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Do we say   belle   or  beau

Do we say belle or beau

belle 2057 occurrences

Being back in the home town, where would Midshipman Darrin be more naturally found than in the parlor at the home of his sweetheart, Miss Belle Meade?

"They both told me that they were very young in their profession as civil engineers, and that they had to spend nearly all of their time 'on the job,' as Tom phrased it," replied Belle.

"Somewhat; but they have not shot up in height, the way you and Dan, and Dick Prescott and Greg Holmes have done," Belle continued.

"I would call Tom and Harry fully as bronzed as Indians," Belle ventured.

"Oh, haven't I?" laughed Belle Meade, her eyes sparkling.

" "I don't suppose," replied Belle, "that it often happens that one little city often has the honor of furnishing, at the same time, two midshipmen for Annapolis and two cadets for West Point.

" "Yes; they have been but four days gone," assented Belle.

" Belle glided from the room, to return with a large card.

"Of course," answered Belle Meade.

"You know what happens the Saturday after Thanksgiving on Franklin Field, don't you, Belle?" "You young men of Annapolis and West Point play football, don't you!" asked Belle.

"You know what happens the Saturday after Thanksgiving on Franklin Field, don't you, Belle?" "You young men of Annapolis and West Point play football, don't you!" asked Belle.

And, mark me, Belle, the Navy is going to carry away the Army's scalp this year.

" "Why, are midshipmen who don't belong to the eleven allowed to see the game?" asked Belle in some surprise.

"Belle, don't you know what the Army-Navy game on the Saturday after Thanksgiving Day is like?

that particular momentbut it was certainly fine to have Belle Meade for an interested listener.

"Well, you're half way through your course," put in Belle at last.

" "And then" went on Belle.

That isn't fair," cried Belle Meade.

Why, Belle, when I was a few years younger, and first began to dream about going to the Naval Academy I had a mental picture of a very jolly life, in which we sailed the seas and absorbed our knowledge.

Of course, I knew we had to do some studying, but I didn't imagine the studies would be hard for a chap who had already gone through a good High School." "Your High School studies did help, didn't they?" demanded Belle.

" "I wonder how the fellow ever guessed that I was here," smiled Darrin, as he hastily joined Belle at the 'phone.

" "It'll be a pleasant trip for you, won't it!" inquired Belle, half-anxiously.

"I'm not going if Dave considers it so unwise that he'd be worried about our safety," Belle answered promptly.

As long as we feel that we're right in not risking Belle and Laura, never mind what the others think and say.

"It must take a sailor to see that sort of thing," remarked Belle.

" "Well, aren't you?" smiled Belle Meade.

"Did you really want to go out on the river, Belle?"

"In a sailboat?" quizzed Belle.

Belle asked quickly.

"So am I," Belle admitted candidly.

"I hope so," murmured Belle.

"Then he'll run his craft into the trough of the sea, and" "Well, what?" demanded Belle as Dave paused.

At that moment Laura and Belle both screamed, while Dan Dalzell shouted: "There she goesfor sure, this time!" A bigger wave than usual had half filled the launch and caused it to careen.

"Yes," answered Belle, her eyes snapping and her face glowing.

" "They're better than mere experts," returned Belle Meade.

Laura and Belle are not given to losing their heads.

Laura and Belle, though they had summoned the aid, now kept tactfully in the background.

Reporter Spencer had already talked with Belle and Laura.

" Even the short stroll, however, between Belle Meade's home and Laura's, was bound to bring Dave Darrin again into the unwished-for limelight.

He and Belle had turned into Main Street together, and were walking along, chatting, when Belle's eyes flashed suddenly.

He and Belle had turned into Main Street together, and were walking along, chatting, when Belle's eyes flashed suddenly.

"Then you haven't been deprived of much," replied Belle, in a tone that was very nearly bitter.

"Not in any way that it would be easy to resent," Belle assured him.

"He appears to be a gentlemanat least in his ordinary conduct," Belle Meade answered.

