194 examples of be close by in sentences

Give me back the child, that my eyes may not be closed by strangers, and that I may speak good counsel into his young ears, while there is hope my words may be remembered, and I care not for all the metals of the Rialto!

For some time we heard terrible explosions, which appeared to be close by, and which mingled themselves with our conversation.

The Great Belt could easily be closed by block-ships at its narrowest points, and extensive minefields could be laid.

About six in the morning, Hazard brought a report to Roswell that a margin of open water was beginning to form all along under the cliffs, while there was great danger that the channel which had been cut from the schooner to the nearest point beneath the rocks, in readiness for this very contingency, might be closed by the pressure of the ice without, on that within the cove.

"And we want you to be close by in case she don't believe us.

"And we want you to be close by in case she don't believe us.

Arizona was closed to him; all this district would be closed by the story of his early light-fingeredness.

If one by one all the avenues of regular low-skilled labour are closed by securing a practical monopoly of this and that work for the members of a Union, the superfluous body of labourers will be driven more and more to depend on irregular jobs, and forced more and more into concentrated masses of city dwellers, will present an ever-growing difficulty and danger to national order and national health.

These doors could be closed by a stone being rolled against them; and the stone used for this purpose was kept outside the cavern.

A crack in a plate may be closed by boring holes in the direction of the crack, and inserting rivets with large heads, so as to cover up the imperfection.

They have no objection that Nicaragua shall demand and receive a fair compensation from the companies and individuals who may traverse the route, but they insist that it shall never hereafter be closed by an arbitrary decree of that Government.

M. de St. Vincent, of Havre, states, from his own experience of long continuance, that when bottles containing wine are closed by tying a piece of parchment or bladder over their mouths, instead of using corks in the ordinary manner, the wine acquires, in a few weeks only, those qualities which is only given by age in the ordinary way after many years.

That this trade will be very much increased there is no doubt, since it affords occupation for the Lake marine in the winter, when the Lake ports are closed by ice.

'Oh no,' said he, 'we must go through this pasture, and the next one beyond it; then we shall see a cedar tree growing by the fence, and soon we shall come to a place where two roads go round a hill, and then we shall be close by there.'

A stop cock should be used next to boiler, as you ascertain whether it is open or shut by merely looking at it, while the globe valve can be closed by some meddlesome party and you would not discover it, and would burst some part of your pump by forcing water against it.

The ends of the chapel are closed by flat walls, against the western of which is raised the altar.

It happened to be close by.

The vents near the ground are generally five inches highthe size of two bricksand four inches widethe width of oneand the holes are closed by inserting one or two bricks in them.

And the impossibility of correcting such a mistake without putting herself in an absurd position actually stopped the Rollins speech, andLord help me!I thought that mouth could only be closed by bon-bons and a man's kissesany man's, par exemple.

There we should be close by the headwaters of the Hudson.

It is said the end will be closed by a magnificent gate, on a style to correspond with the unequalled avenue to which it will give entrance.

She must be close by, and if the night is clear, I shall be able to see her through the porthole.

When it is desired to use the apparatus, the pipes, P, Q, and R, are closed by means of their valves, J, K, and L, and the valve, I, of the pipe, O, is opened.

"I'll wait and see him," said the man; "he is not far off, I reckon, and I know that the brigade must be close by.

My mind a sky of purple, my words the warm dew of love; my soul must issue like an unveiled bride from her chamber and confess: "Oh, lord and master, in the future I will see thee often and long by day, and the day shall often be closed by such an evening as this.

194 examples of  be close by  in sentences