9010 examples of begging in sentences

I saw not, I said, begging her pardon, that she liked any body.[Plain dealing for plain dealing, Jack!Why then did she abuse my friends?]

The Buddhist priest is a mendicant and a pauper, clothed in rags, begging his living from door to door, in which he sees no disgrace and no impropriety.

The pedlar had approached, intent on begging, and, if possible, larceny; but Wolf had quickly bared a double row of long, sharp teeth, which ceremony he had accompanied with an ominous growl, and this had completely daunted Autolycus, who had retreated with precipitation.

Such is, my tender sex, our helpless case, And such the barbarous heart, hid by the begging face, By passion fir'd, and not withheld by shame, They cruel hunters are, we trembling game.

He did so very readily, begging my pardon for not having done it on my first appearance, saying he did not know what he did, and indeed he had the countenance and gesture of a man distracted.

It troubled them, and in their anxiety, they consulted Mademoiselle de l'Enclos, begging her to find some reason in her philosophy, why the possession of the object loved should weaken the strength of ante-nuptial passion, and even destroy the most ardent affection.

638. exaggerate &c 549; wallow in roll in &c (plenty) 639; remain on one's hands, hang heavy on hand, go a begging.

&c (drone) 683 V. be useless &c adj.; go a begging &c (redundant) 641; fail &c 732. seek after impossibilities, strive after impossibilities; use vain efforts, labor in vain, roll the stone of Sisyphus, beat the air, lash the waves, battre l'eau avec un baton

Gentlemen, I would rather starve than rely, for myself and family, on foreign aid; but for my country's Freedom, I would not be ashamed to go begging from door to door.

And begging leave to assure you of my lasting gratitude for all the generous favours you have been and will yet be pleased to bestow upon my cause, let me proclaim my fervent wishes in this sentiment: "Pennsylvania, the Keystone StateMay it, by its legitimate influence upon the destinies of this mighty power on earth, and by the substantial generosity of its citizens, soon become the keystone of European independence.

Many a time have I been comforted by reading the verse: 'Never have I seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread.'

The blanket reached almost to the ground behind and hung down to his lap in front, and Shere Ali noticed that a leathern begging-bowl at his side was well filled with coins.

"I am not one of the Hindu fools who fill your begging-bowl," and he laughed.

"The begging-bowl is filled to overflowing at the Delhi Gate.

I remember hearing a fervid woman attempt to recite in English the narrative of a begging Frenchman who described the violent death of his father in the July days.

Then they gave thanks and said to him certain complimentary things, entreating his benevolence and begging him to reveal to them what he had seen.

Mr. Sheridan sent the politest possible message in reply, begging that Mrs. Edbrooke would allow his coachman to drive her in his own carriage to his door, and promising that the matter should be satisfactorily arranged.

He once appeared with his begging face at the Bank, humbly asking an advance of twenty pounds.

Next they took the twenty-four rods and accosted Augustus, begging him both to be named dictator and to become commissioner of grain, as Pompey had once been.

At this time the "Tales of a Grandfather" were appearing by instalments, and Murray wrote to the author, begging to be allowed to become the London publisher of this work.

" The father was standing close to his son and pouring out a torrent of appealevidently begging him in a low voice to disavow any knowledge of Silent and his crew, but Buck shook his head sullenly.

From the shadow of one of the seats a woman's voice reached him, begging peevishly for money.

She wrote a note in answer, begging him to tell her how much money he should need to hire a vacant house, since there was no time to build one, and to fit it decently with what he thought necessary, in order that it might serve as a refuge and hospital for the very poor.

How could they tear themselves away from famished millions kneeling at their feet in chains and begging for the bread of life, and roam afar to China or the South Sea Islands!

Those for whose benefit the asylum was opened, heard of it, and came begging to be received.

9010 examples of  begging  in sentences