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13286 example sentences with  baying

13286 example sentences with baying

Let him not listen to the barking and baying: let him hearken to the great primal voices of man and nature.

The rifles were scarcely reloaded when the deep baying of the hounds was heard, and two more deer came crashing across the isthmus where we were stationed.

The stag hounds which were tied to a sapling, by their fierce baying, added vigor to his flight.

The deep baying of the stag-hounds, as we entered the little lake, apprised us of the location of our tents, and we were glad to reach them, and stretch our limbs upon the bed of boughs beneath them, for the day had been warm, and our journey a weary one.

They had ran but a short distance, when they seemed to become stationary, and deep, quick baying succeeded the lengthened and ringing sound of their voices.

We travelled quietly, and as silently as we could for near half a mile, and as we rounded a low but steep point of a hill, there sat bruin, some twelve rods from us, in the forks of a great birch tree, forty feet from the ground, looking down in calm dignity upon the dogs that were baying and leaping up against the tree beneath him.

We went over to where he was, and sure enough, away up in the top of a tall birch, sat his coonship, looking quietly down upon the dogs that were baying at the foot of the tree.

Again in the distance that hollow baying.

They had gone a mile or more, keeping just far enough from the bank to remain undistinguishable, when the appalling baying of a hound sounded from the farther end of the pond, where the patrol fire gleamed faintly among the trees.

Just as this was decided, a blood-curdling baying of bloodhounds echoed across the pond from the distant cabin.

Even as he spake, very faint and far as yet but plain to hear above the leafy stirring, the deep baying of a hound came down the wind.

While, upon the stilly air, loud and more loud rose the fierce baying of the hounds.

There was a hoarse baying of men's voices; there were four of them running hard, and two carried guns.

Cooper has told us how and by what signs, in years that have forever faded, the Huron tracked his flying foe through the forests of the North; we read of Cuban bloodhounds, and of their frightful baying on the scent of the wretched maroon; we know how the Bedouin follows his tribe over pathless sands;and yet all these are bunglers, in comparison with the Gaucho rastreador!

And they heard the fall Of mountain streams, the huntsman's windy call Across the heaving hills, the baying hound Among the rocks, while echoes answered round They heard, and shared the gladness of the chase.

On one occasion a peasant, hearing the weird baying in a wood, joined in the cry; but on the following morning he found hanging at his stable door a quarter of a green Moss-woman as his share of the game.

"The Normans bore it all; but, in fact, they knew not what the English said: their language seemed like the baying of dogs, which they could not understand.

It was a mixed, deep baying, that made the blood quicken in my veins.

He walked off rapidly,the dog in advance, now and then baying as though he were on a trail.

The hounds are baying on my track, O Christian!

The hounds are baying on my track, O Christian!

The hounds are baying on my track, O Christian!

At the time she fully expected to be torn in pieces, and was actually surprised when they suddenly parted and swept round the hut, encircling it with deep-mouthed baying.

"Hear'st thou the baying of my hounds?" said he; "Draw back the lattice-bar and let them in."

But if, as sometimes appears, it is directed against the fact that the remuneration of labor is controlled by the laws of supply and demand, it is a mere baying at the moon, with singularly little provocation.

After several nights passed in anxiety, every little circumstance, any unusual noise, the baying of a dog, a disturbance in the hog-pens, exciting the greatest apprehension, Poe determined on stealthily watching the enemy under covert of a hillock or embankment on the farm.

Whereupon began a heaving, stamping process, accompanied by a barking and baying, and the horse was re-established and the dog silenced with a "Down, Pilot!"

And truly, how the time passed, I know not; but there came presently a hullabaloo, and the shouts of men's voices and the baying of dogs, and the gleam of lanthorns, so that I knew not what to think; until, very sudden, and with a sweet and strange little laughter, the Lady Mirdath to perceive that we had missed the hours utter in our converse; so that her Guardian (made uneasy because of the three foot-pads) had ordered a search.

And, in the same time, I heard the sound that made them so swift to hasten; for there smote up through the night the Baying of the Hounds; and we knew that they were discovered.

