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122 examples of  becalm  in sentences

122 examples of becalm in sentences

He might possibly have been able to carry out his plan; but the huge San Philip, an immense vessel of 1500 tons, coming towards him as he was engaging other ships of the fleet, becalmed his sails and then boarded him.

The same author tells a story of a person of distinction, who assured him, that once being suddenly seized with a violent illness, instead of a consultation of physicians, he immediately called a band of musicians, and their violins acted so well upon his inside, that his bowels became perfectly in tune, and in a few hours were harmoniously becalmed.

Becalmed for some days at Falmouth, a town which he describes as "full of Quakers and salt fish," he despatched letters to his mother, Drury, and Hodgson, exhibiting the changing moods of his mind.

From time to time we landed at various islands, where we sold or exchanged our merchandise, and one day, when the wind dropped suddenly, we found ourselves becalmed close to a small island like a green meadow, which only rose slightly above the surface of the water.

No sea captain becalmed in the doldrums ever whistled for a wind more earnestly than the British Jack tars prayed for a chance at the enemy during those three months of playing the cat to Germany's mouse; and on the other hand, the German sailors were, no doubt, equally desirious of a chance to demonstrate the fighting abilities of their brand-new battleships.

'Tis not likely those devils know who we are; probably take us for a merchant ship becalmed in the fog, and liable to become an easy prey, if they can only slip up on us unseen.

There in its sunny bay stand stately ships, We freighted for fair lands where we would go; Still gleams our gold within their secret crypts, Becalmed beside the shore of Long Ago.

Sometimes I float along a-standing in a boat, Before the ships becalmed, where dusky sailors stand, And the helmsman drops his oar, and the lookout leaves his glass, So I beckon them, and lure them, with the whiteness of my hand;

"Why don't we go?" "The matter is," said Mr. Fairfield, "we are becalmed.

I am as helpless as a ship becalmed, or a wisp of straw on a stormy sea.' X. Michael Angelo, when asked to make a portrait of his friend's mistress, declares that he is unable to do justice to her beauty.

The wind continuing favourable, they entered, June 29th, between Guadaloupe and Dominica, and, on July 6th, saw the highland of Santa Martha; then continuing their course, after having been becalmed for some time, they arrived at port Pheasant, so named by Drake, in a former voyage to the east of Nombre de Dios.

These poor people are either seized when becalmed near the coast, or captured on being cast on shore by the furious trade-winds, which sweep these desolate shores (often nine months out of twelve) and carry utter destruction with them.

On the afternoon of an Autumnal day, when he found himself becalmed off a small island not down on the chart, the skipper felt no little uneasiness.

The captain informed us, he had named his ship the Bonnetta, out of gratitude to Providence; for once, when he was sailing to America with a good number of passengers, the ship in which he then sailed was becalmed for five weeks, and during all that time, numbers of the fish Bonnetta swam close to her, and were caught for food; he resolved therefore, that the ship he should next get, should be called the Bonnetta.

The calm was uninterrupted, the remainder of the water was nearly exhausted, their situation was become dreadful, and there was no hope, in their case, of any relief from another vessel, for all were alike becalmed; and it was sad to see the ocean without a sail in the horizon, or, if there was one, it too was motionless.

It consisted principally of sayings of Daggett, uttered during his homeward-bound passage, and transmitted by the master of the brig to him of the sloop in the course of conferences that wore away a long summer's afternoon, as the two vessels lay becalmed within a hundred fathoms of each other.

At first our seamen thought she had been becalmed by the swell; but the change about themselves was too obvious to admit of any mistake.

As the wind could now be felt over the rocks, the foretopsail was set, as well as the lower sails, the latter being mainly becalmed, however, by the land; when the people were all taken on board, the craft moving faster under her canvass than by means of the hauling lines.

This country is the most favourable possible for skill with an inferior fleet; for the winds are so variable that some one time in the 24 hours you must be able to attack a part of a large fleet, and the other will be becalmed, or have a contrary wind.

