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3564819 examples of  bes  in sentences

3564819 examples of bes in sentences

"It may be a good story" "It's the bes' story I ever heard of!" declared Skim.

Which is the bes' way to go?" The man looked down at him wonderingly for a moment.

Jess stick to de place yo're planted, and do de bes yo knows; Be de sunflower or de daisy, de melon or de rose.

Round the May-pole, on the grass, Mer-ry lit-tle foot-steps pass; In the mid-dle Bes-sie stands, With the May-pole in her hands; While her play-mates dance and sing Round her in an end-less ring.

I neber 'jected to you marryin' any lady you like bes', an' 'tain't f'ar Mahs' Junius, now Ise ole an' gittin' on de careen, fur you to ax me wot

Ef you fellers air gwine ter set down an' let a wuthless nigger kill the bes' white man in Branson, an' not say nuthin' ner do nuthin', I 'll move outen the caounty.

Now Roumania ought to include a great part of Bessarabia (bes aฬ‡ raฬ‡โ€ฒbi aฬ‡), which is the nearest county of Russia, and also the greater part of Transylvania and Bukowina (boo koฬ„ viฬˆโ€ฒnaฬ‡), which are the provinces of Austria-Hungary that lie nearest; for a great part of the inhabitants of these three counties are Roumanians by blood and language.

She tried ter make a livin' sewin', but Mis' Polly wouldn' let de bes' w'ite folks hire her.

so I didn' put on my bes' clo's.

look at de money he's got,livin' at de hotel, wearin' di'mon's, an' colloguin' wid de bes' quality er dis town! '

I does my bes' ter keep yo' misdoin's f'm 'im, an' sense I b'en tu'ned out er de chu'chthoo no fault er my own, God knows!I've tol' lies 'nuff 'bout you ter sink a ship.

" Apple"De bes' apple float on de top o' 'ligion heaps de half-bushel.

We has no ark to dance afore, like Isrul's prophet king; We has no harp to soun' de chords, to holp us out to sing; But 'cordin' to de gif's we has we does de bes' we knows, An' folks don't 'spise de vi'let-flower bekase it ain't de rose.

I'll serve you de bes' I kin, faithful an' stiddy, like I always serve him.

"Yes'm, I put on everything clean, an' the bes'.

Den Tenie say she wanter git her bes' frock; her mistiss say no, she doan need no mo' frock, en w'en dat one got dirty she could git a clean one

You gimme her, en you kin hab Lightnin' Bug.'" "Now, Kunnel Pen'leton did n' lack ter trade Sis' Becky, 'ca'se she wuz nigh 'bout de bes' fiel'-han' he had; en 'sides, Mars Kunnel did n' keer ter take de mammies 'way fum dey chillun w'iles de chillun wuz little.

'You b'longs ter me now, fer I done traded my bes' race hoss fer you, wid yo' ole marster.

"'Aun' Peggy,' sez she, 'I is fotch' you my bes' Sunday head-hankercher.

no, I 'lows it's alluz bes' ter be on de safe side.

"Now, dis yer kin' er talk nach'ly th'owed Dan off'n his gya'd, en fus' thing he knowed he wuz talkin' ter dis ole cunjuh man des lack he wuz one er his bes' frien's.

"'You is de bes' frien' I got, Unk' Jube,' sez Dan, 'en I'll 'member yo' kin'ness

Er s'posen I des woun's her, en she gits erway,w'at she gwine do ter me den?' "'I is done studied 'bout all dem things,' sez de cunjuh man, 'en it 'pears ter me de bes' plan fer you ter foller is ter lemme tu'n you ter some creetur w'at kin see in de da'k, en w'at kin run des ez fas' ez a cat, en w'at kin bite, en bite fer ter kill; en den you won't hafter hab no trouble atter de job is done.

Mars Dugal' tuk on a heap 'bout losin' two er his bes' han's in one day, en ole missis 'lowed it wuz a jedgment on 'im fer sump'n he 'd done.

Ole marster en ole mis' look' de two boys ober, en 'sco'sed wid deyse'ves fer a little w'ile, en den Mars' Dugal' sez, sezee: "'We lacks Hannibal de bes', en we gwine ter keep him.

"De noo house boy kotch' on monst'us fas', en it wa'n't no time ha'dly befo' Mars' Dugal' en ole mis' bofe 'mence' ter 'low Hannibal wuz de bes' house boy dey eber had.

So she helt herse'f in de bes' she could, gittin' madder en madder eve'y minute, 'tel bimeby she seed a 'oman comin' down de road on de udder side fum to'ds Mars' Marrabo Utley's plantation.

En w'iles Mars' Dugal' say he did n' b'liebe in cunj'in' en sich, he 'peared ter 'low it wuz bes' ter be on de safe side, en let Aun' Peggy alone.

And as long as I work fo' Colonel Harvey, one uv de bes' men whut ever lived, we always had cotton-seed and corn-meal to eat.

All de time I felt we wuz born to win dat wahr, but God knowed bes' an' you know de result.

I's pretty sho to git hol' of de bes' an' de riches'.

Let me settle w'en my shouldahs draps dey load Nigh enough to hyeah de noises in de road; Fu' I t'ink de las' long res' Gwine to soothe my sperrit bes' If I's layin' 'mong de t'ings

But who would not believe that some wonderful novelty is presented to his intellect, when he is afterwards told, in the true bugbear style, that "the ares, in the former sense, are things that lie between the have-beens and shall-bes.

The have-beens are things that are past; the shall-bes are things that are to come; and the things that are, in the latter sense, are things that have not been, nor shall be, nor stand in the midst of such as are before them, or shall be after them.

