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4156 examples of  bestow  in sentences

4156 examples of bestow in sentences

My father was not one of those who set little value on book learning, from their own consciousness of not possessing it: on the contrary, he would often remark, that as he felt the want of a liberal education himself, he was determined to bestow one on me.

To one such name was added at our last commencement the degree representing one of the highest honours which Columbia University has to bestow upon a man of lofty ideals and honourable achievement.

They have slipped a noose around his feet, six horses are brought in, And away they drag Harpado with a loud and joyful din. Now stoop thee, lady, from thy stand, and the ring of price bestow Upon Gazul of Algava, that hath laid Harpado low.

It is a schoolmaster to bring you to Christ, to that higher inspiration of His, which tells your heart to alleviate the unseen woes which will never come into painful contact with your sensibilities, to bestow pleasures in which you yourself have no immediate share.

On this disease God does bestow a special alleviationa special mark of His pity, of His tenderness, in a word of His grace.

" "I believe it all, for I feel certain Eve Effingham would not bestow her heart heedlessly.

She met John Effingham, therefore, with a frank composure, returned the kind pressure of his hand, with a smile such as a daughter might bestow on an affectionate parent, and turned to salute the remainder of the party, with that lady-like ease which had got to be a part of her nature.

[-4-] This made the Romans in their indignation believe that the other reports circulated were also true,viz., that if Antony should prevail, he would bestow their city upon Cleopatra and transfer the seat of power to Egypt.

It had been his fortune to preserve her happiness and the happiness that she must be to sisters and mother, and that some day she would bestow upon some lucky man.

" "But, gentlemen, you are your own answer to the question; you are the product of an age which has not seen fit to bestow the gift you ask, and who can say that you are not splendid specimens of mankind?

When the ambassador arrived, Dรกrรกb said to him: "If Failakรบs will bestow upon me his daughter, Nahรญd, peace shall be instantly re-established between usI require no other terms.

By an imposing manner, and the help of these distorted syllables, he climbed (but that was little) to the highest parochial honours which St. Andrew's has to bestow.

You owe it to the decencies, which you wish to see maintained in its impressive services, that our Cathedral be no longer an object of inspection to the poor at those times only, in which they must rob from their Attendance on the worship every minute which they can bestow upon the fabric.

Each finds that he shall gain more by contracting an alliance with them, than with another state which has no view besides that of preserving to every sovereign his just rights, and which, therefore, as it plunders none, will have nothing to bestow.

'As your neighbours distinguish you by such honours as they can bestow, content yourself with your station, without neglecting your profession.

I knew that he plucked flowers meant to be given to her, only to lay them carelessly on the floor beside his seat when school "took in," lacking the courage to bestow them brazenly upon his idol as others did.

"Poor world," said I, "what wilt thou do To entertain this starry stranger? Is this the best thou canst bestow A cold and not too cleanly manger? Contend, the powers of heaven and earth, To fit a bed for this huge birth.

Their rosy fleece of fire bestow; For well they now can spare their wings, Since heaven itself lies here below.

And if no precious gums my hands bestow, Let my tears drop like amber, while I go In reach of thy divinest voice complete In humanest affectionthus, in sooth To lose the sense of losing!

And I beseech you, Sir, if there but dwell So much of Vertue in you as your lookes Seeme to expresse possesse your honour'd thoughts, Bestow your pitty on us, not your scorne; And wish, for goodnesse sake and your soules weale, You were a sharer in these sufferings, So the same cause expos'd your fortunes too't.

We are a child-loving nation; and our love for the children is, for the most part, of the kind which Dr. Henry van Dyke describes as "true love, the love that desires to bestow and to bless."

The best things that we can obtain, we bestow upon the children; with the goodliest blessings within our power, we bless them.

She felt that sweetness of attention which we bestow upon May robins.

In any event, that absurd notion of the ancients that when the fairies bestow the gift of beauty on a baby they withhold all other qualities has so often been disproved that we may well disregard it.

