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617 examples of  beguiles  in sentences

617 examples of beguiles in sentences

Tell me how it came to you to find the way.' He turned to her with a smile, though his ear too was intent, and his heart fixed upon the traveller in the darkness, and began to tell her his tale to beguile the time of waiting, and to hold within bounds the pity that filled her heart.

For he distributed money, tobacco, and other things, which enabled the unfortunates to beguile the tedious hours of confinement.

Flatter, blandish, beguile, compliment, praise.

And though thou art the mirror of beauty's glittering train, Thy bosom has one blemish, thy mind one deadly stain; For upon all alike thou shed'st the radiance of thy smile, And this the treachery by which thou dost the world beguile.

And maiden Pallas ... did some strange god's face Beguile her, that she craved for loveliness, Who chose from God one virgin gift above All gifts, and fleeth from the lips of love?

His wee bit ingle, blinkin bonilie, His clean hearth-stane, his thrifty wifie's smile, The lisping infant, prattling on his knee, Does a' his weary kiaugh and care beguile, And makes him quite forget his labour and his toil.

Sweet smiles, in the night Hover over my delight; Sweet smiles, mother's smiles, All the livelong night beguiles.

Sweet moans, sweeter smiles, All the dovelike moans beguiles.

Infant smiles are His own smiles; Heaven and earth to peace beguiles.

When she expressed a desire to appear before Caesar and converse with him, it was granted; and to beguile her still more, he promised that he would come to her himself.

The song of mountain-streams, unheard by day, Now hardly heard, beguiles my homeward way.

245 Yet thither the world's business finds its way At times, and tales unsought beguile the day,

Yet the world's business hither finds its way At times, and unsought tales beguile the day, And tender thoughts are those which Solitude l. 249.

She made up the two tin pails of lunch with which her young brothers would beguile the noontide hour.

Whence I draw nought, my sad self to beguile, But what my face showsdark imaginings.

" "I am very glad I can help to beguile them for you.

Teamsters, hauling grain from the Carisa Plains to the San Lorenzo landing, a distance of nearly a hundred miles, would beguile themselves thinking of the apples which old man Ransom would be sure to offer, and the first big drink from the cold spring.

How long shall darkness soil The face of earth, and thus beguile Our souls of sprightful action?

That glorious world that even beguiles the wise, Being lookt into, includes but three or foure Corrupted men, which were they all remov'd 'Twould for the common State much better be. Nimph.

This was another day of wind and rain; but good cheer and good society helped to beguile the time.

Thus we determine to beguile his hopes: Thou shalt this night be brought unto his bed Instead of her, and he shall marry thee: Musgrave shall have my daughter, she her will;

will he enkindle joy, Nor on some kindlier shore my woes beguile.

The wintry night thy voice and eyes beguile, Till wake the sleeping summers in thy smile.

Doth scarce allow me once a month to go Beyond the compass of his watchful eyes, Nor once afford me any conference With any man, except with Master Churms, Whose crafty brain beguiles my father so, That he reposeth trust in none but him:

He sat him down with solemn book His sadness to beguile; A skull from off its bracket-nook Threw him a lipless smile; But its awful, laughter-mocking look, Was a passing moonbeam's wile.

The man resolved, and steady to his trust, Inflexible to ill, and obstinately just, May the rude rabble's insolence despise, Their senseless clamours and tumultuous cries; The tyrant's fierceness he beguiles, And the stern brow, and the harsh voice defies,

" "That," I said, "is true of every great book: it either makes us want to do things, to go fishing, or fight harder or endure more patientlyor it takes us out of ourselves and beguiles us for a time with the friendship of completer lives than our own.

'Tis deepely sworne: Sweet, leaue me heere a while, My spirits grow dull, and faine I would beguile The tedious day with sleepe.

To beguile the time, I went for miles into the forests, looking for game, often coming back disappointed and weary; at others rewarded by, perhaps, a racoon, or, what I valued more, a fawn or wild turkey.

And when Aspasia wept, not any eye But seem'd to weare the same sad livery; By him inspired the feigned Lucina drew More streams of melting sorrow then the true; But then the Scornfull Lady did beguile Their easie griefs, and teach them all to smile.

