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153 example sentences with  berry's

153 example sentences with berry's

It was as high-colored and interesting, though not quite so bright, as the patches of Rhexia, being a darker purple, like a berry's stain laid on close and thick.

Its cylindrical racemes of berries of various hues, from green to dark purple, six or seven inches long, are gracefully drooping on all sides, offering repasts to the birds; and even the sepals from which the birds have picked the berries are a brilliant lake-red, with crimson flame-like reflections, equal to anything of the kind,all on fire with ripeness.

Holly is said to be antagonistic to witches, for, as Mr. Folkard says, "in its name they see but another form of the word 'holy,' and its thorny foliage and blood-red berries are suggestive of the most Christian associations."

It is the berry of a fine tree in the West Indies and South America, which attains a height of from fifteen to twenty feet: the berries are not allowed to ripen, but, being gathered green, are then dried in the sun, and then become black.

Their food consists of the tops of birch and heath, except when the mountain berries are ripe, at which period they eagerly and even voraciously pick the bilberries and cranberries from the bushes.

The berries are capable of undergoing vinous fermentation, and affording alcohol by distillation.

"These salmon-berries are a kind of a half-way between our blackberries and strawberries.

A feast of berries was to follow the dance, and Kalitan led Mr. Strong and Ted to the chief's house, which was gaily decorated with blankets and bits of bright cloth.

The berries are all ready.

These carry him along until the salmon arrive, when he becomes exclusively a fish eater until the berries are ripe.

Ralph Thurston had a large, rather dreary room over Bill Harmon's store, and took his meals at the Widow Berry's, near by.

It was such an odd question that at first Peter was at loss; then he recalled Nan Berry's despatching Cissie some underwear.

Here are the words of Captain Berry's narrative: "It had been his practice during the whole of the cruise, whenever the weather and circumstances would permit, to have his captains on board the Vanguard, where he would fully develop to them his own ideas of the different and best modes of attack, and such plans as he proposed to execute upon falling in with the enemy, whatever their position or situation might be, by day or by night.

This plant never grows upon the ground; the foliage is yellow, and the berries milk-white; the berries are so viscous, as to serve for bird-lime; and when they fall, adhere to the branches of the tree, on which the plant grows, and strike root into its bark; or are carried to distant trees by birds.

This peper tree hath his floure and berry like in all parts to our Iuie berry, and those berries be graines of peper: so that when they gather them they be greene, and then they lay them in the Sunne, and they become blacke.

"It has but recently become known by Europeans that the leaves of the coffee-plant contain the same essential principle for which the berries are so much valued.

The bushes are usually found in small gardens, close to the houses; but so great is the native laziness that frequently the berries are allowed to decay, although the local cacao sells for a higher price than the imported.

how vain to think his word Can add a straw to Berry's.'

The berries are small, globular, and light red.

The berries are deep violet-purple, and fully half-an-inch long.

Though the Hollies are not usually reckoned ornamental for the sake of their flowers, their berries are highly so.

The berries are of a brilliant red.

The small, creamy-white flowers of this plant are not particularly showy, but the scarlet berries are more conspicuous in September and October.

This species, a native of the mountains of Pennsylvania and Virginia (1782), is much like our Rowan Tree in general appearance, but the bunches of berries are larger, and of a brighter red colour.

This is almost a counterpart of our native species, but instead of black the berries are brilliant scarlet.

The berries are oval-oblong, red at first, but becoming black and faintly scented when fully ripe.

In the valleys the berries were gone; grass and roots alone were no longer nourishing enough for their bodies; they could no longer waste time in seeking ants and grubs; the fish were in deep water.

LONDON, May 9, 1835 We went to Miss Berry's in the evening.

"The Department wishes to be informed as to whether any considerable crop of marketable berries is to be reckoned with on the estate.

The berries are either gathered by hand, or large straw mats are spread underneath, and the trees well shaken.

Large bowls of the various, seasonable berries were also in request; and all the shady places of the ship were soon occupied by families, who distributed themselves in independent groups, as people do in the sylvan localities dedicated to picnics.