' Yon lovely roadstead of Dominicathere it was that Rodney first caught up the French on the 9th of April, three days before, and would have beaten them there and then, had not a great part of his fleet lain becalmed under these very highlands, past which we are steaming through water smooth as glass.

This Iland is inhabited and hath great plentie of wine and frutes and hereagainst we were becalmed.

dwell &c (be present) 186; settle &c (be located) 184; alight &c (arrive) 292; stick, stick fast; stand like a post; not stir a peg, not stir a step; be at a stand &c n.. quell, becalm, hush, stay, lull to sleep, lay an embargo on.

His measure of talk is till his wind is spent, and then he is not silenced, but becalmed.

A year is a long pull for twenty-five men to be becalmed with each other and the devil.

At seven o'clock, another gun was fired, but the vessel still stood off, and was seen to make sail to the westward without paying any regard whatever to either, and being favored by a breeze while the Vincennes was becalmed, she stole off and was soon out of sight.

[Anon the storm begins to slake, The sullen clouds to melt away, The moon becalmed in a blue lake Looks down with melancholy ray.]

The moon becalmed in a blue lake would be more apt to look up.

The brain is a becalmed sea, without a ripple on its shores.

"Then we had better make all sail, and get away, for it would be sad work to be becalmed with 'Water, water everywhere, and not a drop to drink.' While we are in these latitudes, we may as well visit the two islands, which look so tempting after a long voyage on the great Atlantic.

It were as little Hazard to be lost in a Storm, as to lye thus perpetually becalmed:

On the 27th of January the latitude and longitude were taken, and it was then found that the Straits of Magellan were twenty-seven minutes (or nautical miles) behind us, but as we were becalmed, the captain promised, in case a favourable wind should spring up, to endeavour to return as far as the Straits.

We could have reached the land in an hour, without retarding our voyage in the least, for we were frequently becalmed; but the captain would not consent, as the wind might spring up every instant.

There would be of course the risk of being blown off the shore or becalmed, and it would be difficult to lay in a stock of provisions.

Becalmed along the azure sky, The argosies of cloudland lie, Whose shores, with many a shining rift, Far off their pearl-white peaks uplift.

The ship becalmed in tropic seas, and the slimy things engendered there, were a vision in Coleridge's mind before "The Ancient Mariner" was thought of.

The lower sails of a vessel are sometimes becalmed, while a smart breeze fills the upper.

When we returned on board, the cutter was becalmed nearly abreast of Pentecost Island, and was rapidly drifting in a direction towards the west shore, on which course we soon shoaled the water from twenty-eight to ten fathoms.

In the sudden becalmed stillness of the hot afternoon their bright, blown hair fell about their faces in shining clouds.

By this time, he was just forward of our weather beam, a position that did not enable him to carry studding-sails on both sides; for, had he kept off enough for this, he would have fallen into our wake; while, by edging away to close with us, his after-sails becalmed the forward, and this at the moment when every thing of ours pulled like a team of well-broken cart-horses.

In the middle of the square is a stone basin with becalmed water-lilies and of course goldfish.

The sound grew more and more distinct with each peal, when, suddenly as the apparition of Norman's Woe, right before me sprang up the black dripping hull of a fishing-schooner, becalmed, and rocking with the roll of the sea; one turn and I shot beneath her bows, passed her, and was lost in the fog before the fat darkey who was lazily fishing by the bowsprit could shift from one side of the deck to the other to keep me in sight.

I was extremely happy near him; I felt becalmed like one who, after many toils and tedious expectations, finally sees his dearest wishes gratified.

For two days the Golden Rod lay becalmed close to the Cape La Hague, with the Breton coast extending along the whole of the southern horizon.

The moon shone clear on the becalmed flood, Where, while her beams like glittering silver play, Upon the deck our careful general stood, And deeply mused on the succeeding day.

Peace bade them try the milky way, But they were fearful 'twould becalm them; Cried Love, on dews of morning stray, They deem'd 'twould from their purpose charm them.

We lay becalmed opposite Sheerness the whole of the second day.

He dares not lay polluted hands upon the dead, whose becalmed face is looking up to thee.

