1910 examples of barely in sentences

At first she lay with half-closed, glazed eyes, barely breathing, a ghastly sight.

Johnnie had barely explained who she was, and made such effort as she could to enlist Mandy's sister, when Zack came tramping home, and showed, she thought, some uneasiness at finding them there.

The big road was barely reached, when they heard steps coming after them in the dusk, and a breathless voice calling in a whisper, "Johnnie! Johnnie!"

But barely had I commenced the preliminary lessons of compounding when the trouble came upon our house, and my sister and I were brought away from the old home to Bombay and bidden to find the wherewithal to support those to whom we owed respect and affection.

These crisp cakes are a favourite breakfast-dish of the early-rising factory-operative, who finds himself thus saved the drudgery of cooking when he is barely awake and when moreover he is in a hurry to reach the scene of his daily labours.

He swam with his head barely above the water, and he was ready to dive immediately should he be sighted.

Still more murderous was the two-days' battle of Melegnano, September 14, 1515, in which barely ten thousand Swiss fought against fifty thousand French.

This phrase is barely consistent with the statement (st. 16) as to Spring throwing down her kindling buds.

She says, "Just try and boil down a lb. of beef into beef tea; evaporate your beef tea, and see what is left of your beef: you will find that there is barely a teaspoonful of solid nourishment to 1/4 pint of water in beef tea.

Her face was lifted up to his; in the starlight he saw her eyes shining softly, gloriously; he saw her mouth, the lips barely apart.

Dipping over banks in the inlets of the creeks, the fortunate find the rosy apples of the miniature manzanita, barely, but always quite sufficiently, borne above the spongy sod.

I therefore, my lords, oppose the motion, not that it is unreasonable in itself, but because it cannot be admitted; I recommend despatch on this occasion, not because it is barely right, but because it is absolutely necessary.

The lamps of the car near by were not lighted; a single figure on the front seat was barely distinguishable.

He had barely time to unbar it, when a body of troops marched through, led by a tall, manly-looking chief, who was accompanied by one that the young man instantly recognised, in spite of the darkness, for Mr. Woods, in his surplice.

Och! 'twas an undacent deed, and a hundred confessions would barely wipe it from yer sowl.

He thought it probable that there would be a later train; and it was barely possible that some one whom he knew might be going up on it.

Barely six weeks before the declaration of peace, Peter was wounded at Rooiwal.

" "Barely six feet one in my boots," said Peter, reprovingly.

We, who undertake more, do but multiply Adventures [pp. 541, 552]; which (not being produced from one another, as Effects from Causes, but, barely, following) constitute many Actions in the Drama, and consequently make it many Plays.

More than that, he was young, still very young indeed, barely beyond the threshold of his chosen career.

This time Lanyard contented himself with nodding to the auctioneer; and the lips of the latter had barely parted to parrot the bid when Victor sprang to his feet, his features working, his limbs shaking so that the legs of the chair beside him, whose back he seized, chattered on the floor, while the high-pitched voice broke into a screech: "Twenty!"

His clutching fingers barely missed her shoulder but caught a flying end of the veil that swathed her throat and head.

she asked in a tone so intimate that it was barely audible.

And the day was barely beginning!

Barely two hours before the sun had been merely a red ball on the edge of the desert.

1910 examples of  barely  in sentences