377 examples of befriends in sentences

Come, Selim, let us pierce the grove, While night befriends, to seek my love.

My pen amongst the rest I took, Lest those bright eyes that cannot read Should dart their kindling fires, and look The power they have to be obeyed. Nor quality nor reputation Forbid me yet my flame to tell; Dear five years old befriends my passion, And I may write till she can spell.

" Rustem replied:"Be not alarmed for me My heart, my arm, my dagger, are my castle, And Heaven befriends melet him but appear, Dragon or Demon, and the field is mine.

In the attempt his genius deserts him; no muse befriends; no invention, no hope.

In every rustling wind the victor hear, And Marlborough's form in every shadow fear, Till the dark cope of night with kind embrace Befriends the rout, and covers their disgrace.

You see how fortune befriends the good-hearted, and even out of such unpromising material as a pumpkin and mice, can make a coach and six, with which to honor her worthy favorite.

The prudence and temperance of your discussions will promote within your own walls that conciliation which so much befriends rational conclusion, and by its example will encourage among our constituents that progress of opinion which is tending to unite them in object and in will.

" "No," said Merlin, "I could have saved myself if I had wished; but you are nearer death than I am, for now you are certainly traveling toward death unless God befriend you.

BEV'AN (Mr.), an American physician, who befriends Martin Chuzzlewit and Mark Tapley in many ways during their stay in the New World.

He befriends poor Smike, and is much, attached to Nicholas Nickleby.

Disgusted with her master and with her life, she befriends another woman, even more helpless than herself, and by stratagem and force of will contrives her escape (1852).

Part on your heart's desire, on minstrels spend Part; and your kindred and your kind befriend: And daily to the gods bid altar-fires ascend.

He raised rich shrines to mother and to sire, There reared their forms in ivory and gold, Passing in beauty, to befriend mankind.

MACDONALD, Lady Margaret, widow of Sir A. Macdonald of Slate, adored in Sky, iii. 383; v. 260; befriends the Pretender, v. 188; raises a monument to her son, v. 153.

MACLEOD, Malcolm, account of him, v. 161-2, 166, 168; befriends the Pretender, v. 190-9; arrested, v. 200-1; tells a legend, v. 171; mentioned, iii. 119; v. 179, 183.

v. 161, n. 2; his carriage, v. 162, 179, n. 2; income, v. 165, n. 2; patriarchal life, v. 167; befriends the Pretender, v. 190-5; Johnson's mistake about the chieftainship, ii. 303, 380, 382, 411; correspondence about it, v. 410-413; entertained by, ii. 305; iv. 155; v. 413, n. 1; visits him, v. 165-179, 183.

No one took the slightest trouble to befriend or advise him, though he was one who responded eagerly to affectionate interest.

"I guess it am a whale," suggested Sam, anxious to befriend the lad.

In the attempt his genius deserts him; no muse befriends; no invention, no hope.

And if doomed to add at last one more to the number of those wretches whom neither the world nor its law befriends, may I not justly say that I have been awed by a parent into ruin?

So I take my leave and pray All the comforts of the day, Such as Phoebus' heat doth send On the earth, may still befriend Thee and this arbour! Clorin.

For if Uncle has a glimmer of a suspicion that I would befriend Sada at the cost of his plans, so surely as the river is lost in the sea, Sada would disappear from my world until it was too late for me to lend a hand.

CINDERELLA (the little cinder-girl), the youngest member of a family who must drudge at home while her elder sisters go to balls, till one day a fairy befriends her and conveys her to a ball, where she shines as the centre of attraction, and wins the regard of a prince.

"The Party which befriends the cause of the Working-Man;" i.e., "The Party which (at election-time) rather wishes it had done so.

"I thought we decided to befriends," she said, a sharp quiver in her voice.

377 examples of  befriends  in sentences
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