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Do we say   belay   or  belie

Do we say belay or belie

belay 29 occurrences

To horrified lady of uncertain age), "BELAY THERE, OLD WOMAN!

'Gaynst such strong castles needeth greater might Then those small forts which ye were wont belay**: Such haughty mynds, enur'd to hardy fight, Disdayne to yield unto the first assay.

[** Belay, beleaguer.]

attach, fix, affix, saddle on, fasten, bind, secure, clinch, twist, make fast &c adj.; tie, pinion, string, strap, sew, lace, tat, stitch, tack, knit, button, buckle, hitch, lash, truss, bandage, braid, splice, swathe, gird, tether, moor, picket, harness, chain; fetter &c (restrain) 751; lock, latch, belay, brace, hook, grapple, leash, couple, accouple^, link, yoke, bracket; marry &c (wed) 903;

impact, solder, set; weld together, fuse together; wedge, rabbet, mortise, miter, jam, dovetail, enchase^; graft, ingraft^, inosculate^; entwine, intwine^; interlink, interlace, intertwine, intertwist^, interweave; entangle; twine round, belay; tighten; trice up, screw up.

obstruct, stop, stay, bar, bolt, lock; block, block up; choke off; belay, barricade; block the way, bar the way, stop the way; forelay^; dam up &c (close) 261; put on the brake &c n.; scotch the wheel, lock the wheel, put a spoke in the wheel; put a stop to &c 142; traverse, contravene; interrupt, intercept; oppose &c 708; hedge in, hedge round; cut off; inerclude^. interpose, interfere, intermeddle &c 682.

I had helped him occasional in the beginning,learned him how to veer and haul a brace, let go or belay a sheet,but let him alone generally speaking, and went about my own business.

steady, sohaul taut the weather-braces, and belay all."

"Tell the truth and" "Belay!" yelled Riggs.

Away went the sloop, steadying her bow-lines; the call piping belay, as each sail was trimmed to the officer of the deck's fancy.

I" "Belay there!"

called Richard, when he had properly secured the good-man; "so; belay all that."

Belay, belayed or belaid, belaying, belayed or belaid.

The following twenty-nine are omitted by this author, as if they were always regular; belay, bet, betide, blend, bless, curse, dive, dress, geld, lean, leap, learn, mulet, pass, pen, plead, prove, rap, reave, roast, seethe, smell, spoil, stave, stay, wake, wed, whet, wont.

Belay theregive us more liberty ashore!

Avast and belay!

Avast and belay, my hearties!

He had only just time to belay it round the cleat to avoid its being jerked out of his hand, so fast was the creature they had hooked now traveling.

"Belay bellering," said Bill.

Putting his open hand to the side of his mouth, he (when GEORGE CAMPBELL was making one of his last speeches), shouted out, "Belay there!"

This is unlike top roping, where the belayer instead takes up rope using a belay device.

Here the person at the bottom must use a belay device, and feed rope up to the climber.

Despite having a variety of indigenous plants that can be used for ornamental purposes, the country has been covering 90 percent of its demand through imports, Dr. Birhanu Belay, Research Directorate Director at GBG told The Ethiopian Herald.

Using a combination of electromagnetic induction and centrifugal force, it replaces the need for a belay partner for now.

Climbers can request a belay test at the climbing gym, no appointment necessary.

All participants are given a route map with photos and difficulty rating and experienced ACC volunteers are at each route to belay, give beta, provide basic instruction and ensure everyone climbs safely.

The anchor is on top of the last red piece, so good to belay your second.

As long as you have been belay tested on a previous visit, you can sign in one friend and pledge to take care of all the safety for their visit.

You just need to bring your harness, climbing shoes, helmet, belay device, locking biner, and other personal items.

belie 115 occurrences

But there are 'curs of low degree;' dogs of neither genial instinct nor breeding; senseless animals, that belie the noble nature of their species, are living libels upon their kind.

Upon this occasion he did not belie his reputation, for he sent an arrow through a buffalo, which fell dead at the shot, and the arrow was given to Alexis as a souvenir of his hunt on the American Plains.

