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58258 examples of  because  in sentences

58258 examples of because in sentences

I assume he did so because he realised that there was less likely to be comment in the bank than if a well-dressed good-looking young lady arrived at the bank with them.

I knew that because I've heard him talking to her in the library.

You feel a bit sore because we have beaten you.

"This girl Fanning, discarded by Sir Horace, because he'd discovered she was playing him false with Birchill, is made the ostensible reason for Birchill's wishing to commit a burglary at Riversbrook, because Birchill wants, as he says, to get even with Sir Horace Fewbanks.

"This girl Fanning, discarded by Sir Horace, because he'd discovered she was playing him false with Birchill, is made the ostensible reason for Birchill's wishing to commit a burglary at Riversbrook, because Birchill wants, as he says, to get even with Sir Horace Fewbanks.

Well, chance throws in Hill's way the very opportunity he has been seeking, but he is too frightened to use it because Sir Horace happens to return in an angry or impatient mood.

Crewe fixed his deep eyes intently on Rolfe as he replied: "Because, if Birchill had committed this murder, he would never have admitted immediately on his returning, least of all to Hill, anything about the dead body.

"Because it's the last place in the world he'd think of going to," gasped Mrs. Hill.

And Crewe had been unable to test the butler's story, or find out what game he was playing, because of the assiduity with which the principal witness for the prosecution had been "nursed" by the police from the moment he made his confession.

The general still persisted in the exercise of his duties, despite his suffering, and he at once detailed a party to proceed toward the Monongahela with a supply of food, for the succor of the stragglers and the wounded who had been left behind,a duty which was ill fulfilled because of the cowardice of those to whom it was intrusted.

We finally reached Winchester, and from there, because of the better road, crossed the river to Frederick, where a great surprise awaited us.

"Because I did nothing worth relating," I retorted, my cheeks hot with embarrassment at the way they looked at me.

What was happening?" All that the Curรฉ knows is that in a house belonging to persons of his acquaintance, where some officers of the rear-guard left behind in Senlis are billeted, two of the young officers have been in tearsit is supposed, because of bad news.

The murder of M. Odent, of the other hostages, of the civilians placed in front of the German troops, and of four or five other victims; the burning out by torch and explosive of half a flourishing town, because of a discreditable mistake, the fruit of panic and passion,these crimes are indelibly marked on the record of Germany.

One man is arrested because he had said to a German who was boasting that the German Army would be in Paris in two days"All

Another, because he had been seen going backwards and forwards to a wood, in which it appeared he had hidden two horses whom he had been trying to feed.

Gerbรฉviller, with Nomรฉny, Badonviller, and Sermaize, stand in France for what is most famous in German infamy; Soeur Julie, the "chรจre soeur" of so many narratives, for that form of courage and whole-hearted devotion which is specially dear to the French, because it has in it a touch of panache, of audacity!

Or must we submit to the ration-system, with all its cumbrous inequalities, and its hosts of officials; because the will and intelligence of our people, which have risen so remarkably to the other tasks of this war, are not equal to the task of checking food consumption without compulsion?

But to understand Pope, we must remember that he was a cripple: and Byron never allows us to forget, because he himself never forgot it.

He satirized and discouraged dancing; he preferred riding and swimming to other exercises, because they concealed his weakness; and on his death-bed asked to be blistered in such a way that he might not be called on to expose it.

Frederick Howard, in the third canto of Childe Harold, he tried to make amends in the lines Yet one I would select from that proud throng, Partly because they blend me with his line, And partly that I did his sire some wrong.

He saw no more of the cat, and when next day he asked her where it was, she said that it had gone from them and would return no morethat she had sent it away because it had vexed him.

"Because though he was fond of you and liked to follow you about and play with you, he is very fierce and powerful, and all the other beasts are afraid of him.

He could not climb up that precipice, and so he rambled away to some distance, thinking to hide himself from her, because he thought her unreasonable and unkind not to allow him to see the blue water once more.

"Why can't I see them when you can?" "Because your eyes are not like mine.

He loved to be out on the hill-side, to watch the sun come up, and she would say to him, "You cannot see the sun because of the mist; and it is cold and wet on the hill; wait until the mist has gone and then you shall go out.

