1868 examples of belgium in sentences

The brood is highly prized in Belgium, Prussia, France, Italy, and Russia; it is imported into most of the British colonies, and is greatly esteemed both for its meat and its dairy produce, wherever it is known.

The world rejoiced with Belgium when King Albert and the Queen returned in triumph to Brussels, November 21, 1918, just a little over four years after the bodeful day when they left it, in 1914.

GERMAN LOSSES Exact figures covering, German losses since August 1st, 1914, when the war began with the German invasion of Belgium, cannot be had.

Aug. 3British fleet mobilizes; Belgium appeals to Great Britain for diplomatic aid and German ambassador quits Paris.

Aug. 4France declares war on Germany; Germany declares war on Belgium; Great Britain sends Belgium neutrality ultimatum to Germany; British army mobilized and state of war between Great Britain and Germany is declared.

Germans began evacuation of Belgium and Alsace-Lorraine.

It is something far more vital to the mass of Germans than any question of Belgium or Alsace-Lorraine.

These British reactionaries openly, and with perfect impunity, represent our war as a thing as mean and shameful as Germany's attack on Belgium, and they do it because generosity and justice in the world is as terrible to them as dawn is to the creatures of the night.

We have fought in this war for Belgium, for France, for general freedom, for civilization and the whole future of mankind, far more than for ourselves.

It is a danger for Europe and for Belgium.

The contempt of German imperialists, from Treitschke onward, for the rights of small States, the racial theories which included in "German" territory Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, and the Scandinavian countries, may seem to give colour to this idea.

Nor can a long-prepared policy of annexation in Europe be inferred from the fact that Belgium and France were invaded after the war broke out, or even from the present demand among German parties that the territories occupied should be retained.

It was true, however; the scrap of paper that guaranteed the freedom of the Lebanon had proved of no more value to the Lebanese than had that other scrap of paper to Belgium.

" "But we are in Belgium.

" "Belgium is not France.

He has violated the Assembly, he violates Belgium.

" The police agent charged with escorting General Bedeau to Belgium was one of those who, on the 2d of December, had arrested General Cavaignac.

In the compartment of the railway carriage which was taking General Bedeau into Belgium there was a lady, manifestly belonging to good society, of very distinguished appearance, and who was accompanied by three little children.

I was coming back from my fourth exilean exile in Belgium, a small matter.

Cut off from the rest of the army, they have forced a passage, and have reached Belgium.

If "Old Antif" of Hainault was, as the best authorities now incline to think, the author of "Aucassin and Nicolette," Belgium may claim to have produced the finest poet of the ages of chivalry.

But we are in ignorance of his most active years, when he was exposed to the greatest dangers and hardships, and when he became perfected in the military art, as in the case of Caesar amid the marshes and forests of Gaul and Belgium.

Erelong he had established extensive works in France, Scotland, Germany, Belgium, Austria, and the United States.

et Belgium maritis, jam uxores et proles in Americam destinantur.

They were successively transported to Belgium, France, and Spain, where they were hospitably received in the convents of their respective orders.]

1868 examples of  belgium  in sentences