25531 examples of besides in sentences

Besides, today our men are all protected against gas.

Besides, I really want to see the thing out right here.

Besides," he added with a wink to me, "you know, Senator Danfield wouldn't like this pretty little door even scratched.

This I did gladly, for a cigar and Miss Cullen's society were even pleasanter than a cigar and Miss Cullen's pictures, because the pictures never quite did her justice, and, besides, didn't talk.

Suddenly Ruskin halted and, planting his cane in the ground, exclaimed, "I don't believe, AlfredCoventry, I don't believe that there are in all England three men besides ourselves who, after finding a violet at this time of year, would have had forbearance and fine feeling enough to refrain from plucking it.

CORCORAN (grabs the paper and scans it with interest) Sure enough, there it is, then, with five lines of large black letters and two columns of small letters besides, and his photograph as well.

"Besides, you can understand I don't want it noised about.

Besides, they wouldn't let you.

Besides, haven't you ever noticed what a stupid expression Joseph has got?" "Yes," said Miss Drewitt.

Besides, I'm sure he has had nothing to do with it.

"Besides, we've got no choice.

EULER, LEONHARD, a celebrated mathematician, born at Basel; professor in St. Petersburg successively of Physics and Mathematics; came to reside in Berlin in 1741 at the express invitation of Frederick the Great; returned to St. Petersburg in 1746, where he died; besides many works issued in his lifetime, he left 200 MSS., which were published after his death (1707-1783).

FALKLAND ISLANDS (2), a group of islands in the S. Atlantic, 240 m. E. of Tierra del Fuego; discovered in 1592 by Davis; purchased from the French in 1764 by Spain, but afterwards ceded to Britain, by whom they were occupied in 1833 and used as a convict settlement until 1852; besides E. and W. Falkland there are upwards of 100 small islands, mostly barren; wheat and flax are raised, but sheep-farming is the main industry.

FECHNER, GUSTAV THEODOR, physicist and psychophysicist, born at Gross-Särchen, in Lower Lusatia; became professor of Physics in Leipzig, but afterwards devoted himself to psychology; laid the foundations of the science of psychophysics in his "Elements of Pyschophysics"; wrote besides on the theory of colour and galvanism, as well as poems and essays (1801-1887).

FERGUSSON, SIR W., surgeon, born at Prestonpans; graduated at Edinburgh; was elected to the chair of Surgery in King's College, London, and in 1866 was made a baronet; was serjeant-surgeon to the Queen, and president of the Royal College of Surgeons; Fergusson was a bold and skilful surgeon; is the author, amongst other treatises, of a "System of Practical Surgery," besides being the inventor of many surgical instruments (1808-1877).

FIUME (29), a seaport of Hungary, on the Adriatic, at the rocky entrance of the Fiumara, 40 m. SE. of Trieste; a new town of spacious and colonnaded streets and many fine buildings, has grown up on the ground sloping down from the old town; has an excellent harbour, and flourishing industries in paper, torpedoes, tobacco, etc., besides being the entrepôt of an important and increasing commerce.

He is the author of a critique on Sir William Hamilton's theory of perception, on Huxley's doctrine of protoplasm, and on Darwinianism, besides a translation of SCHWEGLER'S "History of Philosophy," with notes, a highly serviceable work.

" "But I am not too old to have an agreeable time; besides, I am not eighteen, and shall not be till four days from now.

People give them when they're asked for them, and half the time know nothing of the person for whom they do the favor, besides his name and general standing.

Besides, it's getting chilly," and I gave a little shiver.

It is rather hard for her, for the place belongs to Richard, and besides, Richard has been very generous to her always.

Besides, I did not even know that I wanted to go if I could.

Besides, now, they almost always had writing or business affairs to occupy them.

It was a year and a half since I had seen him: besides, this piece of news!

It is too much trouble to turn him out, besides it wouldn't be kindand

25531 examples of  besides  in sentences