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127 examples of  bayle  in sentences

127 examples of bayle in sentences

This reflection (says Bayle) from so celebrated an historian, not suspected of favouring the Hugonot incredulity, is a strong presumption on my side.

Mr. M'Lean said, he had a confutation of Bayle, by Leibnitz.

'A confutation of Bayle, Sir!

What part of Bayle do you mean?

The saint's name of Veronica was introduced into our family through my great grandmother Veronica, Countess of Kincardine, a Dutch lady of the noble house of Sommelsdyck, of which there is a full account in Bayle's Dictionary.

He, with that self-conscious genius common to poets, declares that his poem would be proof against sword, fire, thunder, and time,a prediction, says Bayle, which has not yet proved false.

Let cynics and critics, and unbelievers like Bayle, delight to pick flaws in David's life.

Grimm's Life of Michael Angelo; Vasari's Lives of the Most Excellent Painters, Sculptors and Architects; Duppa's Life of Michael Angelo; Bayle's Histoire de la Peinture en Italie.

Henry's Life of Calvin, translated by Stebbings; Dyer's Life of Calvin; Beza's Life of Calvin; Drelincourt's Defence of Calvin; Bayle; Maimbourg's Histoire du Calvinisine; Calvin's Works; Ruchat; D'Aubigné's History of the Reformation; Burnet's Reformation; Mosheim; Biographie Universelle, article on Servetus; Schlosser's Leben Bezas; McCrie's Life of Knox; Original Letters (Parker Society).

Lamartine's Characters; Berington's Middle Ages; Michelet's History of France; Life of St. Bernard; French Ecclesiastical Historians; Bayle's Critical Dictionary; Biographic Universelle; Pope's Lines on Abélard and Héloïse; Letters of Abélard and Héloïse.

The story he told me was "per sfogarsi," as Bayle loved to say; his idea was that I would not discover the real hero.

Some of the Moralities, like Bayle's King Johan (1538), are crude Chronicle plays, and the early Robin Hood plays and the first tragedy, Gorboduc, show the same awakened popular interest in English history.

Until the seventeenth century, what more respectable historians had arisen than Dupin, Tillemont, Mabillon, and Fleury; or critics and scholars than Bayle, Arnauld, De Sacy, and Calmet!

Even Bayle (see the article "Leo X." in his Dictionary) suffered his inclinations to blind his vigilance.

"In reviewing the great names of philosophy and science, we shall find that those who have most distinguished themselves have virtually admitted their own unfitness for the marriage tie by remaining in celibacy,Newton, Gassendi, Galileo, Descartes, Bayle, Locke, Leibnitz, Boyle, Hume, Gibbon, Macaulay, and a host of others.

I will be both your guard, sir, and your bayle And make no doubt to free you from this Viper.

Their arguments evoked a defence of toleration by Bayle, a French Protestant who had taken refuge in Holland.

The [108] most characteristic thing in Bayle’s treatise is his sceptical argument that, even if it were a right principle to suppress error by force, no truth is certain enough to justify us in applying the theory.

It is a poor work compared with those of Locke and Bayle.

Bayle is an interesting instance.

If Locke’s philosophy, by setting authority in its place and deriving all knowledge from experience, was a powerful aid to rationalism, his contemporary Bayle worked in the same direction by the investigation of history.

Bayle, in replying, adopted the attitude of Montaigne and Pascal, and opposed faith to reason.

Bayle replies that if he had been able to find any atheistical thinkers who lived bad lives, he would have been delighted to dwell on their vices, but he knew of none such.

Bayle’s work, marked by scholarship and extraordinary learning, had a great influence in England as well as in France.

Twenty years before he had written a Discourse of Free-thinking (in which Bayle’s influence is evident) pleading for free discussion and the reference of all religious questions to reason.

It is an ironical development of the principle of Bayle, working out the thesis that Christianity is essentially unreasonable, and that if you want to believe, reasoning is fatal.

I have dwelt at some length upon some of the English deists, because, while they occupy an important place in the history of rationalism in England, they also supplied, along with Bayle, a great deal of the thought which, manipulated by brilliant writers on the other side of the Channel, captured the educated classes in France.

