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3355 example sentences with  behalf of

3355 example sentences with behalf of

The document was the one furnished to me a year before when, at the invitation of the Russian Government, I had gone on a mission of inquiry into the state of the prisons in order to see, on behalf of the British public, whether things were as black as some writers had painted them.

"We come in behalf of two members of our own class, sir," spoke up Farley.

This was to him most welcome news, and the Friends reached Pyrmont almost as soon as he did; but though their company was so cordial to his mind, their presence did not relieve him from the burden of religious exercise which he began to feel on behalf of the members of the Society in that place, as soon as he took up his residence amongst them.

Never before had a marine dared to speak to the captain of a frigate in behalf of a seaman at the mast; but there was something unostentatiously forcible and commanding in St. Mark's manner.

Although President Wilson had not then consulted me in any way regarding his plan of organization, I felt sure that he would, and I wished to be prepared to give him my opinion concerning the fundamentals of the plan which might be proposed on behalf of the United States.

Still warmly argues in behalf of the lady.

Are all her struggles in behalf of liberty in vain?

Long and anxious months, with one exception, succeeded this bright spot of sunshine in Mary Pratt's solicitude in behalf of the absent Roswell.

Austria became more than ever a hated and dreaded power, not merely to the States of Sweden, Denmark, Holland, and England, but to Catholic France herself, then ruled by that able and ambitious statesman Cardinal Richelieu, before whose tomb in an after age the czar Peter bowed in earnest homage from the recollection and admiration of his transcendent labors in behalf of absolutism.

A good cause ought to unite her own people, and only in behalf of a good cause could she expect other nations to be on her side.

This excited a more than usual attention to the case of these oppressed people, and where most of all it could be useful; for the author compared in two opposite columns the animated speeches and resolutions of the members of congress in behalf of their own liberty with their conduct in continuing slavery to others.

He stated, too, that he would undertake to remove from disinterested and unprejudiced persons many of the impressions which had been made by the witnesses against the abolition; and he appealed to the justice and honour of the house in behalf of an injured people; under the hope that they would not allow a decision to be made till they had heard the whole of the case.

But the three things he does name enshrine the best convictions of his life and the substance of his labors in behalf of his country,political independence, religious freedom, and popular education.

England drew her sword in this struggle on behalf of Belgium and in the name of civilisation and treaty rights; Russia has done the same on behalf of Serbia and in the name of common blood and a common altar.

We will go to a lawyer and have the necessary papers drawn up, which you shall sign in behalf of your principal."

Sergeant Snubbin then addressed the jury on behalf of the defendant, and after that Mr. Justice Stareleigh summed up.

To those hard parents alone I retort that of Curtius, (in the behalf of modester maids), that are too remiss and careless of their due time and riper years.

Since the most of you are blinded, ought there not to be some one to fulfil this province for you, and on behalf of all to sing his hymn to God?

When the tumult was at length allayed, answer was returned to the ambassadors, "that they had neither experienced good from the Romans, nor wrong from the Carthaginians, on account of which they should either take up arms in behalf of the Romans, or against the Cathaginians.

This young man, when a fortune left him by his father, acquired in such a traffic, had inspired him with the hope of a higher condition, and the gown and forum were the objects of his choice, by declaiming vehemently in behalf of men and causes of the lowest kind, in opposition to the interest and character of the good, first came to the notice of the people, and then to offices of honour.

Palmerston had ordered the blockade of the Piraeus to extort compensation from the Greek Government on behalf of Mr. Finlay (afterwards the historian of Greece), whose land had been commandeered by the King of Greece for his garden, and on behalf of Don Pacifico, a Maltese Jew (and therefore a British subject), whose house had been wrecked by an Athenian mob.

All seem to speak in the highest terms of the order and decorum preserved through the whole of this imposing ceremony, and the good feeling which seems to prevail, with but trivial exceptions, is thought to augur well in behalf of the new administration."

Under the cold impassive vigour he was so determined to preserve, he registered many a noble vow of fortitude and abnegation on behalf of the friend he valued, of the woman he loved.

