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344 example sentences with  baton

344 example sentences with baton

[Illustration] The subject of the above engraving claims the attention of the antiquarian researcher, not as the lofty sculptured mansion of our monastic progenitors, or the towering castle of the feudatory baton, for never has the voice of boisterous revelry, or the tones of the solemn organ, echoed along its vaulted roof; a humbler but not less interesting trait marks its history.

Condรฉ, a prophecy of Napoleon, a general by instinct, incapable of defeat, insatiable of glory, throwing his marshal's baton within the lines of the enemy, and following it; passionate, false, unscrupulous, mean.

He attempted to wrench himself free, but Rolfe had rushed to his superior's assistance, and drew the baton with which he had provided himself when he set out from Scotland Yard.

The best that the leader of the band could do, was to swing his baton and start in the strains of "'Twas Never Thus in Olden Times."

The band-leader held his baton poised, but the Navy spectators broke into such a riot of joy that he let the baton fall inertly.

The band-leader held his baton poised, but the Navy spectators broke into such a riot of joy that he let the baton fall inertly.

He raised at arm's length a heavy baton, which, with a flowing movement, unrolled to the floor a bright yellow scroll thickly inscribed.

"Good luck, Dawson," whispered the bigger of the strangers; "I would give my baton to be going north with you."

Mr. Roundjacket interposed with his ruler, managing that instrument pretty much as a marshal does his baton.

I looked with interest at the extraordinary face of this adventurer, who, after starting with a musket and a knapsack in the ranks, was not contented with the baton of a marshal, but passed on afterwards to grasp the sceptre of a king.

She heard the double blow of his drumstick baton....

seek after impossibilities, strive after impossibilities; use vain efforts, labor in vain, roll the stone of Sisyphus, beat the air, lash the waves, battre l'eau avec un baton

To my own feeling, this post-office service recalled some mighty orchestra, where a thousand instruments, all disregarding each other, and so far in danger of discord, yet all obedient as slaves to the supreme baton of some great leader, terminate in a perfection of harmony like that of heart, veins, and arteries, in a healthy animal organization.

Chummak is the Turkish name for a kind of baton set with precious stones, and used by some of the officers of the palace as an insignia of state, like our rods, wands, &c. [350] This ludicrous idea is to be found in the veracious "Voiage and Travaile" of Sir John Maundevile, Kt.

Favour them not, ladies, especially now that every one of you carries a possible marechal's baton under her gown.

The other three Electors, or arch-chancellors, provided at their own expense the silver baton, weighing twelve marks, suspended to which one of them carried the seals of the empire.

About this time he made his family home at Baton Rouge, La.

" "No, Sam, our nearest soldiers are at Baton Rouge."

It was as if a conductor were leading an orchestra, and as if it responded instantly to every suggestion of his baton.

The names and the places of imprisonment of those persons, as stated by Mr. S. were as follows: "James Hight, imprisoned at Mobile; William Adams, at Norfolk; William Holmes, also at Norfolk; James Oxford, at Wilmington; James Smith, at Baton Rouge; John Tidd, at New Orleans.

The names and the places of imprisonment of those persons, as stated by Mr. S. were as follows: "James Hight, imprisoned at Mobile; William Adams, at Norfolk; William Holmes, also at Norfolk; James Oxford, at Wilmington; James Smith, at Baton Rouge; John Tidd, at New Orleans.

[Footnote 1: Farragut, after taking New Orleans, went up the river and captured Baton Rouge and Natchez.] %439.

The next morning we arrived at Baton Rouge, 127 miles on our journey; a pretty little town, on the east side, and the first rising ground we had seen, being delightfully situated on a gradual acclivity, from which is a fine view of the surrounding flats.

She never did get no trace of her sister, but she found her grandmother in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and brought her here.

A short distance up stream the river banks in the parishes of St. Charles and St. John the Baptist were settled at an early period by German immigrants; thence the settlements were extended after the middle of the eighteenth century, first by French exiles from Acadia, next by Creole planters, and finally by Anglo-Americans who took their locations mostly above Baton Rouge.

Many of those who settled about Baton Rouge and on the Red River with cotton as their initial concern shifted to sugar at the end of the 'twenties, however, in response to the tariff of 1828 which heightened sugar prices at a time when the cotton market was depressed.

Thus when cotton was exceptionally high in the early 'twenties many Virginians discarded tobacco in its favor for a few years, and on the Louisiana lands from Baton Rouge to Alexandria, the planters from time to time changed from sugar to cotton and back again.

Most of the Anglo-Americans among the planters lived about Baton Rouge and on the Red River, where they or their fathers had settled with an initial purpose of growing cotton.

This exploit should be one more in that brilliant series which was to change my sabre into a baton.

LOUISIANA, Baton Rouge,* on the Mississippi.

