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194 examples of  be close by  in sentences

194 examples of be close by in sentences

Entrance may have been closed by a landslide down the cliff.

The "Stone Yard" is close by the Preston and Lancaster Canal.

The forward door from amidships is closed by iron barsis it not?" "Si, Senor," his eyes again sparkling with interest.

So all things come to our mind at last, He is close by your side in the twilight gloom, And you two are alone in the dim old room,

"I'm not expected till half-past nine, and it's close by.

Give me back the child, that my eyes may not be closed by strangers, and that I may speak good counsel into his young ears, while there is hope my words may be remembered, and I care not for all the metals of the Rialto!

"The Palace of the Assembly is closed by the troops," said the Representatives, "we have come to deliberate here."

For some time we heard terrible explosions, which appeared to be close by, and which mingled themselves with our conversation.

The meeting-place is close by, in the ambulance.

They had chosen this spot because it is close by the sewer-grating of the gutter, so that the blood would run down at once, and would leave fewer traces.

Having settled that knotty point, we took a stroll in the avenue, and later, paid a visit to the parish church of St. Vincent which is close by.

The Great Belt could easily be closed by block-ships at its narrowest points, and extensive minefields could be laid.

And when it does we shall know that the fortune is close by, and waiting to be found.

They're close by; don't yer smell 'em?

I wished to have shewn Dr. Johnson the Duke of Hamilton's house, commonly called the Palace of Hamilton, which is close by the town.

But they would be perfectly happy in the Dower House; it is close by, and I could see them very often.

"In a large lamp-chimney, the top of which is closed by a tightly fitting perforated cork (A), is arranged a pair of rubber bags (C) which are attached to a Y connecting tube (B), to be had of any dealer in chemical apparatus or which can be made by a teacher having a bunsen burner and a little practice in the manipulation of glass (Fig. 171).

The cavity of the middle ear, resembling a drum in being closed by two membranes.

This lake is close by the Severn in the land of Wales.

"There's a little deep-water creek there, which Tommy and I used to use sometimes, and according to Mr. Gow their bungalow is close by.

About six in the morning, Hazard brought a report to Roswell that a margin of open water was beginning to form all along under the cliffs, while there was great danger that the channel which had been cut from the schooner to the nearest point beneath the rocks, in readiness for this very contingency, might be closed by the pressure of the ice without, on that within the cove.

The citizens of Paris could hardly believe their eyes when they saw their king and queen walk arm-in-arm along the boulevards; and the courtiers received a lesson, if they had been disposed to profit by it, when on each Sunday morning they saw the royal pair repair to the parish church for divine service, the day being closed by their public supper in the queen's apartment.

"And we want you to be close by in case she don't believe us.

"And we want you to be close by in case she don't believe us.

The Y hut's close by, too, and we'd enjoy an hour or so with the girls.

It seemed to him there could be but one answer; other water-channels beyond the drift, under which they now traveled, were being closed by counter-currents.

Arizona was closed to him; all this district would be closed by the story of his early light-fingeredness.

The blow-hole is closed by a stopper or valve, opening to let the air in or out, but closing to shut out the water.

The Tarpeian Rock, from which the condemned used to be thrown by the ancient Romans, is close by this edifice, if the Rupe Tarpeia still pointed out is the veritable one.

He is close by.

If one by one all the avenues of regular low-skilled labour are closed by securing a practical monopoly of this and that work for the members of a Union, the superfluous body of labourers will be driven more and more to depend on irregular jobs, and forced more and more into concentrated masses of city dwellers, will present an ever-growing difficulty and danger to national order and national health.

For, though that combat was full three furlongs away, yet Sir Lionel heard the sound of that blow as clearly as though it had been close by.

Sculpture more ingratiating is close by, in the two rooms given to Iscrizioni: a collection of priceless antiques which are not only beautiful but peculiarly interesting in that they can be compared with the work of Donatello, Verrocchio, and other of the Renaissance sculptors.

Another Andrea del Sarto, the "Disputa sulla Trinita," No. 172, is close by, nobly drawn but again not of his absolute best, and then five more Raphaels or putative RaphaelsNo.

Tucker's tent had two openingsa small vent in the top of the pyramid, capable of being closed by an adjustable cap in case of storm, and an oval entrance through which one had to crawl.

and I should have thought He would have been close by them all the time.