He has engaged to combat in her behalf with a band of knights; and the lady relates it to beguile the way.

Whilst we lie waiting here as those sick men did at the Pool of [2086] Bethesda, till the Angel stirred the water, expecting a good hour, they step between, and beguile us of our preferment.

Proteus-like, in all forms and disguises, that go abroad in the night, to inescate and beguile young women, or to have their pleasure of other men's wives; and, if we may believe [5220] some relations, they have wardrobes of several suits in the colleges for that purpose.

"One who delights in the labour of the distaff, and beguiles the hours of labour with a song: her duties assume an air of virtuous beauty when she is busied at the wheel and the spindle with her maids.

One day as they were sitting together, discoursing on the usual topics with which they entertained each other, and endeavoured to beguile the tedious time, they heard a confused noise as of some sudden tumult.

Slaves that with serious impudence beguile, And lie without a blush, without a smile; Exalt each trifle, ev'ry vice adore, Your taste in snuff, your judgment in a whore: Can Balbo's eloquence applaud, and swear, He gropes his breeches with a monarch's air.

In vain would you assuage Your frowns upon an unresisting smile, In which not even contempt lurks, to beguile Your heart by some faint sympathy of hate.

"She is fair, she is white, and her golden hair Sweetly frames her rosy face: The limpid look of her azure eyes Beguiles near as much as her half-closed lip.

The devil, seeing himself vanquished thus, took the shape of a young and lovely woman and imitated the most lascivious actions in order to beguile him, but Antony raising his thoughts towards heaven and considering the loftiness and excellence of the soul which is given to us, extinguished these burning coals by which the devil hoped to inflame his heart through this deception, and drove away the devilish creature.

" "My best friend is a dear, sweet girl who sits by my side, who always welcomes me with a smile, and beguiles me so with her conversation, that I take no note of the hours until the striking of the clock warns me it is time to leave; and I should ask no higher happiness than to be permitted to pass all the remaining hours of my life at her side.

This facility and grace of execution is the more remarkable, as a story goes that not long before the appearance of the Lay of the Last Minstrel Sir Walter (then Mr.) Scott, having, in the company of a friend, to cross the Frith of Forth in a ferry-boat, they proposed to beguile the time by writing a number of verses on a given subject, and that at the end of an hour's hard study, they found they had produced only six lines between them.

But as you must perforce wait his coming forth, I will endeavour to beguile the tedious interval by relating to you so much of my history as refers to Nizza Macascree.

Accurs'd what each as property beguiles, Wife, child, slave, plough, whate'er its name! Accurs'd be mammon, when with treasure He doth to daring deeds incite: Or when to steep the soul in pleasure, He spreads the couch of soft delight! Curs'd be the grape's balsamic juice!

His plan, therefore, was, to beguile the little fellow on until he had walked directly into the snare, as a fly is lured into the web of a spider.

a spell all grief beguiles!

Oh! is there not in infant smiles A witching power, a cheering ray, A charm, that every care beguiles, And bids the weary soul be gay?

Who, spite of gravity beguiles, The solemn Bishop of his smiles?

Such, such is life, the moral tells The tempest, and its sunny smiles, A warning voice the cheerful bells, The knell of death, our youth beguiles!

So he said to his friend the Fox, who came to ask how he did, "My good friend, I wish you would go to yonder wood and beguile the big Stag, who lives there, to come to my den: I have a fancy to make my dinner off a stag's heart and brains."

It was written to beguile tedious time.

Just like the friend, whose brightest smile Is spared, our sorrows to beguile; Who like some angel from the sky, When needed most, is ever nigh To pluck vile slander's envious dart From out the wounded, bleeding heart, And raise from earth the drooping head

The knack of trades is living on the spoil; They boast even when each other they beguile.

And great oppressors might Heaven's wrath beguile, By offering His own creatures for a spoil!

See on his future subjects how he smiles, Nor meanly flatters, nor with craft beguiles; But with an open face, as on his throne, Assures our birthrights, and assumes his own.