But there was no hint of indecision in the deep, measured tones with which he made reply: "Most Serene Prince and Lords of the Council, I beg you to believe in my deep appreciation of the honor you would bestow.

Preferment I bestow, both military and civil.

Ancient sources prove that the Celts had a grievous habit of quarrelling about precedence at banquets, probably because it was their custom to bestow the largest portion of meat upon the bravest warrior.

"Constant," said he, "thy father is dead, and men seek to bestow his throne upon thy brothers.

Naught can I bestow, nothing is mine to spend, save only that I render him account of every doit.

But just so far as parents help, strengthen, and bestow this freedom on their children, just so far it is justice and kindness, and their relation is cemented into a supreme and unalterable friendship, whose blessedness and whose comfort no words can measure.

Nor would she bestow her love on one of whom she was not proud.

He was rehearsing in his mind the severe reprimand he intended to bestow upon Rosa.

She appeared before the king with all the advantages which the richest attire and the most engaging airs could bestow upon her, and she excited at once in his bosom the highest love towards herself, and the most furious desire of revenge against her husband.

[MN 1204.] Chateau Gaillard was situated partly on an island in the river Seine, partly on a rock opposite to it; and was secured by every advantage which either art or nature could bestow upon it.

Soft were your hours, and wing'd with pleasure flew, No vain repentance gave a sign to you, And if superior bliss heav'n can bestow, With fellow-angels you enjoy it now.

Who, fair one, then, was your imperious Lord? Not Montagu, but Mahomet the word: Great as your wit, just so is Wortley's love, Your next attempt will be on thund'ring Jove, The little angels you on Bowes bestow.

I wish all monarchs would bestow their leisure hours on such studies: perhaps they would not be very useful to mankind; but it may be asserted, for a certain truth, their own minds could be more improved than by the amusements of quadrille or Cavagnole.

If he favour your schemes with a smile of approbation, if he bestow upon your proceedings the sanction of a nod, it is enough.

Mere greatness offers no reward to compare with it, for greatness compels that homage which we freely bestow upon goodness.

The day after the funeral his wife was made a peeress, an annuity was granted to his sons, and every honor that it was possible for a grateful nation to bestow was lavished on his memory.

He did not obtain his fellowship, however, until his third trial, being no favorite with those who had prizes and honors to bestow, because of his neglect of science and mathematics.

The Sheepshanks Fund: After the death of my friend Richard Sheepshanks, his sister Miss Anne Sheepshanks wished to bestow some funds in connection with the University of Cambridge, Trinity College, and Astronomy, to which his name should be attached.

We started, then (to begin my story), a little after five one morning, from a solid old mansion in the cane-fields, which bears the name of Paradise, and which has all the right to the name which beauty of situation and goodness of inhabitants can bestow.

Agony turned to bestow a withering glance upon this rude creature, and met a pair of greenish tan eyes bent upon her with an expression of cool mockery.

Young girls seem to scent, by some mysterious intuition, who is really in sympathy with them, and who is only pretending to be, and bestow or withhold their affections accordingly.

Before passing to Lee's public career, and the narrative of the stormy scenes of his after-life, let us pause a moment and bestow a glance upon this ancient mansion, which is still standinga silent and melancholy relic of the pastin the remote "Northern Neck."

My aunt, Mrs. Heywood, soon became interested in her, and took pleasure in offering her those numerous attentions which a wealthy neighbor can so easily bestow, and which are so grateful to the recipient.

We are so sure of ourself that we never hesitate, not even when the lady is a visitor, and not quite the ordinary short-kirtled Hen whom one can engage without further ceremony by such advances CHANTECLER But THE PHEASANT-HEN I do not bestow my affections quite so lightly.

No praise could be too strong to bestow on the faithful Shikaree; had I chosen the spot myself, after a weeks' survey of the country, it could not have been more happily selected.

That reddening brow!too well I know, Not even thy Clare can peace bestow, While falsehood stains thy name: Go then to fight!

But the speed at which she was borne along did not allow her time to bestow more than a hasty glance at it.

Be willing to go to Coventry sometimes, and let the populace bestow on you their coldest contempts.

