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25531 examples of  besides  in sentences

25531 examples of besides in sentences

This is true of much else besides scholastic axioms and theorems.

And, besides these, it has possible consequences to the prosperity of the opinion itself.

Besides the great change which such a point of view makes in men's way of speaking of a religion, whose dogmas and documents they reject, there is this further consideration leaning in the same direction.

She was too much the politic woman of the world to say that the dimity gown was the same one that she had worn for the two or three days previous; besides, the fact would have cast a doubt upon their judgment, and she was particular in all such little details of good breeding; so she parried the compliment de

"You know there will be a second volume of the book for you to read and criticise, besides all the illustrations to discuss.

The conventional affair is very hard on a man of my years, all of whose contemporaries are either bald or rheumatic; besides, now I think of it, it is merely carrying out the ever-present precedent.

We shall, however, hand useful information concerning our own times to our successors, thanks principally to the exertions of an Anthropometric Committee established five years ago by the British Association, who have collected and partly classified and published a large amount of facts, besides having induced several institutions, such as Marlborough College, to undertake a regular system of anthropometric record.

In those blank times there is very little for them to attend to besides their varied cutaneous irritations.

Besides this, the life of a sailor is very unhealthy, as shown by his growing old prematurely, and his eyes must be much tried by foul weather and salt spray.

We cut down some scores of his infantry, and spiked four guns, I have not lost twenty men, and his cavalry must have lost at least a hundred from your fire, besides the damage I did at their camp.

Besides, the Royalist might land them and sail away without any being the wiser, while at the other ports her coming would be surely noticed.

Besides his personal friends, Buckingham, Wilmot, and one or two other nobles, scarce a man remained.

Besides the flagstaff and black flag we have piled biscuit boxes, filled and empty, to act as reflectorssecured tea tins to the sledges, which are planted upright in the snow.

Bowers, Cherry-Garrard, Hooper, Clissold, P.O. Evans, and Crean take animals, besides Anton and Oates.

Coffee was served out at breakfast and cocoa at supper, besides being occasionally supplied at other times to men who had been engaged in exhausting work in extremely cold weather.

It is true, only one copy was issued each morning of publication, because, besides supplying the greater proportion of the material himself, and executing the illustrations in a style that would have made Mr. Leech of the present day envious, he had to transcribe the various contributions he received from the men and others in a neat, legible hand.

Besides all this, a theatre was set agoing, of which we shall have more to say hereafter.

"How many is there, an ye plaze?" "Six, I think; yesone, two, threeI can't make them out quite, but I think there are six, besides the one on the ice.

The skins and boots, besides walrus and seal flesh, which the crew were enabled to barter at this time, were of the utmost importance, for their fresh provisions had begun to get low, and their boots were almost worn out, so that the scene of barter was exceedingly animated.

These poor fellows do not regard theft in the same light that we do; besides, it would be foolish to risk losing their friendship.

Even the captain and officers were forbidden to peep behind the sail that formed a curtain to the stage; and this secrecy, besides being necessary, was extremely useful, inasmuch as it excited the curiosity of the men, and afforded them food for converse and speculation for a week before the great day arrived.

Besides, they need a good deal.

Besides several minor faults, we have here a nonentity, a NEGATION of the Greek article, made to occupy a place in language, and to express force!

Besides several other faults, it contains a palpable misuse of the article itself: "the h" which is specified in the second and fifth sentences, is the "silent h" of the first sentence; and this inaccurate specification gives us the two obvious solecisms of supposing, "if the [silent] h be sounded," and of locating "words WHERE the [silent] h is not silent!"

Besides, the definition of an irregular verb, as given in any of our grammars, seems to exclude all such as may form the preterit and the perfect participle by assuming d or ed. OBS.

Besides, by most of our grammarians, the present tense of the infinitive mood is declared to be the radical form of the verb; but this doctrine must be plainly untrue, upon the supposition that this tense is a compound.

Putting human testimony aside, there are witnesses of the past that still give their evidence to the fact, that parts of this continent were once inhabited by races who had other pursuits besides hunting and fishing, and whose ideas and manners differed widely from those of the "red men" of the North.

He tells us, that, "besides the reasons already given for distrusting the correctness of Spanish statements, there is another, more secret in character, but not less potent than all combinedfear of incurring the displeasure of that tribunal which punished unbelief with fire, torture, and confiscation."

Besides that valuable work known among mortals as the "Encyclopaedia Britannica," but usually cited by Mr. Wilson, in an off-hand and familiar way, as "Britannica," he draws much upon a treasure of his own discovery, "a ponderous folio" of the seventeenth century, written in English by one Grimshaw, and containing a full and veritable history of Spain from the earliest epochs.

Apparently, Mr. Wilson, besides writing in a singular style himself, is the cause of singularities in the writings of other men.

Besides, I should be afraid it would be spoiled.

B and B' are two series of regenerating chambers lined with refractory brick, and, besides, filled with refractory bricks piled up as shown in the figure.

There were other claims, too, to this confidence, besides those of the heart.

There are other cares in our house besides our unfortunate acquaintance with your cousin.

