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1380 example sentences with  believer

1380 example sentences with believer

If the gratification of the sensual appetite formed the principal object of living, its prolongation would be to the epicure, as desirable as the prospect of an existence to be enjoyed beyond the limits of the grave, is to the moralist and the believer.

The young Christian was not slow in answering all his inquiries as to the nature of the white man's Mahneto, and explaining to him why the true believer can endure, even with cheerfulness, afflictions and bereavements that are most trying to flesh and blood, in the confident hope that God will over-rule every event to his people's good, and will eventually restore all that they have lost.

For myself, I am no great believer in the supernatural, and have no doubt that imagination, united to the loneliness of the spot, and the strange freaks the wind plays through a large uninhabited house, have originated reports which we are sure would lose nothing in the recital; so if you are inclined to make the trial, I will see that what is necessary is provided, and I think I may venture to promise you an undisturbed night's rest.'

With every true believer, the salvation of so precious a thing necessarily became the end of life, for Christianity taught that the soul might be lost.

By Sanctification, we mean that higher state of grace which contemplates the removal of all sin from the heart of the believer, and the experience of "Perfect Love."

This last attainment comes to the believer through earnest seeking, and personal consecration to God.

In thus "going on to perfection," the believer passes through several phases of experience.

If he say thou art none of the elect, no believer, reject him, defy him, thou hast thought otherwise, and mayst so be resolved again; comfort thyself; this persuasion cannot come from the devil, and much less can it be grounded from thyself?

"Well said, O believer?"

This reminds me of a remark, I have elsewhere made respecting the expediency of separating the arguments addressed to, and valid for, a believer, from the proofs and vindications of Scripture intended to form the belief, or to convict the Infidel.

In whichever way I take this, whether addressed to a believer for the purpose of enlightening, or to an inquirer for the purpose of establishing, his faith in prophecy, this argument appears to me equally perplexing and obscure.

For even though the first were adopted, the conviction and conversion of such a believer must, according to a fundamental principle of the New Church, have been wrought by an insight into the intrinsic truth and goodness of the doctrines, severally and collectively, and their entire consonance with the light of the written and of the eternal word, that is, with the Scriptures and with the sciential and the practical reason.

It charms our ears with its song, and pleases our eye with its beauty, and I am a firm believer in the utility of beautybut can you, or rather will you not go with me?"

The most devoted believer in the patriotism and bravery of the Italians must perforce admit that they had little to do with the war of 1859.

He was a Prussian nobleman, a believer in the divine right of kings, the man who more than anybody else is responsible for the establishing of the present empire of Germany.

He had very fixed and burning ideas about the teaching of arithmetic in the seventh grade, which he longed with a true believer's fervor to see adopted by all the schools in the country.

HetheColonel is a great believer in marriage" Her voice died away into murmurs.

But," says a believer in the necessity of Colonization, "how will you get rid of the negroes?"

He was the only favoured and true believer that was permitted to visit the holy sepulchre.

If I am right in these remarks, it will follow, that Dryden never could be a firm or steady believer in the Church of England's doctrines.

His researches sometimes extended into the vain province of judicial astrology, in which he was a firm believer; and there is reason to think that he also credited divination by dreams.

In theory a believer in an ever-brightening future, and no pessimist, yet the outcome of her work is dark with despondency and grief.

In those happy days when the whole Church was still but an assembly of saints, it was very uncommon to find an instance of a believer who, after having received the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and acknowledged Jesus Christ in the sacrament which regenerates us, fell back to his former irregularities of life.

According to Tertullian, a penitent is a believer who feels every moment his former unhappiness in forsaking and losing his God; one who has his guilt incessantly before his eyes; who finds everywhere the traces and remembrance of it.

Thou kindles" in the heart of the believer!

Here the heart is seldom touched; tender words are often spoken, but they are banal and rarely sincere; never do these people experience those extraordinary emotions of which the very remembrance agitates us a long time, those celestial feelings which convert an atheist into a believer.

The Santal writer in spite of his education is a firm believer in witchcraft, and details his own experiences.