In the name of the multiplying hosts of freedom's friends, and in behalf of the millions of speechless but grateful-hearted slaves, we render to our acquaintances of every class in Antigua our warmest thanks for their cordial sympathy with the cause of emancipation in America.

I write in behalf of Archy, whom I regard with the affection of a father, and whom, indeed, 'I have begotten in my sickness.'

In behalf of the Society which we represent, we call upon all our fellow-citizens, who believe it is right to obey God rather than man, to declare themselves peaceful revolutionists, and to unite with us under the stainless banner of Liberty, having for its motto"EQUAL RIGHTS FOR ALLNO UNION WITH SLAVEHOLDERS!"

The South owes a debt of gratitude to the Biblical Repertory, for the fearless argument in behalf of the position, that slavery is not forbidden by the Bible.

Gentlemen of the Senate and of the House of Representatives: I lay before you a copy of an exemplified copy of an act of the legislature of Vermont, ratifying on behalf of that State the articles of amendment proposed by Congress to the Constitution of the United States together with a copy of a letter which accompanied said ratification.

The inherent generosity of his nature obliged him often to waive his convictions in behalf of others, and thus to abandon the receipt of considerable sums.

On the contrary, they willingly confess that they have learned much from diverse expression of opinion, all the more so as they now learn with pleasure that their efforts in behalf of culture are constantly becoming more closely allied to the general progress of higher education in Germany.

An invitation to read a paper before the Co-operative Society came to me from Mr. Greenwood, who was, I believe, the Secretary, and as the subject was left to my own choice, I determined that my first public attempt at speech should be on behalf of my own sex, and selected for it, "The Political Status of Women".

But in such a grave and important charge as this amended petition brings, our general counsel should appear in person, and" "You are the company's attorney, Mr. Hunnicott," said the judge, dryly; "and you have hitherto been deemed competent to conduct the case in behalf of the defendant.

After this he made a point of coming in each day when he had addressed the guard, and of offering up a long and very tedious prayer on behalf of the young reprobate.

She had been flippantly confident in her memories of the marriage ceremony when questioned on behalf of the prosecution, but had forgotten everything in reference to her friend's subsequent married life.

This policy, however, was far removed from the spirit of the early Maccabean leaders who had unsheathed the sword in behalf of their principles.

The regulations as defined by instructions issued on June 8, 1793, made liable to detention all vessels carrying "corn, flour, or meal" to French ports, with the proviso that the cargoes might be purchased on behalf of the British government and the ships might then be released with a due allowance for freight, or they might be allowed to dispose of their cargoes in the ports of any country in amity with Great Britain.

When Europe can honestly act in common on behalf of common interests some solution can be found.

I endeavoured to draw out the sympathies of the ladies present in behalf of those whose welfare we had met to promote.

Time and again it used to happen that when a prisoner was about to be slaughtered some one of the dusky assemblage, moved by pity or admiration or some unexplained freak, would interpose in behalf of the victim; and as a rule such interposition was heeded.

On the one side were the American backwoodsmen, under their own leaders, armed in their own manner, and fighting after their own fashion, for the freedom and the future of America; on the opposite side were other Americansthe loyalists, led by British officers, armed and trained in the British fashion, and fighting on behalf of the empire of Britain and the majesty of the monarchy.

In behalf of the administration he wrote a letter to Blount which was as offensive as it was fatuous.

In Congress, Randolph, on behalf of the ultra states'-rights people led the opposition to the claimants, whose special champions were Madison and the northern democrats.

The varying fortune of Silvia's suit on behalf of Cloris, Thirsis' faith to the memory of Silvia, Montanus' jealousy, and Phillis' shame when she finds her proffered love rejected by the boy for whom she has sacrificed her modesty, are presented in a series of scenes and discourses which do not materially advance the business in hand.

"In behalf of Africa," he remarked, "representing her, as I may say, on this occasion, I would beg leave to apologize to the learned gentleman for the poverty of her scenery, at this stage of the panorama.

Strong men wiped the moisture from their eyes, and women's hearts throbbed in unison with the strong, brave words that were uttered in behalf of freedom for all and chains for none.