I have known it to make a man renounce his father, dishonor his name, belie his whole life, deny his family."

I've been told by my friends (if they do not belie me) My promise was such as no parent would scorn; The wise and the aged who prophesied by me, Augur'd nothing but good of me when I was born.

Therefore come straightway with me hard by to the Sign of the Blue Boar, and if thou drinkest as thou appearestand I wot thou wilt not belie thy looksI will drench thy throat with as good homebrewed as ever was tapped in all broad Nottinghamshire."

"Truly," quoth the Tinker, "without thy looks belie thee, holy friar, the good Saint Dunstan was wise, for without such dispensation his votary is like to ha' many a penance to make.

Being holy men, I trust that ye would not belie your word so pledged, therefore I know the good Saint Dunstan hath sent this in answer to my prayers.

I shall not suffer longno, no, I will live, I will be happy"her face white to the lips, her streaming tears were not needed to belie the words!

For truth and sincerity, equity and candour, meekness and charity are inviolably to be observed, not only towards dissenters in opinion, but even towards declared enemies of truth itself; we are to bless them (that is, to speak well of them, and to wish well to them), not to curse them (that is, not to reproach them, or to wish them ill, much less to belie them).

If, in that moment, your heart should misgive you, if one faultering accent belie the sentiments you have so generously avowed for me, what, ah, what! may be the consequence?

"She accepted on condition that Belie did.

the old hoary tree, with a most peaceful patriarchal look, seemed to belie the honour, stretching out its broad sinewy arm to shelter a hundred people from the darting fires of an African sun.

Again she laughed, revealing now a girlish freshness in the small mouth, that had somehow lingered to belie the deeper, graver lines about her dark eyes.

In hospital they are always professing to a recovery from fever that their pallid faces and enlarged spleens belie, and they take not kindly to any suggestion of invaliding.

Such a case was a Frenchman named Canarie (and the colour of his face, upon admission, did not belie his name), who had been treated for blackwater fever by the great Koch in Uganda many years before, and had been warned by him against big doses of quinine.

Even the Commandant of Bukoba, von Stuemer, and his name did not belie his nature, though, before the war, quite popular with the British officials and planters of Uganda, had a queer taste in photography.

"I have said it, Jacopo," he added at length, "and tongue of mine shall not belie the thought of my heart.

Let us not ourselves belie our profession by being violent.

His senses belie him.

Weele not belie our teares; we waile not thee, It is our selves and our owne losse we grieve: To thee what losse in such a change can bee?

She did not belie her reputation.

My reason thishowe'er I do descry him, So many knew him, that I may belie him; Therefore, to please all people, one by one, I hold it best to let that pains alone.

I have lived to belie my nature.

" Its appearance did not belie it.

You do belie my Scarborow reading so; Forgive him, he is married, that were ill: What lying lights are these?

They do belie her that do say she's dead; She is but stray'd to some by-gallery,

Do not belie me: if there be any good in me, that's the best.

Do not belie me, if I had any right, I deserve to be hanged for't.

The ecclesiastics took exception at this ornament, which they said was an attempt to belie the scripture, where it is affirmed, that no man can add a cubit to his stature; and they declaimed against it with great vehemence, nay, assembled some synods, who absolutely condemned it.

He did not belie the hopes so enthusiastically expressed.

I know not how I may appear to other people, nor how much my face may belie my heart, but I know that I never was or can be guilty of dissimulation or inconstancyyou will think this vain, but 'tis all that I pique myself upon.

Now, if he were to say in reply, "Then my looks belie me; for I have no special trouble," he would say what was not true.

Do not then, my dear lord, belie the first and earliest sentiments of your heart.

St. 96.] I am loath to disturb the effect of a really touching story; but if I do not occasionally give instances of these conceits, my translations will belie my criticism.] RINALDO AND ARMIDA: WITH THE ADVENTURES OF THE ENCHANTED FOREST.

deny flatly, deny peremptorily, deny emphatically, deny absolutely, deny wholly, deny entirely; give the lie to, belie.

misstate, misquote, miscite^, misreport, misrepresent; belie, falsify, pervert, distort; put a false construction upon &c (misinterpret); prevaricate, equivocate, quibble; palter, palter to the understanding; repondre en Normand

contradict, contravene; belie; go against, run against, beat against, militate against; come in conflict with.