I looked for a friend who, having the discerning taste of Mr. Burke and the critical sagacity of Doctor Johnson, would bestow upon my MS.

We here appeal to thy superior throne: On wit and learning the just prize bestow, For fame is all we must expect below.

She thought no more of death, nor of her troubles; thought drowned in her; and in a passive, torpid state she sat looking into the fire till dinner-time, hardly caring to bestow a casual caress on Dandy, who seemed conscious of his mistress's neglect, for, in his sly, coaxing way, he sometimes came and rubbed himself against her feet.

Florence hungered to be loved, but her father had no love to bestow on her.

Then, is it benevolent to bestow money to encourage an old woman in telling for truth what she knows to be false? Sophronia.

Chase from our minds the infernal foe, And peace, the fruit of love, bestow; And, lest our feet should step astray, Protect and guide us in the way.

But I would not exchange my place as a forgiven sinner, with "Christ in me the hope of glory," for all the wealth and the honor that Queen Victoria could bestow upon me!'

He is certainly not normal, but scarcely half-witted, do you think?" Mrs. Fielding turned her head to bestow upon her a brief glance of surprise.

Every traveller on seeing it prostrates himself immediately, and crosses himself, and considers himself in duty bound to bestow his charity on the proprietor.

Save her own, however, all eyes were rivetted upon Marguerite; and many were the devout Catholics who murmured beneath their breath at the policy which had determined the monarch to bestow a Princess of such beauty and genius upon a heretic.

Madame de Verneuil returned to Paris, surrounded by adulation and splendour, and the King was left at liberty to bestow some portion of his thoughts upon his expected bride.

The king received Harry with great condescension and favor, and heard with satisfaction of the preparations which Montrose was making for an invasion of the Lowlands of Scotland, and promised Sir Henry to bestow the rank of knighthood upon his son as soon as he attained the age of twenty-one.

You sit above, and see vain men below Contend for what you only can bestow: 20 But those great actions others do by chance, Are, like your beauty, your inheritance; So great a soul, such sweetness join'd in one, Could only spring from noble Grandison.

The first physicians by debauch were made: Excess began, and sloth sustains the trade, Pity the generous kind their cares bestow To search forbidden truths (a sin to know), To which, if human science could attain, The doom of death, pronounced by God, were vain.

But we, who life bestow, ourselves must live: Kings cannot reign, unless their subjects give; And they who pay the taxes, bear the rule: Thus thou, sometimes, art forced to draw a fool:

I entreat you to obtain a Testament that tells of him and that you may bestow on him the love that was formerly mine."

She was borne to the graveyard and laid by the side of her dear brother, and thus they were again united in the place of graves; and again there were vacant places in our family circle, for many had been the attentions we were obliged to bestow upon our aged relative, for she had been unable to walk for several years.

The other great nobles were also disinclined to see the young Prince form so close an alliance with the Duc de Guise; and the Duke of Savoy was eager to bestow on him the hand of Marie de Gonzaga, the heiress of Montferrat, and thus to secure to himself a powerful ally against the perpetual aggressions of his numerous enemies.

I have felt a desire to be kind to peopleto bestow happinessto share my joy with others.

"What war could ravish, commerce could bestow, And he return'd a friend, who came a foe.

The one is like an ancient statue, the beauty of which, springing from the exactness of proportion does not always strike at first sight, but rises upon us as we bestow time in considering it; the other is the representation of a monster, which is at first only surprising, and ludicrous or disgusting ever after.

Yet they seem never to have risen above an indirect consumption of their subjects, by feeding their lobsters with ignoble slaves; never did they directly bestow upon Roman freemen the honor of being served up for the imperial table.

Anne turns towards him with as affectionate a glance as she thinks it seeming to bestow in public.

Comfort yourself, my friend: there was many a Callicles then who believed that he could better bestow his time upon the politics of the state, neglecting these vain speculations, which to-day are found to be not quite unprofitable, after all, you perceive.

