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169 examples of  behests  in sentences

169 examples of behests in sentences

Wesley, though less impressionable than his sister, shared these secret devotions to the parent's parts, and bowed before his father's behests, in the filial reverence of the sons of the patriarchs.

In any of these ways you may obey the behest of these mentors.

It was thy boast thou once did love a princess, now a slave, I boasted that to thy behest

His body served my father; his heart, my sole behest; What perils did he face upon that castle's frowning height!

"Nay, Fortune, turn no more thy wheel, I care not that it rest, Nor bid thee draw the nail that makes it stand at man's behest Oh, may I never say to thee, when for thy aid I call, Let me attain the height of bliss whate'er may be my fall!

Cassius lost no time in marching his legions into Asia, to execute the behest of the senate, though he had been dispossessed of his province by the senate itself.

For the first time the German officers were seen to be leading their men into battle, instead of driving them, as had been the ruleand this was said to be at the behest of the watching Kaiser.

They must recognize but one ruler, the pope, who disposed of them indirectly through the bishops or directly in cases of exemption, and used them as tools for the execution of his behests.

" Rustem, thus answering said:"Thou art the King, Source of command, pure honour's sacred spring; And here I stand to follow thy behest, Obedient everbe thy will expressed, And services requiredOld age shall see My loins still bound in fealty to thee." To this the King:"Rejoice we then to-day, And on the morrow marshal our array.

Let but our รsaf's eye request, I am the slave of his behest, For though his looks his rank attest, he has the mind Of dervishes.

Dear aunt, I have with patient ears endur'd The hearing of my father's hard behest; And since I see that neither I myself, Nor your request, can so prevail with him, Nor any sage advice persuade his mind To grant me my desire, in willing wise I must submit me unto his command, And frame my heart to serve his majesty.

A worthless grave, wherein to rest the bones Of her dear lord, but with bold courage She drank his heart, and made her lovely breast His tomb, and failed not of wifely faith, Of promis'd love and of her bound behest, Until she ended had her days by death.

" Both departed to perform these behests, and, leaning back in her chair, Aunt Kipp reposed.

" "Truly, it is a strange behest!"

" He obeyed her behests with scrupulous care, leaned back in his chair and brought into the foreground of his mind the figures of those men and women who had told his story, finding them, to his dismay, unexpectedly crude and unlifelike.

With all thy heart, with all thy soul and mind, Thou must him love, and his behests embrace; commands.

THE HISTORY OF JOSHUA After Moses, Joshua was duke and leader of the children of Israel, and brought them into the land of behest, and did many great battles.

And after they were purified they offered sacrifices, vows, and behests unto God, and the joy of this victory was solemnized during three months, and after that, each went home again into his own city and house, and Judith returned into Bethulia, and was made more great and clear to all men of the land of Israel.

"And fetch Master Piers!" David set down the tray at his master's elbow, and turned to obey the second behest.

The horse made a great effort to obey his master's behests.

And more and more with pleasing objects strive To dull his judgment and pervert his will To their behests: who, were he not so wrapp'd

Strangely thy whispered message ran, Almost in form behest!

If he were determined to set himself up as the strong loquacious man, his fiancรฉe was certainly not prepared meekly to obey his behests in silence.

But when his imagination, presenting afresh the awful interview, brings him more immediately under the influence of the apparition and its behest, he is for the moment delivered both from the stunning effect of its communication and his doubt of its truth; forgetting then the considerations that have wrought in him, he accuses himself of remissness, blames himself grievously for his delay.

But this litterateur had of recent years been lapsing into mysticism, and at the behests of the reverend father his confessor, he had abruptly destroyed what he had written, and gone over to the other side to wage desperate warfare upon the cause he had promised to help.

Contending hosts and trembling nations wait The firm immutable behests of Fate; She speaks in thunder from her golden throne 50 With words unwill'd, and wisdom not her own.