Ardmore seemed trying to ignore the gaze, and looked, instead, at Belle.

Just as the young couple reached him, Ardmore raised his hat, at the same time stepping forward so that he blocked Belle's progress.

" "You may call anywhere you wish," Belle retorted, her eyes flashing, "provided it is not at my home.

"Go right on to Laura's, Belle," begged Dave quickly.

Dave's pallor increased, for his very soul writhed at the thought of having Belle's name involved in a brawl in this fashion.

Then, turning on his heel, he walked rapidly in the direction Belle had taken.

"I think I've given him a little lesson, Belle, though there's no telling how long it will last with inferior animals of Ardmore's type.

You must be on your guard against him," Belle urged.

Belle was now two years beyond her High School days, and had developed into a most attractive young woman.

This letter he showed Belle.

"I should think the Secretary of the Navy ought to be satisfied with your answer and drop it at once," replied Belle.

"So you see," smiled Dave, as he called at Belle's home and handed her the letter, "there is never any need to be worried until trouble breaks in earnest.

cried Belle, her eyes shining with delight, "I hope you won't meet that Ardmore fellow again while you're home.

Except when Belle Meade was at Annapolis to go to a hop with him, Darrin had little liking for the ball.

Darrin drew down a book from the bookshelf, and from between its pages extracted a letter from Belle, which he began to read for the dozenth time.

"I was just saying, Laura," Belle went on, "that it would be splendid if we lived here all through the winter.

Belle demanded.

Mrs. Meade had come down to Annapolis to chaperon Belle and Laura, but this evening Mrs. Meade was chatting with a middle-aged Naval officer and so did not see much of the young people.

Will you be good enough to hurry back and explain to Belle why I am delayedperhaps prevented from seeing her again tonight?

" "Very well indeed, Belle," said I. "And now, to show you how verbs act upon pronouns, I will say 'siriem zkiez.'

Please to repeat 'siriem zkiez.'" "'Siriem zkiez!'" said Belle.

" "Sorry that you think so, Belle," said I. "Now please to say 'siria zis.'"

Belle did so.

" "As I told you before, Belle," said I, "the chief difficulty which I find in teaching you Armenian proceeds from your persisting in applying to yourself and me every example I give.

" "You never loved anyone but yourself," said Belle; "and what's more" "Sirietsits, I will love," said I; "sirietsies, thou wilt love.

" "I am sorry to see you take on so, dear Belle," said I. "I had no idea of making you cry.

Come, cheer up, Belle.

" "To America together?" said Belle.

" "You are jesting, as usual," said Belle.

" "I don't think you are jesting," said Belle; "but I can hardly entertain your offers; however, young man, I thank you.

" "I merely lay down in my things," said Belle; "I wished to be in readiness to bid you farewell when you departed.

Her Jacksonville hat and ribbons made her what her pretty eyes never could have donethe belle of the neighborhood.

The whole region of belle lettres fell under my inspection....

Henri IV., before he was king of Navarre, was desperately smitten by La belle Corisande, and when Henri was at war with the League, she sold her diamonds to raise for him a levy of 20,000 Gascons (1554-1620).

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (La Belle et la Bête'), from Les Contes Marines of Mde.

" BELLE CORDIERE (La), Louise Labé, who married Ennemond Perrin, a wealthy rope-maker (1526-1566).

BELLE CORISANDE (La), Diane comtesse de Gruiche et de Grammont (1554-1620).


The "belle" is Letitia Hardy, and her stratagem was for the sake of winning the love of Doricourt, to whom she had been betrothed.

Mrs. Cowley, The Belle's Stratagem, (1780).

(The "Lady Touchwood" in Congreve's Double Dealer, not the "Lady Francis Touchwood" in Mrs. Cowley's Belle's Strategem, which is quite another character.) DOR'IMÉNE (3 syl.), daughter of Alcantor, beloved by Sganarelle (3 syl.)

His prayer to the Virgin, when he left for Syria, was: Que j'aime la plus belle, Et sois le plus vaillant!

