170 examples of baton in sentences

Condé, a prophecy of Napoleon, a general by instinct, incapable of defeat, insatiable of glory, throwing his marshal's baton within the lines of the enemy, and following it; passionate, false, unscrupulous, mean.

He attempted to wrench himself free, but Rolfe had rushed to his superior's assistance, and drew the baton with which he had provided himself when he set out from Scotland Yard.

The conductor is energetic and efficient, wields his baton in a lively manner, but hits nobody with it.

Mr. Roundjacket interposed with his ruler, managing that instrument pretty much as a marshal does his baton.

' I looked with interest at the extraordinary face of this adventurer, who, after starting with a musket and a knapsack in the ranks, was not contented with the baton of a marshal, but passed on afterwards to grasp the sceptre of a king.

To my own feeling, this post-office service recalled some mighty orchestra, where a thousand instruments, all disregarding each other, and so far in danger of discord, yet all obedient as slaves to the supreme baton of some great leader, terminate in a perfection of harmony like that of heart, veins, and arteries, in a healthy animal organization.

And, deepest of humiliations, it is your old rival, it is your tall and angular sister, it is the black city of London, who takes your glittering sword and transforms it into a policeman's baton of wood!

He had ceased altogether to wiggle the sliver of earthe baton with which he conducted his orchestrabecause this was clearly a waste of energy.

As for Jag Ear, his baton was once more conducting his orchestra in spirited tempo.

About this time he made his family home at Baton Rouge, La.

A short distance up stream the river banks in the parishes of St. Charles and St. John the Baptist were settled at an early period by German immigrants; thence the settlements were extended after the middle of the eighteenth century, first by French exiles from Acadia, next by Creole planters, and finally by Anglo-Americans who took their locations mostly above Baton Rouge.

Many of those who settled about Baton Rouge and on the Red River with cotton as their initial concern shifted to sugar at the end of the 'twenties, however, in response to the tariff of 1828 which heightened sugar prices at a time when the cotton market was depressed.

Thus when cotton was exceptionally high in the early 'twenties many Virginians discarded tobacco in its favor for a few years, and on the Louisiana lands from Baton Rouge to Alexandria, the planters from time to time changed from sugar to cotton and back again.

Reference: Personal interview with Mrs. Fayman, at her home, Cherry Heights near Baltimore, Md. "I was born in St. Nazaire Parish in Louisiana, about 60 miles south of Baton Rouge, in 1850.

"When I was about 5 years old I was sent to a private School in Baton Rouge, conducted by French sisters, where I stayed until I was kidnapped in 1860.

"Baton Rouge, situated on the Mississippi, was a river port and stopping place for all large river boats, especially between New Orleans and large towns and cities north.

"Well, what the old folks goin' to get out of this?" Interviewer: Samuel S. Taylor Person interviewed: Henrietta Evelina Smith 1714 Pine Street, Little Rock, Arkansas Age: "I was born in Louisiana in East Felicie Parish near Baton Rouge on the twenty-eighth day of December.

He'd haul cotton to Baton Rouge and things like that.

"I stayed in the war till I was mustered out in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

The art of baton spinning.

The baton twirling series.

CO. Five minute baton book; twirl and spinning course.

Among the most important of these were the one at Watauga, in which Sevier and Robertson held command, and another known as Baton's Station, placed just above the forks of the Holston.

Haywood says that the first help came from Evan Shelby; Col. Russell, at Baton's Station proving dilatory.

It is not said that the troops were complimented by the presence of the people, who, on holidays then as on holidays now, usually appeared, having an air of self-respect, well-dressed, well-behaved, with nothing moving among them more threatening than the baton of the police as the sign of law and authority, but respecting that as the symbol of their own law.

170 examples of  baton  in sentences