120 examples of beefsteak in sentences

Cut 2 pounds of beefsteak into inch pieces.

The pair sat down to a homely beefsteak; but the golden tinted wine gurgled into their glasses.

" At this moment, Job, who was Fernando's cook, came running forward with some broiled beefsteak on the end of a ramrod.

"I know what I want, and you, too, by the look of you," he continued"a beefsteak, with some more of that green corn you gave me the other day, and fried potatoes, and Burgundy.

Think how easy it is to find a poet who will turn you a presentable sonnet, and how very difficult it is to find a cook who will turn you an edible beefsteak" I said a good deal more on this subject which I shall not attempt to repeat.

And electric lightsyou use them; did you also put them there? Beefsteak, coal, your mail, shoes, street carsdo they c

Waiter, I'll take a beefsteak Garçon, je désire un bifteck.

It was a good supper; beefsteak, an omelet, hot rolls, fried potatoes, coffee, tea, preserved fruit, and all on the scale suited to a family of eight.

"I am glad to see you," he said, "for I want to tell you how much I enjoyed your beefsteak this morning.

He has thrown away the better part of himselfhis great inclination for the LOW, namely; if he would but leave off scents for his handkerchief, and oil for his hair; if he would but confine himself to three clean shirts a week, a couple of coats in a year, a beefsteak and onions for dinner, his beaker a pewter-pot, his carpet a sanded floor, how much might be made of him even yet!

Mr. Myers assured Mrs. Wilbram that it would mean no trouble at all; he would send up the order as soon as his boy came back from delivering a beefsteak to the Mortimer Trevelyans.

No longer are to be found there the feasts described by Fronto,[A] of "fatted oysters, savory apples, pastry, confectionery, and generous wines in faultless transparent goblets,"nor would it now be called "a voluptuous seaside retreat"; but good lobsters are still abundant there, and one can get a greasy beefsteak, black bread, an ill-cooked chicken, and sour wine, at only about twice their market value.

I remember how the beefsteak (for the sausages were especially destined for your two youngest Dolorosi, who were just recovering from the measles, and needed something light and palatable) vanished in large rectangular masses within your throat, drawn downward in a maelstrom of coffee;only that the original whirlpool is, I believe, now proved to have been imaginary;"that cup was a fiction, but this is reality."

Only to think of her bringing up from the city a beefsteak for baby, and proposing that the doctor should send a small piece for her every day!

She had learned something that afternoon besides how to prepare beefsteak.

84; Grub Street, defined, i. 296; saluted, ib., n. 2; Johnson had never been there, ib.; history of it, i. 307, n. 2; 'Let us go and eat a beefsteak in Grub Street,' iv.

She had almost wept on his neck, which was embarrassing for an undemonstrative dog, and said he deserved a Carnegie Medalwhatever that wasthough she suggested, practically, a large juicy beefsteak as an immediate compromise.

With this burden, and wet to the skin with rain, there rose far ahead of me that historic mound, and at last I stood at its base alone, there in the midst of one of the greatest battlefields history records, soon to forget in the momentary joys of a beefsteak breakfast that man had ever done anything in this world except eat and drink.

o' beefsteak we was 'unting high and low for.

" He put 'im down at the door of 'is lodgings and, arter shaking 'ands with 'im, gave the landlady a shilling and told 'er to get some beefsteak and put on 'is face, and went home.

The amount of albumen contained in a pound of bananas is about the same as that found in a pound of rice, and the total nutritive value of one pound of bananas is only a trifle less than that of an equal quantity of the best beefsteak.

His religious upbringing always left its mark on him, though no one could be more "raffish" and mischievous than he when entertaining friends at supper in the Beefsteak Room, or chaffing his valued adjutants, Bram Stoker and Loveday.

These readings, which took place sometimes in the greenroom or Beefsteak Room at the Lyceum, sometimes at his house in Grafton Street, were wonderful.

He was like this beefsteak you an' me is eatin'.

Harold had left the porch before his father came home with the beefsteak for supper, and Mrs. Jones met her husband with: "Pa Jones, what could you be thinking ofpunishing that boy before the other children?

120 examples of  beefsteak  in sentences