The guests, on the bridal day, all cried aloud: Amour à la plus belle!

Bless mehere's a modern antique, masquerading in the country!why a village belle of queen Bess' days, looking as new and as fresh as the young 'squire's lodge, fresh out of the hands of his fancy architect.

At the close of Lent, the Duchesse de Bar, the King's sister, and her father-in-law, the Duc de Lorraine, arrived in France to welcome the new sovereign; who, together with her consort, met them at Monceaux, which estate, lately the property of la belle

[130] This residence, which was situated near the Bastille, and subsequently known as the Hôtel de Lesdiguières, was the same in which la belle Gabrielle had breathed her last.

Lizzy's pride kept her up before the old woman; she was in and out and everywhere, a pretty spot of crimson on either fair cheek, her eyes as sparkling and her step as light as any belle's in a ballroom, and her whole manner so gay and charming that Polly inwardly pronounced John Boynton a mighty fool, if he dodged such a pretty girl as that, and one with "means.

Imperial Rome is the beau idéal of the present government of la belle France; and we must own, that, when perusing the exhilarating pages of Suetonius, it has often occurred to our mind that there is something wanting in the list of high deeds related of those superb specimens of humanity exhibited in the Caligulas and Heliogabali.

Tu es si belle, je veux vous we


It is natural for an Englishman to be reticent on such matters; but I do not mind owning to you that Marian Nowell is unforgotten by me, and that the loss of her will have an enduring influence upon my life; and having said as much as that, Belle, I must request that you will not expatiate any more upon this poor girl's breach of faith.

" "I am sorry you disapprove of my conduct, Belle; but as it is not a very pleasant subject, don't you think we may as well avoid it now and henceforward?" "O, very well, Gilbert," the lady exclaimed, with an offended air; "of course, if you choose to exclude me from your confidence, I must submit; but I do think it rather hard that your only sister should not be allowed to speak of a business that concerns you so nearly.

" "What good can arise out of any discussion of this subject, Belle?

" "And am I never to hope that you will find some one else, better worthy of your regard than Marian Nowell?" "I fear not, Belle.

La Belle au bois dormant.

Roses bloom for Bonny-Belle.

beau 806 occurrences

Spain at this time, and, indeed, during the last thirty years, had been the happy hunting ground of the beau sabreur, of those (of all men, most miserable) who owe their success in life to a woman's favour.

Jim might have played the beau rôle had he carried a pistol.

Beau Séjour; Paris; De Londres et d'Angleterre; Du bon Pasteur; Frascati; &c. &c. Banker and Money Changer.

To read Swift's brutal "Letters to a Young Lady," and then to read Addison's "Dissection of a Beau's Head" and his "Dissection of a Coquette's Heart," is to know at once the secret of the latter's more enduring influence.

suo sibi gladio hunc jugulo [Lat.]; a beau jeu beau retour [Fr.]; litem ç [Lat.].

suo sibi gladio hunc jugulo [Lat.]; a beau jeu beau retour [Fr.]; litem ç [Lat.].

A passage in The Beau's Duel: or a Soldier for the Ladies, a comedy, by Mrs. Centlivre, 4to, 1707, proves that it existed so late as at that day.

The exploits of one individual is dwelt upon by his late confreres with particular enthusiasm; and his career and deeds were of so extraordinary a character, that we feel justified in giving the following brief detail of them, as furnished by an English traveler: This dreadful man, Ramah ibn Java, the beau ideal of his order, the personation of an Arab sea robber, was a native of a small village near Jiddah.

It is remarkable that among the middle and lower classes they are far less known, for he was essentially the chronicler, as well as the wit and beau, of St. James's, of Windsor, and Richmond.

Without thy pen, society in the eighteenth century would have been to us almost as dead as the beau monde of Pompeii, or the remains of Etruscan leaders of the ton.

The laws of the course, however, would not permit of this, so he stripped and stood forth, the beau-ideal of a well-formed, agile man.

