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The entablature is supported by eight Corinthian columns of marble, with bases and capitals of bronze, adorned with eagles.

Korea was the principal theatre of the land war; and, as far as access to it by sea was concerned, the chief bases of the two sides were about the same distance from it.

Its outward and visible sign is a navy, strong in the discipline, skill, and courage of a numerous personnel habituated to the sea, in the number and quality of its ships, in the excellence of its matériel, and in the efficiency, scale, security, and geographical position of its arsenals and bases.

These squares are called in the survey "townships," plainly indicating that they were meant by the general government to be convenient bases for the organization of "towns."

From "The Sportlight." THE WORLD IS AGAINST ME Babe Ruth doesn't complain that opposing pitchers try to strike him out; he swings at the ball till he swats it for four bases.

The low and sandy character of the western sides of these islands differs much from that of the opposite shore, where the coastline is formed by steep rocky cliffs whose bases are washed by the sea.

There is something singular in the maladjustment of the recumbent men and women to the curves of the sarcophagi, and in the contrast between the roughness of their bases and the smooth polish of the chests they rest on.

This operation would have the considerable advantage of avoiding the strong line of the Rhine and threatening our naval bases from the land side.

On the other hand, the land war will display the same kind of desperate energy only so far as it pursues the object of conquering and destroying our naval bases.

These preparations are like a strategic march, and the natural extension of their naval bases leaves no doubt as to their meaning.

The prizes which fall into our hands must be remorselessly destroyed, since it will usually be impossible, owing to the great English superiority and the few bases we have abroad, to bring them back in safety without exposing our vessels to great risks.

The English, if they planned such a blockade, would doubtless count on acquiring bases on our own coast, perhaps also on the Dutch coast.

Our whole future history may turn upon the impregnability of the fortifications which, in combination with the fleet, are intended to guard our coasts and naval bases, and should inflict such heavy losses on the enemy that the difference of strength between the two fleets would be gradually equalized.

In an offensive war their duty is to secure the railroads and bases, to garrison the conquered territory, and partly also to besiege the enemies' fortresses.

It is one of the hidden petrol bases which are supplied by friendly Armenians.

If the point of collision were on a continent of the globe, mountains would be hurled from their bases, and new ones would elevate their ridges towards the clouds.

At Cleeve the Cistercian abbey church has disappeared, save for the bases of the pillars in the nave, but the conventual buildings are some of the most perfect in England, those of Beaulieu in Hampshire and Fountains in Yorkshire being the only ones able to compare with them.

The upper floor, forming one half of the dormitory, has disappeared, but there still remain the bases of the two central pillars which supported the groined roof.

Foul balls were unknown, the sphere could be knocked toward any quarter of the earth or sky; runners between bases could be pelted with it by any of the outfielders.

As one of the most important bases of the German army in France, the town was continually filled with troops of every regiment, who stayed a little while and then passed on.

The bases of speech.

Chapter I. The Bases of the Science Chapter II.

I have already established the bases of the work which I now undertake, in a pamphlet containing several articles published in various newspapers.

If he tried to demonstrate the bases of his system and its rational evolution in ordinary words, the ignorant would not understand him and the learned would not deign to listen.

Gesture is founded on three bases which give rise to three orders of studies; that is, to three sciences, namely: The static, the dynamic and the semeiotic.

14757 examples of  bases  in sentences