At one end of the road the view is closed by the monastery, with its pointed arches, its peaked towers, and its imposing battlemented walls; on the other, the ruins of a little hermitage rise, at the foot of a hillock bestrewn with blooming thyme and rosemary.

These doors could be closed by a stone being rolled against them; and the stone used for this purpose was kept outside the cavern.

But he overruled it by saying, "It is close by, and won't take us many minutes."

After the last cartridge is ejected the chamber is closed by first thrusting the bolt slightly forward to free it from the stud holding it in place when the chamber is open, pressing the follower down and back to engage it under the bolt and then thrusting the bolt home; the trigger is pulled.

Before they had quite reached their destination the sound of bugle and trumpet made them turn about, and Peter suggested that they should mount a convenient pair of steps in front of a large white house, which had apparently been closed by its owners, for a number of bystanders were already posted there.

The bath house is close by, but that is the only house near us.

The piston is closed by a disc or cover 5/8ths of an inch thick, secured by 15 bolts, and this cover answers also the purpose of a junk ring.

A crack in a plate may be closed by boring holes in the direction of the crack, and inserting rivets with large heads, so as to cover up the imperfection.

They have no objection that Nicaragua shall demand and receive a fair compensation from the companies and individuals who may traverse the route, but they insist that it shall never hereafter be closed by an arbitrary decree of that Government.

The prince is surrounded by officers, military, and servants, and the procession is closed by more soldiers.

"Most of us hear mass every morningthe church is close by the gate, on the other side of the great tower, you knowand we do not eat meat on fast days" "Yes, yes, I understand!" interrupted the Duchessa, grasping at any straw by which she could drag the extraordinary young princess within conceivable distance of what she herself considered socially proper.

Or, perhaps it is close by, though I never saw you in these woods before," she went on, looking around as if she might see the pig pen under one of the trees.

M. de St. Vincent, of Havre, states, from his own experience of long continuance, that when bottles containing wine are closed by tying a piece of parchment or bladder over their mouths, instead of using corks in the ordinary manner, the wine acquires, in a few weeks only, those qualities which is only given by age in the ordinary way after many years.

That this trade will be very much increased there is no doubt, since it affords occupation for the Lake marine in the winter, when the Lake ports are closed by ice.

"My son, wherefore seek's thou thy face thus to hide?" "Look, father, the Erl-King is close by our side!

'Oh no,' said he, 'we must go through this pasture, and the next one beyond it; then we shall see a cedar tree growing by the fence, and soon we shall come to a place where two roads go round a hill, and then we shall be close by there.'

A stop cock should be used next to boiler, as you ascertain whether it is open or shut by merely looking at it, while the globe valve can be closed by some meddlesome party and you would not discover it, and would burst some part of your pump by forcing water against it.

The piston begins its stroke at the end of cylinder, and is driven by live steam through an open port, 3 inches or one quarter of the stroke, when the port is closed by the valve shutting the steam from the cylinder, and the piston is driven the remaining 9 inches of its stroke by the expansive force of the steam.

The ends of the chapel are closed by flat walls, against the western of which is raised the altar.

Since he wrote these words its course has been closed by Pontifical authority.

By this time Albert Ward, being close by, and hearing the fuss, came up to the assistance of the Colonel, when a scuffle amongst all hands ensued.

By this time Albert Ward, being close by, and hearing the fuss, came up to the assistance of the Colonel, when a scuffle amongst all hands ensued.

It happened to be close by.

The vents near the ground are generally five inches highthe size of two bricksand four inches widethe width of oneand the holes are closed by inserting one or two bricks in them.

Many of the kilns have in the center a round hole, from sixteen to eighteen inches in diameter, which is closed by a cast iron plate.

And he would have said it still again had not his lips been closed by her warm, red lips.

And the impossibility of correcting such a mistake without putting herself in an absurd position actually stopped the Rollins speech, andLord help me!I thought that mouth could only be closed by bon-bons and a man's kissesany man's, par exemple.

He entered the house through an opening, which had formerly been closed by a door.

There we should be close by the headwaters of the Hudson.

A deep cistern for the preservation of water has been hewn in the rock, and the entrance is closed by a gate shaded inside by vines.

On Sunday we went to church in the morning, and sat in a large pew with Mr. Fielding, the church we went to is close by Mr. Tate's house, we did not go in the afternoon but Mr. Tate read a discourse to the boys on the 5th commandment.