The town of "Baton Rouge" is situated about 190 miles above New Orleans, and contains a small garrison;the esplanade runs down to the water's-edge, and the whole has a pretty effect.

The country from Baton-rouge to Vicksburg, on the walnut hills, is almost entirely devoted to the cultivation of cotton, the soil and climate being found particularly congenial to the growth of that plant.

The eloquent baton.

BENNER, CHARLES W. The art of baton spinning.

The baton in motion; a photographic presentation of the technique of conducting.

DUNCAN, C. J., pseud. Beginner's baton book.

(Baton twirling series, v.3) ยฉ 31Dec40, AA354571-354572.

The art of baton spinning.

The baton twirling series.

MUSIC PUBLISHERS HOLDING CORP. Practical baton technique.

CO. Five minute baton book; twirl and spinning course.

Virginia Page baton twirling instruction book.

The Conductor and his baton, fundamentals of the technic of conducting.

Towards the end of 1779, Galvez, with an army of Spanish and French Creole troops, attacked the forts along the MississippiManchac, Baton Rouge, Natchez, and one or two smaller places,speedily carrying them and capturing their garrisons of British regulars and royalist militia.

Un d'eux vint le frapper par dessous d'un coup de baton, et il me le jeta par terre.

The Duke of Noailles, who at once received the marshal's baton, succeeded him in the command of the army by agreement with Marshal d'Asfeldt.

Thionville,* to whose gallant defence in 1792 France owed the retreat of the Prussians and the safety of Paris, was afterwards continually reproached with aristocracy; and when the inhabitants sent a deputation to solicit an indemnity for the damage the town had sustained during the bombardment a member of the Convention threatened them from the tribune with "indemnities a coup de baton!"

Thionville,* to whose gallant defence in 1792 France owed the retreat of the Prussians and the safety of Paris, was afterwards continually reproached with aristocracy; and when the inhabitants sent a deputation to solicit an indemnity for the damage the town had sustained during the bombardment a member of the Convention threatened them from the tribune with "indemnities a coup de baton!"

"I knew your mother rather well in the old days,a sweet girl, a Du Verne, of Baton Rouge.

Sick and disabled persons will be provided for upon the plantations to which they belong, except such as may be received in establishments provided for them by the Government, of which one will be established at Algiers and one at Baton Rouge.

Pourquoi le baton ร  Soubise, Puisque Chevert est le vainqueur?

As a representative of the Musicians' Union he is all for harmony, and foresees the time when Capital and Labour shall unite their forces in one great national orchestra, under the directing baton of the State.

It is not said that the troops were complimented by the presence of the people, who, on holidays then as on holidays now, usually appeared, having an air of self-respect, well-dressed, well-behaved, with nothing moving among them more threatening than the baton of the police as the sign of law and authority, but respecting that as the symbol of their own law.

CAMBRIDGE, FIRST DUKE OF, seventh and youngest son of George III.; served as volunteer under the Duke of York, and carried a marshal's baton; was made viceroy of Hanover, which he continued to be till, in 1837, the crown fell to the Duke of Cumberland (1774-1850).

SUCHET, LOUIS GABRIEL, DUC D'ALBUFERA, marshal of France, born in Lyons; distinguished himself in Italy, Egypt, Austria, and Prussia, and became general in command in Aragon, by his success in ruling which last he gained the marshal's baton and a dukedom; he rejoined Napoleon during the Hundred Days; after Waterloo he lost his peerage, but recovered it in 1819 (1770-1826).

It is the third-largest city in East Baton Rouge Parish.

Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press.

Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press, 1963.

Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press, 1998.

According to Womenโ€™s Wear Daily, โ€œProtestors clashed with a line of baton-wielding police and at one point tried to crash through the black iron gates of the Mobilier National complex where the show was taking place.โ€

After graduating from St. George School, he competed with the โ€œThe Big Orange Waveโ€ cross country team under Coach Pete Boudreaux at Catholic High School in Baton Rouge.

Belly up to a vintage bar like Hayride Scandal for a Sidecar or Sour, find high-end spirits at your local independent grocer, and stock your bar cart with small-batch bitters, syrups and mixers from Baton Rouge brand The Cocktail Experiment.

But the crisis has put many Baton Rouge events and festivals on hold, as well.

Comrades stood watch as the fallen Baton Rouge Police Department officer left Our Lady of the Lake Medical Center.

C.T. has passed the eternal baton to a new generation of civil rights agitators and organizers.

Emelie Alton, of Bistro Byronz, and Stephen Hightower, of City Pork Hospitality Group, organized the coalition, which includes more than a dozen Baton Rouge restaurants.

Geaux Clear Collection is offering complimentary Baton Rouge area delivery today, January 9, through Sunday, January 12, at noon.