In the Sermon of the Fifty and the Questions of Zapata we can see what he owed to Bayle and English critics, but his touch is lighter and his irony more telling.

Averroism, 88 Bacon, Roger, 85 Bahrdt, 175 Rain, A., 188 Bayle, 107 sq., 135 sqq.

[Footnote 1: See Bayle's Pensées sur les Comètes, i., p. 10.] Dico ego, tu dicis, sed denique dixit et ille; Dictaque post toties, nil nisi dicta vides.

In the course of his folio he has contrived to treat a great variety of topics, that seem very loosely connected with the general subject; and, like Bayle, when he starts a favourite train of quotations, he does not scruple to let the digression outrun the principal question.

The story was too good to be lost, and it gave point to many epigrams, of which, perhaps, the one preserved by Bayle is the best: "Cum Petri nihil efficiant ad proelia claves, Auxilio Pauli forsitan ensis erit." "Since the keys of Peter profit not for battle, perchance, with the aid of Paul, the sword will answer.

Here he wrote about 14 plays, translated Bayle's Dictionary, Montaigne's Essays, and Don Quixote, and established himself also as a trader in Leadenhall Street.

Spinoza (a) Substance, Attributes, and Modes (b) Anthropology; Cognition and the Passions (c) Practical Philosophy 3. Pascal, Malebranche, Bayle CHAPTER IV.

The transition from the philosophers of doubt whom we have described to the great Bayle was formed by La Mothe le Vayer (died 1672; Five Dialogues, 1671), the tutor of Louis XIV., and P.D. Huet(ius), Bishop of Avranches (died 1721), who agreed in holding that a recognition of the weakness of the reason is the best preparation for faith.

A state composed of atheists, is not only possible, as Bayle argued, but it would be the happiest of all states.

The possibility of proving the existence of one omnipotent and all-beneficent God, and the impossibility of refuting the positive dogmas, save the harmony of faith and reason, which Bayle had denied.

The second part gives, also against Bayle, the justification of God in view of the evil in the world.

Bayle tells us of a General of the Jesuits at Rome, once exulting of his greatness and his orderwho thus expressed himself to a friend:"I will tell you, in this very chamber, I govern Romewhat am I talking about?

"Jeremiah, vi, 7. "Bayle's Intelligence from the Republic of Letters, which make eleven volumes in duodecimo, are truly a model in this kind.

But neither the Protestant Christian, nor the sceptic philosopher, can claim a right to despise the sophistry which bewildered the judgment of Chillingworth, or the toils which enveloped the active and suspicious minds of Bayle and of Gibbon.



Mr. P. Bayle has endeavored to remedy this state of things by experiments upon the chimney, inasmuch as he could not think of modifying the arrangements of the lamps of commerce "without injury to man" interests, and encountering material difficulties.

Mr. Bayle has taken advantage of the properties of convergent-divergent ajutages, and of the discovery of Mr. Romilly that a current of gas directed into the axis and toward the small base of a truncated cone, at a definite distance therefrom, has the property of drawing along with it a quantity of air nearly double that which this same current could carry along if it were directed toward a cylinder.

In getting up his new chimney, Mr. Bayle has utilized these principles as follows: Round-burner lamps have, as well known, two currents of airan internal current which traverses the small tube that carries the wick, and an external one which passes under the chimney-holder externally to the wick.

The trials were made with a Gagneau lamp provided with a chimney of the ordinary shape, and then with one of Mr. Bayle's.

The light of the standard Carcel lamp being 1, there was obtained with the Gagneau lamp with the ordinary chimney 1.113 carcels, and with the Bayle chimney 1.404 carcels.

Thus 1.113:1.404 represents the ratio of the same lamp with the ordinary chimney and with that of Bayle.

The Gagneau lamp, with the old chimney, burned 62.25 grammes per hour, and with the Bayle 63 grammes in the same length of time.

M. de Crousaz, the adversary of Bayle and Pope, is not distinguished by lively fancy or profound reflection; and even in his own country, at the end of a few years, his name and writings are almost obliterated.

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41, n. 1; like Baker's character of James I, v. 12; Bayle's of Menage, iv.

