617 examples of beguiles in sentences

The song of mountain-streams, unheard by day, Now hardly heard, beguiles my homeward way.

That glorious world that even beguiles the wise, Being lookt into, includes but three or foure Corrupted men, which were they all remov'd 'Twould for the common State much better be. Nimph.

The man resolved, and steady to his trust, Inflexible to ill, and obstinately just, May the rude rabble's insolence despise, Their senseless clamours and tumultuous cries; The tyrant's fierceness he beguiles, And the stern brow, and the harsh voice defies,

" "That," I said, "is true of every great book: it either makes us want to do things, to go fishing, or fight harder or endure more patientlyor it takes us out of ourselves and beguiles us for a time with the friendship of completer lives than our own.

"One who delights in the labour of the distaff, and beguiles the hours of labour with a song: her duties assume an air of virtuous beauty when she is busied at the wheel and the spindle with her maids.

" "My best friend is a dear, sweet girl who sits by my side, who always welcomes me with a smile, and beguiles me so with her conversation, that I take no note of the hours until the striking of the clock warns me it is time to leave; and I should ask no higher happiness than to be permitted to pass all the remaining hours of my life at her side.

Accurs'd what each as property beguiles, Wife, child, slave, plough, whate'er its name! Accurs'd be mammon, when with treasure He doth to daring deeds incite: Or when to steep the soul in pleasure, He spreads the couch of soft delight! Curs'd be the grape's balsamic juice!

a spell all grief beguiles!

Oh! is there not in infant smiles A witching power, a cheering ray, A charm, that every care beguiles, And bids the weary soul be gay?

Who, spite of gravity beguiles, The solemn Bishop of his smiles?

Such, such is life, the moral tells The tempest, and its sunny smiles, A warning voice the cheerful bells, The knell of death, our youth beguiles!

See on his future subjects how he smiles, Nor meanly flatters, nor with craft beguiles; But with an open face, as on his throne, Assures our birthrights, and assumes his own.

Or am I to be blamed, if thy beauty still beguiles me as it did long ago?

The babe had all that infant care beguiles, And early knew his mother in her smiles: But when dilated organs let in day To the young soul, and gave it room to play, At his first aptness, the maternal love Those rudiments of reason did improve: The tender age was pliant to command; 220 Like wax it yielded to the forming hand: True to the artificer, the labour'd mind

" "Now a fool fails of happiness because of his insufficient mind, he miscalculates, he stumbles and hobbles, some cant or claptrap whirls him away; he gets passion out of a book and a wife out of the stews, or he quarrels on a petty score; threats frighten him, vanity beguiles him, he fails by blindness.

Woe best beguiles; Mirth, wait thou other whiles; Thou shalt borrow all my sorrow When Sylvia smiles.

Woe best beguiles; Mirth, wait thou other whiles, Thou shalt borrow all my sorrow When Sylvia smiles.

He came, inform'd in every art, That makes th'incautious virgin weep: Beguiles the unsuspecting heart, And lulls mistrust to silken sleep.

'The Man resolved and steady to his Trust, Inflexible to Ill, and obstinately just, May the rude Rabble's Insolence despise, Their senseless Clamours and tumultuous Cries; The Tyrant's Fierceness he beguiles, And the stern Brow, and the harsh Voice defies, And with superior Greatness smiles.

To think just how the fire will burn, Just how long-cheated eyes will turn To wonder what myself will say, And what itself will say to me, Beguiles the centuries of way!

Those whom the devil beguiles, confound the Creator with the created; and they prostrate themselves before that which their own hands have formed.

And truth my spirit oft beguiles, While her dear face is wreath'd in smiles, By whisp'ring sweetly unto me; As thou hast measured, it shall be In justice meted out to thee, When thou hast reached the blissful isles Beyond the misty veil of Time; Thou'lt find a rest from earthly wars, And healing for thy earthly scars, Within that sweet supernal clime.

Thus the spirit of delay beguiles us, Till the lucky time is past.

Beauty comes to him and beguiles him, but it is a beauty akin to that of Michel Angelo's 'Muse and dominant Lady, spirit-wed'which

Find employment for the restless demon that is in him, and all is well with him; moreover, he is full of wit and humour, and beguiles a long journey or tedious evening at an inn better than any comrade I ever knew, extracting mirth from all around, even the very discomforts, and searching to the quick all that is to be seen.

617 examples of  beguiles  in sentences