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520 example sentences with  bespeaks

520 example sentences with bespeaks

But let me first bespeak their candour, and a salutary diffidence of themselves, by one or two well-authenticated anecdotes.

Dick True was in the brotherhood also, and never came home for his vacations without bringing with him "some fellow who needed a taste of love," and the overgrown boys would glory in their strength as they lifted Miss Diana from the carriage after a delightful drive, and learn a strange gentleness as they were unconsciously trained in the little deeds of chivalry which bespeak a true man.

Sir, I am sure of it; and I am going to bespeak Musick for the Ball anon.

[Illustration: ] All murmured approval, and then one of the company asked if he would be allowed to bespeak the liver for his share.

"In the churchyard of this village," writes Gilbert White in "The Antiquities of Selborne," "is a yew-tree whose aspect bespeaks it to be of great age; it seems to have seen several centuries and is probably co-eval with the church, and therefore may be deemed an antiquity; the body is squat, short and thick, and measures twenty-three feet in the girth, supporting a head of suitable extent to its bulk.

But I wouldn't be one, if I were you, unless I could bespeak a Shakspeare to do me into poetry.

We rather insist on this point, as indicating the habitual healthiness of Mother Juliana's soula quality which is also abundantly witnessed by the unity and coherence of the doctrine of her revelations, which bespeaks a mind well-knit together, and at harmony with itself.

To my mind, it bespeaks a bad heart, and a woman with a bad heart cannot make a very amiable wife."

That's noble, and bespeaks a nation proud

His face bespeaks

He travels on, and in his face, his step, His gait, is one expression: every limb, His look and bending figure, all bespeak 5

Whether the muscles are massive or sparse, atrophied or hypertrophied, soft or hard, easily fatigable or not, bespeak conditions in the glandular chain.

These signatures which the Faculty of Life have scribbled or engraved over it as upon a diploma, bespeak for him spiritual moments.

If then such loveliness upon its own Should graft new beauties in a mortal birth, The sheath bespeaks the shining blade within.

For that commanding front, that fearless eye, Bespeaks illustrious birth.

"Ha," cried sir William, with his wonted spriteliness of accent, "methinks the countenance of my Damon does not bespeak the sentiments that become a bridegroom."

His careless committal of the ring to the ground (which he was commissioned to restore to Cesario), bespeaks a generosity of birth and feeling.

Pretensions do not uniformly bespeak non-performance.

His careless committal of the ring to the ground (which he was commissioned to restore to Cesario), bespeaks a generosity of birth and feeling.

She is an estimable and cultured lady, and we bespeak for her a warm welcome to this garden-spot of the mid-West."

Drifting clouds and tinkling waters, together with the warmth of a genial summer day, bespeak with eloquence the loving Mystery round about us.

We knew he was in the town, and that there was to be a bespeak night, when her Majesty's Judges and the Midland Circuit would honour, etc.

As heartily, they would have us bespeak their company in our games; they are willing to try to be grown-up with us.

It was printed at the obscure market-town press of Newark, was altogether a very homely, rustic work, and no attempt was made to bespeak for it a good name from the critics.

The day was wet and gloomy, and the appearance of the town was little calculated to bespeak cheerfulness.

Acknowledged superiority, yea, celebrated wisdom, were indispensable, to bespeak his sincere attention; and, without disparagement, it may be fairly said, these were not the attributes of Dr Kennedy.

He acknowledges no contrition to bespeak commiseration, he complains of no wrong to justify revenge, for he feels none; he despises sympathy, and almost glories in his perdition.

Morosini, "and we have listened in the Senate to letters from our ambassador at Rome which bespeak his Holiness of a presence and a dignitysave for over-quickness of temperwhich befit a Pope; and that he hath reserved himself from promises, to the displeasure and surprise of some of those who created him.

One sees by the care he takes of his outside, and the notice he bespeaks from every one by his own notice of himself, that the inside takes up the least of his attention.

He loves to tell stories: always calls them merry, facetious, good, or excellent, before he begins, in order to bespeak the attention of the hearers, but never gives himself concern in the progress or conclusion of them, to make good what he promises in his preface.

But if it must be three weeks before you can be certain about it, surely you need not put off his day for that space: and he may bespeak his equipages.

For she marks none of all the court to-day Save Sir Sanpeur, the passing noble knight Whose bearing doth bespeak heroic deeds, There where he rides with the sweet maid Ettonne.

These things bespeak an industrious, efficient, and tractable king, such as the Norwegians, who would equally resent either vacillation or tyranny, know how to appreciate.

Of two copies in the Malone collection, one presents additions which might bespeak it a later impression than the other; and yet, on the other hand, has errors (some of a serious kind) peculiar to itself.

IV. Music religious heats inspires, It wakes the soul, and lifts it high, And wings it with sublime desires, And fits it to bespeak the Deity.