Certainly he had not his atmosphere of the beau monde and his grace of style, but in whimsicality and unexpectedness and in that subtle art that makes the obviously impossible seem perfectly plausible and commonplace he surpassed not only him but Edward Everett Hale and all others.

Fired by this and by the sudden perception of an opening for an act of spectacular magnanimitywould it be any the less magnanimous because it would cost her nothing in the end?she reached for the mantle of the beau rôle and cast it about her shoulders.

MON CHER DUJARDIN, Il se trouve que je suis à Paris en train de corriger mes épreuves au moment vous donnez les dernières retouches au manuscrit de 'La Source du Fleuve Chrétien,' un beau titresi beau que je n'ai pu m'empêcher de le 'chipper' pour le livre de Ralph Elles, un personnage de mon roman qui ne parait pas, mais dont on entend beaucoup parler.

MON CHER DUJARDIN, Il se trouve que je suis à Paris en train de corriger mes épreuves au moment vous donnez les dernières retouches au manuscrit de 'La Source du Fleuve Chrétien,' un beau titresi beau que je n'ai pu m'empêcher de le 'chipper' pour le livre de Ralph Elles, un personnage de mon roman qui ne parait pas, mais dont on entend beaucoup parler.

Pour expliquer la tristesse de ce beau pays parsemé de châteaux vides, hanté par le souvenir des fêtes d'autrefois,

The cab was already moving, but the driver turned on his seat and, waving his hand in derision, he called back: "Ask Beau Cocono!"

[Illustration: "'Ask Beau Cocono,' he called back.

CANDOUR (Mrs.), the beau-ideal of female backbiters.

CLARINDA, the heroine of Mrs. Centlivre's drama The Beau's Duel (1703).

I know when I was her age I was always a great hand for getting ready long before any one come, when my mother was making a company for me, putting up my waterfall and curling my beau-catchers on a hot pipe-stem.

"But the time is short; and suitors may come, While I stand here reporting; Then make your son a bit of a Beau, And give me your blessing, before I go To the other world a courting.

IV "Then come, my Satan, my darling Sin, Return to my arms, my Hell Beau; My Prince of Darkness, my crow-black Dove"

Shall hu | -man pas | -sion ev | -er sway | this glo | -rious world | of God, And beau | -ty, wis | -dom, hap

O, nev | -er faith | could hold, | if not | to beau | -ty vow'd: Though to | myself | forsworn, | to thee

this vo | -tive lay; Ill-wor | -thy, Beau | -mont! were | the grief That flings | itself | on wild | relief When Saints | have passed | away.

But 'tis | his joy | most sweet, At earl | -y dawn | to trace The print | of Beau | -ty's feet, And give | the trem | -bler chase.

8.) "Not a pine | in my grove | is there seen, But with ten | -drils of wood | -bine is bound; Not a beech | 's more beau | -tiful green, But a sweet | -briar twines |

| -ber'd the flow'r, And weigh'd | down its beau | -tiful head.

Though Beau | -ty may bleed, Yet Beau | -ty shall still | be victo | -r~io~us.

Though Beau | -ty may bleed, Yet Beau | -ty shall still | be victo | -r~io~us.

"To spin and to weave, to knit and to sew, were once a girl's employments; but now, to dress, and to catch a beau, are all she calls enjoyments.

"The Marquis and she had the religion du beau.

I don't think we have any right to blame her, if Rebecca did not set her heart upon the conquest of this beau, for she had no kind parents to arrange these delicate matters for her.

I meet there often a pianiste, Clara Hilst, a young, good-looking German girl, very tall of figure, whom one of the painters here describes thus: "C'est beau, mais c'est deux fois grandeur naturelle."

He certainly succeeded in the rôle; he enlivened the dissipations of many a beau by his quaint conceits and flashes of humour, and went on his way rejoicing that he could be the boon companion of twenty idle lords.[A]

"Not till they're out of line with us," said Anna so confidently as to draw a skeptical grunt from his mother, and for better heart let a tune float silently in and out on her breath: "I loves to be a beau to de ladies.