"Ah, now I know why she cries every morning," thought Martin; "it is because I must go away and leave her here alone on the hills.

The company then failed, and broke poor Fitch's heart, simply because the investment had not thus far proved lucrative, and they were unwilling to make the further advances requisite to carry out his moderate and reasonable plans.

Is it not shame, he that should punish sin, Defend the righteous, help the innocent, Carves with his sword the purpose of his will Upon the guarders of the virtuous, And hunts admired, spotless maidenhead With all the darts of desolation, Because she scorneth to be dissolute?

Why, maid, because I must: I have a message to you from the king.

Had I not reason, think you, to make wide The window, that should let so much woe forth? Where sits my mother, martyr'd by herself, Hoping to save her child from martyrdom? Where stands my brother, martyr'd by himself, Because he would not taste his mother's blood?

But the King was not then prepared to part with the most efficient of his ministers because they happened to be ecclesiastics, and the custom continued for nearly two centuries longer.

I do not know whether it is because of the pressure of affairs, or because he wearies himself a little without me.

I do not know whether it is because of the pressure of affairs, or because he wearies himself a little without me.

I think that that was where Andrea was so cleverin promising to fulfil their obligations in case of an attack by any other Power upon Germany or Austria, because it was perfectly certain to Andrea, and to every person of common sense, that no such aggressive attack would ever be made.

That is because German diplomacy always believes that it is going to get what it wants.

It was not out of any feeling for you, but simply because if the paper got into their hands my cause was lost.

"Because," she answered, "I am afraid, and you ask me things which are impossible.

"I believe," he said, "that it is because you know you will not marry me."

I want you to like her very much, because she has promised to be my wife.

Wait till you decide to take lessons before buying either, first to avoid unnecessary expense, and second, because until experience shall show what kind of a horsewoman you are likely to be, you cannot tell which will be the more suitable and comfortable.

Things that grow in the earth TOM: (nodding) I suppose because we grew in the earth.

Whywhy not? CLAIRE: Because you don't know what they mean.

Because you're young and of a gayer world, you think I can't see themthose old men?

Because you can't feel.

She bought the house because of it.

A mother cannot cast off her own child simply because she does not interest her! CLAIRE: (an instant raising cool eyes to ADELAIDE)

Why can't she? ADELAIDE: Because it would be monstrous!

CLAIRE: (drawn by this, but held, and desperate because she is held)

And because we are tiredlonelyand afraid, we stop with you.

" "Why not?" "Because she would be very angry.

But the fact is that man attains the natural term of years just as seldom as the brute; because the unnatural way in which he lives, and the strain of work and emotion, lead to a degeneration of the race; and so his goal is not often reached.

No child under the age of fifteen should receive instruction in subjects which may possibly be the vehicle of serious error, such as philosophy, religion, or any other branch of knowledge where it is necessary to take large views; because wrong notions imbibed early can seldom be rooted out, and of all the intellectual faculties, judgment is the last to arrive at maturity.

Both the advantages and the disadvantages which this involves, are shared in by the woman to a smaller extent because of her weaker power of reasoning.

She may, in fact, be described as intellectually short-sighted, because, while she has an intuitive understanding of what lies quite close to her, her field of vision is narrow and does not reach to what is remote; so that things which are absent, or past, or to come, have much less effect upon women than upon men.

He hated them because they did not supply all his demands, many of which were unreasonable, as also because they had been held in some honor.

He hated them because they did not supply all his demands, many of which were unreasonable, as also because they had been held in some honor.

And because it pleased Severus himself and other people very much, I then conceived a desire to compile a record of all other matters of Roman interest.

On leaving the fortifications he came to the senate-house while it was still night, and after greeting us (so far as a man might approach him in the midst of such a jostling throng) he said in an impromptu way: "I have been named emperor by the soldiers; however, I don't desire the office and am going to resign it this very day because of my age and health and the unpleasant condition of affairs."

As a matter of fact, the familiar everyday duty had ceased to exist for him, and if his new exaltation wavered a little as he neared the warehouse, fifteen minutes later, it was only because he would have to explain things to the uncle who employed him, and to other people; and he was ever shy of speaking about himself.

She startit yatterin' at me the nicht because I askit her for saxpence; so at last I tell't her I wud suner jine Kitchener's nor see her ugly face for anither week.