Sedley insinuates gently into the heart, without giving any alarm, but is no less fraught with poison, than are those whose deformity bespeaks their mischief.

That's noble, and bespeaks a nation proud

for thy voice bespeaks thee such, Though to my sight unknown.

The General sent one of his men to their ship, as a pilot, as also to announce their arrival, and bespeak the attention of the magistrates at Savannah; and, on the 9th they set sail for the desired region of peace.

[Footnote 1: Appendix, No. XXII.] On the beginning of April he went to the Uchee town to engage runners to his Indian allies to inform them of his intended assault of St. Augustine; to bespeak their assistance, and request their chiefs and warriors to join his forces at Frederica, whither he immediately repaired.

V. mean, signify, express; import, purport; convey, imply, breathe, indicate, bespeak, bear a sense; tell of, speak of; touch on; point to, allude to; drive at; involve &c (latency) 526; declare &c (affirm) 535.

[Macbeth]. bespeak &c (be early) 132.

I do not know whether he sang better or worse than Apollo; and I am sure it is much better, and bespeaks more sense, to play the flute ill than to play it well.

His very countenance and gesture bespeak how much he is, and if you understand him not, he tells you, and concludes every period with his place, which you must and shall know.

He measures right and wrong by his retaining fee, and, like a French duellist, engages on that side that first bespeaks him, though it be against his own brother; not because it is right, but merely upon a punctilio of profit, which is better than honour to him, because riches will buy nobility, and nobility nothing, as having no intrinsic value.

[Sidenote: Sir Palamydes bespeaks the Lady Belle Isoult] Now upon the evening of the second day of that tournament, Sir Palamydes came to where the Lady Belle

And Sir Kay said further: "I will go and bespeak that knight and ask him who he is."

He was the typical rastaquouรจre, a man of finished manners, and unknown antecedents, a foreigner, apparently rich, obviously accomplished, but with that indefinable air which bespeaks the adventurer; and which gives society as fair a warning as if the man wore a placard on his shoulder with the word cave.

And now I must be going, for it is nearly the dinner hour, and my mother says as I have dined here three days she bespeaks my presence for one out of four.

His small stature, iron heart, and willingness to enter the earth bespeak the terrier cross. The Dachshund was first introduced to this country in sufficient numbers to merit notice in the early 'sixties, and, speedily attracting notice by his quaint formation and undoubted sporting instincts, soon became a favourite.

It has been my Misfortune, Sir, very innocently, to rejoice in a plentiful Fortune, of which I am Master, to bespeak a fine Chariot, to give Direction for two or three handsome Snuff-Boxes, and as many Suits of fine Cloaths; but before any of these were ready, I heard Reports of my being to be married to two or three different young Women.

His imaged birds, and painted bowl, And venison, for a journey dressed, Bespeak the nature of the soul, Activity, that wants no rest.

"There's a little canvassing takes place on these occasions," said Mr. Crummles, "among the patrons, and the fact is, Snevellicci has had so many bespeaks in this place that she wants an attraction.

For the present, however, every inn, homestead, and public building bespeaks prosperity.

But of all the characters for whom our authoress has been pleased to bespeak our interest, Hetty Sorrel is the most remarkable for unamiable qualities.

Every line bespeaks the lady.

And now Dash and May follow us every where, and are going with us now to the Shaw, or rather to the cottage by the Shaw, to bespeak milk and butter of our little dairy-woman, Hannah Binta housewifely occupation, to which we owe some of our pleasantest ramblesMiss Mitford.

There are several country places on the banks, and the whole appearance bespeaks comfort and civilization.

The Births, Marriages, and Deathsand the Markets, and Price of Stocks, in small type, which well bespeaks their crowded interest, wind up the sheet.

There are the small bow windows, the little panes of glass, that are so suggestive of the architecture of a century ago, and outside the shop everything bespeaks a past which was not exactly of yesterday.

To bespeak a pair of shoes for her eldest girl.

There remain, however, a few observations, for which, having found no appropriate place, I would bespeak attention in a concluding chapter.

The abolition of slavery, and the retrieval of specie in this colony, are the subjects on which I would bespeak their attention.

Such a man in this thy son Shall one day scale the star-encumbered heaven: His amplitude of chest bespeaks him lord Of all the forest beasts and all mankind.

The king-at-arms bespeaks the knights and listening crowd: Our sovereign lord has ponder'd in his mind

Let us follow the road up this steep aclivity, and enter the large capacious door-yard which contained several rods of land, and was surrounded by an old fashioned stone wall, which has been beaten by at least seventy-five winters' storms; and the thick covering of green moss upon it bespeaks its age.

They stand with mattock, and with spade, On me their icy hands are laid, While noisome vapors round me spread, Bespeak the precincts of the dead.

No storied urn bespeaks her worth.

"There are a few compound irregular verbs, as befal, bespeak, &c."Ash's Gram., p. 46.

"There are a few compound irregular verbs, as befall, bespeak, &c."Ash cor.