Or the Baying of the Hounds, or the Roaring of the Giants, or any of those dreadful sounds that did often pass through the night.

And I heard the Night-Hound casting round among the moss-bushes, and it did send up a wild and awesome baying; and I heard the bushes brake and smash beneath it, as it did run to and hither.

And the Hound ran on into the distance, and presently, I heard it baying in the Night.

Then I rose, and went onward, down the warm stream, and made a strong walking, yet keeping alway to the water; and oft did stop a little that I should listen; and always I heard the Night-Hound a great way off in the night, baying, and seeming that it did surely run to and fro, searching.

And I stood awhile, and did listen for the baying of the Hound; but could hear it no more; and did have a surety within me that it was indeed gone from searching for me.

there stole presently from afar the deep and dreadful baying of the Hounds; so that I knew we did be surely dead, save that a miracle should happen.

And the baying of the Hounds did grow nearer in the night; and there to grow ever the roarings over the Land; and a sense of Evil and monstrousness to be abroad in all the night.

there to be again the deep and dreadful baying of the Night-Hounds unto the South-East, and to be nearer; and I to know now that no strength of mine should serve to protect Mine Own.

And the baying of the Hounds to come ever the more near; and surely it did be a doubly hideous bitter thing that I lose My Dear One, so nigh unto Home; and the great Mountain of my Home to go upward before me into the night, and to seem so near that surely I did be almost there; but yet, mayhap, two great miles off, even then.

Faintly there came to them through the forest the distant baying of a hound.

"M'seur" From deep in the forest came again the baying of the Mackenzie hound.

One clear, cold morning, about two years after their marriage, Susan was awakened by a loud crash, immediately succeeded by Nero's deep baying.

They lost sight of the hound, but still, from time to time, heard his loud baying far away.

"Blinded by the flowing blood, exhausted and despairing, I cursed the coward dog, who stood near, baying furiously, yet refusing to seize his game.

At that moment, when Hope herself had fled, deep and clear over the neighboring hill, came the baying of my gallant Bravo!

Hunters' horns sounded from the forests; the loud baying of dogs could be heard all the way up to the wild geese.

Soon the baying of the bloodhound broke the stillness of the night, and the voice of its masters sounded through the moor, as they endeavoured to accelerate its speed,panting and breathless the boy pursued his hopeless career, but every moment his pursuers seemed to gain upon his failing steps.

The hoarse voices of the men, and the still louder baying of the dog, were now so near, that instant destruction seemed inevitable,already he felt himself in their fangs, and the bloody knife of the assassin appeared to gleam before his eyes,despair renewed his energy, and once more, in an agony of affright that seemed verging towards madness, he rushed forward so rapidly that terror seemed to have given wings to his feet.

Their baying was filled with the fierce excitement which told Bruce and Langdon, a quarter of a mile behind them, that they were close upon their prey.

The baying of the dogs was now deep down in the basin.

And after that their baying came fainter and fainter as the big grizzly led them swiftly away from the menace of man in a long and thrilling race from which more than one was doomed not to return.

And the pack was giving tonguethat fierce, heated baying which told him they were again on the fresh spoor of game.

A third time he was seeking her when he found Langdon in the trap on the ledge, and he had not yet got wind of her when he first heard the baying of the dogs on his trail.

He was keeping the wind straight ahead so that he would not fail to catch the smell of Iskwao when he came near her, and with the baying of the dogs he caught no scent of the pursuing beasts, or of the two men who were riding behind them.

They were coming up the last stretch of the coulee, baying loudly.

From far away up the mountain-side came the fierce baying of the dog pack.

She was pulling on her gloves again when a distant baying first reached her ears.

The baying had been very faint and far awayit might have been sounded for some other hunting.

But, an hour later, with the pines not very far away, the baying rose so close behind that it stopped her heart.

Then, from behind him rose the starved baying of his brothers.

If his baying gets on your nerves, just send for me."

Pale fire-flies pulsed within the meadow mist Their halos, wavering thistle-downs of light; The loon, that seemed to mock some goblin tryst, Laughed; and the echoes, huddling in affright, Like Odin's hounds, fled baying down the night.

