentment.

Julian thought the wound a slight one, and seizing the double-edged barb to withdraw it, cut his fingers.

He knew barb-wire fences of old and he knew they meant man and domination of man.

Robert stood by, silent, but his eyes fell on fresh marks with a knife, near the barb on each weapon, and the great pulse in his throat leaped.

2. Correct the division of the following words, so as to give no wrong notion of their derivation and meaning: "barb-er, burn-ish, brisk-et, cank-er, chart-er, cuck-oo, furn-ish, garn-ish, guil-ty, hank-er, lust-y, port-al, tarn-ish, test-ate, test-y, trait-or, treat-y, varn-ish, vest-al, di-urn-al, e-tern-al, in-fern-al, in-tern-al, ma-tern-al, noc-turn-al, pa-tern-al."Webster's Elementary Spelling-Book.

The herd safely corralled for the night, he rode slowly toward the ranch house, and, without leaving the pony's back, opened and closed the gate of the barb wire fence surrounding the yard and approached the house.

It might have been refused; but wherefore barb And venom the refusal with contempt?

Barb wire or boothill.

The Magnificent barb.

Barb wire or boothill.

[Joining her hands reverentially.] God of the bow, who with spring's choicest flowers Dost point thy five unerring shafts; to thee I dedicate this blossom; let it serve To barb thy truest arrow; be its mark Some youthful heart that pines to be beloved.

When we went up stairs at bedtime, Rosamond asked Barbara the old, inevitable question, "What have you got to wear, Barb, to-morrow night,that's ready?"

The horrible little gray creature, striking up over its back with spiked tail, drove the deadly barb half an inch into the orderly's naked ankle.

[Illustration:] Barb wire.

428 examples of  barb  in sentences