246 examples of betrayal in sentences

Has the Government of India resigned by way of protest against the threatened, shameful betrayal of trust on the part of Mr. Lloyd George?

The betrayal of India is much worse than the injustice done to the Boers.

" "The betrayal must have come from your end, I expect; not from here.

My own daughter is responsible for my betrayal!"

Of his betrayal of trust as a guardian of property he thought nothing; of the possibility of poverty for his family he thought a great dealall the more that his dreamer's mind was little accustomed to gripping the practical.

Turn to other cases, in which a charitable judgment will impute no positive betrayal of trusts, but a defect of vision to recognize the claim of the higher ideal.

We returned together next day after I had visited the great ravine of Agios Rumeli, the most magnificent gorge I have ever seen, never taken from the Cretans by an enemy until this betrayal; and, as we went back, we discussed the condition of the island.

"'If you visit that garden and look upon its old olive trees, the keeper of the place will tell you that you are in Gethsemane, the spot of our Saviour's betrayal.

And on the last Thursday of His life, on the evening of His betrayal, He took His disciples into an upper room, and taking the bread and blessing it, He gave it to these men, saying, "This is my body which is given for you."

The great betrayal.

Betrayal in the Philippines.

WALTER, ALEXIA EVELYN. Betrayal, by Alexia Evelyn Walter and Hubert Conrad Walter.

Alexia Evelyn Walter & Hubert Conrad Walter (A); 29Nov57; R203686. WALTER, HUBERT CONRAD, joint author. Betrayal.

The great betrayal.

Always both the lovers, though he be a kingas he generally isand she a goddess, are diffident at first, fearing failure, even after the most unmistakable signs of fondness, in the betrayal of which the girls are anything but coy.

Remembering always that Heine declared translation was betrayal,the rhyme and smoothness have in every case been sacrificed when necessary to preserve the exact rhythm, and as far as possible the vigour and colour, as well as thought of the original; a task entirely beyond me save for the co-operation of an accomplished Russian linguist who has kindly assisted in the literal translation of every poem here presented.

Women, especially, found this diary a pleasant sort of confessional, a confidante to whose pages they could entrust their most secret thoughts without fear of rebuke or betrayal.

Nothing Betrayal by Judas.

It was a betrayal of the interests of the stockholders when directors formed "construction companies" and granted contracts to themselves at outrageously high prices.

No less than five persons gave me circumstantial accountsall agreeing with each otherof your betrayal and ruin of Lucy Anserhoff.

She loved so vehemently that her betrayal was the more inevitable.

"Your confidence has been given unasked, but you need not fear its betrayal.

Nathaniel drew back from that tall, straight figure, step by step, as though to hide beyond the flickering candle glow the betrayal that had come into his face, the blazing fire that seemed burning out his eyes.

A word of betrayal from them and he knew that his own doom was sealed.

In a moment of open-heartedness, trusting to the peacefulness reigning between them at that time, he owned up to an old transgression, to a betrayal scrupulously and religiously hidden until then.

246 examples of  betrayal  in sentences