An' then she said she was afraid her mither wud be waitin' the ham an' egg supper for her, so she wud need to run, an' she was vexed she couldna meet me again because she had been hearin' I was a terrible bad character.

I like ye because ye're shy . . .

Weel, gi'e Maggie yin on the squeaker frae me, an' tell her no to greet for me, because I'm no worthy o' her pure unselfish love, etceetera.

I gaed to Aberdeen because I couldna thole it ony mair.

He dropped his gaze and continued: 'I'm tellin' ye I gaed to Aberdeen because something seemed to ha'e come betwixt us, because I' He stuck.

He dropped his gaze and continued: 'I'm tellin' ye I gaed to Aberdeen because something seemed to ha'e come betwixt us, because I' He stuck.

'But I forgive ye' 'Thanks!' 'because I'm gaun to tell ye a' aboot it, Christina, an' ask ye kindly to forgive me.

Maggie's jist an or'nar' girl, an' I'm jist an or'nar' chap that done a stupid thing because he couldna think what else to dae. Weel, ye'll sune forget me, an' maybe I'll sune forget youwi' the help o' a bullet' 'Oh, dinna!'

Thou rememberest the books that were burned by the priests when the governor was a boy, because he had dared to read them, no?

They call him The American because he moves so quickly and gets so cross when people do not think fast enough.

Perhaps because of the meagerness of that early proscribed literature; or did the title "Father of his Country" appeal irresistibly to that lofty and doomed ambition?

" For a while Bob thought of enlisting, and then of earning an honest wage as a farm-labourer; but rejected both notions, because his training had not taught him that independence is better than respectabilityyea, than much broadcloth.

But because a man cannot play fast and loose with the self-will that God gave him and afterwards expect to do much in the world, he was a moderately unsuccessful man still when the inheritance dropped in.

She chose a sailing-ship because it was cheaper.

" "Because, you see" "Yes, yes, I quite see.

"Because you went out in the middle of service.

MY DEAR YOUNG LADY, Our postman here does not deliver parcels until the afternoonwhich nobody grumbles at, because of his infirmity and his long and useful career.

"Then I fell to runnin' to an' fro on the edge o' the firm ground, an' sobbin' between my teeth because I could devise nothin'.

"Because that little emmet o' doubt gets the better o' me every time.

But, you see, I couldn' bear to break it off wi' her, because I didn' want to miss her beautiful looks.

" "Well," says his Royal Highness, "I'm in a very good temper because of this here glorious storming of St. Sebastian.

"Because God Almighty was cleverer.

She never, I believe, was forced to drop an old acquaintance because she had found a new one.

On my return, my wife hereI suppose, because she objects to clean the fishassaulted me in the manner you behold.

And my poets were taken to school, because it pleased me to read "Queen Mab" and "Cain," amid the priests and ignorance of a hateful Roman Catholic college.

I said Yes to my father, because the moral courage to say No was lacking, and I put my trust in the future, as well I might, for a fair prospect of idleness lay before me, and the chance of my passing any examination was, indeed, remote.

She was furiously angry with all things in heaven above and on the earth below because she was at the moment inconvenienced.

"They named her thus, because her neck Was once as slim and white As any swan'swhen, long ago, She was the king's delight.

The Doctor invariably maintained that we feared anything, because we recognized it as fearful, by a certain process of reasoning, for reason alone is an active powerthe emotions are not.

But the great joke consisted precisely in this, that the Doctor invariably cut such a seriously absurd figure when he could not comprehend what every child comprehends, simply because it is a child.

The mountain, in consequence, has a certain calm, German, intelligent, tolerant character, simply because he can see things so distant yet so distinctly.

Because the whole request is topsy-turvy turvyAnd you are, too.

And so I suffer it because I've need, In this confusion which myself have caused.

He will, indeed, because he ought and must.

Believe not that, because I speak less mild, I know less well how great has been my fault, Nor honor less the kindness of thy heart.

Thou art my only child Only, because the best.

Nay, rather say, The best because the only.

This torch Shall, like myself, inflamed, illume the way; Gleaming, because destructive and destroyed.

Thou deem'st thou'rt free now from my sister's power, Because the prick of its impression's dulled, And thou didst from thee cast what once enticed.