The entrance is closed by rolling the stone forward, dropping a small block behind it to prevent its recession, and finally by covering the before-mentioned slot with a slab, which, being cemented down, the tomb is "sealed.

The city's Aquatic Park is close by.

The ruin, which is close by the road, stands in the middle of the church-yard, and the first thing I saw, on going in the gate, was the tomb of the father of Burns.

It is said the end will be closed by a magnificent gate, on a style to correspond with the unequalled avenue to which it will give entrance.

"Ha!" said he, "a person is close by here.

She must be close by, and if the night is clear, I shall be able to see her through the porthole.

The furnace top is closed by a cast-iron lid, which is lifted off for charging the fuel.

The prospect is closed by lofty mountains, with glaciers rising behind them.

If you have any business to transact, my house is close by; I shall be happy to treat with you.

" In the meantime Drury Lane is closed by order of the Lord Chamberlain,[A] on the ground that in seeking to take from the actors one-third of their benefit receipts the management have proceeded illegally.

The gas enters at E, passes at S into an opening that may be closed by a valve, and is distributed through the box, BB', which communicates with the reservoir through an orifice in the partition, hh'.

The scene is closed by a west view of the lake, for several miles, having its sides lined with alternate clumps of wood and arable fields, and the smoke rising in spiral columns through the air from villages which are concealed by the intervening woods; the prospect is bounded by the towering Alps of Arrochar, which are checkered with snow, or hide their heads in the clouds.

When it is desired to use the apparatus, the pipes, P, Q, and R, are closed by means of their valves, J, K, and L, and the valve, I, of the pipe, O, is opened.

Instead of spending their earnings on immediate enjoyment they spend part of them in providing somebody else with goods that they need, and taking from that somebody else an annual payment for the use of these goods for a certain period, after which, if it is a case of a loan, the transaction is closed by repayment of the advance, which again is effected by a transfer of goods.

"The office is closed by this time.

The inner end of it had been closed by a strong door, so as to prevent anybody who might have the secret from entering in that way, but Nick was strongly of the opinion that it would not keep out the persons who were "haunting" the house in case they desired to come in.

On reaching Newstead Abbey, I found, to my regret, that the entree to the public had been closed by the new proprietor, one, I was told, of the manufacturing gentry of the Manchester school.

It is closed by a wooden button.

It is close by the bridgenot twenty paces distant.

The Hill of Barnec is close by, but the site of the magic dwelling, who can tell?

Our personal fate is closed by death; but we have a larger destiny which death does not touch; a destiny enduring and immortal.

"I'll wait and see him," said the man; "he is not far off, I reckon, and I know that the brigade must be close by.

"She's close by?"

On one side of each is an opening which is closed by a double door of plaited cocoa-nut tree and pandanus-tree leaves.

Hutton Court, which is close by, is a 15th-cent.

The W. door is closed by a bar inserted in the wall.

As the path, after being closed by a long, arduous, and painful contest, is to use an Indian metaphor, now opened and made smooth, I shall please myself with the hope of hearing from you frequently; and till you forbid me to indulge the wish, I shall not despair of seeing you and Mrs. Fairfax once more the inhabitants of Belvoir, and greeting you both there the intimate companions of our old age, as you have been of our younger years."

it is not from Elvkarleby Fall that it reaches hither; it is close by; it is from Laa-Foss, in which lies Ash Island: the elv streams and rushes over the leaping salmon.

My mind a sky of purple, my words the warm dew of love; my soul must issue like an unveiled bride from her chamber and confess: "Oh, lord and master, in the future I will see thee often and long by day, and the day shall often be closed by such an evening as this.

The accused persons, in spite of their frenzied protestations of innocence, were instantly seized and taken off to a place of security; Mrs. Strugnell was conveyed to a neighbor's close by; the house was carefully secured; and the agitated and wondering villagers departed to their several homes, but not, I fancy, to sleep any more for that night.

This gunwale is open at the stern, the ends not being connected, but the bow is closed by a raised end-board fancifully carved and painted in front of which a crest-like wooden ornament fits into a groove running along the beak.

"Sir," said Anne, drawing herself up with dignity, "you mistake" "Not a whit, my dear; no exemption here;" and there was a horse laugh, and an endeavour to seize her, as she stepped back, feeling that in quietness lay her best chance of repelling them, adding "My uncle is close by.

The current that arrives through L passes through the lightning protector, the body of the commutator, U, the terminal, v, and the call, W, bifurcates at P, and is closed by the earth.