For an hour she continued steering east-northeast, and then, the wind, being merely a land breeze, dropped, and the schooner lay becalmed, her sails limp, and her flag drooping like a wet rag.

It is useless to expect the wind to spring up again during the night, and she will lay becalmed till morning.

The three-master, which was becalmed at sundown, could not have gone west.

After cogitating upon the circumstance I can only arrive at the following conclusion, which, however, can only be accepted under reserve: Although I did not notice it, the Ebba resumed her voyage while I slept, leaving the three-master becalmed behind her, and this is why the merchantman is no longer visible.

If the three-masted merchantman which lay becalmed was not visible at break of day it was because she had been scuttled by the tug, boarded by the cut-throat band on the Ebba, and sunk with all on board after being pillaged.

When the waves ran heavily, the Bridget's low sails got becalmed in the troughs, and she consequently lost much of her way.

On passing this gateway, he found himself nearly becalmed, in a basin that might be a hundred yards in diameter, which was not only surrounded by a sandy beach, but which had also a sandy bottom.

It wos about five years ago, more or less, I wos out in Baffin's Bay, becalmed off one o' the Esquimau settlements, when we wos lookin' over the side at the lumps of ice floatin' past, up got a walrus not very far off shore, and out went half-a-dozen kayaks, as they call the Esquimau men's boats, and they all sot on the beast at once.

She was becalmed as I was.

Why could she not have been becalmed near me?

I dared not let my mind rest upon the opportunities I had lost when she had been becalmed near me.

The gentle breeze that (sometimes) carries you steadily over a glassy sea straight up the forty-fifth meridian of east longitude from Berbera to Aden in the month of October, failed these worthy trustful Argonauts, and they were becalmed.

There were three of these temples, and their colonnades stood forth like mast heads of ships becalmed in a sea of verdure.

Imagine to yourself that we are two boats that have met when becalmed, have signaled each other, have exchanged greetings, have wished each other good luck, and afterwards have continued on our way, perhaps never to see each other again.

Out afield yet another manoeuvre was on, and while Anna and her suitor stood close below her helplessly becalmed each by each, Flora rose to her feet and caught a great breath of delight.

" Out in the hazy, dark, heavily becalmed night the clock tolled eleven.

Nor was I free from concern, when I considered how much we were becalmed, and what a strong current set towards the shore; however, I encouraged him not to be afraid, but bring the ship to an anchor as soon as we were certain that we must engage them.

Hitherto, her close proximity to the shore had partially becalmed her, though the air had drawn round the promontory, making nearly a fair wind of it; but now the currents came fully on her beam, and with much more power.

Lyon had gone about in time to get clear of the highest mountains, and his lofty sails took enough of the breeze to carry him out to sea, three or four hours before; while, the Terpsichore, under Sir Frederick Dashwood, had never got near enough in with the land to be becalmed at all.

The course now lay from point to point, in order to avoid being becalmed within the indentations of the coast.

It were as little Hazard to be lost in a Storm, as to lye thus perpetually becalmed:

O ye immortal Powers, that guard the Just, Watch round his Couch, and soften his Repose, Banish his Sorrows, and becalm his Soul With easie Dreams; remember all his Virtues; And shew Mankind that Goodness is your Care.

We are then to cast all worldly Regards from off our Hearts, all Tumults within are then becalmed, and there should be nothing near the Soul but Peace and Tranquility.

His was a long lean sallow face; He sat with half-shut eyes, Like an old sailor in a ship Becalmed 'neath tropic skies.

The wind now began to lessen; and, for fear of being becalmed, I was anxious to get an offing.

"As ships, becalmed at eve, that lay With canvas drooping, side by side, Two towers of sail at dawn of day, Are scarce long leagues apart descried: "When fell the night, upsprung the breeze, And all the darkling hours they plied, Nor dreamt but each the self-same seas

They sat long to hear the droning in the stubble and let their thought drift slowly as the ship becalmed.

They were often becalmed and took months to cross the ocean.