May there be golden peace to you, Teacher Talmage, and will your excellency please bestow your brilliant glance on what I have written!' "Is not that a specimen of humility?


This alien sinks, opprest with woe, And have you nothing to bestow?

If for instance a suicide is recognised, his relations or friends may reclaim him, take him home, and bestow the rites of sepulture on him at his own house?' "'No, the Morgue does not give back what has been once deposited here.

And her father, beholding his daughterthe princess of Vidharbhaattain to puberty, began to reflect in his mind, saying, "To whom should I give this daughter of mine?"'" SECTION XCVII "Lomasa continued, 'When Agastya thought that girl to be competent for the duties of domesticity, he approached that lord of earththe ruler of Vidharbhasand addressing him, said, "I solicit thee, O king, to bestow thy daughter Lopamudra on me."

Bestow me on Agastya, and, O father, save thyself, by giving me away."

I bear the name she gave me; it pleased her to bestow it; it is good enough for me to wear.

What name would we bestow on a superior being, whose whole endeavours were employed, and whose whole pleasure consisted in terrifying, ensnaring, tormenting, and destroying mankind?

It is she who is so absent-minded, thinking of him, that her maid suspects her passion; she who, when a royal suitor is suggested to her, exclaims, "'Tis love I crave to bestow, not homage.

Regarding the silly and degrading adulation which the Alexandrian court-poets were called upon to bestow on the kings and queens, and its demoralizing effect on literature, see also Christ's Griechische Litteraturgeschichte, 493-494 and 507.

"Several pretty well-known facts," they said, "prove that the nation, more enlightened as to its true interests, even in the least elevated classes, is disposed to accept from the hands of your Majesty the greatest blessing a king can bestow upon his subjects liberty.

" "These mariners have a language of their own," remarked, Andrea to Vito Viti, smiling as in consideration of Ithuel's nautical habits; "to you and me, the idea of a vessel's using boots, neighbor, seems ridiculous; but the seamen, in their imaginations, bestow all sorts of objects on them.

Those benefits which from love we bestow upon our neighbor, come to him freely, without any charges or labor of his, notwithstanding they cost us something, even as Christ hath bestowed those things which are His upon us.

Make it not into tea, as did one of my kinsmen, but kindle and smoke it in the little tube the messenger will bestow.

As the parish records are in my keeping, I could but bestow the information sought, although with great sinking of heart, as a well-wisher to you, who, though given overmuch to worldly frivolities and revels, yet are a worthy citizen, and a charitable and a just.

And I cannot help giving you one farther direction, how I insinuate all along, that the wisest freethinking priests, whom you may distinguish by the epithets I bestow them, were those who differed most from the generality of their brethren.

I waited on him at Heilbronn, whither he was gone to meet the great chancellor of Sweden, where I paid him my respects, and desired he would bestow the remainder of my regiment on my comrade the captain, which he did with all the civility and readiness imaginable.

If any notice is due to ancient hints, that only is worthy of observation which we find in the twenty-eighth chapter of the book of Job, in which it seems predicted that God would keep this new world concealed from the knowledge of men, until it should please his inscrutable providence to bestow its dominion to the Spaniards.

Zeus is said to have put out his eyes that he might bestow his gifts without respect to merit, that is, on the evil and the good impartially.

In planning to bestow the hand of his charming daughter, now here, now there, it never came to his mind that her heart might have a right to chooseit never occurred to him to ask: "Does my choice make you happy, child?" KING.

"And now may God this boon bestow, As I to thee have been true, That I may strike a Christian blow Against this heathen crew.

He looked round his gloomy horizon and realized too late that he did love her; it was not a great and penetrating love like William Hope's; he was incapable of such a sentiment; but what affection he had to bestow, he had given to this sweet creature.

What the fame it can bestow?

She had no affection to bestow on any doll, nor any woolly lamb, nor apparently on any human person; unless, perhaps, there was the possibility of a friendly inclination towards Uncle Zerviah, who would not have understood the value of any deeper feeling, and did not therefore call the child cold-hearted and unresponsive, as he might well have done.