De bes' thing I ever did eat was dat candy.

"My old Marster was de bes' man in de worl'.

I was lucky 'nough to git de nex' bes' woman in de worl'.

(Old Mis' was de bes'.)

I don' lak to feel hard, but I tried to raise my chillun de bes' I could.

Mr. Lampton said I was de bes' driver of his team he ever had caze I kep' his team fat.

De one what us loved bes' never come back no more.

But what us want to kill old Marster an' take de lan' when dey was de bes' frien's us had?

He always had a house full o' folks an' he sho' give 'em de bes' o' food an' likker.

De Judge had de bes' o' ever'thing.

Hogweed an' May apples was de bes' things I knowed of.

Us liked Marse Jeff Davis de bes' on de place.

Dat was de bes' time o' all.

Old Daddy Young was 'bout de bes' preacher us ever had.

I foun' de rope an' carried de bes' cow in de lot to Miss Farrell.

Den on Chris'mus Eve dey was a big dance an' de white folks would come an' see de one what dance de bes'.

De bes' I 'member my nex' Marster was Pres'dent Jefferson Davis hisse'f.

Us hid all de bes' things lak silver, an' driv'[FN: drove] de stock to de swamp.

She had to do de bes' she could.

ez proud ez you please On Victory's bes' carpets, or loafin' at ease

I's gwine to pick out de werry bes' calas I's got for you.

Cullud folks jes' mek out de bes' dey could.

We had plenty cahn pone, baked in de ashes too, hee, hee, hee, it shore wus good, an we had side meat, an we had other eatin too, what ever de Ole Marse had, but I like de side meat bes.

I had a good dress for Sunday too but aint got none dese days, jes looky, chile, dese ole rags de bes I got.

But Ah reckon hit was fer de bes'.

" "So when dey line up, dis here Haitian come crowdin' in ahead o' de fust man in de line, an' he cut off de bes' lean meat 'fore we gits ours.

Bes. 'Tis a challenge Sir, is it not? 3 Gent. 'Tis an inviting to the field.

3 Gent. Why Sir, he would be glad to wipe off his stain as soon as he could. Bes.

[Exit 3 Gent. Bes.

Who then pray? Bes.

[Exit Bac. Bes.

Bes. Where is the King? Mar. There. Bes.

Bes. Where is the King? Mar. There. Bes.

Arb. What knife? Bes.

Bessus, I should imploy thee, wilt thou do't? Bes. Do't for you?

Thou art too wicked for my company, Though I have hell within me, thou may'st yet Corrupt me further: pray thee answer me, How do I shew to thee after this motion? Bes.

Enter Bessus, And two Sword-men, and a Boy. Bes.

We understand our selves Sir. Bes.

Bes. Be wise, and speak truth, my first doubt is, My beating by my Prince.

1. Stay there a little Sir, do you doubt a beating? Or have you had a beating by your Prince? Bes.

we cannot be too subtil in this business, I say, but how? Bes. Even with his Royal hand.

1. Was it a blow of love, or indignation? Bes. 'Twas twenty blows of indignation, Gentlemen, Besides two blows o'th face.

Bes. 'Tis the longest, but we subjects must 1. Be subject to it; you are wise and vertuous.

2. How far Sir? Bes. Not to flatter my self in it, all over, my sword forc'd but not lost; for discreetly I rendred it to save that imputation.

2. Nor no silly creature that wears his head without a Case, his soul in a Skin-coat: You kickt dear brother? Bes.

1. Has your Boy a sword? Bes.

But to the cause again. Bes. Nay look you Gentlemen. 2.

1. And in this beaten scorn, as I may call it, Delivers up his weapon; where lies the error? Bes.

2. There springs a new branch, whose was the foot? Bes.

Lyg. Is your name Bessus? Bes.

do that you do not use to do; tell truth, or by my hand, I'le beat your Captains brains out, wash'em, and put 'em in again, that will I. Bes.

[Exit Lygo. Bes.

are these the Gentlemen? Bes.

Bac. Not that I have beaten you, but beaten one that will be beaten: one whose dull body will require a laming, as Surfeits do the diet, spring and fall; now to your Sword-men; what come they for, good Captain Stock-fish? Bes.

Bac. No, nor your nature neither, though they are things fitter I must confess for any thing, than my remembrance, or any honest mans: what shall these Billets do; be pil'd up in my wood-yard? Bes.

Bac. Captain these are your valiant friends, you long for a little too? Bes. I am very well, I humbly thank your Lordship.

If he kick thus i'th' Dog-daies, he will be dry foundred: what cure now Captain besides Oyl of Baies? Bes.

A prints 'Bes.'

A omits 'Bes.,' thus making this line part of the second Sword-man's speech.

Lig. Is your name Bessus? Bes.

Sir I know you dare lie With none but Summer Whores upon my life Sir. Bes.

Wash um, and put um in againe, that will I. Bes.

Yore grandma hab set her heart on goin', an' it'll be de same as a spell ob sickness ef she don't hab a chance to show her bes' bib an' tucker.

" "Neber mine," said Aunt Linda, "sometimes de las' ob de wine is de bes'.

Then, as I came up to him, he went on, whispering: "'T ain't bes' t' mek no noise here.

Pus astres no m'es donatz Que de mi dons bes m'eschaia, Ni nulho nos plazers noยทl platz, Ni ay poder queยทm n'estraia, Ops m'es qu'ieu sia fondatz En via d'amor veraia, E puesc n'apenre assatz En Cataluenha la gaia, [120] Entrels Catalas valens E las donas avinens.