4156 examples of bestow in sentences

" "I believe it all, for I feel certain Eve Effingham would not bestow her heart heedlessly.

She met John Effingham, therefore, with a frank composure, returned the kind pressure of his hand, with a smile such as a daughter might bestow on an affectionate parent, and turned to salute the remainder of the party, with that lady-like ease which had got to be a part of her nature.

[-4-] This made the Romans in their indignation believe that the other reports circulated were also true,viz., that if Antony should prevail, he would bestow their city upon Cleopatra and transfer the seat of power to Egypt.

You owe it to the decencies, which you wish to see maintained in its impressive services, that our Cathedral be no longer an object of inspection to the poor at those times only, in which they must rob from their Attendance on the worship every minute which they can bestow upon the fabric.

"Poor world," said I, "what wilt thou do To entertain this starry stranger? Is this the best thou canst bestow A cold and not too cleanly manger? Contend, the powers of heaven and earth, To fit a bed for this huge birth.

And if no precious gums my hands bestow, Let my tears drop like amber, while I go In reach of thy divinest voice complete In humanest affectionthus, in sooth To lose the sense of losing!

And I beseech you, Sir, if there but dwell So much of Vertue in you as your lookes Seeme to expresse possesse your honour'd thoughts, Bestow your pitty on us, not your scorne; And wish, for goodnesse sake and your soules weale, You were a sharer in these sufferings, So the same cause expos'd your fortunes too't.

Agony turned to bestow a withering glance upon this rude creature, and met a pair of greenish tan eyes bent upon her with an expression of cool mockery.

Young girls seem to scent, by some mysterious intuition, who is really in sympathy with them, and who is only pretending to be, and bestow or withhold their affections accordingly.

Before passing to Lee's public career, and the narrative of the stormy scenes of his after-life, let us pause a moment and bestow a glance upon this ancient mansion, which is still standinga silent and melancholy relic of the pastin the remote "Northern Neck."

My aunt, Mrs. Heywood, soon became interested in her, and took pleasure in offering her those numerous attentions which a wealthy neighbor can so easily bestow, and which are so grateful to the recipient.

No praise could be too strong to bestow on the faithful Shikaree; had I chosen the spot myself, after a weeks' survey of the country, it could not have been more happily selected.

Be willing to go to Coventry sometimes, and let the populace bestow on you their coldest contempts.

She thought no more of death, nor of her troubles; thought drowned in her; and in a passive, torpid state she sat looking into the fire till dinner-time, hardly caring to bestow a casual caress on Dandy, who seemed conscious of his mistress's neglect, for, in his sly, coaxing way, he sometimes came and rubbed himself against her feet.

Florence hungered to be loved, but her father had no love to bestow on her.

Then, is it benevolent to bestow money to encourage an old woman in telling for truth what she knows to be false? Sophronia.

Chase from our minds the infernal foe, And peace, the fruit of love, bestow; And, lest our feet should step astray, Protect and guide us in the way.

But I would not exchange my place as a forgiven sinner, with "Christ in me the hope of glory," for all the wealth and the honor that Queen Victoria could bestow upon me!'

He is certainly not normal, but scarcely half-witted, do you think?" Mrs. Fielding turned her head to bestow upon her a brief glance of surprise.

Every traveller on seeing it prostrates himself immediately, and crosses himself, and considers himself in duty bound to bestow his charity on the proprietor.

Save her own, however, all eyes were rivetted upon Marguerite; and many were the devout Catholics who murmured beneath their breath at the policy which had determined the monarch to bestow a Princess of such beauty and genius upon a heretic.

Madame de Verneuil returned to Paris, surrounded by adulation and splendour, and the King was left at liberty to bestow some portion of his thoughts upon his expected bride.

Yet they seem never to have risen above an indirect consumption of their subjects, by feeding their lobsters with ignoble slaves; never did they directly bestow upon Roman freemen the honor of being served up for the imperial table.

Anne turns towards him with as affectionate a glance as she thinks it seeming to bestow in public.

This alien sinks, opprest with woe, And have you nothing to bestow?

4156 examples of  bestow  in sentences