In his discourse he talks of none but privy councillors, and is as prone to belie their acquaintance as he is a lady's favours.

That hath a clean face and garment with a foul soul, whose mouth belies his heart, and his fingers belie his mouth.

He spoke in the fear of the Lord, who would not be mocked, and with the satisfaction that his conscience did not belie his assertion.

I have said that you were rational, and you are not going to belie my words."

Those documents, with their paragraphs and diaries and bare records of facts, have a dry-as-dust look about them which their contents very often belie.

He found it by experience, and made good use of it in his own person, if Plutarch belie him not; for he reckons up the names of some more elegant pieces; Leontia, Boedina, Hedieia, Nicedia, that were frequently seen in Epicurus' garden, and very familiar in his house.

It is an ordinary thing too in this case to belie their age, which widows usually do, that mean to marry again, and bachelors too sometimes, "Cujus octavum trepidavit aetas, cernere lustrum;" to say they are younger than they are.

Fallere credentem res est operosa puellam, 'tis soon done, no such great mastery, Egregiam vero laudem, et spolia ampla,and nothing so frequent as to belie their estates, to prefer their suits, and to advance themselves.

Your most grim stoics and severe philosophers will melt away with this passion, and if Atheneus belie them not, Aristippus, Apollodorus, Antiphanes, &c., have made love-songs and commentaries of their mistress' praises, orators write epistles, princes give titles, honours, what not?

She had been reared and trained for that; and she was not going to belie her training.

'I always thought Mr. Hammond a sensible young man, and I am glad to find that his conduct does not belie my good opinion,' said Lady Maulevrier. '

Notwithstanding this noble instance, not to belie the old proverb, jugglers were never received into the order of knighthood.

And up and down the town the foul fiend sported, now here now there; snapping daintily at unexpected victims, as if to make confusion worse confounded: to belie Thurnall's theories and prognostics, and harden the hearts of fools by fresh excuses for believing that he had nothing to do with drains and water; that he was "only"such an only!"the Visitation of God."

Do not belie yourself.

Why belie his own aspirations? "God made the country, and man made the town.

While, therefore, other monuments, intended to perpetuate human greatness, are daily mouldering into dust, and belie the proud inscriptions which they bear, the solid, granite pyramid of his glory lasts from age to age, imperishable, seen afar off, looming high over the vast desert, a mark, a sign, and a wonder, for the wayfarers though this pilgrimage of life.

The sentence read: "He durst not, because what a noble heart dares least is to belie the plighted word, and what the kind heart shuns most is to wrong the confiding friend."

Yet he could not be sure that the end was indeed come, for the blood raged and surged through his brain and waves of violent trembling passed over him so that his sense of touch might well belie the truth.

Ready for all excesses, and not blushing to confess them, loving and hating with fury, incapable of controlling herself, and opposed to all constraint, she did not belie the great and haughty family from which she was sprung.

It is, we know, an ancient saw that tells us that two of a trade cannot agree, but it has always struck me that jewellers belie this generally accepted maxim.

"Kelpie's a river demon or a god," Thus say the lexicons; I'll not belie 'em,

It has stood there many years, for it was built not long after the Revolution, and it might have stood many years more had it not been suffered to go to decay with a carelessness which seemed to belie the general thrift of the town.

The appearance of the premises did not belie vulgar report.

Of her accusers she says: "I know, and the Lord, He knows (as will shortly appear), that they belie me, and so I question not

Therefore I cannot, I durst not, belie my own soul.

The incensed powers beheld with scorn from high An heaven so far distant from the sky, Which durst, with horses' hoofs that beat the ground, And martial brass, belie the thunder's sound.

I hope and I believe that a heart which has seemed to me to deserve the whole attachment of mine will not belie the generosity that I expect of it; and I hope, also that if you should prove unworthy of the devotion I feel for you, my indignation and contempt will restore to me the reason that my love has caused me to lose.