Its cylindrical racemes of berries of various hues, from green to dark purple, six or seven inches long, are gracefully drooping on all sides, offering repasts to the birds; and even the sepals from which the birds have picked the berries are a brilliant lake-red, with crimson, flame-like reflections, equal to anything of the kind,all on fire with ripeness.

Day before yesterday Mr. Gillette and I discussed the question of the probability of a man being able to sustain life in this region, by depending for his subsistence upon whatever roots or berries are to be found here.

His bill at Berry's already passed the bounds of wisdom and the possibility of being paid in full out of the next month's allowance without horribly crippling the debtor.

CHAPTER XXVII TROUBLED WATERS Ted Holiday drifted into Berry's to buy floral offerings for the reigning goddess who chanced still to be pretty Elsie Hathaway.

His bank account was again sadly humble in porportions and his bills at Berry's and at the candy shops were things not to be looked into too closely.

In any case it was a jolly old world if anybody asked Ted Holiday that morning as he entered Berry's.

Berry's eyes narrowed.

Berry's frown deepened.

What about the job?" "There's a girl I know who works at Berry's flower shop.

I got her the job at Berry's.

Old Pat Berry's just been giving me a lecture on the same subject.

A young girl, Madeline Taylor by name, of Florence, Massachusetts, who has until recently been employed in Berry's flower shop, was found dead this morning with the gas jet fully turned on, the inference being clearly suicide.

"The woods will not be safe, I fear, until the partridge berries are out once more.

[Footnote 1: Myrtus aromatica; its berries are known under the name of Jamaica pepper.]

Living in the depths of these, they can keep snow, ice, and wind at bay; prying eyes cannot watch them, nor enemies so well draw near; cones or seed or berries are their store; and in these untrodden chambers each can have the sacred company of his mate.

A surpassing lot of berries was there for the bold to take.

It doesn't grow regularly, but each bush is handsome in itself because the branches droop gracefully, and the leaves are a good green and the clusters of red berries are striking."

The berries are sometimes dark red and often of a bright scarlet, and they remain on the tree during the winter, to the great delight of the birds.

In some parts of Europe the berries are dried and ground into flour.

BERRY, BOB. Gunners get glory; Lt. Bob Berry's story of the Navy's armed guard, as told to Lloyd Wendt.

BERRY, BOB. Gunners get glory; Lt. Bob Berry's story of the Navy's armed guard, as told to Lloyd Wendt.

The shrubbery has an inviting coolness about itthe thick evergreens, the hollies on which the berries are now green, the cedars and ornamental trees planted so close together that the passer-by cannot see through, must surely afford a grateful shadea contrast with the heat of the wheat-field and the dust of the highway below.

"As soon as he began the others came down and just gobbled; in two minutes all the berries were gone, but the birds stayed round all the same, hinting for more.

In spring and autumn you will see him about the magnolia trees in your yard or garden, or in the hedges along roads and the edges of light woods, where wild berries are plentiful.

"Some day this winter when you are taking a walk you may see them on the ground under chestnut and beech trees, and in old pastures where the red sumach berries are the only bright things left above the snow.

As the circumstances may not be generally known, Mr. Berry's letter, relating the particulars of that melancholy, yet interesting event, is here inserted: "Ship, City of Edinburgh, "Lima, Oct. 20, 1810.

" Considering Mr. Berry's limited acquaintance with these islanders, and the horror of the scene before him, his is a good and an impartial account; but facts which have been obtained subsequently have exonerated the natives to a certain extent.

Choin, who had been for a long time installed in his establishment at Meudon, Monseigneur, often embarrassed and made uncomfortable by the austere virtue of the Duke of Burgundy, and finding more attraction in the Duke of Berry's frank geniality, had surrendered himself, without intending it, to the plots which were woven about him.

In my mind formed only such elementary ideas as "Soon more grapes," "These berries are not the best," "More walnuts," "Oh, a spring; I must drink there."