Command N. command, order, ordinance, act, fiat, hukm^, bidding, dictum, hest^, behest, call, beck, nod. despatch, dispatch; message, direction, injunction, charge, instructions; appointment, fixture.

Sometimes it is Hermes sandalled with down; sometimes it is wind-footed Iris, who is winged with the emerald plumes of the rainbow; and sometimes it is Oneiros, or a Dream, that glides down to earth, hooded and veiled, through the shadow of night, bearing the behests of Jove.

But until then, the greatest genius, even after he has passed his time of trial, stands like a king amidst a crowd of his own subjects, who do not know him by sight and therefore will not do his behests; unless, indeed, his chief ministers of state are in his train.

And Pisa bids me speak aloud, for from her come to men songs of divine assignment, when the just judge of games the Aitolian man, fulfilling Herakles' behests of old, hath laid upon one's hair above his brows pale-gleaming glory of olive.

In a word the Northwestern lumber-jack was too human and too stubborn ever to repudiate his red-blooded manhood at the behest of his masters and become a serf.

He had avowedly accepted the behests of the sword, and did not repudiate his master.

Those alone are happy whom nature has favored with some superfluity of intellect, something beyond what is just necessary to carry out the behests of their will; for it enables them to lead an intellectual life as well, a life unattended by pain and full of vivid interests.

Life is a training camp at best for what may wait beyond the years; A training camp of toiling days and nights that lean to dreams and tears; But each may come upon the goal, and build his soul above all Fate By holding an unbroken faith and taking Courage for a mate. Is not the fight itself enough that man must look to some behest?

Duke Ercole was a man of strong will and forceful actiona tyrant in his own family and cruel to his unhappy consorthe could not brook any disobedience to his behests.

It summoned before its tribunals princes, who openly denied its authority, and cities, which did not condescend to answer to its behests.

We have a substantial interest in the East; it is a commanding interest, and its behest must be obeyed.

It will rise in the scale just in proportion as its behests, were they universally adopted, would permanently increase the happiness of the human race.

They came to be regarded as his behests, and, in the national mind, he grew into a teacher of the friendly relations of man to man, and an ideal of those powers which "make for righteousness."

This happy region Ataliba sway'd, 55 Whose mild behest the willing heart obey'd; Descendant of a scepter'd, sacred race, Whose origin from glowing suns they trace; And as o'er nature's form, the solar light Diffuses beauty, and inspires delight; 60

If it were held desirable, and one could imagine a government sufficiently autocratic to enforce its behests, it would be no great task to mix the races mechanically, leaving to time merely the fixing of the resultant type.

If, when it has passed a law, any Court shall refuse to obey its behests, it can impeach the judges.

Nor do we claim to obey the God They worship in the West; But, since they do, is it not true That they mock at His first behest?

If he be skilled in the magic rites of the sacred meda, or jesukewin, it is but to call on these spirits, and his necromantic behest is at its highest point of energy.

at His behest Ye pass through labor unto endless rest.

In wait for mischief, they are prompt to hear; With guileful purpose our behests obey; Like ministers of grace they oft appear, And lisp like angels, to betray.

straight fulfil the lord's behest; The fleet tomorrow he will feast.

At thy behest we're here at hand; Thy destined aim half guessing

The delicate and divine sprites, that should bear the behests of the soul to the will and to the houses of thought in the brain her intuitions, are crowded out from the streets of the cerebral cities by the mob and trample of messengers bound upon baser errands; and thus is the soul deprived of service, and the man of inspiration.

To these behests the daring young gentleman only returned a contemptuous laugh, and put his thumb to his nose in the most provoking manner.

"Sir," replied the parent, still more alarmed than before, "your words are so kind, your advice so serious, that I will pay the deepest attention to your behests; but can you not aid me farther in this most important concern.

" So moved they, when false Pharaoh's legion pressed, Chariots and horsemen following furiously, Sons of old Israel, at their God's behest, Under the cloud and through the swelling sea.

