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6089 examples of  baring  in sentences

6089 examples of baring in sentences

He smileda bright, contented happy smileas Rosa knelt, sobbing, by his side, and, opening his jacket, baring the blood-stained shirt, plucked a purplish rose from the bleeding bosom.

But, being come within the hut Beltane stayed of a sudden and held his breath, staring wide-eyed at that which lay so still: then, baring his head, sank upon his knees.

See Baring-Gould's "Myths of the Middle Ages.

" Anecdotes of the kind are very numerous, for there are few subjects in folk-lore concerning which more has been written than on the divining-rod, one of the most exhaustive being that of Mr. Baring-Gould in his "Curious Myths of the Middle Ages."

See Baring-Gerald's "Curious Myths of the Middle Ages.

"Captain Baring his name is.

Baring was playing bridge at a table close at hand, but his attention seemed to be abstracted.

Captain Baring likes me to play at the same table, and he is here for such a short time that one tries to be kind.

It happened to be Baring who cut out, and he and Norgate drifted together.

Baring looked around him with some disapprobation.

How wonderfully well Mrs. Benedek is looking, isn't she!" Baring withdrew his admiring eyes from her vicinity.

"A mixture of French, Italian, and German, I believe," Baring replied.

"What are you doing now?" "I've had a job up in town for a week or so, at the Admiralty," Baring explained.

"In any case, it isn't my job to talk about it," Baring continued apologetically.

" Baring grinned.

Baring enquired eagerly.

" Baring gazed across the room.

"Did you say you were considering something new?" Baring nodded.

"Captain Baring," she begged, "please ring the bell.

You know Captain Baring, don't you, Mr. Selingman?

And behold, you have found me!" Norgate shook hands and nodded to Baring, who was her escort.

" "That's all very well," Baring grumbled, "but it gets more difficult to see you alone every day.

Norgate, who had been standing at the bar with Baring, was passing a few feet away.

"His name is Baring.

A little way off, in the stalls, Mrs. Paston Benedek was whispering to Baring.

If Captain Baring is there, perhaps it would be better if you did not speak of our engagement.

"Why this especial care for Baring's feelings?" She turned her head a little towards him.

There was no Captain Baring then.

" "After that," she sighed, "I am going to telephone to Captain Baring.

Is it your amour propre which is wounded, when you feel sometimes forced to admit that she has as clear an insight into the more important things of life as you yourself?" "Do you talk like that with Baring?" he asked.

"Tell me on your honour," he said, "that you are not dining with Baring, and I will forgive!"

"I am dining with Captain Baring.

Captain Baring finishes his work at the Admiralty to-day, and leaves for Portsmouth to-morrow morning.

There, after some search in the directory, he rang up a number and enquired for Captain Baring.

Then Baring spoke from the other end of the telephone.

"Are you Baring?"

"Poor old Baring" The newcomer stopped short.

"Freddy Baring," she whispered"Captain Baringshot himself in his room at the Admiralty this afternoon!

They both rather avoided the topic of Baring's sudden death.

"Only yesterday," he remarked, "I said to little BerthaI have known her so long that I call her always Berthathat this bureau work was bad for Baring.

I can do nothing for you, so it is no use staying, but if ever you need help, the ordinary, commonplace sort of help, I mean, write to me to Baring's, either in London or Paris.

Baring the limb, Roswell soon satisfied himself that the bone had worked itself into place.

On Aug. 21st I applied to Mr Baring (Secretary of the Treasury).

On Mar. 7th I represented this privately to Mr Baring, First Lord of the Admiralty; and on Mar. 30th I wrote officially to the Admiralty, soliciting ยฃ150 with the prospect, if necessary, of making it ยฃ200.

In November I wrote to Sir T. Baring (First Lord of the Admiralty) and to the Admiralty for sanction, which was given on Dec. 18th.

As Mr. Maurice Baring puts it, "Peter the Great introduced the democratic idea that service was everything, rank nothing.

"Religion in Russia," writes Mr. Maurice Baring, "is a part of patriotism.

] There is a characteristic story told by Mr. Maurice Baring about a certain revolutionary who one day arrived at a village to convert the inhabitants to socialism.

"The Russian peasant," says Mr. Maurice Baring, "as long as he tills the ground will never abandon his religion or the observance of it....

The elections go well for us, except Canterbury, where Lord Fordwich has beat our man, Henry B. Baring, the husband of Lady Augusta.

They spraddled their baggy white legs and grinned comfortably, baring fine double rows of ivory in their brown faces.

Baring his head, and holding his arms wide apart to Heaven, the Duke appealed to God to direct his actions.

Upon baring Don Garzia's body, a fresh wound was discovered in his back, but whether by the hand of Don Giovanni no one ever knew.

[122:1] 'This is meaningless,' writes Mr. Baring-Gould of the canonical text, rather hastily, and forgetting, as it would appear, the concluding cause (Lost and Hostile Gospels, p. 166);

In many old-style poets of modern times, in Hรถlderlin, in Kleist, Grillparzer, and Annette von Droste-Hรผlshoff this fear assumes the character of ethical aversion to baring their feelings in public.