We get the victory over it by refusing those institutions and practices which he sets forth as evidence of his power to sit supreme in the temple of God, and by adopting which we should acknowledge the validity of his title, by conceding his right to act for the church in behalf of the Son of God.

The news that an action had been brought on behalf of an infant son of the late Sir Harry Compton against the Earl of Emsdale, for the recovery of the estates in the possession of that nobleman, produced the greatest excitement in the part of the county where the property was situated.

Holland put in a claim for ยฃ706,355 in behalf of 1139 persons who alleged that they were Dutch subjects, and received 5.3 per cent, of that amount, or ยฃ37,500, which was the highest actual award made, although the lowest percentage of the sum claimed.

A communication having been made to the commitee, that Dr. Porteus, then bishop of Chester, had preached a sermon before the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel, in behalf of the injured Africans, (which sermon was noticed in the last chapter,) Samuel Hoare was deputed to obtain permission to publish it.

The person, who laboured next in the Society, in behalf of the oppressed Africans, was John Woolman.

She was a member of the CDA on behalf of the House and Senate.

โ€œBut Congress MLAs and legislators who are in support of the government will not let this attempt be successful,โ€ said the joint statement issued on behalf of 24 MLAs, and signed by chief whip Mahesh Joshi and deputy chief whip Mahendra Chaudhary.

Comrade Kola Salau, speaking on behalf of the group at a press conference on Monday in Lagos noted that the addition of cyberwar makes this yearโ€™s edition unique.

โ€œDonโ€™t forgive her on behalf of someone else.

He is carrying out his action exclusively on his own and not acting on behalf of Ndigbo.

On behalf of the entire organization, I would like to thank Peter and Kevin for all their contributions to the Nashville Predators over the past five-and-a-half seasons.โ€

Any winners under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian present to complete a W-9 tax form and sign off on behalf of the minor.

A plan for the economy and COVID-19 response is swaying most voters in the 2020 election, according to a survey on behalf of Edelman Financial Engines.

Speaking on behalf of his colleagues at the weekend, the Speaker of the House of Assembly, Mr Ikuinyi Ibani, however, commended Governor Nyesom Wike for โ€˜ensuring that the State Lawmakers and other staff of the State Government are properly catered for.โ€™

The group raised seven suggestions with the government, mainly related to financial subsidies on behalf of 120 private education organizations, including approximately 80 education centers and 40 tutoring centers.

The vote, conducted by the NBPAโ€™s board โ€” which has a player rep from each team, entrusted to speak on behalf of his teammates โ€” is just another part of a lengthy process.

Vinita Templeton, the lawyer bringing the action on behalf of eight men, who has been working on this issue for eight years, said: โ€œI have seen unimaginable suffering by servicemen.

Weโ€™ve had a lot of great work done on behalf of our community.โ€

Bonnie Neuman, vice-president of Student Services, spoke on behalf of President Richard Florizone, who was called out of town and couldnโ€™t attend.

Councillor Jellett indicated he would be moving the following motion on behalf of Councillor Hunter.

Ebay states that they are collecting and submitting the sales tax on behalf of the seller, so does that mean they are submitting the tax to Revenue Canada or are my sales providing tax revenue to the state of the buyer.

From November 5-8, Lisa Bitacola had the privilege of presenting to delegates at the 2019 World Mental Health Congress in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on behalf of the Ivey Health Team.

I have reviewed the court file and note, in 2004, there had been an inquiry made by John McKiggan on behalf of Mr. Lord inquiring as to how he could go about setting aside the Order of Associate Chief Justice MacDonald at that time.

โ€œIโ€™m looking forward to it and it should be a lot of funโ€, says Dr. Malthaner, and jokes, โ€œthere are some staff members becoming quite competitive on behalf of the surgeon contingent.

In the many parliaments around the country, there is an issue, such as parliamentary secretaries, people who do speak out on behalf of policy areas -

It is a pleasure today to stand and present another petition on behalf of the residents of Roberts Arm, Triton, Springdale, Long Island and so on, with regards to the Long Island causeway.

