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34919 example sentences with  base

34919 example sentences with base

In 1876 an organization was perfected in France for making surveys and collecting data on which to base the construction of a canal across the Isthmus of Panama, and in 1878 a concession for prosecuting the work was secured from the Colombian Government.

It is nearly half a mile broad across its base, so that although its crest is 105 feet above sea-level its slope is not very perceptible.

It was near the base of the former of these massive blocks of stone, that one stood who seemed to gaze at the animated and striking scene, with the listlessness and indifference of satiety.

Colonnades, medallions, and massive cornices overhung the canal, as if the art of man had taken pride in loading the superstructure in a manner to mock the unstable element which concealed its base.

Parting from Christ my fainting force declined; With lingering foot I followed him aloof; Base fear out of my heart his love unshrined, Huge in high words, but impotent in proof.

We had to cross and recross the frozen stream several times, owing to the sides of the hill rising almost perpendicularly from its base.

If you doe this There is an Arme Armipotent that can fling you Into a base grave, and your Pallaces With Lightning strike and of their Ruines make A Tombe for you, unpitied and abhorr'd.

Encouraged by this assurance, the whole party stole through the bushes, that lined this part of the base of the cliffs, until they entered the bed of the stream.

We will get him to help us rebuild Solomon's empire." III.The Vision on the Mount On the wild granite scarp of Mount Sinai, about seven thousand feet above the blue seas that lave its base, is a small plain hemmed in by pinnacles of rock.

He went down the mountain; at its base he found his followers sleeping amid their camels.

If we can only win over the Ansarey," he continued, "we shall have all Syria and Arabia as a base for our operations."

Some people said that Willan Blaycke was drunk when he married Jeanne, that she took him unawares by means of a base plot which her father and she had had in mind a long time.

We do not always win the race By only running right, We have to tread the mountain's base Before we reach its height.

and the watercourses bring down annually a quantity of soil from the mountains, which increases the deposits at their base.

Behind it broad fields of rice and sugar extend themselves up to the base of the hills.

The sides of this natural amphitheatre tower more than a hundred feet above its flat base.

From the crater to the base, which is nearly at the level of the sea, he found that it measured sixteen hundred and eighty-two Spanish feet or four sixty-eight and two-third meters."

Across a marshy meadow we reached the base of the Malinao or Buhi mountain, the slippery clay of the lower slope merging higher up into volcanic sand.

The continuous deposit of dross contracts the channel, and a less quantity of water overflows, while that close to the edge of the basin evaporates and deposits a quantity of fine silicious earth; whence the upper portion of the cone not only is steeper than its base, but frequently assumes a more cylindrical form, the external surface of which on account of the want of uniformity in the overflow, is ribbed in the form of stalactites.

After the pyramid of layers is complete and the outlet stopped up, the water sometimes breaks forth on the slope of the same cone; a second cone is then formed near the first, on the same base.

Another was of a closely related form, having a wide mouth, pointed base, single incised, conventionalized, animal-head nubbin attached to the shoulder, and band-shaped handles attached vertically below the median line.

"In all chemical compounds, such as water and alcohol, the molecules at the base of the two or more substances break up into their original atoms and form a new molecule composed of all the atoms in the two or more things combined.

Base encroacher!

I was forced to obey, and she flung from me, repeating base, and adding flattering, encroacher.

And though they be poor in show, vile and base, yet like Telephus and Peleus in the poet, Ampullas jactant et sesquipedalia verba, "forget their swelling and gigantic words," their mouths are full of myriads, and tetrarchs at their tongues' end.

It is not therefore to be doubted, that if we seek a physician as we ought, we may be eased of our infirmities, such a one I mean as is sufficient, and worthily so called; for there be many mountebanks, quacksalvers, empirics, in every street almost, and in every village, that take upon them this name, make this noble and profitable art to be evil spoken of and contemned, by reason of these base and

[5049]Lucian's Lycia was a proper young maid, and had many fine gentlemen to her suitors; Ethecles, a senator's son, Melissus, a merchant, &c.; but she forsook them all for one Passius, a base, hirsute, bald-pated knave; but why was it?

"As it makes wise men fools, so many times it makes fools become wise; it makes base fellows become generous, cowards courageous," as Cardan notes out of Plutarch; "covetous, liberal and magnificent; clowns, civil; cruel, gentle; wicked, profane persons, to become religious; slovens, neat; churls, merciful; and dumb dogs, eloquent; your lazy drones, quick and nimble."

" Every base swain in love will dare to do as much for his dear mistress' sake.

Yea many times this love will make old men and women that have more toes than teeth, dance,"John, come kiss me now," mask and mum; for Comus and Hymen love masks, and all such merriments above measure, will allow men to put on women's apparel in some cases, and promiscuously to dance, young and old, rich and poor, generous and base, of all sorts.

