1560 examples of beseeches in sentences

There he stands, holding the gifts towards the amorphous simulacrum of the primeval Mother, while Rama the hierophant beseeches her to send the spirit of the dead Chandrabai into the winnowing-fan.

Not less earnestly than benevolently do our quack doctors implore us to beware of spurious articles; Day and Martin exhort us not to take our polish from counterfeit blacking: every advertiser beseeches the "pensive public" to be upon its guard against supposititious articlesall, in short, is knavery, juggling, cheating, and deception.

The only colorable imitation is to be found in the eyes of my setter pup when he crouches at my feet and beseeches kindness after a punishment.

Beseeches her to learn to subdue her passions.

For his own sake, for his family's sake, and for the sake of their common humanity, he beseeches him to do this lady justice.

Abdullah prayed as a child beseeches his father.

Then, a century or two later, a mass of official correspondence sent by the Kings of Palestine and Syria, dug up in Egypt, reports that the Hittites had appeared as invaders from the north and beseeches military aid.

He starts at the encounter of a salutation as an assault, and beseeches you in choler to forbear your courtesy.

" [Sidenote: The Lady beseeches Sir Launcelot to get her the falcon again] Quoth Sir Launcelot: "Lady, I am very sorry for you."

Beseeches him to remove her from the vile house.

But if we do acquiesce in it, he beseeches my fair-one not to suspend my day, that he may be authorized in what he says, as to the truth of the main fact.

Philenia assures the Reverend Doctor *** that she is a true penitent, and beseeches his assistance to strengthen her pious resolutions.

The Senator appeals to abolitionists, and beseeches them to cease their efforts on the subject of slavery, if they wish, says he, "to exercise their benevolence."

The Senator appeals to abolitionists, and beseeches them to cease their efforts on the subject of slavery, if they wish, says he, "to exercise their benevolence."

In any case, he considers them in, the light of intercessors, for he beseeches them to "speak fair words unto R[=a]" on his behalf, and to make him to prosper before the goddess Nehebka.

In order to accomplish the marriage of his daughter, Mr. Hardy pretends to be "sick unto death," and beseeches Doricourt to wed Letitia before he dies.

St. Paul has been speaking of two good women, who seem to have had some difference; and he beseeches them to make up their difference, and be of the same mind in the Lord.

So Judah humbly beseeches Joseph: "Let thy servant abide in stead of the lad a bondman to my lord."Gen., xliv, 33.

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He beseeches me, and that's my only reason for obeying him.

As one of them tries to remove her clothes, Draupadi beseeches Krishna as Vishnu to intervene and save her.

Having successfully engineered Krishna's birth, she does special penance and again beseeches the supreme Trinity to grant her a boon.

Anne, thy wife, to whom I did unbosom my fears, is in much tribulation lest thou art unfaithful to thy marriage vows, and again beseeches me to urge thee to come forth from wicked Babylon and dwell in thy pleasant home in Stratford.

A Friend of mine in Wales beseeches me to be very exact in my Account of that wonderful Man, who had marched an Army and all its Baggage over the Alps; and, if possible, to learn whether the Peasant who shew'd him the Way, and is drawn in the Map, be yet living.

For when he beseeches me to recommend him to your Notice, in such a manner as to be received by you, who are delicate in the choice of your Friends and Domesticks, he knows our Intimacy, and understands my Ability to serve him better than I do myself.

1560 examples of  beseeches  in sentences