Queen Blanche, though a firm believer and steadfastly pious, was a stranger to enthusiasm, and too discreet and too politic to make it the dominating principle of her son's life any more than of her own.

I was going to add, if God ever touches thy heart, and thou would'st stand before his altar, a believer, with one at thy side who is ready and anxious to devote all to thee

It is not wonderful if his review of all the mean and dolorous circumstance of this cycle of wrong brings the Pope face to face with the unconquerable problem for the Christian believer, the keystone of the grim arch of religious doubt and despair, through which the courageous soul must needs pass to creeds of reason and life.

I rather spent my own wealth on you and among you, wherever I went, for your sakes, through many dangers, to regions where no believer had ever come to baptize, to ordain teachers or to confirm the flock.

"This I beg, that no believer or servant of the Master, who reads or receives this writing, which I, Patricius, a sinner and very unlearned, wrote in Ireland,I beg that none may say that whatever is good in it was dictated by my ignorance, but rather that it came from Him.

And he is such a believer in making the physical life offset the mental and spiritualif I may put it sothat

The State of Kansas is a true believer in women office-holders, even though it refuses its women complete suffrage.

To injure them, to destroy them, when possible, to deceive them when this cannot be done, is the commandment of the Korรกn, and the duty of every true believer.

A great believer in the Potomac Canal Company, Washington invested twenty-four hundred pounds sterling in the stock, which produced no income, and in time showed a heavy shrinkage.

"The Christian's Great Interest," we shall now come and show, how a believer or a justified soul shall further make use of Christ for sanctification, this being a particular about which they are oftentimes much exercised and perplexed.

He must be a believer, and within the covenant, ere he can make use of the grounds of sanctification laid down in the covenant.

Yet, next, it would be observed, that when it is said, that one must be a believer before he can go to Christ, and make use of him for holiness and sanctification, it is not so understood and said, that one must know, that indeed he is justified by faith, before he can make any use of Christ for sanctification.

One may be justified, and a believer, yea, and growing in grace through Jesus Christ, and so actually improving the grounds of sanctification, and making use of Christ for this end, and allowed thereunto, and yet win to no certainty of his union with Christ, of his justification through faith in him, nor of his faith.

This premised, we come to speak something, in the general, of believer's use-making of Christ, as made of God to us sanctification.

Through Christ is the believer brought into such a covenant state, as giveth great ground of hope of certain victory.

Therefore the believer should keep up his head in hope, and beware of multiplying discouragements to himself, or of concluding the matter impossible; for then shall he neither have heart nor hand for the work, but sit down and wring his hands as overcome with discouragement and despondency of spirit.

That by this means they may be encouraged to continue fighting against a vanquished enemy, and not give over, notwithstanding of disappointments, discouragements, prevailings of corruption, &c. and the believer may know upon what ground he standeth, and what is the ground of his hope and expectation of victory in the end; and so he "may run, not as uncertainly; and so fight, not as one that beateth the air," 1 Cor. ix.

Sixthly, In this work of sanctification, the believer should be much in the lively exercise of faith; fight by faith; advance by faith, grow up, and bring forth fruit by faith; and so, 1.

The believer would be oft renewing his grips of Christ, holding him fast by faith; and so abiding in him, that he may bring forth fruit, John xv.

As the believer would by faith draw out of Christ, through the conduit of the promises, which are all "yea and amen in him," 2 Cor.

Thus the believer makes use of Christ, as made of God sanctification, when in the use of means appointed, eyeing the covenant of grace, and the promises thereof, and what Christ hath done to sanctify and cleanse his people, he rolleth the matter on him, and expecteth help, salvation, and victory through him.

We must not think that every believer will attain to the same measure of grace.

Now herein lieth the work of a believer, to be killing, mortifying, and crucifying this enemy, or rather enmity; and delivering himself from under this bondage and slavery, that he may be Christ's free man, and that through the Spirit, Rom. viii. 13.

Now, if it be asked, How shall a believer make use of Christ, to the end this old man may be gotten crucified?

or, how should a believer mortify this old man, and the lusts thereof, through Christ, or by the Spirit of Jesus?