Besides, if it pleased Azuma-zi to be near the big machine, it was plain sense and decency to keep him away from it.

Besides, as one of the original founders of the League to Minimise Gossip amongst General Staff Officers" "Rot!" said Thomas; "you simply let your partners do the talking.


Besides those on the table, one volume lies on the floor, which is without carpet or covering, but absolutely clean: and by the wall, not far from the fireplace, is an open chest, ancient and ponderous, in which are the works of the Fathers.

Besides his strictly parochial duties, the vicar wrote a manual for use in the schools, he attended the Chambers of Agriculture, and supported certain social movements among the farmers; he attended meetings, and, both socially and politically, by force of character, energy, and the gift of speech, became a power in the country side.

They have no wish to quit the place and enter cottages with better accommodation: they might rent others of the farmers, but they prefer to be independent, and, besides, will not move lest they should lose their rights.

Besides, it's next to impossible, these days, to get a Chinese second-boy.

Besides, we must either be getting to work or figuring how I am to make the boat at Sausalito.

"And, besides, he can't talk about himself.

Besides, in your heart of hearts, you don't want to turn back, you know!"

Besides it is impossible for him to take you from me.

Besides, he subscribed himself very obediently hers, but on re-examining the letter she noticed that he had made no mention of coming to pay his respects to her.

Besides, Stephen is perfectly determined to enlist in his father's regiment, and I can see that they can't restrain him much longer.

Besides, he rides better than anybody except the drill-master at White Plains; he rides like a gentleman-and looks like one, with that infernally cool way of his.

Besides, some horrid stories were afloat about some of the nurses not being all they ought to be.

Besides, it's within a few minutes of my tour of duty" She stopped, petrified, as a volley of hoof-beats echoed outside, the clash of arms and accoutrements rang close by the porch.

When there before I had seen cows at almost every cabin, and there were besides many sheep and pigs owned in the village.

Besides, today our men are all protected against gas.

Besides, I really want to see the thing out right here.

Besides," he added with a wink to me, "you know, Senator Danfield wouldn't like this pretty little door even scratched.

This I did gladly, for a cigar and Miss Cullen's society were even pleasanter than a cigar and Miss Cullen's pictures, because the pictures never quite did her justice, and, besides, didn't talk.

For these advantages, and others further granted to the aforesaid inhabitants by the king's munificence, the folks of the commune have covenanted to give the king, besides the old plenary court dues, and man-and-horse dues [dues paid for exemption from active service in case of war], three lodgings a year, if he come to the town, and, if he do not come, they will pay him instead twenty livres for each lodging.

Louis promised besides to pay annually to King Edward fifty thousand crowns, in two payments, during the time that both princes were alive.

The Flemings, besides, had been disheartened and disgusted at the idea of compromising themselves for or against their Burgundian prince.

Besides, you know that the king our master is writing to you every day to give battle, and that in your hands rests, not only the safety of his duchy of Milan, but also all his dominion of France, seeing the enemies he has to-day.

had, indeed, something else to do besides crossing the Alps to go to the protection of such precarious conquests.

Meanwhile the French ambassador at Rome, William Bude, "a man," says Guicciardini, "of probably unique erudition amongst the men of our day," and, besides, a man of keen and sagacious intellect, was unfolding the secret working of Italian diplomacy, and sending to Paris demands for his recall, saying, "Withdraw me from this court full of falsehoods; this is a residence too much out of my element."

Suddenly Ruskin halted and, planting his cane in the ground, exclaimed, "I don't believe, AlfredCoventry, I don't believe that there are in all England three men besides ourselves who, after finding a violet at this time of year, would have had forbearance and fine feeling enough to refrain from plucking it.

CORCORAN (grabs the paper and scans it with interest) Sure enough, there it is, then, with five lines of large black letters and two columns of small letters besides, and his photograph as well.

"Besides, you can understand I don't want it noised about.

Besides, they wouldn't let you.

Besides, haven't you ever noticed what a stupid expression Joseph has got?" "Yes," said Miss Drewitt.

Besides, I'm sure he has had nothing to do with it.

"Besides, we've got no choice.

A man's ignorance sometimes is not only useful, but beautiful,while his knowledge, so called, is oftentimes worse than useless, besides being ugly.

Mayst thou yet thyself as well, As all the world besides, excel!

Neither Denham nor Waller were great poets; but they have produced lines and verses so good, and have, besides, exerted an influence so considerable on modern versification, and the style of poetical utterance, that they are entitled to a highly respectable place amidst the sons of British song.

As if FIRE lurked not sometimes in their leaves, and as if there were not, besides, a nobler jealousy in the public mind ready to watch and to avenge their misappropriation.

Besides, it was his design to discover the east by way of the west; and as the East Indies lay in the remotest part of the east, going eastwards, which he meant to discover in a western course, it might well be called India.

Columbus was called before an assembly of cosmographers, of whom there were few then in Spain, and those none of the ablest; and besides the admiral was unwilling to explain himself too unreservedly, lest he might be served as already in Portugal; wherefore the result of this consultation was adverse to his expectations and wishes.