Her appearance as she came upon the stage alone, convinced me she would not belie her renown.

The months in war-time sometimes belie their traditions, but it is fitting that in May we should have enlisted a new Allythe Sun.

The after-career of Richelieu did not belie its commencement.

"Those who accuse us of denying it, belie us.

If veracity, on this point, is worth any thing, it is a pity that in both books there are so many points which, like the foregoing parenthesis, belie this profession.

"Lycoris, doubtless, was a jilting baggage, but why should Mr. D. belie her?

These pacifists belie their own construction.

Am I to belie my own belief?'

'I will not belie my own heart.

She could not so far belie her heart as to tell her daughter that she herself would be glad to see the man.

Yet if a picture taken from life does not belie her the dancer was most fair to look upon.]

Then raise the rosy goblet high, The senior's chalice and belie

It lacked docks, destroyers, submarines, air-shipseverything, in fact, save Dreadnoughts, which, in the absence of these accessories, had to belie their name and rush from one unprotected anchorage to another in fear of the German mosquito-craft.

"My lord of St. Pol," said the chancellor to him, "you have always passed for being the firmest lord in the realm; you must not belie yourself to-day, when you have more need than ever of firmness and courage;" and he read to him the decree which sentenced him to lose his head that very day on the Place de Greve.

Cardinal Sadolet did not belie their expectation; he received them with kindness, discussed with them their profession of faith, pointed out to them divers articles which might be remodelled without disavowing the basis of their creed, and assured them that it would always be against his sentiments to have them treated as enemies.

I have lived to belie my nature.

Your face and manners belie you.

Georgie, hope that pot's steam don't belie it, for Mr. Gabriel Verelay

The piety and purity of his life belie the supposed necessity for the coarser traits that are thought to go with the terrible trade.

Don't let the outward attributes belie themselves like that."

it was not destined, in our favor, to belie its name.

And in that I judged not wrong, though the future seemed for a while to belie my confidence.

Mr Gladstone may rest assured that the achievement of this Franco-Belgiac customs' union will still be pursued with all the indomitable perseverance, the exhaustless and ingenious devices, the little-scrupulous recources, for which the policy of the Tuileries in times present does not belie the transmitted traditions of the past.

For Justice would in sooth belie her name, Did she with this all-daring man consort.

You judge of Christianity either by those who are not true representatives of it, and are indeed, less of Christians than yourself; or by others who, being intellectually inferior, perhaps even stupid, belie Christ with their dull theories concerning Him.

To maintain this so lofty idea, which we deserve from the now very powerful Nation North America, it is our duty to detest all those acts which belie such an idea, as pillage, robbery and every class of injury to persons as well as to things.

So now, when I see you belie Him, an' keep men from Him with yer hundreds o' wranglin' creeds, an' that there's as much honest love of truth outside the Church as in it, I don't put yer bigotry an' foulness on Him.

[Illustration: THE LORELEI FOUNTAIN In NEW YORK BY HERTER] HEINRICH HEINE * * * * * DEDICATION (1822) I have had dreams of wild love wildly nursed, Of myrtles, mignonette, and silken tresses, Of lips, whose blames belie the kiss that blesses, Of dirge-like songs to dirge-like airs rehearsed.

Carolina’s consistent predilection for offensive rebounding and 2-pointers also belie a sport-wide trend away from both those strategies.

Doing otherwise because of political or legal pressure or even personal beliefs would belie the very foundation of great universities, which pride themselves on open-minded inquiry and fact-based decision making.

His spokesperson told Insider that the testimony belie rationality.

The fact-checkers own headlines belie their bias.

Blue Republic’s playful installations contend with accumulation and ephemera, and belie an exposition of crucial, ethical conundrums.

If one sings "Sing ye aloud, with gladness," with a sombre tone the words and tone belie each other.

Lappe dismantles seven common "thought traps"-from limits to growth to the failings of democracy- that belie what we now know about nature, including our own, and offers contrasting "thought leaps" that reveal our hidden power.

These first impressions belie the physical and philosophical rigors which are the reality of the tradition for those who create it.