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998 examples of believer in sentences

And now something happened which had hitherto been deemed incredible: the Sultan sued for peacea true believer and a sovereign, from an "unbelieving giaour."

The "vocabulary" was now settled, and one has only to turn to the Acts of the Council of Tarragona to find the exact meaning of "heretic, believer, suspected, simple, vehement, most vehement, favorer, concealer, receiver, receptacle, defender, abettor, relapsed.

I am a great believer in the colored races, you know.

"That is a most earnest believer in English superiority, and, one may say, by his strong desire to give you an English husband, Miss Effingham, in English merit.

It is called 'Christ precious to the Believer,' and was composed to be sung after a sermon on 1 Pet. ii 7. Jesus!

She was a great believer in signs, and the signs with which she was most familiar were usually forewarnings of some great and mysterious public or private calamity.

They there commenced farming on a small scale, and often supplied us with milk, eggs, poultry, &c. Mammy was a firm believer in signs of good and evil import; thus, if, in dropping the scissors, they stood up erect on the point, she always said that visitors were cominga sign that rarely failed, as we were seldom a day without them.

this does not admit of a deadly silence in the churches; and another excellent appeal to the true believer is made in the following beautiful and sublime act of devotion: Salvation!

The People, as the believer understands the word, is something more mysterious than that.

We say that the sincere believer has no right to vote, simply because he has voted.

In one of the social gatherings which grew out of the study of spiritism was a lady who, like myself, was a convinced believer in the reality of the phenomena, but skeptical as to the value and personal origin of the communications made in the "circles."

No doubt a protestant or a sceptic regards the beliefs of a catholic as a reproach upon the believer's understanding.

If a believer finds that his son, for instance, has ceased to believe, he no longer has this disbelief thrust upon him in gross and irreverent forms.

It is hard to see why a freethinker, who by reticence and conformity passes himself off for a believer, should be more leniently judged.

The differences between a catholic and a protestant are assuredly not any greater than those between a believer and an unbeliever.

Where the parents differ, the one being an unbeliever, the other a believer, it is almost impossible for anybody to lay down a general rule.

He had forfeited the trust and confidence of the one loyal believer among them all....

"A penitent unbeliever, or an impenitent believer, is a character nowhere to be found.

I'm a believer in majorities," he said.

But the postmaster, who from the beginning had never been a believer in the Australian wife, and, being a Liberal, was staunch to the Caldigate side of the question, would not allow the letter addressed to the old squire to be retained for the slow operations of the regular messenger, but sent it off manfully by horse express, before the dawn of day, so that it reached the old squire almost as soon as the other letters reached the prison.

In his conclusions he is not far from F.W. Newman and Theodore Parker; but he does not give the credit to intuition and the religious faculty they do, though he is an earnest believer in God, and inclined to accept Christianity as the highest expression of religion.

Where this sympathy existed, her generous affection was given to a fellow-believer, a fellow-laborer, with singularly little reference to the fact that such full sympathy was never unattended with profound love and reverence for herself as a living witness to the truth and power of the principles thus shared.

What right had he to laugh at his mate who was a believer, dreaming, with the pure-mindedness of a child, of a free and happy humanity?...

In those happy days when the whole Church was still but an assembly of saints, it was very uncommon to find an instance of a believer who, after having received the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and acknowledged Jesus Christ in the sacrament which regenerates us, fell back to his former irregularities of life.

According to Tertullian, a penitent is a believer who feels every moment his former unhappiness in forsaking and losing his God; one who has his guilt incessantly before his eyes; who finds everywhere the traces and remembrance of it.

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