On his coming back, the prior of Prado, and the others who were joined with him in commission, were still averse from the undertaking; and besides, as Columbus demanded high conditions, among which were to have the titles of admiral and viceroy over all his discoveries, they thought he required too much in case of success, and that such a grant would seem dishonourable in case of failure.

Besides, that Columbus only demanded a million of maravedies to fit himself out for the expedition; and he therefore earnestly entreated that so small a sum might not obstruct so great an enterprize.

This is about L.260.Churchill Equal to about L.2600 of our present money in effective value: But is difficult to conceive how the eighth part of this small armament should require so large a sum, which would extend the total amount to L.2080 of solid money, equal in efficacy to L.20,800 in our times: and, besides the crown had advanced L.520, equally to L.5200, as its contribution for seven eighths.

Next morning a gull and some ducks, with many small birds were seen, all flying in the same direction with the former; besides, the air became more fresh and fragrant, as at Seville in April.

All these were strong indications of being near land; besides which the lead now found a bottom and brought up sand; and the wind became unsteady, which was thought to proceed from the nearness of the land.

On purpose farther to rouse their vigilance, besides putting them in mind of the promised annuity of 10,000 maravedies from the king to him who might first see land, he engaged to give from himself a velvet doublet to the discoverer.

But they answered well his purpose; as, besides securing him a good place and competent salary, they enabled him to impose his own name on the new world, before he had discovered one foot of its coasts."

Besides pearls and gold, they took on board a considerable quantity of Brazil wood, though contrary to their instructions.

Besides bows, arrows, and slings, they had shields and two-handed swords.

EULER, LEONHARD, a celebrated mathematician, born at Basel; professor in St. Petersburg successively of Physics and Mathematics; came to reside in Berlin in 1741 at the express invitation of Frederick the Great; returned to St. Petersburg in 1746, where he died; besides many works issued in his lifetime, he left 200 MSS., which were published after his death (1707-1783).

FALKLAND ISLANDS (2), a group of islands in the S. Atlantic, 240 m. E. of Tierra del Fuego; discovered in 1592 by Davis; purchased from the French in 1764 by Spain, but afterwards ceded to Britain, by whom they were occupied in 1833 and used as a convict settlement until 1852; besides E. and W. Falkland there are upwards of 100 small islands, mostly barren; wheat and flax are raised, but sheep-farming is the main industry.

FECHNER, GUSTAV THEODOR, physicist and psychophysicist, born at Gross-Sรคrchen, in Lower Lusatia; became professor of Physics in Leipzig, but afterwards devoted himself to psychology; laid the foundations of the science of psychophysics in his "Elements of Pyschophysics"; wrote besides on the theory of colour and galvanism, as well as poems and essays (1801-1887).

FERGUSSON, SIR W., surgeon, born at Prestonpans; graduated at Edinburgh; was elected to the chair of Surgery in King's College, London, and in 1866 was made a baronet; was serjeant-surgeon to the Queen, and president of the Royal College of Surgeons; Fergusson was a bold and skilful surgeon; is the author, amongst other treatises, of a "System of Practical Surgery," besides being the inventor of many surgical instruments (1808-1877).

FIUME (29), a seaport of Hungary, on the Adriatic, at the rocky entrance of the Fiumara, 40 m. SE. of Trieste; a new town of spacious and colonnaded streets and many fine buildings, has grown up on the ground sloping down from the old town; has an excellent harbour, and flourishing industries in paper, torpedoes, tobacco, etc., besides being the entrepรดt of an important and increasing commerce.

Besides demonstrating the strength and genius of Frederick and raising immensely the prestige of Prussia, it enabled England to make complete her predominance in North America and to establish herself securely in India, while at the same time it gave the death-blow to French hopes of a colonial empire.

SHELLEY, MARY WOLLSTONECRAFT, author of "Frankenstein," daughter of William Godwin and Mary Wollstonecraft; became the wife of the poet Shelley in 1816 after a two years' illicit relationship; besides "Frankenstein" (1828), wrote several romances, "The Last Man," "Lodore," &c., also "Rambles in Germany and Italy"; edited with valuable notes her husband's works (1797-1851).

He is the author of a critique on Sir William Hamilton's theory of perception, on Huxley's doctrine of protoplasm, and on Darwinianism, besides a translation of SCHWEGLER'S "History of Philosophy," with notes, a highly serviceable work.

3, Gothland, the southern portion, embraces the fertile plains sloping to the Cattegat, and is the chief agricultural district, besides possessing iron and coal.

" "But I am not too old to have an agreeable time; besides, I am not eighteen, and shall not be till four days from now.

People give them when they're asked for them, and half the time know nothing of the person for whom they do the favor, besides his name and general standing.

Besides, it's getting chilly," and I gave a little shiver.

It is rather hard for her, for the place belongs to Richard, and besides, Richard has been very generous to her always.

Besides, I did not even know that I wanted to go if I could.

Besides, now, they almost always had writing or business affairs to occupy them.

It was a year and a half since I had seen him: besides, this piece of news!

It is too much trouble to turn him out, besides it wouldn't be kindand