"Love" (as he holds) "will make a silent man speak, a modest man most officious; dull, quick; slow, nimble; and that which is most to be admired, a hard, base, untractable churl, as fire doth iron in a smith's forge, free, facile, gentle, and easy to be entreated."

Laodice, the sister of Mithridates, poisoned her husband, to give content to a base fellow whom she loved.

Constantine Despota made away Catherine, his wife, turned his son Michael and his other children out of doors, for the love of a base scrivener's daughter in Thessalonica, with whose beauty he was enamoured.

All suit and service is too little for them, presents too base: Tormentis gaudet amantiset spoliis.

Oftentimes they may and will not, 'tis their own foolish proceedings that mars all, they are too distrustful of themselves, too soon dejected: say she be rich, thou poor: she young, thou old; she lovely and fair, thou most ill-favoured and deformed; she noble, thou base: she spruce and fine, but thou an ugly clown: nil desperandum, there's hope enough yet: Mopso Nisa datur, quid non speremus amantes?

Poverty and base parentage may be sufficiently recompensed by many other good qualities, modesty, virtue, religion, and choice bringing up, "I am poor, I confess, but am I therefore contemptible, and an abject?

Another let or hindrance is strict and severe discipline, laws and rigorous customs, that forbid men to marry at set times, and in some places; as apprentices, servants, collegiates, states of lives in copyholds, or in some base inferior offices, Velle licet in such cases, potiri non licet, as he said.

[Footnote 132: Mr. Froude imputes to Grattan a singularly base object.

At the base of the hill British soldiers, who seemed quite cognisant of the utter futility of the Boer gunnery, were complacently driving off cattle.

If we were base enough to desire it, it is now too late to retire from the contest.

The Onondaga was a peerless runner, he had been gone long now, and what would he find at the base of the smoke?

"We left the lake on our right, skirted the base of Piton du Milieu, over a volcanic soil of pulverized cinders, and, by gentle descents, proceeded towards the south.

I am now on this memorable spot as the solitary guest of a small hotel at the base of the Lion's Mound, after having made a night of it in crossing from Aix-la-Chapelle to Brussels and thence, through a storm of mist and rain to the little station of Braine-l'Alleud, which is a good mile from the battlefield.

With this burden, and wet to the skin with rain, there rose far ahead of me that historic mound, and at last I stood at its base alone, there in the midst of one of the greatest battlefields history records, soon to forget in the momentary joys of a beefsteak breakfast that man had ever done anything in this world except eat and drink.

The apex is Mount St. Jean, the right hand base La Belle Alliance, the left hand base Hougoumont, the cross bar that sunken road which perhaps changed the future of Europe, the two sides broad Belgian roads, paved with square stones and bordered with graceful and lofty poplar trees, their proud heads waving in every breeze that drifts across this undulating plain.

The apex is Mount St. Jean, the right hand base La Belle Alliance, the left hand base Hougoumont, the cross bar that sunken road which perhaps changed the future of Europe, the two sides broad Belgian roads, paved with square stones and bordered with graceful and lofty poplar trees, their proud heads waving in every breeze that drifts across this undulating plain.

The base of the triangle is an immense dike, which defends the city from the Meuse, and is called the Boompjes, signifying, in Dutch, small trees, from a row of little elms, now very tall, that were planted when it was first constructed.

Its position was most insalubrious, for the marshy swamps commenced at the very base of hills, and thus as it were encircled the savannahs with a belt of miasma.

I was unable to approach it nearer than about four miles, but I was credibly informed that the streak was in reality what its appearance first suggested to my mind, a body of fine sand continually flowing over the side of the hill, and depositing its volumes in a heap at the base of the mountain.

the long ruddy hair which gives the tone of colour, and the brownish ash-coloured fur at its base, which, like the down of the beaver, is of such importance in hat-making, and the cause of the animal's commercial value.

An irregular cloud, slender at the base, spreading on top, towered to mid zenith above the forest.

But, little by little, as the hours passed, there in the trodden grass he began to understand something of the unformulated decision that had been slowly growing in himof the determination, taking shape, to deal more nobly with himselfwith this harmless self which had accepted unworthiness and all its attributes, and which riven pride would have flung back at the civilisation which branded him as base.

Again, by troops, the Lancers retired; and again the yelling shells found them, and they retired to the base of a hill.

She informed Berkley that the negro drivers had become frightened and had cut the traces and galloped off; that she and the other Sister were on their way to the new base at Azalea Court House, where thousands of badly wounded were being gathered from the battles of the last week, and where conditions were said to be deplorable, although the hospital boats had been taking the sick to Alexandria as fast as they could be loaded.

The other said quietly: "She is at the base hospital near Azalea.

After a day or two it will percolate through to the varlet's intelligence that you are a desperate dog in urgent need of something, and he will bestir himself, and mayhap in a further two or three days' time he will wind a crank, pull some strings, and announce that you are "on," and you will find yourself in animated conversation with an inspector of cemeteries, a jam expert at the Base, or the Dalai Lama.