The believer should have his eye on this old man as his arch-enemy, as a deadly cut-throat lying within his bosom.

Therefore this being such an enemy, and so dangerous an enemy, so constant and implacable an enemy, so active and close an enemy, so deadly and destructive, it is the believer's part to guard against this enemy, to have a vigilant eye upon it, to carry as an irreconcilable enemy thereunto; and therefore never to come in terms of capitulation or agreement therewith, never once to parley, let be make peace.

And the believer would not have his vigilant eye upon this or that member of this body of death, so much as upon the body itself, or the principle of wickedness and rebellion against God; the head, life, spirit, or law, of this body of death; for there lieth its greatest wickedness and activity; and this is always opposing us, though not in every joint and member; but sometimes in one, sometimes in another.

Though the believer should have a main eye upon the body, this innate, strong, and forcible law of sin and death, yet should he have friendship and familiarity with no part, member, or lust of all this body.

and we should "mortify our members which are upon the earth," verse 5; for all of them are against us, and the least of them countenanced, entertained, and embraced, will work our ruin, and cut our soul's throat; therefore should the believer look on each of them, and on all of them, as his deadly enemies.

The consideration of this should cause the believer to act here in earnestness and seriousness, with care and diligence, and set about this work of mortification with labour and pains.

Much more must it be against all reason and Christianity, for the believer to be making "provision for the flesh, to fulfil the lusts thereof," Rom. xiii.

Nay, with its lustings, it driveth constantly to that which is evil, raiseth evil motions and inclinations in the soul, ere the believer be aware; sideth with any temptation that is offered, to the end that it may destroy the soul, like a traitor within; as we see it did in David, when he fell into adultery; and with Asaph, Psalm lxxiii.

The believer should remember, that this enemy is not for him to fight against alone, and that his own strength and skill will make but a slender opposition unto it.

It will laugh at the shaking of his spear; it can easily insinuate itself, on all occasions, because it lieth so near and close to the soul, always residing there, and is at the believer's right hand whatever he be doing, and is always openly or closely opposing, and that with great facility; for it easily besetteth, Heb.

All which would say, that the believer should call in other help than his own, and remember, that "through the Spirit he must mortify the deeds of the body," Rom.

And therefore the believer must lay aside all his carnal weapons, in dealing with his adversary, and look out for divine help and assistance, even for the promised Spirit, through which alone he can be instructed and enabled for this great work; for of himself he can do nothing, not so much as think a good thought as of himself, 2 Cor.

And for this cause, the believer would eye the covenant of redemption, the basis of all our hope and consolation, wherein final and full victory is promised to Christ, as Head of the elect, viz.

The believer would also eye by faith the covenant of grace, wherein particularly this same victory is promised to the believer, in and through Jesus, Rom.

The believer would also eye by faith the covenant of grace, wherein particularly this same victory is promised to the believer, in and through Jesus, Rom.

The believer, I say, would look out by faith unto, and lay hold on these and the like promises, and thereby get strength conveyed to himself, whereby he may strive lawfully, and fight valiantly, and oppose with courage and resolution.

Further, the believer would eye Christ as a fountain of furniture, as a full and complete magazine, standing open, and ready for every one of his honest soldiers to run to for new supplies of what they want; so that whatever they find wanting in their Christian armour, they must run away to the open magazine, Christ's fulness, that standeth ready for them, and by faith take and put on what they want and stand in need of in their warfare.

Thus must the believer "be strong in him, and in the power of his might," Eph.

So that the believer may now look upon that enemy, how fearful soever it may appear, as condemned and killed in the death, of Christ; he having laid down the price of redemption, hath bought this freedom from the chains and fetters with which he was held in captivity.

Faith, then, on the death of Jesus satisfying justice for the poor captive, may, and should support and strengthen the hope and confidence of the believer, that he shall obtain the victory at length.

From hence, even while fighting, the believer may account himself a conqueror, yea, "more than a conqueror, through him that loved him," Rom.

Now faith acting thus on Christ, as a public person, dying and overcoming death and sin, the believer may not only infer the certainty of victory, knowing that our old man is crucified with Christ, Rom.