We were rather surprised to find by our observation at noon, no indication of a northerly current, though yesterday when becalmed between Rottnest and the main we were drifted to the northward at the rate of nearly two knots per hour.

The Arabella dropped slowly down with the tide, the wind being so light that she was becalmed by every tall warehouse on the way.

The morning broke hazy, with a moderate breeze from North-North-East, which gradually subsiding and veering at the same time to East-South-East, left us becalmed for three or four hours; thick impenetrable fogs meanwhile passed at intervals to the South-West; and whenever this obstruction to our vision was removed, could be seen a dark heap of clouds collecting, some of which detaching themselves passed rapidly over our heads.

Oh, softly on these banks of haze Her rosy face the summer lays, Becalmed along the azure sky The argosies of cloudland lie; The holy silence is God's voice We look, and listen, and rejoice.

The time chosen is when a vessel runs aground, or is becalmed, in the interval between the land and sea breezes.

However, they all put to sea together, and spied a sail under the land, which had a breeze while they lay becalmed.

She looked up surprised at the sudden surcease of storm, and seeing his handsome face becalmed, she wondered at the magic that had caused it, and her heart smote her for withholding aught from one that loved her so.

The arrival of his Grace of Ellswold's physicians held gossip in the castle in abeyance, as all were anxious of their decision; but the presence of Sir Julian seemed to fill the sails of the becalmed household with a stiff breeze, which at a favourable moment would raise anchor and fly forth on a joyous sea.

" "Ah, Lambkin; with closed ears thou dost not becalm sight and wit, they cease not to fructify under suasion of childhood impregnations.

It appeared his antagonist was becalmed of speech, for he answered not but struggled to do so.

The novelty of the adventure, and the unexpected fall of the man by a stranger come in nobody knew how, had becalmed the other two, that they really stood gazing at me.

From this last country of the Christians he held on his course S.W. till he came into only 5ยฐ of north latitude, where he was becalmed, having till then been continually attended by the before-mentioned fog.

From thence he sailed again on the 14th of July, and was so becalmed that instead of holding on his course he was carried away by the current to certain small sandy islands near Jamaica; not finding any springs in these islands, the people had to dig pits or wells in the sand whence they procured water; on account of which circumstance the admiral named them Islas de los Poros, or the Well Islands.

The last of July found us becalmed, about fifty miles off the harbour and river of Okhotsk.

Peaceful's a ship becalmed.

Of more than Fancy, of the Social Sense Distending wide, and man beloved as man, Where France in all her towns lay vibrating Like some becalmed bark beneath the burst Of Heaven's immediate thunder, when no cloud Is visible, or shadow on the main.

A little while agosay two weeks backyou were becalmed off the head of Beaver Island, and one dark night you were boarded by two boat-loads of men who made you and your crew prisoners, robbed you of everything you had,and the next day you went back to Chicago.

They will find themselves becalmed in less than a quarter of an hour.

At three P.M., when nearly becalmed in latitude 1 degree North, and longitude 22 degrees 30 minutes West (a few hours previous to meeting the south-east trade) the second cutter was lowered with 2600 fathoms of line (six yarn spun-yarn) in her, coiled in casks, and a weight consisting of twelve 32 pounds shotin all, 384 pounds, secured in a net bag of spun yarn.

On several occasions the towing net* produced a rich harvest, especially one day when almost becalmed in latitude 34 degrees 40 minutes South and longitude 4 degrees West.

While nearly becalmed, several opportunities were afforded for dredging from the ship, and many new and curious marine animals were procured.

When the Bramble was nearly becalmed close inshore, several canoes with about thirty people, including several women and children, came off to barter.

We had been becalmed all the morning, but before noon the seabreeze set in from the South-South-East, and we got underweigh, ran past South-west Cape, and anchored in 22 fathoms mud, off a large island afterwards named in honour of Lieutenant Yule.

The master steered directly for the becalmed and motionless brigantine.

But kicking never yet altered the determination of a mule, and cursing a mule in a whisper is like blowing your breath against the sail of a becalmed sloop.