And yet the whole place gives me the constant sense of being an island, remote and unapproachable; the great black plain, where every step that one takes warns one of its quivering elasticity of soil, runs sharply up to the base of the long, low, green hills, whose rough, dimpled pastures and old elms contrast sharply and pleasantly with the geometrical monotony of the immense flat.

The village that I see a mile away, on a further promontory of the old Isle, has the look of a straggling seaport town, dipping down to wharves and quays; and the eye almost expects a fringe of masts and shipping at the base of the steep streets.

Her base rival, by her art and falsehood, finally succeeded in convincing Beltrano that Aniella was unworthy, and in his rage he fatally stabbed her, when, at thirty-six, she was in the prime of her beauty and talent.

Indeed, Jones, I do not see how we can be reรซnforced at allso far from our base, and the enemy so powerful to prevent it."

But our people thought it would be base to desert the cause of Massachusetts.

I could not willingly begin to love a man whom I knew to be base; but when I had loved him I would not turn because of his baseness;I couldn't do it.

What do you think has turned up now?" "Some other scheme?" "It is all scheming,base, false scheming,to have been concerned with which will be a disgrace to my name forever!"

What would have been her state of mind had she known her father to have conceived these base tricks?

From his base in Port Royal, Jamaica, he raided settlements and shipping on the Spanish Main, becoming wealthy as he did so.

From its base to the top of the cross (that the pope had put on top) it was 40 metres (131 ft) high, and had been brought to Roman in ancient times.

Gagarin then became deputy training director of the Star City cosmonaut training base.

Bardale has long been a base used by the Ethiopian military.

Barksdale Air Force Base is restricting access to the base as it confirms three positive cases of COVID-19.

Barksdale Air Force Base is restricting access to the base as it confirms three positive cases of COVID-19.

Barrage of rockets hit US coalition-base Camp Taji in Iraq just days after missile attack killed British.

Base cars sport a 3.8-liter V-6 with 311 horsepower, coupled to an 8-speed automatic, and a choice of rear- or all-wheel drive.

Base damage is low, range increment is pretty bad.

Based at Kirtland Air Force Base, the RCO develops and acquires classified space technologies using special authorities.

Base defences and operational procedures were the third major problem.

Based on recent growth rates across revenue, profitability, and player base, as well as upcoming launches and the overall financial position, I believe the company offers a considerable medium-term opportunity for investors in the gaming segment.

Base for all three DARRP component organizations.

Base Line on- and off-ramps are also slated to be closed weeknights beginning Tuesday.

Base models come with manually adjustable front seats that lack lumbar support.

Base models compared.

Base prices for the 2021 Toyota Land Cruiser start at $85,515 while the Heritage Edition has a base price of $87,845.

Base prices for the 2021 Toyota Land Cruiser start at $85,515 while the Heritage Edition has a base price of $87,845.

Base Protocolโ€™s official website is The official message board for Base Protocol is medium.

Base Protocolโ€™s official website is The official message board for Base Protocol is medium.

Base your decisions on the facts and science.

Bashir also was suspected of having had a role in a January attack on a US-Kenyan military base in southeastern Kenya in which three Americans were killed, he added.

Battery powered, and able to work with both a base station for streaming and in a standalone mode for impromptu monitoring of a hotel room or other situation, the new camera sticks with Wyzeโ€™s tradition of being more affordable than most.

BEND, Ore. โ€” James Thomason lay alone on a steep, remote, snowy slope at the base of Mount Jefferson, his right leg shattered.

Beneath Mount Rushmore on the eve of Independence Day, President Trump addressed his holiday remarks to his narrow base of angry white voters while charging that advocates of racial justice are promoting a "merciless campaign to wipe out our history."

BERLIN (AP) โ€” The U.S. Air Force said Monday it is investigating the cause of death of two servicemen who died at a base in Germany last week.

Best of all, the Vantage was then aimed at the newly and near-rich, so it had a competitive base price set just above that of a Porsche 911.

The X-32A, Boeingโ€™s Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) concept demonstrator, landed at Edwards Air Force Base, Calif., after making its first flight.

They havenโ€™t even reached base camp in their self-analysis.

They're afraid of him and his base and unconcerned about the truth.

Theyโ€™re afraid of him and his base and unconcerned about the truth.

They think theyโ€™re going to take us on and make us look bad because that will score points with their base,โ€ Lightfoot said.

I canโ€™t think of a more exciting Canadian to base a movie on!

I do agree that the future of our libraries will enhance our community base and communicating with one another.

If you are skiing more than 15km, begin by applying a base paraffin that suits the day's snow conditions.

If you base your test tasks on the tasks you developed for task-centered design you'll avoid a common problem: choosing test tasks that are too fragmented.