It is generally assumed, I would imagine, that the Consumer Advocate who would be appointed by the government to intervene on behalf of the consumers in the Province would put forth the best case possible.

And he was also apologizing as the founder, CEO, and president of Rogers Communications Inc โ€“ and so therefore also on behalf of the corporation.

May I offer congratulations on behalf of all members of the Legislative Assembly to every one who has played a part in Munro Farm Supplies 50 years of outstanding service to the agricultural industry and communities where they are located.

Mr. Speaker, just before I come to an important piece of Parliamentary business, may I first of all, I know on behalf of all members of the House, welcome the new Member for St. John's West to the Legislature -

Mr. Speaker, on behalf of this Legislature, I would like to offer our condolences to the family.

On behalf of ACAT, Chair Mazin Aribi thanked Eve for everything she has done for Wheel-Trans services, including championing the 10-Year Strategy.

On behalf of Laughlin & Company Lawyers Mediators posted in Child Custody on Friday, August 26, 2016.

On behalf of Mid Life a HUGE thanks to all the corner workers- you guys and gals rock!

On behalf of our planning committee, I want to thank you very much for your coverage for our Provincials last weekend.

On behalf of the Bloc Quรฉbรฉcois, I have had the honour and pleasure of being responsible for the social housing and homelessness files, as well as natural resources and the environment.

On behalf of the Province, I would also like to extend my sincere appreciation to our invited guests, some of whom have actually taken their leave due to other commitments.

On the second day of the discovery, Mr. Graham on behalf of Mr. Saturley asked Ms. Ditchfield "What other clients.

"Premier Williams and I both made representation on behalf of Labrador Inuit to the Federal Government prior to their recent budget," said the minister.

Purchasing Services must acquire executive lease vehicles on behalf of all ministers, deputy ministers and equivalents.

Run by Legal Aid Ontario on behalf of the Ministry of the Attorney General, the consultation process began after the provincial government imposed a 30% cut to Legal Aid Ontarioโ€™s budget that has created havoc in Ontario courts.

That Council authorize the Health Department to bid on the contract to provide Obstetrical Services on behalf of the Ottawa-Carleton Community Care Access Centre (CCAC) for a 12 month period commencing April 1, 1998.

The City of Winnipeg has been delivering emergency medical, inter-facility transport, and community paramedicine services on behalf of the province of Manitoba as a service delivery provider under contract with Shared Health.

The report as a whole is an eloquent plea in behalf of the Micmac Indians of Acadie, and is a lasting memorial to the indefatigable seminary priest who did so much in the interest of religion and civilization.

At last count almost a million searches had been done on behalf of volunteer groups across the country.

They then work very close to their employing authority, and they work very closely with the people who are making decisions on behalf of children.

This is his piece of legislation but I am equally proud, Mr. Speaker, to bring it forward on behalf of the government.

This petition is submitted on behalf of A. Chartrand, W. Chartrand, J. Sigfusson and many other fine Manitobans.

This was exemplified by statements issued on behalf of four senior ministers in response to a petition that was submitted to the House of Commons in support of Gord Johnโ€™s private memberโ€™s bill.

Throughout the presentation you were speaking on behalf of the Federation, the 400 000 students.

Unfortunately there are no clearly identifiable corporate records, financial or otherwise recording borrowing or lending transactions on behalf of โ€˜SSS Ltd.โ€™ after 2003.

Before proceeding to Oral Questions, on behalf of hon. members we would also like to welcome to the House, Mr. Terry Fahey, Chairman of the Local Service District of Bellevue, with his delegation.

We are delighted to support Bill 216: The Human Rights Code Amendment Act, on behalf of the Manitoba chapter of Obesity Canada โ€“ Students and New Professionals.

We have a fine group of public service employees in the Department of Advanced Education and Skills who work hard each and every single day on behalf of the people of this Province, in the interest of the people of the Province.

We shouted chants for the closure of all prisons and the release of the detainees and received a lively response on behalf of the detained migrants, who shouted back demanding (their) freedom.