I gave her very high wages, and she stayed till she had obtained several expensive articles of dress, and then, un beau matin, she came to me full dressed, and said, 'I must go.'

Never yet was there a woman really improved in attraction by mingling with the motley throng of the beau monde.

EXAMPLES La France est un beau pays.

Il résultait souvent de cette absence du beau sexe, le plus bel ornement du théâtre, les scènes les plus ridicules.

Un beau garçon, un bel homme, A handsome boy, man, woman.

Elle avait beau vanter sa marchandise, elle ne trouvait plus de chalands.

8: vous aurez beau.

TROMPEUSE Les mots suivants étaient gravés sur la porte d'un beau jardin: "Je donne ce parterre à quiconque est content."

12. Pour entrer, il faut payer d'. (b) beau, bel, belle, beauté, beaucoup, beau-père, beaux-arts, belle-mère.

12. Pour entrer, il faut payer d'. (b) beau, bel, belle, beauté, beaucoup, beau-père, beaux-arts, belle-mère.

UN BEAU TRIOMPHE La célèbre cantatrice australienne, Madame Melba, raconte l'anecdote suivante: Lors de mon dernier séjour a New-York, j'étais descendue au Savoy Hôtel.

C'est le plus beau de tous mes triomphes, ajoute la charmante femme.

BEAU, BEL, BELLE, BEAUX, qui plaît à l'oeil ou à l'esprit; grand.


GOÛT, m., sens par lequel on discerne les saveurs; saveur; sentiment du beau; élégance.

MAGNIFIQUE, très beau.

SEE Le beau pays de France.

The beau catcher, also known as The date catcher.

Beau BrummelThe copperheadDuleyThe intimate strangers ...

R114727, 15Jul53, George F. Worts (A) WREN, ISABEL Beau Sabreur.

And this is Tom Weatherby, an old beau of your mother's.

And this is Tom Weatherby, an old beau of your mother's.

And this is Tom Weatherby, an old beau of your mother's.

He maintained that those who possessed the most imagination, poets for example, were most likely to be constant in their attachments, as with the beau ideal in their heads, with which they identified the object of their attachment, they had nothing to desire, and viewed their mistresses through the brilliant medium of fancy, instead of the common one of the eyes.

The girl was poor: probably her ideal of a gallant was a College beau, in second-hand lace and stained linen, drunk on ale in the forenoon.

Every thing intended for use rather than shew is scanty and sordidall is beau, magnifique, gentil, or superb, [Fine magnificent, genteel, or superb.] and nothing comfortable.

Enfin, notre decemvirat sectionnaire, qui se mettoit ainsi au-dessus des decrets, trouve le brevet de pension de mon beau-pere, qui, comme tous les brevets de pension, n'etant pas de nature a etre porte sur le grand livre de la republique, etoit demeure dans le porte-feuille, et qui, comme tous les brevets de pension possibles, commencoit par ce protocole; Louis, &c. Ciel!

The Inventory of a Beau.

2. The Beau's Duel, or a Soldier for the Ladies, a Comedy; acted at the Theatre in Lincoln's-Inn-Fields, 1703; a Criticism was written upon this play in the Post-Angel for August.

This was originally written in French, by Mr. Boursart, about six years before; but the scenes of Sir Polidorus Hogstye, the Players, the Senator, and the Beau, were added by our author.

In the interview between the Beau and the Philosopher, there is the following pretty fable.

The Beau observes to Aesop, 'It is very well; it is very well, old spark; I say it is very well; because I han't a pair of plod shoes, and a dirty shirt, you think a woman won't venture upon me for husband.

Would it not employ a Beau prettily enough, if instead of eternally playing with a Snuff-box, he spent some part of his Time in making one?

The Persons I shall present to you, are an old Beau and a modern Pict.

The Beau has varied his Dress every Day of his Life for these thirty Years last past, and still added to the Deformity he was born with.

