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120 example sentences with  beefsteak

120 example sentences with beefsteak

Cut 2 pounds of beefsteak into inch pieces.

The pair sat down to a homely beefsteak; but the golden tinted wine gurgled into their glasses.

"II General Cadorna Mangiava la bifstecca; Ai poveri soldati Si dava castagna secca," [Footnote 1: "General Cadorna used to eat beefsteak.

Many of them even brought their own beefsteak on a skewer; and paid a penny for the cooking of it.

and they have pre-digested beefsteak and breakfast food brought to them on a silver platter, and if the food is not to their liking they set up a kick like a star boarder at a boarding house.

Ted thought it finer than any beefsteak he had ever eaten, and over it Kalitan smacked his lips audibly.

Mrs. Morris, knowing that her boys would be very hungry, had Mary broil some beefsteak and roast some potatoes for them; and didn't they smell good!

At this moment, Job, who was Fernando's cook, came running forward with some broiled beefsteak on the end of a ramrod.

"I know what I want, and you, too, by the look of you," he continued"a beefsteak, with some more of that green corn you gave me the other day, and fried potatoes, and Burgundy.

I came near ordering you a beefsteak, but I'll reserve that for lunch.

We munched hard-tack for our noonday meal, and made merry over it, talking of the day when we should go home and feast on beans and beefsteak and countless other things of which the heathen wot not.

It was this way: Me and him were the guests at a beefsteak party, and after the fourth drink he commenced to show me marked attention, and when we got out of the cab in front of my hotel he offered to help me upstairs, though I generally have a bellboy for that purpose, and when we had got up in my apartment and Estelle had gone to give the bellhop a quarter and the pitcher, he popped the question, and

" Sabrina in this chapter attends a beefsteak party and becomes involved in an argument with a certain party who was formerly her roommate but whom she left quietly and by night.

The girls down at Wilbur's show decided to give a beefsteak in honor of the prima donna getting the can.

"Well, to get back to the beefsteak.

It was merely the ordinary stunt of beer and beefsteak and beefsteak and beer, but the hours were enlivened by the vaudeville performances of the guests.

It was merely the ordinary stunt of beer and beefsteak and beefsteak and beer, but the hours were enlivened by the vaudeville performances of the guests.

They go out and fill up on beefsteak while we have to stick around and drown our sorrows in a cheese sandwich.

Think how easy it is to find a poet who will turn you a presentable sonnet, and how very difficult it is to find a cook who will turn you an edible beefsteak" I said a good deal more on this subject which I shall not attempt to repeat.

alligator pear, apple &c, apple slump; artichoke; ashcake^, griddlecake, pancake, flapjack; atole^, avocado, banana, beche de mer [Fr.], barbecue, beefsteak; beet root; blackberry, blancmange, bloater, bouilli^, bouillon, breadfruit, chop suey

Harold had left the porch before his father came home with the beefsteak for supper, and Mrs. Jones met her husband with: "Pa Jones, what could you be thinking ofpunishing that boy before the other children?

Beefsteak, coal, your mail, shoes, street carsdo they c

Waiter, I'll take a beefsteak Garรงon, je dรฉsire un bifteck.

I was even able to do justice to the abominable food set before us at dinnergreasy sausages and a leathery beefsteak, served on dirty plates and a ragged table-cloth that looked as if it had been used to clean the boiler.

Beefsteak fifteen cents, for instance.

The cook placed a frying-pan on the stove, wiped it around with a piece of suet when it had heated, and tossed in a thick chunk of beefsteak.

There were mush and condensed milk, beefsteak and fried potatoes, and all topped off with good French bread, butter, and coffee.

"Can you cook a beefsteak?" "I suppose I could if I tried.

It was a good supper; beefsteak, an omelet, hot rolls, fried potatoes, coffee, tea, preserved fruit, and all on the scale suited to a family of eight.

Then she turned her back to the kitchen door, and bent her head over a beefsteak she was preparing for the gridiron.

And I helped with the beefsteak, the potatoes, and the coffee."

"I am glad to see you," he said, "for I want to tell you how much I enjoyed your beefsteak this morning.

And so Mary was dispatched to the butcher's for a pound and a half of beefsteak, which made the meal considerably more attractive.

Hunk Collins, his roommate, procured two slices of fresh beefsteak, and the Virginian had them bound over his eyes, while his face was bathed with soothing and healing lotions; but nothing could soothe his bruised and battered spirit, and Collins said he was kept awake all night by hearing Diamond grind his teeth at irregular intervals.

Moose-meat, combining the flavor of beefsteak and the white of turtle, appears on the table.

We were again elbowed at a tavern table, and compelled to struggle with real and not ideal pioneers for fried beefsteak and soggy doughboys.

Arnold looked up from the huge, costly, bloody beefsteak he was eating and, after an instant's survey of the grave, kind, face opposite him, answered with a seriousness like her own, "Because I wanted to get away."

beefsteak, with 1 pt. bitter beer every six hours.

