3564819 examples of bes in sentences

Jess stick to de place yo're planted, and do de bes yo knows; Be de sunflower or de daisy, de melon or de rose.

I neber 'jected to you marryin' any lady you like bes', an' 'tain't f'ar Mahs' Junius, now Ise ole an' gittin' on de careen, fur you to ax me wot

I does my bes' ter keep yo' misdoin's f'm 'im, an' sense I b'en tu'ned out er de chu'chthoo no fault er my own, God knows!I've tol' lies 'nuff 'bout you ter sink a ship.

I'll serve you de bes' I kin, faithful an' stiddy, like I always serve him.

"Yes'm, I put on everything clean, an' the bes'.

no, I 'lows it's alluz bes' ter be on de safe side.

"Now, dis yer kin' er talk nach'ly th'owed Dan off'n his gya'd, en fus' thing he knowed he wuz talkin' ter dis ole cunjuh man des lack he wuz one er his bes' frien's.

"'You is de bes' frien' I got, Unk' Jube,' sez Dan, 'en I'll 'member yo' kin'ness

Er s'posen I des woun's her, en she gits erway,w'at she gwine do ter me den?' "'I is done studied 'bout all dem things,' sez de cunjuh man, 'en it 'pears ter me de bes' plan fer you ter foller is ter lemme tu'n you ter some creetur w'at kin see in de da'k, en w'at kin run des ez fas' ez a cat, en w'at kin bite, en bite fer ter kill; en den you won't hafter hab no trouble atter de job is done.

Mars Dugal' tuk on a heap 'bout losin' two er his bes' han's in one day, en ole missis 'lowed it wuz a jedgment on 'im fer sump'n he 'd done.

Ole marster en ole mis' look' de two boys ober, en 'sco'sed wid deyse'ves fer a little w'ile, en den Mars' Dugal' sez, sezee: "'We lacks Hannibal de bes', en we gwine ter keep him.

"De noo house boy kotch' on monst'us fas', en it wa'n't no time ha'dly befo' Mars' Dugal' en ole mis' bofe 'mence' ter 'low Hannibal wuz de bes' house boy dey eber had.

So she helt herse'f in de bes' she could, gittin' madder en madder eve'y minute, 'tel bimeby she seed a 'oman comin' down de road on de udder side fum to'ds Mars' Marrabo Utley's plantation.

En w'iles Mars' Dugal' say he did n' b'liebe in cunj'in' en sich, he 'peared ter 'low it wuz bes' ter be on de safe side, en let Aun' Peggy alone.

I's pretty sho to git hol' of de bes' an' de riches'.

Let me settle w'en my shouldahs draps dey load Nigh enough to hyeah de noises in de road; Fu' I t'ink de las' long res' Gwine to soothe my sperrit bes' If I's layin' 'mong de t'ings

We had plenty cahn pone, baked in de ashes too, hee, hee, hee, it shore wus good, an we had side meat, an we had other eatin too, what ever de Ole Marse had, but I like de side meat bes.

I had a good dress for Sunday too but aint got none dese days, jes looky, chile, dese ole rags de bes I got.

3 Gent. Why Sir, he would be glad to wipe off his stain as soon as he could. Bes.

[Exit 3 Gent. Bes.

Who then pray? Bes.

[Exit Bac. Bes.

Yore grandma hab set her heart on goin', an' it'll be de same as a spell ob sickness ef she don't hab a chance to show her bes' bib an' tucker.

" "Neber mine," said Aunt Linda, "sometimes de las' ob de wine is de bes'.

Then, as I came up to him, he went on, whispering: "'T ain't bes' t' mek no noise here.

3564819 examples of  bes  in sentences