Or am I to be blamed, if thy beauty still beguiles me as it did long ago?

He was indignant to learn that the Gentiles along the route of their march across Iowa had tried to beguile these people from their faith.

We all know his cunning to take shapes that most weaken, beguile, and unman us, and small wonder if many of us succumb.

The babe had all that infant care beguiles, And early knew his mother in her smiles: But when dilated organs let in day To the young soul, and gave it room to play, At his first aptness, the maternal love Those rudiments of reason did improve: The tender age was pliant to command; 220 Like wax it yielded to the forming hand: True to the artificer, the labour'd mind

But though I miss thy winning smile, And the sweet music of thy voice, That could my weary heart beguile; Yet I, amid my tears, rejoice, That thou, thus early, didst depart: When all around was fair and bright:

The curtain has fallen, the dim, misty curtain, and memory has turned her golden key, closed her portfolio, and sat down with folded hands, to brood over her hoarded treasures, placing each in its proper place, to be brought forward again at her mandate, to beguile, perchance, other weary midnight hours with their magic spell.

She was quite sure he must have tried to beguile her,he must have tampered with her feelings, to arouse in her pure and well-ordered mind so much emotion and devotedness as she had witnessed.

" "Now a fool fails of happiness because of his insufficient mind, he miscalculates, he stumbles and hobbles, some cant or claptrap whirls him away; he gets passion out of a book and a wife out of the stews, or he quarrels on a petty score; threats frighten him, vanity beguiles him, he fails by blindness.

The history of a soldier's wound beguiles the pain of itmy uncle's visitors at least thought so, and they would frequently turn the discourse to that subject, and from that subject the discourse would generally roll on to the siege itself.

In order to beguile the time while waiting for the train, Freya took from her handbag a gold cigarette-case and the light smoke of Egyptian tobacco charged with opium whirled among the shafts of sunlight from the partly-opened windows.

Woe best beguiles; Mirth, wait thou other whiles; Thou shalt borrow all my sorrow When Sylvia smiles.

Woe best beguiles; Mirth, wait thou other whiles, Thou shalt borrow all my sorrow When Sylvia smiles.

To keep two men fooled was no great feat, nor even to beguile her grandmother, whose gadfly insistence centred ever on the Brodnax fortune as their only true objective; but so to control things as not to fool herself at lastthat was the pinch.

Who else could have had sufficient power over her to beguile her away from her home?

It was the business of his life to beguile his master's customers into over-eating themselves, and to set his face against chops and steaks; but he felt that this particular customer was proof against his blandishments.

Perhaps the river observed that we were getting a little out of patience; for, almost immediately, it sought to beguile us by bringing into view one of its show points, a landing on the left bank with a large brick house near by.

She would take a book and strive to beguile the tediousness of suspense.

His fancy, which enabled him to see the stage and all its characters,almost to be them,was so under the control of his imagination, that it did not, through any interruptions while he was at his labor, beguile him with caprices.

Now he has reflected that his first object is to interest his audience in the action and passion of the piece,at the very outset, if possible, to catch their fancies and draw them into the mimic life of the play,to beguile and attract them without their knowing it.

Yet I grant you that he was wise, too, the minstrel of old time that sang: 'Over wild lands and tumbling seas flits Love, at will, and maddens the heart and beguiles the senses of all whom he attacks, whether his quarry be some monster of the ocean or some fierce denizen of the forest, or man; for thine, O Love, thine alone is the power to make playthings of us all.'

"Those looks have been to me a law, And solely by indulgence bought, With zeal intense, with deepest awe, A self-devoted slave, I caught My highest transport from thy smile; And studied hourly to beguile The lightest cloud of grief or care I saw those gracious features wear!

And shall I press that fair and taintless brow With my fond lips, and tempt, with many a wile Of playful love, those features to beguile A parent with their mirth?

Our deck chairs were with the heavy luggage, which the passenger by Austrian Lloyd only gets at Port Saรฏd, as it is sent from London by sea; so a deck chair had to be got, also a stock of light literature wherewith to beguile the long sea hours.