He had accustomed himself to neglect the ceremony of soliciting beforehand a promise in his favour, as not supposing it possible that any one would dare dispute his behests; and, had it been otherwise, he would have thought the formality unnecessary in this case, his general preference to Miss Hardingham being notorious.

Perhaps not to those who are well fed; but nature is stronger than even grief, and she now felt the consequence of her disobedience to her behests in her shaking limbs and fainting heart.

No conclusive behests of law necessitating the limitation, it cannot rest on any safe reasons of military policy.

He pictured him in Kansas when son after son was laid on the altar of liberty as unflinchingly as Abraham held the knife at his own son's breast at God's behest.

Were I a June-time rose, I'd glow in the ardor of summer's behest, And die in my passion upon your breast, In the passion that only a lover knows.

They came eagerly to hear him, they reflected his enthusiasm at his behest, they wept and praised God.

He arose blinking at his mistress's behest, and but for her brisk urging he would have turned over again and slept.

The lesson is one that ought to go home to the hearts of all public men, and to those of American statesmen in particular, some of the ablest of whom are now engaged in doing the behests of an oligarchical faction in the name of the interests of property.

And if religion did not stay thine hand, And God, and Plato's wise behests, withstand, I would in like case counsel thee to throw This senseless burden off, of cares below.

The halls and galleries of the Louvre were crowded with animated and obsequious courtiers, and the apartments of Marie herself thronged by the greatest and proudest in the land; all of whom appeared, upon so joyous an occasion, to have laid aside their personal animosities and to live only to obey her behests.

But history has proved that having once possessed himself of the supreme power, and moulded the mind of his royal master to his own purposes, he flung off all restraint, and governed the nation like a monarch, while its legitimate sovereign obeyed his behests, and made peace or war, as the necessity of either measure was dictated to him by his imperious minister.

When, however, the excitement subsided, and Antony himself was charged with investigating the acts of Caesar's administration and carrying out all the latter's behests, he no longer kept within bounds.

The other, raised to the very summit of glory by force of arms like another David, dies like him in his bed, sounding the praises of God and leaving his dying behests to his family, while all hearts were imprest as much by the splendor of his life as by the gentleness of his death.

Mrs. Robert had hardly expected them to come, but she had observed her husband's behests.

He was speedily seated by Mr. Whitelaw's bed, with a pair of candles and writing materials upon a little table before him, ready to obey his client's behests, and with the self-possessed aspect of a man to whom a last will and testament involving the disposal of a million or so would have been only an every-day piece of practice.

When WILSON has abolished War And grim Bellona claims no more The greatest of her sons, What job has Peace to offer thee That shall fulfil thy destiny, O Sergeant-Major Buns? Shall thy great voice, at whose behests Trembled a hundred martial breasts, Be heard without a smile Urging astonished Cingalese To tap the tapering rubber trees Upon their distant isle?

The position of an Irish chieftainwith his practically limitless powers of life and death, his wild retinue of retainers whose only law was the will of their chiefoffered an irresistible temptation to men of their type, and had many more charms than the narrow and uninteresting rรดle of liegeman to a king whom they never saw, and the obeying of whose behests brought them harm rather than good.

His life is spared at Rukmini's behest, but he is led away, his hands tied behind his back and his moustaches shaven off.

Krishna will then attack him and at Earth's own behest, will kill Naraka and take to Dwarka all the imprisoned girls.

The girl said that she would obey their behests to the best of her ability.

The commanders of the British posts, and the men who served under them, were moved by a spirit of stern loyalty to the empire, the honor of whose flag they upheld, and endeavored faithfully to carry out the behests of those who shaped that empire's destinies; in obedience to the will of their leaders at home they warred to keep the Northwest a wilderness, tenanted only by the Indian hunter and the white fur trader.