He has thrown away the better part of himselfhis great inclination for the LOW, namely; if he would but leave off scents for his handkerchief, and oil for his hair; if he would but confine himself to three clean shirts a week, a couple of coats in a year, a beefsteak and onions for dinner, his beaker a pewter-pot, his carpet a sanded floor, how much might be made of him even yet!

My sister turned pale on seeing all this; and hurriedly asked, "How much money have you spent?""All, my dear Anna," answered I; "all, except twenty-five cents, which will be sufficient to buy a pound of beefsteak and potatoes for to-morrow's dinner.

As soon as I was dressed the next morning, I rang the bell furiously; and, on the appearance of the waiter, exclaimed, "Beefsteak!"

I often saw the same waiter afterwards at the hotel; and he never saw me without laughing, and exclaiming, "Beefsteak!"

Upon the upper surface, at a proper distance from the extremity, two lips appeared, very like two pieces of raw beefsteak picked up off a dusty road.

She revelled in this luxurious operation so long, that I began to fear she was suffering from the antipodes to a lockjaw, and that she was unable to close the chasm; but at last the demijohn rose slowly and solemnly from the horizontal, the gulf gradually closed until, obtaining the old angle of forty-five degrees, the two dusty pieces of beefsteak once more stood sentry over the abyss.

The amiable Morpheus soon claimed me as his own, nor was I well pleased when ruthlessly dragged from his soft embrace at 6-1/2 A.M. the following morning; but railways will not wait for Morpheus or any other deity of fancy or fiction; so, making the best use I could of a tub of water and a beefsteak, and calming my temper with a fragrant weed, I was soon ensconced in one of their cars, a passenger to New York.

To this breakfast male guests dropped in from the bath in pajamas, but the dรฉjeuner ร  la fourchette, or second breakfast at eleven, was more formal, and of four courses, fish, bacon and eggs, curry and rice, tongues and sounds, beefsteak and potatoes, feis, roast beef or mutton, sucking pig, and cabbage or sauer-kraut.

They drank quarts of coffee, and ate a beefsteak each, dozens of eggs, and many slices of fried ham, with scores of hot biscuits.

We had oysters, two dozen Marennes, and a glass or two of Chablis; then a good portion of tripe, and with them a bottle, only one, monsieur, of Pontet Canet; after that a beefsteak with potatoes and a little Burgundy, then a rum omelet.

Then, on the afternoon of the third day, Mrs. Swygert, at her husband's direction, placed before him, within reach of his chain, some raw beefsteak.

Mr. Myers assured Mrs. Wilbram that it would mean no trouble at all; he would send up the order as soon as his boy came back from delivering a beefsteak to the Mortimer Trevelyans.

Only to think of her bringing up from the city a beefsteak for baby, and proposing that the doctor should send a small piece for her every day!

He even rebelled at fabrications, highly extolled in the gospel of clean eating, which were meant to placate the baser minded by their resemblances to meatthings like nut turkey and mock veal loaf and leguminous chicken and synthetic beefsteak cooked in pure vegetable oils.

The workmen in the bank-note printing-office of Messrs. Perkins and Bacon have dressed a beefsteak at the further extremity of the pipe of hot water used for heating the steel plates; and Mr. Perkins is constructing for himself an oven for roasting by water.

Beefsteak, especially, is an object of indescribable aversion.

She had learned something that afternoon besides how to prepare beefsteak.

She had almost wept on his neck, which was embarrassing for an undemonstrative dog, and said he deserved a Carnegie Medalwhatever that wasthough she suggested, practically, a large juicy beefsteak as an immediate compromise.

With this burden, and wet to the skin with rain, there rose far ahead of me that historic mound, and at last I stood at its base alone, there in the midst of one of the greatest battlefields history records, soon to forget in the momentary joys of a beefsteak breakfast that man had ever done anything in this world except eat and drink.

On one occasion when the steak was tougher than usual, I epitomized the Malthusian theory by remarking: "I believe in fewer children and better beefsteak!"

Dick Estcourt was a great favourite with the Duke of Marlborough, and when men of wit and rank joined in establishing the Beefsteak Club they made Estcourt their Providore, with a small gold gridiron, for badge, hung round his neck by a green ribbon.

No man brings home beefsteak in silk or sells figs as thistles.

Here is the recipe for 'escargots ร  la bourguignonne,' which despite the prejudice engendered by Leviticus (XI, 30.) may be recommended to the American palate jaded by beefsteak and potatoes and the high cost of living: "Mettre les escargots a bouillir pendant 5 a 10 minutes dans de l'eau salรฉe, les retirer de leur coquille, les laver a l'eau froide pour les debarrasser du limon, les cuire dans un court-bouillon fortement assaisonnรฉ.

I 'ad a dog once, and I never saw his eyes look so honest as they did one day when 'e was sitting on a pound o' beefsteak we was 'unting high and low for.