Etherege painted accurately the life and morals of the Restoration, and is said to have represented himself in Bellair; Beau Hewit, the son of a Herefordshire Baronet, in Sir Fopling; and to have formed Dorimant upon the model of the Earl of Rochester.]

Let this serve for a Preface to a Relation I am going to give you of an old Beau in Town, that has not only been amorous, and a Follower of Women in general, but also, in Spite of the Admonition of grey Hairs, been from his sixty-third Year to his present seventieth, in an actual Pursuit of a young Lady, the Wife of his Friend, and a Man of Merit.

Madam, This is to let you know, that you are to be Married to a Beau that comes out on Thursday Six in the Evening.

I had occasion to go a few Miles out of Town, some Days since, in a Stage-Coach, where I had for my Fellow-Tavellers a dirty Beau, and a pretty young Quaker-Woman.

Let it be some liaison in the beau mondethe appearance of a new singer or actressthe detail of a recent duel, with particulars and embellishments, and your fortune is made at once.

beau garçon, et même galant homme.

Le bénédictin Calmet a fait une dissertation pour prouver que Jesus Christ avait un fort beau visage.

The samurai grew to be the beau ideal of the whole race.

In the Jura Mountains the midsummer bonfires went by the name of or beau.

"Nothing yet to inconvenience you, but our Governor Clinton may send you a billet doux from Albany before May ends and June beginsif this periwigged beau, St. Leger, strolls out to ogle Stanwix" Dorothy turned her horse sharply, saluted Sir George, and galloped away towards her father, who had halted at the cross-roads to wait for us.

I love a smooth, white skin as well as any London beau who praises it in verses.

"Wisha, Dave, ye've the legs av a beau!"

Minister for Austria M. Joostens, Minister for Belgium Baron Momin, Minister for Germany Sir Ernest Satow, Minister for Great Britain Mr. Rockhill, Minister for the United States M. Beau, Minister for France.]

Ces Sociétés sont une Institution pour suppléer aux besoins d'esprit et de coeur de ces individus qui ont survécu à leurs émotions à l'égard du beau sexe, et qui n'ont pas la distraction de l'habitude de boire.

"What an unreasonable culprit!" To which she added, quite audibly, though behind the temporary shelter of her fan: "Who is this beau garçon whom you seem to have brought with you?" I turned aside, affecting not to hear the question; but could not help listening, nevertheless.

" The costumer came forward to attend to the nervous old beau who was mopping his bald and shining poll with a big silk handkerchief.

Il n'avait qu'un regret, c'est de n'avoir pas été chargé d'une pareille expédition; c'est beau!...

ma chère Léonie, le temps est beau, va mettre ton habit de cheval, et tu essaieras la ponette dans le parc.

c'est si beau ... c'est ...

Comme tout à l'heure, à la vue de ce beau cheval fougueux et écumant que je brûlais d'enfourcher ... parce qu'un autre était dessus; et si l'on m'avait dit; montez-le!... alors, mon autre moitié, ma moitié paternelle, l'aurait emporté, et adieu ma réputation!...

Est-il un plus beau rôle que celui de sauveur dans un incendie!...

je n'ai pas encore son signalement, mais j'attends; d'ailleurs, il doit être beau, un proscrit est toujours beau!

je n'ai pas encore son signalement, mais j'attends; d'ailleurs, il doit être beau, un proscrit est toujours beau!

# [Footnote 201: #vous avez beau dire#, it is vain for you to protest.]

#avoir#, have; #y #, be, be the matter; # besoin de#, be in need of, want to; # peur#, be afraid; # raison#, be right; # tort#, be wrong; # beau# (with infinitive), in vain (with finite verb).

#beau, bel, belle#, fair, beautiful; #avoir #, see #avoir#.

Yes, in the days of Beau Tibbs, every street had its corner and every corner its shoe-black, and to every shoe-black might be traced an old wig, sometimes two.

and Beau Tibbs is gone!