The dogs perceived their coming, yet far off: They scented flesh, they heard the thud of feet: And with wild gallop, baying furiously, Ran at Amphitryon's son: but feebly whined And fawned upon the old man at his side.

The animals come up close to your very doors in large packs, and roar away without any apparent object, frequently standing a longtime in one place, as a dog does when "baying the moon."

No doubt they had a hilarious time of it, dogs baying, horsemen dashing here and there shouting at the top of their voices, and with plenty of fat venison and other good cheer at the Hall that night.

A second shows a snow scene, with a wolf baying, while two others are apparently listening to him.

A hunting-horn sounded, and the youth drew himself together into an attitude of eager attention; the baying of hounds and trampling of horses' hoofs came nearer and nearer, and by and by there came in view the ends of boar-spears, the tall points of bows, a cluster of heads of men and horsesstrong, sturdy, shaggy, sure-footed creatures, almost ponies, but the only steeds fit to pursue the chase on this rough and encumbered ground.

When the King's horn, the calls, the brutal laughter, and the baying of the dogs had begun to die away in the distance, he gathered himself together, sat up, and tried to find some means of stanching the blood.

They could hear a baying of hounds in the far valley.

They could now hear a loud baying on the hill above.

Half a dozen of them were now baying outside.

And as well for those who love to angle in brown lakes or rushing brooks or chase after the baying hounds or stalk the stag on his lonely heights.

Once Sampson picked up a scent of some kind, and went off baying.

The baying of the hounds inspirited us now and then, but presently we lost it.

We climbed and rode to the high point, and coming out upon the summit of the mountain we all heard the deep, hoarse baying of the pack.

All the time I could hear the fierce baying and yelping of the hounds, and occasionally I heard a savage bawl from the bear.

Their baying had roused the bear out of his bed, and he had showed himself once or twice on the open rock-slides.

I heard the boys yelling not far away and the hounds were baying up above me.

The baying of the hounds rang clear and full and fierce.

They ran up the thicket, which was favorable for us, and from their baying I judged the bear trail to be warm.

We kept even with the hounds until their baying fell off, and finally grew desultory, and then ceased.

I was ready to drop on the mats of pine needles and lie there, unutterably grateful for rest, when I heard Old Tom baying, deep and ringing and close.

He was looking down into the thicket, as if listening to the baying hound.

Some of the pack were baying at a great rate in the mouth of the next canyon.

We were much closer to the hounds, though they still were baying a tangled cross trail.

Then a big bear rose right out of his bed of leaves, majestically as if disturbed, and turned his head back toward the direction of the baying hounds.

rang above the baying of the hounds!

After a while we heard the baying of the hounds.

Their baying, however, grew desultory, and lacked the stirring note.

And indeed there arose to their ears a great noise of baying hounds and the tramping of horses in the courtyard, and voices were raised high and merry.

Down the great stairway he led her proudly, through corridor and passage, until they reached the servants' hall, where the clamour of voices and baying hounds was like pandemonium; and at the sound Mistress Penwick drew back with fear.

It had not the note of Mrs. Tossell's dinner-horn; it seemed to travel, too, from a distance beyond the farm, and as Tilda listened, it was followed by a yet fainter sound, as of many dogs baying or barking together.

Then again, as they stared questioningly into each other's eyes, it rolled faintly into the swampthe deep, far baying of a hound.

No longer could they hear the baying of the dogs.

At length the baying of the hounds echoed through the woods, far below them.

Suddenly a loud howl blended with Sport's baying, and the hounds seemed to turn and sweep down the valley.

Harold was about to answer, when suddenly the baying of a hound broke through the noise of the storm.

"I have been made familiar with their baying while surveying on the coast of Florida.

At this moment the baying of the hound was heard, apparently in close proximity to the hovel, and presently there was a heavy breathing and snuffling at the threshold, followed by a bound against the door, and a howl of rage and impatience.

Yet the single note of misery was worse than the baying and gulping of a whole ward.

But a sign of international class is the way players are able to bounce back, and in the midst of Storm Ciara at a Murrayfield Stadium baying for Calcutta Cup blood, Furbank ensured he would not become the story for the second week in a row.