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1590 example sentences with  beseeches

1590 example sentences with beseeches

He was so old and gentle that I had no heart for disputation, and could only beseech his blessing.

There he stands, holding the gifts towards the amorphous simulacrum of the primeval Mother, while Rama the hierophant beseeches her to send the spirit of the dead Chandrabai into the winnowing-fan.

By Allah, I beseech thee, if thou art true to me, That when the Moorish ladies turn round and gaze on thee, Thou wilt not glance again at them nor meet their smiling eye, Or else, my Abenamar, I shall lay me down and die.

Major William Dobbin was appointed executor, "and as out of his kindness and bounty he maintained my grandson and my son's widow with his own private funds when they were otherwise without means of support" (the testator went on to say), "I hereby thank him heartily, and beseech him to accept such a sum as may be sufficient to purchase his commission as a Lieutenant Colonel, or to be disposed of in any way he may think fit."

Not less earnestly than benevolently do our quack doctors implore us to beware of spurious articles; Day and Martin exhort us not to take our polish from counterfeit blacking: every advertiser beseeches the "pensive public" to be upon its guard against supposititious articlesall, in short, is knavery, juggling, cheating, and deception.

The only colorable imitation is to be found in the eyes of my setter pup when he crouches at my feet and beseeches kindness after a punishment.

Wherefore I beseech thee to suffer this child to go to his father and receive me into thy service.

We beseech thee that thou command us thy servants to dwell in the land of Goshen.

Then Moses cried unto our Lord, saying: I beseech thee

I beseech thee that thy hand turn upon me and upon the house of my father.

Beseeches her to learn to subdue her passions.

For his own sake, for his family's sake, and for the sake of their common humanity, he beseeches him to do this lady justice.

Now, I beseech your honour it may be so.

Some like quaint pedants, Good wit's true recreants, Ye cannot beseech From pure Priscian speech.

Seek, I beseech you; save him, if you may.

I beseech you, pardon me.

"I do beseech Thee, God, show me thy face.

Abdullah prayed as a child beseeches his father.

"Tell me, I beseech you, what I have done, and how to deserve your pardon."

Then, a century or two later, a mass of official correspondence sent by the Kings of Palestine and Syria, dug up in Egypt, reports that the Hittites had appeared as invaders from the north and beseeches military aid.

He starts at the encounter of a salutation as an assault, and beseeches you in choler to forbear your courtesy.

not possible your little bodies cood bring am then, unload those your heavy newes, I beseech ye.

[Sidenote: The Lady beseeches Sir Launcelot to get her the falcon again] Quoth Sir Launcelot: "Lady, I am very sorry for you."

Beseeches him to remove her from the vile house.

But if we do acquiesce in it, he beseeches my fair-one not to suspend my day, that he may be authorized in what he says, as to the truth of the main fact.

Let my passion for you, Madam, and the unexpected meeting of you at your chamber-door, in an attitude so charming Leave me, leave me, this moment!I beseech you leave me; looking wildly and in confusion about her, and upon herself.

no more!leave me, I beseech you!

I beseech you to be gone!

And let me beseech you to perform a promise on which I made a reliance not altogether ungenerous.

Let us be able, I beseech you, Madam, to assure him, on his next visit, that we are one.

She told me, 'That I had no sooner left the vile house, than Dorcas acquainted the syren' [Do, Jack, let me call her names!I beseech thee, Jack, to permit me to call her names!]

I could only repeat over and over with the greatest fervour, 'Lord, I beseech thee, give me these sufferings: they belong to me: I have deserved them in punishment for my sins.'

Philenia assures the Reverend Doctor *** that she is a true penitent, and beseeches his assistance to strengthen her pious resolutions.

I pray and beseech that, although it has not been your will that Spurius Postumius and Titus Veturius, as consuls, should wage war with success against the Samnites, ye may yet deem it sufficient to have seen us sent under the yoke; to have seen us bound under an infamous convention; to have seen us delivered into the hands of our foes naked and shackled, taking on our own heads the whole weight of the enemy's resentment.

And, consuls, I beseech you, that if this business is put into your hands by the senate, ye make me and Marcus Foslius the first objects of our your examinations; that it may be manifested that we are safe from such imputations by our own innocence, not by the dignity of office."

On hearing and seeing which the old man, as though he were actually present at the transactions which were being named to him, wild with fear, exclaimed, "I implore, I beseech you, my son, by all the ties which unite children to parents, that you will not resolve to commit and to suffer every thing that is horrible before the eyes of a father.

