998 examples of believer in sentences

Even a redskin is a believer, or superstitious to some extent, while Raoul defied the Deity himself.

Max took a single glance aloft at the star-studded heavens, and this told him pretty close on the hour; for in addition to many other ways of the forest nomad and believer in woodcraft, Max had mastered the positions of the planets, so that it was always possible for him to gauge the passage of time when the night granted him a survey of the constellations above.

Mailah was tranquilized; but her grief and anxiety were not removed: and she passed that sad night in sleepless reflection on the dreadful fate of her only child, and in sincere endeavors so to realize and apply all the blessed truths she had learnt from Henrich, as to derive from them that comfort to her own soul, and that perfect resignation to the will of God, that she well knew they were designed to afford to the Christian believer.

But he was a faithful believer, one who felt certain of conquering, since love and determination were his.

" The workman took a pen, and from his humble garret he wrote to the Archbishop of Paris an enthusiastic and earnest letter in which he, a man of the people and a believer, said this to his Bishop; we give the substance of his letter: "This is a solemn hour, Civil War sets by the ears the Army and People, blood is being shed.

" "You have only to examine the causes which prevent you" (from being a true believer), said the doctor, "and you will find they are futile, and only tend to withhold you from the enjoyment of real happiness; which at present it is impossible you can find.

" The fourth conversation was still more desultory, being carried on at table amid company; in the course of it Lord Byron, however, declared "that he was so much of a believer as to be of opinion that there is no contradiction in the Scriptures which cannot be reconciled by an attentive consideration and comparison of passages.

spiritual existence, odor of sanctity, beauty of holiness. theopathy^, beatification, adoption, regeneration, conversion, justification, sanctification, salvation, inspiration, bread of life; Body and Blood of Christ. believer, convert, theist, Christian, devotee, pietist^; the good, the righteous, the just, the believing, the elect; Saint, Madonna, Notre Dame [Fr.], Our Lady.

Every Believer was called to arms; equipment, horses, camels, stores were gathered in vast concourse upon the outskirts of Medina, awaiting only the command of the Prophet to go up against the scornful city whose humiliation was at hand.

A man may have no formal creed, and yet be a believer.

It is with another and a nobler spirit that the true believer walks amongst the works of nature.

That reverence for the work of God's hands with which a true belief in the All-wise Worker fills the believer's heart is at the root of all great physical discovery; it is the basis of philosophy.

Met, for first time, an actual believer in the "craze" that buying and selling are wrong (!) (he is rather 'out of his mind').

He emerged from it a believer in life after death.

He's a great believer in leaving things to settle themselves.

"I imagine he is not a great believer inphilanthropy," he said.

Why, is it not indeed true that the Christian believer, God's own adopted, chosen, beloved child, may speak face to face with his Father, humbly, reverently, yet as a man talketh with his friend?

We had then a long talk with her and it seems she's a regular little believer in Purgatorybut I wouldn't dispute with her.

You, who have become a believer in perfection, may say that this conflict is not essential, and indeed I have been so weary, of late, of struggling that I am almost ready to fly to the doctrine myself.

You say you are a believer in destiny.

Where this sympathy existed, her generous affection was given to a fellow-believer, a fellow-laborer, with singularly little reference to the fact that such full sympathy was never unattended with profound love and reverence for herself as a living witness to the truth and power of the principles thus shared.

My jealousy would be a miserable thing if it were not at the same time the pain of the true believer who sees his divinity dragged in the dust.

Oppressed with military cares, he had barely time to be, without scrutiny, a full believer in the Valcours' loyalty to the Union.

" All the more a believer was he because while other faithfuls were making their loyalty earn big money off the government this genteel pair reminding him, that they might yet have to risk themselves inside the gray lines again to extricate Charlie, had kept their loyalty as gracefully hidden as of old except from a general or two.

Full believer likewise, and true sorrower, was Greenleaf, in Hilary's death, having its seeming proof from Constance and Miranda as well as from Flora.

998 examples of  believer  in sentences