30 examples of berry's in sentences

It was as high-colored and interesting, though not quite so bright, as the patches of Rhexia, being a darker purple, like a berry's stain laid on close and thick.

Ralph Thurston had a large, rather dreary room over Bill Harmon's store, and took his meals at the Widow Berry's, near by.

It was such an odd question that at first Peter was at loss; then he recalled Nan Berry's despatching Cissie some underwear.

But, ah! how vain to think his word Can add a straw to Berry's.' On the following day, Mary, whom he terms the Latin nymph sent the following lines: 'Had Rome's famed Horace thus addrest His Lydia or his Lyce, He had ne'er so oft complained their breast To him was cold and icy. '

We went to Miss Berry's in the evening.

His bill at Berry's already passed the bounds of wisdom and the possibility of being paid in full out of the next month's allowance without horribly crippling the debtor.

His bank account was again sadly humble in porportions and his bills at Berry's and at the candy shops were things not to be looked into too closely.

In any case it was a jolly old world if anybody asked Ted Holiday that morning as he entered Berry's.

Berry's eyes narrowed.

Berry's frown deepened.

What about the job?" "There's a girl I know who works at Berry's flower shop.

I got her the job at Berry's.

BERRY, BOB. Gunners get glory; Lt. Bob Berry's story of the Navy's armed guard, as told to Lloyd Wendt.

BERRY, BOB. Gunners get glory; Lt. Bob Berry's story of the Navy's armed guard, as told to Lloyd Wendt.

As the circumstances may not be generally known, Mr. Berry's letter, relating the particulars of that melancholy, yet interesting event, is here inserted: "Ship, City of Edinburgh, "Lima, Oct. 20, 1810.

" Considering Mr. Berry's limited acquaintance with these islanders, and the horror of the scene before him, his is a good and an impartial account; but facts which have been obtained subsequently have exonerated the natives to a certain extent.

Choin, who had been for a long time installed in his establishment at Meudon, Monseigneur, often embarrassed and made uncomfortable by the austere virtue of the Duke of Burgundy, and finding more attraction in the Duke of Berry's frank geniality, had surrendered himself, without intending it, to the plots which were woven about him.

De white folks preacher baptised us in de creek what run from Marse Berry's mill pond.

In Berry's Pedigrees of Surrey Families, p. 83., I find an Edward Snowe of Chicksand mentioned as having married Emma, second daughter of William Byne, Esq., of Wakehurst, Sussex.

The morns are meeker than they were, The nuts are getting brown; The berry's cheek is plumper, The rose is out of town.

It was during the war between the Indians and settlers that Berry's grandmother, serving as a nurse at Tampa Bay was captured by the Indians and carried away to become the squaw of their chief; she was later re-captured by her owners.

This was a common procedure, according to Berry's statements.

By the Emperor's command a few excisions were made, and the bookreprinted from Miss Berry's original edition which had appeared two years earlier in Englandwas published almost at once.

Miss Berry's edition was, in fact, simply a selection, and as a selection it deserves nothing but praise.

Probably Miss Berry's edition will still be preferred by the ordinary reader who wishes to become acquainted with a celebrated figure in French literature; but Mrs. Toynbee's will always be indispensable for the historical student, and invaluable for anyone with the leisure, the patience, and the taste for a detailed and elaborate examination of a singular adventure of the heart.

30 examples of  berry's  in sentences