Then we took her to a restaurant and ordered a beefsteak and some other things.

Then aloud: "I'm going to have a heart-to-heart talk with the cook at the hotel, and if he don't give us a real old round-up beefsteak, flopped over on the bare stovelids, there'll be things happen I'd hate to name over.

And then he recited in detail the many desperate attacks from which he had been saved by beefsteak.

He put 'im down at the door of 'is lodgings and, arter shaking 'ands with 'im, gave the landlady a shilling and told 'er to get some beefsteak and put on 'is face, and went home.

"] Replying to a question I put to him as to his theatrical experiences, Mr. Grossmith told me that it was in the November of 1877 that he received the following letter: "Beefsteak Club, "King William Street, "Tuesday Night.

It appears he and Arthur Cecil were both writing letters at the Beefsteak, when the former said, 'I can't find a fellow for this opera.'

The amount of albumen contained in a pound of bananas is about the same as that found in a pound of rice, and the total nutritive value of one pound of bananas is only a trifle less than that of an equal quantity of the best beefsteak.

A comparison of the food grains with beefsteak and other flesh foods, shows, in fact, that a pound of grain is equivalent in food value to two or three pounds of flesh.

Wipe with a wet cloth, and broil in the same manner as beefsteak over hot coals or in a hot skillet, turning frequently until done; five or eight minutes will suffice to cook.

When ready to cook, place it skin uppermost and sear the under side by pressing it on a hot pan; then broil the same as beefsteak over glowing coals.

There is also an interesting paper on the Beefsteak Room at the Lyceum by FREDERICK HAWKINS.

Delightful Beefsteak Room!

His religious upbringing always left its mark on him, though no one could be more "raffish" and mischievous than he when entertaining friends at supper in the Beefsteak Room, or chaffing his valued adjutants, Bram Stoker and Loveday.

These readings, which took place sometimes in the greenroom or Beefsteak Room at the Lyceum, sometimes at his house in Grafton Street, were wonderful.

During the run Henry commissioned him to paint a picture of the Church Scene, which was hung in the Beefsteak Room.

I thought of Henry's living face, alive with raffish humor and mischief, presiding at a supper in the Beefsteak Roomand of Alfred Gilbert's Beethoven-like head with its splendid lion-like mane of tawny hair.

The Bastien-Lepage portrait originated that evening, and is certainly a Beefsteak Room portrait, although Henry gave two sittings for it afterwards at Grafton Street.

My portrait as Lady Macbeth by Sargent used to hang in the alcove in the Beefsteak Room when it was not away at some exhibition, and the artist and I have often supped under itto me no infliction, for I have always loved the picture, and think it is far more like me than any other.

"BEEFSTEAK" GUESTS AT THE LYCEUM The present Princess of Wales, when she was Princess May of Teck, used often to come to the Lyceum with her mother, Princess Mary, and to supper in the Beefsteak Room.

"BEEFSTEAK" GUESTS AT THE LYCEUM The present Princess of Wales, when she was Princess May of Teck, used often to come to the Lyceum with her mother, Princess Mary, and to supper in the Beefsteak Room.

A record of those Beefsteak Room suppers would be a pleasant thing to possess.

Her face always cheered me if I saw it in the theater, and she was one of the most clever and amusing of the Beefsteak Room guests.

Singers were often among Henry Irving's guests in the Beefsteak RoomPatti, Melba, Calvรฉ, Albani, Sims Reeves, Tamagno, Victor Maurel, and many others.

Henry never cared much for society, as the saying isbut as host in the Beefsteak Room he thoroughly enjoyed himself, and every one who came to his suppers seemed happy!

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so you wouldn't know it from beefsteak."

I'd bite right into your throat an' eat you like that much beefsteak."

He was like this beefsteak you an' me is eatin'.

Veronica, with a sigh, gave him up, and lost a chance of being immortalized with that perpetual and imperturbable beefsteak, covered with "the blackest of all possible pepper," which was daily served to him.

"Now," said Mr. Somers, "I shall give you just such a breakfast as will enable you to travel wella beefsteak, and old bread made into toast.

BROILED BEEFSTEAK Heat the gridiron, put in the steak, turn the gridiron over the hot coals at intervals of two minutes and then repeatedly at intervals of one minute.

FRIED BEEFSTEAK Take third cut of chuck or the tenderloin.

BEEFSTEAK PIE Cut up two pounds of chuck steak; put it on to stew with salt, pepper and a little nutmeg and the juice of a lemon.

I want a beefsteak, with mushrooms, and some potatoes au gratin, like those we have in America.

"How about beefsteak?" he asked the waiter.

Brandywine: The beefsteak-shaped fruits are rosy pink in color and loaded with a superb, old-fashioned tomato taste.

When rations are finally distributed five hours later, many boxes are filled with too many castoff beefsteak tomatoes but no pasta.