Oh, I'm so cold!" "Put your feet closer to me, sissy," answered her brother, baring himself to enwrap her more thoroughly; "put my stockings on over yours;" and, as well as they were able in the dark, he drew his stockings on over her benumbed feet.

Round his withered temples is a blue ribbon, with 'Dulce est pro Patriรข mori,' (it is sweet to die for one's country); for he is baring his breast to rush on the bayonets of the guards, a willing sacrifice, as he believes, poor fellow, for a great public principle.

The river seems to have taken advantage of both these concessions very largely, but it appears that in nature, as it often occurs in politics, concessions only breed increased demands, and the ungrateful Ottawa, while sweeping away forest timber and baring the granite rock in a dozen different channels, thunders its foaming waters along with an angry voice, ever crying "More, more.

Next morning there was a panic in Wall Street, which was arrested, however, by the intelligence from London that, although Government four-per-cents had fallen to 86, they were steady at that figure, and that the Rothschilds and Baring Brothers were buying them in largely.

Two suitors for the widow's hand promptly appeared in Alexander Baring, afterwards Lord Ashburton, and Charles Baring, his cousin.

Two suitors for the widow's hand promptly appeared in Alexander Baring, afterwards Lord Ashburton, and Charles Baring, his cousin.

But instead of superintending its work in person Baring bought a large tract in the North Carolina mountains, built a house there, and carried thither some fifty slaves for his service.

After squandering the income for nearly fifty years, he sold off part of the slaves and mortgaged the land; and when the plantation was finally surrendered in settlement of Baring's debts, it fell into Nathaniel Heyward's possession.

He replied, "I should be glad if you would go to Baring" (who had been sent to take charge of the legation, but with no diplomatic powers or relation with the Greek government) "and tell him the position, and ask him to telegraph to his government to urge Constantinople to send word to Eyoub Pasha that the Greek government had given stringent orders to stop the fighting, and ask him to coรถperate.

I ran to the British legation, fortunately found Baring there, and explained the position, saying that Tricoupi, in the absence of any diplomatic relation between them, had begged me to present myself personally to urge intervention.

Baring was convinced that Tricoupi, as well as the late premier, was bent on war, and would not at first believe that his request was sincere, but finally, overpersuaded, did telegraph to London.

'Only he bared his arm;' must refer to a preceding part of the sentence, stating something, to which the act of baring his arm was an exception; as, 'He did it in the same manner, only he bared his arm.'

He was on the point of uttering the great truth, baring in one great explosion all his thoughts and dreams and dreads of past days.

He used to run the first train over the Baring Cross Bridge, and then he ran the first engine over the new bridge here.

"After that I billed freight for the Missouri Pacific at the Baring Cross Storerooms under Mr. H.S. Turner for eight months or more.

Slowly, reverently, he went down the path; baring his head as he went.

There was a low ominous growl, a smouldering light in his strange, somber eyes, a baring of his sharp white fangs.

R64215. FETE GALANTE, a dance-dream in one act after Maurice Baring's story of that name.


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TROWER, SIR WILLIAM GOSSELIN, executor of the Estate of Maurice Baring.

SEE Baring, Maurice, Estate of.

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R64215. FETE GALANTE, a dance-dream in one act after Maurice Baring's story of that name.

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For an account of Irish missionaries in Germany, see Mr. Baring-Gould's "Germany," in this series, p. 46.

This was in the rear of the procession; in front, where the throng of townsfolk closed most thickly round the earl's travelling chariot, was a sudden baring of heads, as the door of the coach was opened.

In the neighbourhood of these reefs, Lieutenant John Lamb, R.N., Commander of the ship Baring, was embarrassed for three days, in which interval he was sounding in between nineteen and forty-five fathoms, and frequently passed shoal parts, upon which the sea was breaking.

he cried, in conclusion, unbuttoning his blouse and baring his thin little shoulders.

and lifting herself up, she steadfastly gazed at his emaciated face and shrunken temples, and opening his bosom, and baring its broad and finely-formed contour, she scanned it closely.

[Illustration: Pedestal Cabinet, By Boule, formerly in Mr. Baring's Collection.

BARING, SIR FRANCIS, founder of the great banking firm of Baring Brothers & Co.; amassed property, value of it said to have been nearly seven millions (1740-1810).

BARING, SIR FRANCIS, founder of the great banking firm of Baring Brothers & Co.; amassed property, value of it said to have been nearly seven millions (1740-1810).

BARING-GOULD, SABINE, rector of Lew-Trenchard, Devonshire, celebrated in various departments of literature, history, theology, and romance, especially the latter; a voluminous writer on all manner of subjects, and a man of wide reading; b. 1834.

Bob was no longer a human being, but a monarch of the forest at bay, with the hunter in front of him, and closing in upon him, in a great half-circle, the pack of harriers, all gnashing their teeth, baring their fangs, and howling for blood.

"Bart," he said, "d'you know me?" He stretched out his hand; and was received with a sudden baring of the fangs.

" "He 'll lay ye up," said the returned private, baring his bloody leg.