Prosper, then, thy work which is begun in the world, we beseech thee, O Lord; may thy gracious providence so encircle and protect the rising generation, that there may be no more complaining in our streets.

A Friend of mine in Wales beseeches me to be very exact in my Account of that wonderful Man, who had marched an Army and all its Baggage over the Alps; and, if possible, to learn whether the Peasant who shew'd him the Way, and is drawn in the Map, be yet living.

I beseech you, do not destroy that immortal emblem of humanity, the Declaration of Independence."

Remember this, I beseech you, all you boys who are getting into the upper forms.

His Jewish heart: therefore, I do beseech you, Make no more offers, use no farther means, But with all brief and plain conveniency Let me have judgment, and the Jew his will.

And I beseech you, Wrest once the law to your authority: To do a great right, do a little wrong, And curb this cruel devil of his will.

Most heartily I do beseech the court To give the judgment.

But as I heard it declared from the orchestra, that this problem concerning the soul, its nature and quality, is not above the understanding, but is within it and in its view, I intreat and beseech you, who have made this declaration, to unfold this eternal arcanum yourselves."

But at that instant a certain angel from heaven unexpectedly stood in the midst of them, and said, "Hear me, I beseech you; I am an angel of heaven, and have lived now a thousand years with my wife, and during that time have been in the same flower of my age in which you here see me.

The Senator appeals to abolitionists, and beseeches them to cease their efforts on the subject of slavery, if they wish, says he, "to exercise their benevolence."

Let us resolve, we beseech you, that at the next session the number shall be A MILLION.

we wish, we recommend no action whatever, inconsistent with the laws and constitutions of our country, or the precepts of our common religion, but we beseech you to join with us in resolving, that while we will respect the rights of others, we will at every hazard maintain our own.

The Senator appeals to abolitionists, and beseeches them to cease their efforts on the subject of slavery, if they wish, says he, "to exercise their benevolence."

In any case, he considers them in, the light of intercessors, for he beseeches them to "speak fair words unto R[=a]" on his behalf, and to make him to prosper before the goddess Nehebka.

I commend myself to your ladyship, and I beseech you to permit me to write to you again as soon as I see reason to believe that I have anything important or agreeable to communicate."

" "Only I must beseech you to spare my clump of planes and poplars that stand so prettily by the centre pond," said Edward.

I will not allow myself to be anxiousnor need you be uneasy about me: only, with all my heart and soul, I beseech you, make no attempt to send Ottilie away, or to introduce her into any other situation.

When, however, my character is insulted, and my poor reputation attacked, extenuate, I beseech you, the enormity of my crime, by relating the hardships of my sufferings.

In order to accomplish the marriage of his daughter, Mr. Hardy pretends to be "sick unto death," and beseeches Doricourt to wed Letitia before he dies.

And, behold, a man of the company cried out, saying, Master, I beseech thee, look upon my son: for he is mine only child.

Miss Moore, I beseech youthink again!

St. Paul has been speaking of two good women, who seem to have had some difference; and he beseeches them to make up their difference, and be of the same mind in the Lord.

So Judah humbly beseeches Joseph: "Let thy servant abide in stead of the lad a bondman to my lord.

"Did he not fear the Lord, and beseech the Lord, and did not the Lord repent of the evil which he had pronounced?"Id.

"Yet for love's sake I rather beseech thee, being such a one as Paul the aged.

"The father beseeches; he begs that one member may be spared to continue the namethe youngest sonthat is all; if he could be saved, the rest what matter; death is nothing to a Spaniard; the family, the name, a thousand years of name is everything.

By Heaven's "unspeakable gift," by Christ's invaluable atonement, by the free, infinite grace of the Father and Son, we persuade you, we beseech you, we entreat you, "be ye reconciled to God"!

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He beseeches me, and that's my only reason for obeying him.

As one of them tries to remove her clothes, Draupadi beseeches Krishna as Vishnu to intervene and save her.

Having successfully engineered Krishna's birth, she does special penance and again beseeches the supreme Trinity to grant her a boon.

The letter goes on to ask that this governor may speak French, so that he may preside over the court; and it earnestly beseeches that the laws may be enforced and crime and wrong-doing put down with a strong hand.

Therefore, I do beseech you, monseigneur, as the only favor I ask, to assure his Majesty that, if ever he should be pleased, as I hope, to employ me in his own armies, I will behave differently.