It is exactly the sort of voice which bespeaks the goodwill of the hearer and recommends what it utters.

These, in districts such as I have distinguished as "American," are filled with boys and girls, of all ages from five to eighteen, whose appearance and intelligence bespeak high social conditions.

It is the intermittent fever which bespeaks unintermittent disease within; the occasional bubble escaping to the surface which betrays some rottenness underneath; a sample of the most hidden products of the soul dropt involuntarily when off one's guard; in a word, the lightning form of a hundred hideous and unchristian sins.

That magic laugh bespeaks thee prest As surely to another breast!

The vaulting of this part was evidently made by the second founder, Beaufort, whose arms, together with those of Wykeham, and of the Hospital, are seen in the centre orbs of it: that at the east end, by the Saxon ornaments with which it is charged, bespeaks the workmanship of the first founder, De Blois.

His private walk bespeaks him a devoted man.

Indeed, the face of a man, as a rule, bespeaks more interesting matter than his tongue, for it is the compendium of all which he will ever say, as it is the register of all his thoughts and aspirations.

We dined, and, as friends will, indulged in that exchange of thoughts which bespeaks intimacy.

Some censure this as lewd or low, Who are to Bounty blind; For to forget what we bestow, Bespeaks a noble Mind.'

'What chief is this that visits us from far, Whose gallant mien bespeaks him train'd to war?' 341.

It bespeaks a superior intellect, but paralyzed and spellbound by the sorcery of a worldly-minded expediency.

When I stepped in for the first five years, I was welcomed only with a shake of the hand; in the next period of his life, he beckoned across the way for a pot of beer; but for six years past, he invites me to dinner; and, if he bespeaks me the day before, never fails to regale me with a fillet of veal.

And so thy name in fragrance fine Bespeaks again returning June, The spring of promise, budding hope!

Who that hears of Columcille will forget how He won that name, "dove of the Church", because of his early piety, and that surely bespeaks a mother's guiding care.

Then I'll bespeak you one, you will be desperately in love with; Florimel: So soon as the queen heard you were returned, she gave you her for mistress.

We will have some coffee to clear our brains, and then I will bespeak your patience for what may seem like a rather prolix demonstration.

Great public subscriptions to the sufferers from great disasters, such as the Irish and the Indian famines, the Chicago fire, the Galveston flood, the San Francisco earthquake, the great European war, bespeak a widening generosity.

The village spire, wherever it rises on American or English ground, bespeaks an association of families who find in this bond an inward companionship and outward expression of it in a public habit continuing from the fathers down, sanctified by the memories of generations gone, and tender with the hope of the generation to come; and this is of measureless good within such families for young and old alike.

It bespeaks also an instrument of charity, unobtrusive, friendly, and searching, and growing more and more unconfined; it bespeaks a rock of public morality deep-set in the foundations of the state.

It bespeaks also an instrument of charity, unobtrusive, friendly, and searching, and growing more and more unconfined; it bespeaks a rock of public morality deep-set in the foundations of the state.

"I told the plaintiff and her grandfather," rejoined Mr. Barnes, "that it was too late to bespeak counsel's attention to the case; and that the fee, all they have, with much difficulty, been able to raise, was ridiculously small; but they insisted on my applying to youOh, here they are!"

His activity and energy are wonderful, and the mere fact of his having charge of for nineteen years, and personally governing, without any assistance whatever, seven hundred people scattered over three large tracts of land, at a considerable distance from each other, certainly bespeaks efficiency and energy of a very uncommon order.

I do not know whether the labourer's habitation bespeaks the alteration in the present relative importance of the crops, but certainly the cultivators of the once far-famed long staple sea-island cotton of St. Simon's are far more miserably housed than the rice-raisers of the other plantation.

That's noble, and bespeaks a nation proud

"I know not what he avows, but his practice too plainly bespeaks his principles and views."

Standing with his hand on the back of a chair near the casement-window of the large, low apartment, in close conversation with two other gentlemen, was the speaker of these remarkable words, which embraced the whole genius and policy of the South as it then existed, and which were delivered in those clear and perfectly modulated tones that bespeak the practised orator and the man of dominant energies.

Trade and barter, no longer governed by a wild and speculative mania, rest upon a solid and substantial footing, and the rapid growth of our cities in every direction bespeaks most strongly the favorable circumstances by which we are surrounded.

As it would avail him little to bespeak the favour of the world in behalf of their opinions by mentioning their names, he will proceed with the matter in hand, viz.

The latticework in the star itself bespeaks the former coat of arms of Georgia from 1918-1921 and adopted again from 1991-2004; the crescent moon represents the Muslim Azeris, on a background depicting the national symbol of the Armenians, Mount Ararat.

There is little ease in what they do; to the contrary, in keeping with Eliotโ€™s poetry, it bespeaks a certain rigorโ€”a break with traditionโ€”perhaps even a break with the rules of nature.