The believer being dead indeed unto sin, through the cross of Christ, is to look upon himself as legally freed from that yoke of bondage under sin and death.

2; so that now the believer, is free from that tyranny; and that tyrant can exercise no lawful jurisdiction or authority over him; and therefore he may with the greater courage repel the insolencies of that tyrant, that contrary to all right and equity seeketh to lord it over him still.

So that the believer, renouncing that jurisdiction under which he was formerly, and being under a new husband, and under a new law, even the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus, is to look upon all the motions of sin as illegal, and as treasonable acts of a tyrant.

"The old man being crucified with Christ, that the body of sin might be destroyed, the believer is not any more to serve sin," Rom.

So that the believer that would carry faithfully in this matter, and fight lawfully in this warfare, and hope to obtain the victory through Jesus Christ, must bring these traitors that appear in their sinful motions and lusts in the soul, working rebellion against the just authority and equitable laws of the lawful prince Jesus, before the tribunal of him who hath now got "all power and authority in heaven and in earth," Matt, xxviii.

This would be the believer's constant work, to be "crucifying the flesh, with the lusts thereof; to be mortifying their members," wherein the members of the old man quarter and lodge, Col. iii. 5; "to be spiritually minded, and to mind the things of the Spirit," Rom.

Nor would this way of carrying the matter to Christ, and putting it over on him, cause the believer become negligent in commanded duties, reading, hearing prayer, &c; for it is there he must expect to meet with Christ; there must he seek him, and there must he wait for him, and his Spirit to do the work desired.

Victory and a full conquest over the flesh, and lusts thereof, is not promised to any believer, at his first appearing in the fields to fight; nor granted to all in any measure, at their first putting on their armour.

Yet even then, when lust conceiveth and bringeth forth sin, this may comfort and bear up the heart of a poor believer.

The believer would consider what an ornament this is to the soul, to have on this new man, which is created after the image of God, Eph. iv.

The leaves fell from the trees; the grave, severe clergyman sat by the bedside of a dying person; a pious believer closed her eyesit was the clergyman's own wife.

Anything less than this," he adds, "the mere acceptance of the sayings of Christ, or assertion of any less than divine power in His Being, may be, for aught I know, enough for virtue, peace, and safety; but they do not make people Christians, or enable them to understand the heart of the simplest believer in the old doctrine."

Papa is an intense believer in Mrs. Poynsett, and when he once has taken up a notion nothing will convince him."

Then he invites me to his daughter's wedding; he prays, makes a genuflection, and says: "I still preserve religious feeling; I am a believer."

โ€œFrom a personal standpoint, I have never been a big believer in New Yearโ€™s resolutions,โ€ May said via email.

I had been a firm believer in pricey brand names.

In the words of Malam Bello, โ€œMr Sam Nda-Isaiah, was an epitome of hard work, a firm believer in the unity of Nigeria and a great patriot.

Remember the Hadith Qudsi, โ€œHeaven and earth cannot contain me but the heart of my faithful believer is where I reside.โ€

As a born-again believer, Marksberry said abortion was important to her as she described her vote for Proposition 115, the late-term abortion ban that failed.

As Chiefs head coach Andy Reid said in his press conference the morning after his teamโ€™s Super Bowl win, Veach was a big believer in Mahomes early.

To have knowledge is to have power; and I am a firm believer that every child has the ability to succeed as well as the right to a sound basic public-school education.

A new generation of believer/songwriters who are inspired by faith and guided by Godโ€™s holy Word continue this heritage into the 21st century.

Iโ€™ve always been a believer in the power of theatre as a tool for teaching and for inspiring change in society, and itโ€™s one that I have been able to see first-hand in the projects that Iโ€™ve been a part of."

My additional concern is this: I am not a believer that we should be cost sharing federal ongoing responsibilities before they evolve to the Government of the Yukon, even if it is only 30 percent.

The message of reconciliation has been entrusted to every believer, so that through the church the mystery of the gospel might be made known to the world.

Water baptism signifies the believer's identification with Christ in His death, burial and resurrection and is practiced by immersion.