Do we say belle or beau

belle 2057 occurrences

Her Jacksonville hat and ribbons made her what her pretty eyes never could have donethe belle of the neighborhood.

The whole region of belle lettres fell under my inspection....

Henri IV., before he was king of Navarre, was desperately smitten by La belle Corisande, and when Henri was at war with the League, she sold her diamonds to raise for him a levy of 20,000 Gascons (1554-1620).

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (La Belle et la Bête'), from Les Contes Marines of Mde.

" BELLE CORDIERE (La), Louise Labé, who married Ennemond Perrin, a wealthy rope-maker (1526-1566).

BELLE CORISANDE (La), Diane comtesse de Gruiche et de Grammont (1554-1620).


The "belle" is Letitia Hardy, and her stratagem was for the sake of winning the love of Doricourt, to whom she had been betrothed.

Mrs. Cowley, The Belle's Stratagem, (1780).

(The "Lady Touchwood" in Congreve's Double Dealer, not the "Lady Francis Touchwood" in Mrs. Cowley's Belle's Strategem, which is quite another character.) DOR'IMÉNE (3 syl.), daughter of Alcantor, beloved by Sganarelle (3 syl.)

His prayer to the Virgin, when he left for Syria, was: Que j'aime la plus belle, Et sois le plus vaillant!

The guests, on the bridal day, all cried aloud: Amour à la plus belle!

Bless mehere's a modern antique, masquerading in the country!why a village belle of queen Bess' days, looking as new and as fresh as the young 'squire's lodge, fresh out of the hands of his fancy architect.

At the close of Lent, the Duchesse de Bar, the King's sister, and her father-in-law, the Duc de Lorraine, arrived in France to welcome the new sovereign; who, together with her consort, met them at Monceaux, which estate, lately the property of la belle

[130] This residence, which was situated near the Bastille, and subsequently known as the Hôtel de Lesdiguières, was the same in which la belle Gabrielle had breathed her last.

Lizzy's pride kept her up before the old woman; she was in and out and everywhere, a pretty spot of crimson on either fair cheek, her eyes as sparkling and her step as light as any belle's in a ballroom, and her whole manner so gay and charming that Polly inwardly pronounced John Boynton a mighty fool, if he dodged such a pretty girl as that, and one with "means.

Imperial Rome is the beau idéal of the present government of la belle France; and we must own, that, when perusing the exhilarating pages of Suetonius, it has often occurred to our mind that there is something wanting in the list of high deeds related of those superb specimens of humanity exhibited in the Caligulas and Heliogabali.

Tu es si belle, je veux vous we


It is natural for an Englishman to be reticent on such matters; but I do not mind owning to you that Marian Nowell is unforgotten by me, and that the loss of her will have an enduring influence upon my life; and having said as much as that, Belle, I must request that you will not expatiate any more upon this poor girl's breach of faith.

" "I am sorry you disapprove of my conduct, Belle; but as it is not a very pleasant subject, don't you think we may as well avoid it now and henceforward?" "O, very well, Gilbert," the lady exclaimed, with an offended air; "of course, if you choose to exclude me from your confidence, I must submit; but I do think it rather hard that your only sister should not be allowed to speak of a business that concerns you so nearly.

" "What good can arise out of any discussion of this subject, Belle?

" "And am I never to hope that you will find some one else, better worthy of your regard than Marian Nowell?" "I fear not, Belle.

La Belle au bois dormant.

Roses bloom for Bonny-Belle.

beau 806 occurrences

I gave her very high wages, and she stayed till she had obtained several expensive articles of dress, and then, un beau matin, she came to me full dressed, and said, 'I must go.'

Never yet was there a woman really improved in attraction by mingling with the motley throng of the beau monde.

EXAMPLES La France est un beau pays.

Il résultait souvent de cette absence du beau sexe, le plus bel ornement du théâtre, les scènes les plus ridicules.

Un beau garçon, un bel homme, A handsome boy, man, woman.

Elle avait beau vanter sa marchandise, elle ne trouvait plus de chalands.

8: vous aurez beau.

TROMPEUSE Les mots suivants étaient gravés sur la porte d'un beau jardin: "Je donne ce parterre à quiconque est content."

12. Pour entrer, il faut payer d'. (b) beau, bel, belle, beauté, beaucoup, beau-père, beaux-arts, belle-mère.

12. Pour entrer, il faut payer d'. (b) beau, bel, belle, beauté, beaucoup, beau-père, beaux-arts, belle-mère.

UN BEAU TRIOMPHE La célèbre cantatrice australienne, Madame Melba, raconte l'anecdote suivante: Lors de mon dernier séjour a New-York, j'étais descendue au Savoy Hôtel.

C'est le plus beau de tous mes triomphes, ajoute la charmante femme.

BEAU, BEL, BELLE, BEAUX, qui plaît à l'oeil ou à l'esprit; grand.


GOÛT, m., sens par lequel on discerne les saveurs; saveur; sentiment du beau; élégance.

MAGNIFIQUE, très beau.

SEE Le beau pays de France.

Beau BrummelThe copperheadDuleyThe intimate strangers ...

R114727, 15Jul53, George F. Worts (A) WREN, ISABEL Beau Sabreur.

And this is Tom Weatherby, an old beau of your mother's.

Would it not employ a Beau prettily enough, if instead of eternally playing with a Snuff-box, he spent some part of his Time in making one?

The Persons I shall present to you, are an old Beau and a modern Pict.

The Beau has varied his Dress every Day of his Life for these thirty Years last past, and still added to the Deformity he was born with.

Etherege painted accurately the life and morals of the Restoration, and is said to have represented himself in Bellair; Beau Hewit, the son of a Herefordshire Baronet, in Sir Fopling; and to have formed Dorimant upon the model of the Earl of Rochester.]

Minister for Austria M. Joostens, Minister for Belgium Baron Momin, Minister for Germany Sir Ernest Satow, Minister for Great Britain Mr. Rockhill, Minister for the United States M. Beau, Minister for France.]

Do we say   belle   or  beau