When the spouse of Zeus, king of the gods, wishes to beguile him, she knows no other way than borrowing the girdle of Aphrodite.

Whilst trying to beguile his tedium at the camp of Compiegne, the dauphin, it is said, overtaxed his strength, and died at the age of thirty-six on the 20th of December, 1765, profoundly regretted by the bulk of the nation, who knew his virtues without troubling themselves, like the court and the philosophers, about the stiffness of his manners and his complete devotion to the cause of the clergy.

At this time, it will be recalled, I was all but mute, so, being unable to beguile me into speech, the attendant one morning laid out for my use a more fashionable shirt than I usually wore, telling me to put it on if I wished to make the visit.

But ye have many false ways, to beguile the innocent people with sleights of the fiend.

And this is a full subtle question to beguile an innocent fool, but will ye take heed of this subtle question, how a man may take a glass and behold the very likeness of his own face, and yet it is not his face, but the likeness of his face; for if it were his very face, then he must needs have two faces, one on his body and another in the glass.

He came, inform'd in every art, That makes th'incautious virgin weep: Beguiles the unsuspecting heart, And lulls mistrust to silken sleep.

Tho' in a bare and rugged Way, Through devious lonely Wilds I stray, Thy Bounty shall my Pains beguile; The barren Wilderness shall smile, With sudden Greens and Herbage crown'd, And Streams shall murmur all around.

'The Man resolved and steady to his Trust, Inflexible to Ill, and obstinately just, May the rude Rabble's Insolence despise, Their senseless Clamours and tumultuous Cries; The Tyrant's Fierceness he beguiles, And the stern Brow, and the harsh Voice defies, And with superior Greatness smiles.

Pomp and great friends may hem thee round, A thousand busy tasks be found; Earth's thronging beauties may beguile Thy longing lovesick heart awhile; And pride, like clouds of sunset, spread A changing glory round thy head; But fade will all; and thou must come, Hating thy journey, homeless, home.

And alone The dreamer the dark will beguile; All the world will be gone For a dream's brief while.

To beguile the time I composed a Sonnet.

It was what might have been expected on an autumnal day, but we were unreasonable enough to find it tedious; so, to beguile the time and lessen my disappointment, my husband related to me some incidents of his early history, apropos to the subject of "Four-Legs.

Stay a little while; For if the Morning mist do not beguile

And Shepherdess take heed lest you Move his willing eye thereto; Let no wring, nor pinch, nor smile Of yours his weaker sense beguile.

To think just how the fire will burn, Just how long-cheated eyes will turn To wonder what myself will say, And what itself will say to me, Beguiles the centuries of way!

"In gardens where the languid roses keep Perpetual sweetness for the hearts that smile, Perpetual sadness for the hearts that weep, Lonely, unseen, I wander, to beguile The day that only shines to show thee bright, The night whose stars burn wan beside thy light, Adelaรฏda! "Adelaรฏda!

The fisher Diotimus had, at sea And shore, the same abode of poverty His trusty boat;and when his days were spent, Therein self-rowed to ruthless Dis he went; For that, which did through life his woes beguile, Supplied the old man with a funeral pile.

Those whom the devil beguiles, confound the Creator with the created; and they prostrate themselves before that which their own hands have formed.

And truth my spirit oft beguiles, While her dear face is wreath'd in smiles, By whisp'ring sweetly unto me; As thou hast measured, it shall be In justice meted out to thee, When thou hast reached the blissful isles Beyond the misty veil of Time; Thou'lt find a rest from earthly wars, And healing for thy earthly scars, Within that sweet supernal clime.

Thus the spirit of delay beguiles us, Till the lucky time is past.

Beauty comes to him and beguiles him, but it is a beauty akin to that of Michel Angelo's 'Muse and dominant Lady, spirit-wed'which

Find employment for the restless demon that is in him, and all is well with him; moreover, he is full of wit and humour, and beguiles a long journey or tedious evening at an inn better than any comrade I ever knew, extracting mirth from all around, even the very discomforts, and searching to the quick all that is to be seen.

Thus for more than two thousand years the story which still delights us has been familiar among high and low, and has served to beguile the hours for old and young.