With uplifted hands we front Thy heaven, O God, crying: We beseech Thee to hear us, good Lord!

We beseech Thee to hear us, good Lord!

We beseech Thee to hear us, good Lord!

Anne, thy wife, to whom I did unbosom my fears, is in much tribulation lest thou art unfaithful to thy marriage vows, and again beseeches me to urge thee to come forth from wicked Babylon and dwell in thy pleasant home in Stratford.

A Friend of mine in Wales beseeches me to be very exact in my Account of that wonderful Man, who had marched an Army and all its Baggage over the Alps; and, if possible, to learn whether the Peasant who shew'd him the Way, and is drawn in the Map, be yet living.

For when he beseeches me to recommend him to your Notice, in such a manner as to be received by you, who are delicate in the choice of your Friends and Domesticks, he knows our Intimacy, and understands my Ability to serve him better than I do myself.

It is thought, I find here (whither I came to-day), that the great object is our Jamaica fleet; but that a detachment is gone to Ireland to do what mischief they can on the coast before our ally, the Equinox, will beseech them to retire.

May the sweet and burning power of Thy love, I beseech Thee, absorb my soul.

Then to morrow you shall be turn'd out of your place for't; we meddle with no spirit o'th' Buttery, they taste too small for us; keep me a Pie in Folio, I beseech thee, and thou shalt see how learnedly I'le translate him.

Nay, nay, I do beseech you leave your cogging, what they are, they are, they serve me without Spectacles I thank 'em.

Though you deserve not so much at my hands, yet if you be in such earnest, I'le speak a word with you; but I beseech you be brief: for in good faith there's a Parson and a licence stay for us i'th' Church all this while: and you know 'tis night.

I beseech you let this Gentleman join with you in the recovery of my Keyes; I like his good beginning Sir, the whilst I'le pray for both your worships.

I beseech you put this thought from you, dear lady, and be once more my true Princess, I your liege subjectfaithful, full of reverence and devotion till life shall end!"

Almighty and most gracious Lord God, extend, we beseech Thee, Thy pity and compassion towards this Thy languishing servant:

We beseech Thee also, O Lord, of Thy infinite goodness to remember the good actions of this Thy servant; that the naked she hath clothed, the hungry she hath fed, the sick and the fatherless whom she hath relieved, may be reckoned according to Thy gracious promise, as if they had been done unto Thee.

Accept these prayers, we beseech Thee, for the sake of Thy dear Son Jesus Christ, our Lord; who, with Thee and the Holy Ghost, liveth and reigneth ever one God world without end.

Lessen, O Lord, we beseech Thee, her bodily pains, or give her a double strength of mind to support them.

O Merciful Father, Who never afflictest Thy children, but for their own good, and with justice, over which Thy mercy always prevaileth, either to turn them to repentance, or to punish them in the present life, in order to reward them in a better; take pity, we beseech Thee, upon this Thy poor afflicted servant, languishing so long and so grievously under the weight of Thy hand.

We beseech Thee likewise to compose her thoughts; and preserve to her the use of her memory and reason during the course of her sickness.

In the meanwhile, we beseech thee to take us, and ours, and all that belongs to us, into thy fatherly care this night.

O Lord, we must acknowledge, that they are all but the effects of sin; and, therefore, we beseech thee

"The father beseeches, he begs that one member may be spared to continue the namethe youngest sonthat is all; if he could be saved, the rest what matter; death is nothing to a Spaniard; the family, the name, a thousand years of name is everything.

spare her, if possible," said Tamar, "or let her escape, if you can do nothing else to save her; I beseech you spare her!"

Of two men dying together in agony and shame, the one beseeches of the other the grace of a king!

Explain that to me, Sir Giles, I beseech you.

"Incline your ear to me, I beseech you.

"'Here's my throatsmite, I beseech thee!

Whatever they may be, I fervently beseech the Almighty to avert or mitigate the evils to which they may tend.

To preserve beauty on the earth, beauty herself beseeches us to plant trees, and renew dead landscapes with the shadow and light of plant life flitting through the pendant limbs, the willowy boughs and the waving foliage of sturdy, yet graceful woods.

But one thing I beseech that lord of his might That my brethren, the apostles, might be me before, To see me and I them ere I pass to that light.

Allow us, we beseech you, as old men to leave to posterity what we received as boys.