5447 examples of behold in sentences

Those who witnessed it said that it was a most piteous sight to behold,Cleopatra and her women above exhausting their strength in drawing the wounded and bleeding sufferer up the wall, while he, when he approached the window, feebly raised his arms to them, that they might lift him in.

Behold a dreadful witness of it!"

Its branches, being slender and flexible, do not project stiffly from the shaft; they bend slightly at their terminations, and are easily moved by the wind; and as they are very numerous, and covered with foliage, we behold in the tree a dense mass of glittering verdure, not to be seen in any other tree of the forest.

He did not return until night; and in his note-book I find the following brief record of this mournful visit: "Yes, I behold again the place, The seat of joy, the source of pain; It brings in view the form and face

" In family relationships, and indeed all others, Crabbe's tenderness was never wanting, and the verse that follows was found long afterwards written on a paper in which his wife's wedding-ring, nearly worn through before she died, was wrapped: "The ring so worn, as you behold, So thin, so pale, is yet of gold: The passion such it was to prove; Worn with life's cares, love yet was love.

Those eyes, those lips, can man unmoved behold? Has time that bosom chill'd?

And would we aught behold, of higher worth.

And within those Walls he had the fairest Garden that any Man might behold....

When woman clears herself of her own perversions, her self-imposed limitations, returns to her spiritual power and place, and cries, "Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it unto me according to Thy word," then shall the spirit descend unto her; then shall come the redemption.

For He hath looked upon the low estate of His handmaiden; For behold, from henceforth all generations shall call me blessed,

Jean thought if she cried her grief would not have been so pitiful to behold.

You behold me here, A man bereaved, with something of a blight Upon the early blossoms of his life, And its first verdure,having not the less A living root, and drawing from the earth Its vital juices, from the air its powers: And surely as man's heart and strength are whole, His appetites regerminate, his heart Reopens, and his objects and desires Spring up renewed.

And behold, nothing came of the late struggle!

Travel through the whole continent, and you behold the prospect continually varying with the appearance and disappearance of slavery.

Behold then, I have eaten.

In victor glory goes she forth, Her stainless flag flies free, Kings of the earth come and behold How Britain reigns on sea!

It is comforting, because it proves that the dying person is supported by the only "help that faileth not;" and it is edifying, because it invites those who behold it to endeavour to believe, that they also may live and die like the departing Christian.

"Lo, here my sons, are all the golden mines, Inestimable wares and precious stones, More worth than Asia and all the world beside; And from the Antarctic Pole eastward behold

Behold the advertisement!"

Behold her nest, Thatch'd o'er with cunning skill, and there, her young With sparkling eye, and thin-fledged russet wing; Younglings of air!

"Thence to behold this new-created world, The addition of his empire, how it show'd In prospect from his throne, how good, how fair, Answering his great idea.

"Behold, I thought, He will surely come out to me, and [will] stand and [will] call on the name of the Lord his God, and [will] strike his hand over the place, and [will] recover the leper.

"The meanest and most contemptible person whom we behold, is the offspring of heaven, one of the children of the Most High.

"Behold, I was shapen in iniquity; and in sin did my mother conceive me."

No one could behold without a leap of the heart that vast reach of river and islands, and palisade and valley, and far-away melting mountain lines.

5447 examples of  behold  in sentences
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