82 examples of baulk in sentences

Yet though he tease and baulk your listening ear, He makes one useful point exceeding clear; Howe'er ingenious on his darling theme A sceptic in philosophy may seem, Reduced to practice, his beloved rule Would only prove him a consummate fool; Useless in him alike both brain and speech, Fate having placed all truth above his reach; His ambiguities his total sum, He might as well be blind and deaf and dumb.

I observed that on the roofs of all the houses along the road the inhabitants had gathered to watch us; and as my companion was so completely veiled, I did not baulk their curiosity by drawing the canopy.

Listen, then, for I would by no means baulk an inquisitive friend, especially one who is nailed by the ears, as you are.

" Joyce seated herself on a baulk of timber and began composedly to take off her shoes and stockings.

HINDENBURG holds your British foes in baulk Prior to trampling them to pulp like vermin; Russia is at your mercyyou can walk Through her to-morrow if you so determine; There is no France to fight Your gallant WILLIE'S blade has "bled her white.

It was how he was a rider in his youth, travelling for shops, and once (not to baulk his employer's bargain) on a sweltering day in August, rode foaming into Dunstable upon a mad horse to the dismay and expostulary wonderment of innkeepers, ostlers &c. who declared they would not have bestrid the beast to win the Darby.

and he began with the usual miss in baulk.

I made the best dispositions possible in view of my cautious instructions, and soon every man, British, Czech and Cossack, was imbued with a determination to baulk the enemy's eastward ambitions at all costs.

No man can entirely baulk his nature: it breaks out in spite of him.

"I will baulk your avaricious hopes.

There was a heavy baulk of timber lying near the door, with rope-handles knotted into holes bored through it at intervals.

A moment later, our men were battering the door down with their baulk of timber, working all together as if they had practised the stunt thoroughly.

Oh, if I could but baulk them to-night!

In vain he pleads for stall-room in the stable; The cellars are engaged; 'tis idle talk To ask for bedding on the billiard-table Two families are there, each side of baulk.

Here I ought in reason to have stopped; but the speeches of Ajax and Ulysses lying next in my way, I could not baulk them.

He is an ingenious person and has been turning up new rollers out of a baulk of oak supplied by Meares, and with Simpson's small motor as a lathe.

So close it seems and only the weather to baulk us.

"You shall wait mine, though, by your leave," said Balafré; "I will not have any nephew baulked."

He then appropriates for his sole personal use the only piece of chalk, demands the spot ball, places it in position, and endeavours to cast his opponent's ball into a baulk pocket with a rapid back-hander.

The Adjutant now compiles a fifteen break, pauses, notices the Colonel's inattention, and with typical lack of true discipline pots his opponent's ball and leaves the others in baulk.

The borderers were anxious for a war; and Lord Dunmore was not inclined to baulk them.

x. 5. 'The golden mean, as she's too nice to dwell Among the ruins of a filthy cell, So is her modesty withal as great, To baulk the envy of a princely seat.

If he disengages giving Light, to take a Counter to your Thrust, whether by a Rispost or Time, you must make a False-time or Half-thrust, and if he parrys, or takes the Time, in Case of the first, you must baulk his Parade; and if he takes the Time, you must take another upon him.

If he opposes with his Hand upon your Half-thrust, you must parry with your Left-hand, and, pushing near his Left Shoulder, baulk his Hand.

Depend upon it kindly natureprudens, as that jolly fellow, fine gentleman, and true philosopher, Horace, says in a similar connectionkindly nature knows how to make the closing decade of life every whit as delightful as any of the preceding, if only you don't baulk her purposes.

82 examples of  baulk  in sentences
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