I have never wondered since that the Chinese women allow their daughters' feet to be encased in iron shoes, nor that the Hindoo widows walk calmly to the funeral pyre; for great are the penalties of those who dare resist the behests of the tyrant Custom.

And without more ado, in less than forty minutes, the distinguished Mr. Wilfred Edgerton, of Edgerton & Edgerton, attorneys for Cuban Crucible and hence alert to obey the behests of the wives of the officers thereof, had deposited his tall silk hat on the marble Renaissance table in the front hall and was entering Mrs. Pumpelly's Louis Quinze drawing-room with the air of a Sir Walter Raleigh approaching his Queen Elizabeth.

And urged by the king, Bhima made up his mind reluctantly, for he could not openly disobey the royal behest.

What you and Golz and even the judges think The Elector has fulfilled what duty asked, And now he'll do as well the heart's behest.

It was your behest that brought me hither.

It seemed he wished to see the burial-vault That your behest uncovered for him there.

Alfred, who came to be his guest, And deeply rued that his behest Had all unguarded left that nest, To meet such ruin drear.

They also felt sure of that large minority in the Free States which had formerly acted with them, and obeyed their most humiliating behests.

"She thought I done wrong lettin' you help me; she bid me give ye marchin' orders"catching at what seemed to her the least offensive manner of conveying her aunt's behest.

Uncle Timothy, bringing out chairs at her behest, paused and scanned the horizon with an experienced eye.

My good Mรกtali, it appears to me incredible that I can merit such a mark of distinction for having simply fulfilled the behests of the great Indra.

Then as an overdressed, florid woman, with high bullhead fringe and old-fashioned Spanish farthingale, quickly obeyed his behests, he said with a coarse laugh:

"My interests pre-eminently consist in being obeyed by those whom I pay for doing my behests.

There was not wanting here and there an instance of obstinate adherence to the exact letter of the agreement in regard to the nature of employment, although, as a general thing, the engagรฉ held himself ready to fulfil the behests of his bourgeois, as faithfully as ever did vassal those of his chief.

Nature, like the Sphinx, is of womanly celestial loveliness and tenderness, the face and bosom of a goddess, but ending in the claws and the body of a lioness ... is a heavenly bride and conquest to the wise and brave, to them who can discern her behests and do them; a destroying fiend to them who cannot.

Perhaps 'twould suit your high behest If some one, for a common jest, Would take you, stove and all, away And set you up there on the sleigh, With all the family round you too: Man, woman, childthe whole blest crew!

In a short time it was discovered that he was colored, and, at the behest of the local sentiment of the place, the landlord used his utmost endeavors to oust him, simply because he belonged to an unfashionable and unpopular race.

Why should we yield to its behests?" "Because it is stronger than we are, and we cannot run counter to it without suffering its penalties."

She evidently stood in considerable awe of her master, obeying his slightest behest with clumsy solicitude and eyes that rolled unceasingly in his direction.

He was more stupid in the execution of her behests than she had ever found him before, and at length, losing patience, she dismissed him and proceeded to erect the bed herself.

To the young Charles Michel compliance with the behests of such a parent was no difficult task; naturally amiable and obedient, the instructions of his father sunk deep into his heart.

sent from God To enforce on earth his high behest, And keep us faithful to the road Which conscience hath pronounc'd the best: Thou, who art Victory and Law When empty terrors overawe; From vain temptations dost set free, From Strife, and from Despair, a glorious Ministry!

Obey Count Gondomar's behests, and he will aid you effectually.

"Are you prepared to render obedience to your father's behests, maiden?" demanded Sir Giles, menacingly.

Her behest was obeyed, of course, though it was evidently displeasing to the nursery authorities, and Lady Strickland gave a warning to be discreet and to avoid gossip with the Cockpit folks.

Breathlessly, silently, I intimated to my kind accomplice that I would obey her behests and that I was prepared for every eventuality.

See my behests are faithfully obeyed.