George Robey took up the, um, baton โ€“ โ€œManyโ€™s the squeeze sheโ€™s had of my blue bag on washing dayโ€ โ€“ to be followed by, among others, Berwick Kaler, who laid down his ginger wig and Wagon Wheel biscuits in 2019 after 40 years as Yorkโ€™s resident dame.

Itโ€™s just as possible that Trumpโ€™s children grab the baton and run for office themselves (at least two of them have already hinted at this).

Locals can now shop all ethically and locally made items at two locations in Baton Rouge: The Hope Shop pop-up at Light House Coffee and at the new storefront in Mid City.

Looking back I am now convinced that Bush 41 intentionally lost to Bill Clinton in โ€™92 to fast-track the Marxist agenda, on the understanding that the Bush Clan would get back the baton in 2000.

MORE CAPACITY: Barges and ships will be able to carry bigger loads down the Mississippi from Baton Rouge, La., to the Gulf of Mexico thanks to a dredging project that got started due to research conducted with soybean checkoff monies.

Mr. Jenkins then passed the baton to the โ€œFox & Friendsโ€ co-host Ainsley Earhardt and her guest, Ms. McEnany.

NDLEA SWAT are out there picking up the baton SARS left.

Not pass on the baton of excellence, so to speak, to one of her many competitors who would love to boast of a medal haul of three World Championships and an Olympic gold.

Parade entries came from a broad spectrum of Pueblo Latino organizations including Brown Berets, La Gente, Mexican American Development Association, American G.I. Forum and the Pride City Baton Corps.

Police called in reinforcements and baton-charged the crowd, before cremating Samirโ€™s remains around midnight.

Recently, he took to the streets of Chicago during the Black Lives Matter protests, and got by a gang of baton-wielding cops while he was taking photographs.

She said that currently, she felt that following the womenโ€™s march decades ago, it was now her turn to โ€œpick up the batonโ€ and pass it onto the next generation.

Since his arrival, Johnson has also worked to develop a network with LSU Agriculture SciencesLSU Campus Sustainability to build relationships across campus and make the kitchen one of the greenest in Baton Rouge.

Since then, Wright worked his way up the ladder, becoming sports director in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, then hitting the big time at NESN in Boston, ESPN, Fox Sports 1 and NFL Network.

The event begins Dec. 31 at 11:45 p.m. with speakers Mayor Sharon Weston Broome, Visit Baton Rouge President and CEO Paul Arrigo and other special guests counting down to 2021.

The Irene W. and C.B. Pennington Foundation Great Performers in Concert Series will feature country superstar Trisha Yearwood with the Baton Rouge Symphony Orchestra featuring her music from the โ€™90s to now.

They have Baton Rouge businesses covered from end to end.

Trainees can use weapons such as the Beretta M9, taser, baton, pepper spray and flashlight, making this system just as diverse as it is realistic.

At the Childrenโ€™s Hospital New Orleans Specialty Care Center in Baton Rouge, our pediatric endocrinologists are available to help provide diagnostic evaluation and treatment for children and adolescents with hormonal disorders.

โ€œUnfortunately, some police have responded to recent protests with tear gas, pepper spray, and baton strikes on peaceful political protesters,โ€ Rose wrote, defending the rights of protesters.

โ€œWe have a Public Service Commission race on the ballot, the East Baton Rouge Parish-Mayor Presidentโ€™s race on the ballot as well, numerous judicial races and some DA runoffs,โ€ said Ardoin.

We need to create more entrepreneurs among our people, hand over the entrepreneurship to them, pass the baton of the organisation to the right people at the right time.

We recently met with Rozlan Fransen, owner of Baton Rouge Succulent Company, and asked her how sheโ€™s been freshening up the Capital City succulent scene with dried florals, and why they make a great V-Day alternative.

โ€œWhen I got the baton for the anchor leg, the Indian team was in sixth place.

Winning the national title for the first-ever Miss Plus America Pageant in 2003 ultimately led Baton Rouge native Chenese Lewis to launch her own multimedia company.

Yorkshire police force launches investigation after 16-year-old boy 'hit on head with officer's baton'

From 2005 to 2006, as Chief Development Officer for Imvescor Inc. he directed the franchising, real estate & development of the companies' Pizza Delight, Scores and Baton Rouge brands.

Identify Your โ€œTimothyโ€ โ€“ passing the baton โ€“ Disciple!

It is exciting to watch a generation passing the baton if you will on to the succeeding generation.

Mother Earth Lawn Scape, Baton Rouge, LA, (225) 338-9110 (

On December 8th, at the Baton Annual Meeting, the name of the company was changed to "CTV Inc." and the company shares were listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

State Farm Insurance, Baton Rouge, LA, (225) 358-2000 (

There is nothing surprising about that, considering the orchestra leader's propensity for waving his baton indiscriminately over every section of the orchestra, every possible and imaginable social program.