58258 examples of because in sentences

She startit yatterin' at me the nicht because I askit her for saxpence; so at last I tell't her I wud suner jine Kitchener's nor see her ugly face for anither week.

I like ye because ye're shy . . .

Weel, gi'e Maggie yin on the squeaker frae me, an' tell her no to greet for me, because I'm no worthy o' her pure unselfish love, etceetera.

I gaed to Aberdeen because I couldna thole it ony mair.

'But I forgive ye' 'Thanks!' 'because I'm gaun to tell ye a' aboot it, Christina, an' ask ye kindly to forgive me.

Thou rememberest the books that were burned by the priests when the governor was a boy, because he had dared to read them, no?

They call him The American because he moves so quickly and gets so cross when people do not think fast enough.

" For a while Bob thought of enlisting, and then of earning an honest wage as a farm-labourer; but rejected both notions, because his training had not taught him that independence is better than respectabilityyea, than much broadcloth.

But because a man cannot play fast and loose with the self-will that God gave him and afterwards expect to do much in the world, he was a moderately unsuccessful man still when the inheritance dropped in.

She chose a sailing-ship because it was cheaper.

" "Because, you see" "Yes, yes, I quite see.

"Because you went out in the middle of service.

"Then I fell to runnin' to an' fro on the edge o' the firm ground, an' sobbin' between my teeth because I could devise nothin'.

On my return, my wife hereI suppose, because she objects to clean the fishassaulted me in the manner you behold.

And my poets were taken to school, because it pleased me to read "Queen Mab" and "Cain," amid the priests and ignorance of a hateful Roman Catholic college.

I said Yes to my father, because the moral courage to say No was lacking, and I put my trust in the future, as well I might, for a fair prospect of idleness lay before me, and the chance of my passing any examination was, indeed, remote.

"They named her thus, because her neck Was once as slim and white As any swan'swhen, long ago, She was the king's delight.

The mountain, in consequence, has a certain calm, German, intelligent, tolerant character, simply because he can see things so distant yet so distinctly.

And so I suffer it because I've need, In this confusion which myself have caused.

He will, indeed, because he ought and must.

Believe not that, because I speak less mild, I know less well how great has been my fault, Nor honor less the kindness of thy heart.

Thou art my only child Only, because the best.

Nay, rather say, The best because the only.

This torch Shall, like myself, inflamed, illume the way; Gleaming, because destructive and destroyed.

Thou deem'st thou'rt free now from my sister's power, Because the prick of its impression's dulled, And thou didst from thee cast what once enticed.

58258 examples of  because  in sentences