127 examples of bayle in sentences

Bayle positively asserts, that they were mere human artifices, in which the devil had no hand.

The story he told me was "per sfogarsi," as Bayle loved to say; his idea was that I would not discover the real hero.

Even Bayle (see the article "Leo X." in his Dictionary) suffered his inclinations to blind his vigilance.

As a proof of Bellarmine's abilities, there was scarcely a divine of any eminence among the Protestants who did not attack him: Bayle aptly says, "they made his name resound every where, ut littus Styla, Styla, omne sonaret."]

The story was too good to be lost, and it gave point to many epigrams, of which, perhaps, the one preserved by Bayle is the best: "Cum Petri nihil efficiant ad proelia claves, Auxilio Pauli forsitan ensis erit." "Since the keys of Peter profit not for battle, perchance, with the aid of Paul, the sword will answer.

Here he wrote about 14 plays, translated Bayle's Dictionary, Montaigne's Essays, and Don Quixote, and established himself also as a trader in Leadenhall Street.

Spinoza (a) Substance, Attributes, and Modes (b) Anthropology; Cognition and the Passions (c) Practical Philosophy 3. Pascal, Malebranche, Bayle CHAPTER IV.

"Jeremiah, vi, 7. "Bayle's Intelligence from the Republic of Letters, which make eleven volumes in duodecimo, are truly a model in this kind.

But we may repeat the touching anecdote of Bayle's friend, Mlle.


SEE Bayle, Nesto Gros-Long.


SEE Bayle, Nesto Gros-Long.

SEE Bayle, Nesto Gros-Long.

SEE Bayle, Nesto Gros-Long.

SEE Bayle, Nesto Gros-Long.

Bayle's relations with England and the English.

Bayle's relations with England and the English.

SEE Bayle, Nerte Groslong.

By Charles Grover & Evalyn Kinkead Bayle.

Evalyn Kinkead Bayle (A); 1Aug77; R668416. R668417.

A modern Philosopher, quoted by Monsieur Bayle in his learned Dissertation on the Souls of Brutes, delivers the same Opinion, tho' in a bolder Form of Words, where he says, Deus est Anima Brutorum, God himself is the Soul of Brutes.

L. [Footnote 1: 'Bayle's Dictionary', here quoted, first appeared in English in 1710.

Pierre Bayle himself had first produced it in two folio vols.

Bayle, Magliabecchi of Florence, Isaac Reed, Sir Thomas Brown, Montaignethose were the men whose lot in life I enviedthose the literary anchorites in whose steps I would fain have followed.

127 examples of  bayle  in sentences
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