De white folks preacher baptised us in de creek what run from Marse Berry's mill pond.

Perhaps they are a little rounder than the Snowberry's, a little more pointed than the Partridge-berry's; sometimes you might mistake them for the one, sometimes for the other.

We've only to set out the plants, sit on the fence till the gigantic berries are ripe, than haul in the nets.

"We agreed to make it a special celebration among ourselves, since only a small part of the berries are ripe."

The berries are like lovely white wax beads.

In Berry's Pedigrees of Surrey Families, p. 83.

What does it mean when berries are ripe?

If the berries are of good size, the may be cooked in the cans, adding a boiling syrup prepared with one cup of water and one of sugar for each quart can of fruit.

If the pure juice of berries is used, it may be diluted with one cup of water to each pint and a half of juice.

The morns are meeker than they were, The nuts are getting brown; The berry's cheek is plumper, The rose is out of town.

It was during the war between the Indians and settlers that Berry's grandmother, serving as a nurse at Tampa Bay was captured by the Indians and carried away to become the squaw of their chief; she was later re-captured by her owners.

This was a common procedure, according to Berry's statements.

At least, the berries are here, however.

The whole kitchen is hung round with branches of birch and the berries of the mountain-ash: the oat-cakes hang on long poles under the ceiling; the berries are suspended above the head of the old woman who is just scouring her brass kettle bright.

Raspberries are apt to harbor worms and therefore the freshly picked berries are safest.

If juicy small fruits or berries are used, sprinkle bread crumbs over the stretched dough to absorb the juices.

The berries are used in preparing the well-known spiritous liquor gin, and have been considered of great use in medicine.

A variety with green berries is much esteemed for wine also.

In justice, however, to the public, I must mention that I can vouch for the fact, and trust it may not pass without notice, so far as to let the berries be supposed anything but wholesome.

But this is when there blow no storms; When berries are plenty in winter, and worms; When their feathers are thick, and oil is enough To keep the cold out and the rain off:

By the Emperor's command a few excisions were made, and the bookreprinted from Miss Berry's original edition which had appeared two years earlier in Englandwas published almost at once.

Miss Berry's edition was, in fact, simply a selection, and as a selection it deserves nothing but praise.

Probably Miss Berry's edition will still be preferred by the ordinary reader who wishes to become acquainted with a celebrated figure in French literature; but Mrs. Toynbee's will always be indispensable for the historical student, and invaluable for anyone with the leisure, the patience, and the taste for a detailed and elaborate examination of a singular adventure of the heart.

Muscadine berries are bronze to dark purple to black in color when ripe.

Page from the calendar of the Trรจs Riches Heures showing Jean, Duc de Berry's household exchanging New Year gifts.

Berries are different - the seeds are inside the fleshy part, not separated from it by a core.

Berries are small, sweet, bright colored fruits.

The berries are small and round.

All up, the berries are put through a 12-stage process during testing.

"The time is now," said Anderson, whose credits include the series "Wynonna Earp," the upcoming sci-fi thriller "Stowaway" and the boxing drama "Bruised," which marks Halle Berry's directorial debut.

We primarily use our RBL credit facility to manage working capital fluctuations and we have no outstanding borrowings on the line today,' stated Cary Baetz, Berry's EVP and CFO.

Found in forested regions of Africa, the berry's hue is caused by Bragg reflection from its unique cellular strucure, which can also cause the fruit to appear somewhat pixelated to the human eye.

He also loves the romantic simplicity of Wendell Berry's poetry and introduced me to his works a year ago.

My penchant for the brown liquid made from dried berries is legendary.

The berries are ripening.

The berries are usually frozen as soon as they are picked, locking in their nutrients, making them just as nutritious.

The huge berries start ripening in late summer when most other berries are finished.

Berries are one of the highest food sources of antioxidants and are one of the healthiest foods for your eyes.

Berries are susceptible to sunscald and must be picked promptly when mature.

When natural food sources such as berries are in short supply or the season is delayed by drought, bear sightings go up.