MÉNAGE, Gilles, Bayle's character of him, iv.


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Bayle the sceptic.

Bayle's relations with England and the English.

Bayle's relations with England and the English.

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SEE Bayle, Nesto Gros-Long.


SEE Bayle, Nesto Gros-Long.

SEE Bayle, Nesto Gros-Long.

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Bayle the sceptic.

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I have many; but I confess I should like to pass a day with Milton, or Sir Philip Sidney.' 'Among mere literary men,' said Cadurcis; 'I should say Bayle.' 'And old Montaigne for me,' said Herbert.

Bayle, explaining the difference between testimony and argument, uses this laconic simile, "Testimony is like the shot of a long-bow, which owes its efficacy to the force of the shooter; argument is like the shot of the cross-bow, equally forcible, whether discharged by a dwarf or a giant.

It would appear that the controversial disposition was powerful with Sir W. Hamilton, and that a present impulse of that sort (as has been said respecting Bayle, Burke, and others) not only served to provoke new intellectual combinations in his mind, but also exercised a Lethæan influence in causing obliviscence of the old.

Mr. Jacob Tonson Jun. is of Opinion, that Bayle's Dictionary might be of very great use to the Ladies, in order to make them general Scholars.

The translation of Bayle's Dictionary had been published by Tonson in 1610.

A modern Philosopher, quoted by Monsieur Bayle in his learned Dissertation on the Souls of Brutes, delivers the same Opinion, tho' in a bolder Form of Words, where he says, Deus est Anima Brutorum, God himself is the Soul of Brutes.

L. [Footnote 1: 'Bayle's Dictionary', here quoted, first appeared in English in 1710.

Pierre Bayle himself had first produced it in two folio vols.

It is from a Chronicle of the monastery of Lorsch (or Laurisheim), in Hesse Darmstadt, under the year 805, in the first volume of the last-named collection, that the story about Eginhart was taken by Bayle, out of whose Dictionary Addison got it.

Bayle, indeed, specially recommends it as good matter for a story.

L. [Footnote 1: The story of Queen Emma, mother of Edward the Confessor, and her walking unhurt, blindfold and barefoot, over nine red-hot ploughshares, is told in Bayle's Dictionary, a frequent suggester of allusions in the Spectator.

Tonson reported that he usually found Bayle's Dictionary open on Addison's table whenever he called on him.]

This is a Method of Reasoning which has been made use of with the poor Refugees, and which was so fashionable in our Country during the Reign of Queen Mary, that in a Passage of an Author quoted by Monsieur Bayle it is said the Price of Wood was raised in England, by reason of the Executions that were made in Smithfield.

Ammonius in Bayle's Life of him, but the saying was of the reign of Henry VIII.]

Here he wrote about 14 plays, translated Bayle's Dictionary, Montaigne's Essays, and Don Quixote, and established himself also as a trader in Leadenhall Street.

But because I would not be thought singular in my Opinion of this Matter, I shall conclude my Paper with the Words of Monsieur Bayle, who was a Man of great Freedom of Thought, as well as of exquisite Learning and Judgment.

[Footnote 1: Founded upon note N to the Memoir of Charles of Burgundy in Bayle's Dictionary, where the authorities cited are Pontus Heuterus and others.

T [Footnote 1: Founded on Note F to Bayle's account of Leo X.] *

For never shall my Soul despair Her Pardon to procure, Who knows thine only Son has dy'd To make her Pardon sure. 'There is a noble Hymn in French, which Monsieur Bayle has celebrated for a very fine one, and which the famous Author of the Art of Speaking calls an Admirable one, that turns upon a Thought of the same Nature.

And that encrease of power by favour yeelds, Shall be with all severity inflicted; You have the Kings hand for't; no Bayle will serve, And therefore at your perils Officers, away with 'em.

Bayle, Magliabecchi of Florence, Isaac Reed, Sir Thomas Brown, Montaignethose were the men whose lot in life I enviedthose the literary anchorites in whose steps I would fain have followed.

And, in the second place, the deists of England had very little to teach a disciple of Bayle, Fontenelle, and Montesquieu.