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246 examples of  betrayal  in sentences

246 examples of betrayal in sentences

Ordinarily officers of the U.S. Navy do not scuttle on deck like a crowd of curious schoolgirls, but all hands had been keyed to a high pitch over the elusive light, and the bet with Edwards now served as an excuse for the betrayal of unusual eagerness.

Did a flash of lightning bare his soul to the misery, the betrayal and the madness of the world?

Beaumaroy had provided himself with plenty: the old man's whim; the access to the old man so willingly allowed, not only to her but to Captain Alec; his own candor carried to the verge of self-betrayal.

I searched his face in terror of my self-betrayal; but his showed only compassion and an eager desire to clear the air between us by telling me the exact facts.

But, if I escape and a true bill should be found against Arthur, then will I follow my better instinct, and reveal what I have hitherto kept concealed, even if the torment of the betrayal drive me to self-destruction afterwards.

If I went boldly to Chater, then it would only be the betrayal of myself.

"But my knowledge of the betrayal of the Charity League is sufficient for my purpose.

He had already talked it over with her, with Miss Lindeck, to whom the Frenches, in their fortress, had never been accessible, and his whole attitude bristled, to Julia's eyes, with the betrayal of her hand, her voice, her pressure, her calculation.

" Here Eve's habitual truth and dignity of mind did her good service, and prevented any further betrayal of embarrassment.

After this Antonius was by betrayal taken alive, but no harm was done to him.

"England's Betrayal of Germany," by M. Wildgrube.

There is a sort of pretense allowed in matters of the heart, as one should say by way of illustration, "I know a man who...," and so give up his dearest experience without betrayal.

Instantly it was withdrawn; but his betrayal was accomplished.

In reality, he was struggling to suppress any betrayal of the exultation that was beginning to take hold of him.

I believe this was his own view of the matter; for when he admitted to me one morning that he had "took cold in the chest," his manner was one of deprecating confusion, and he swore me against betrayal of his lapse to Miss Caroline.

The continuous financial drain, the emasculation of the Punjab and the betrayal of the Muslim sentiment constitute, in my humble opinion, a threefold robbery of India.

Has the Government of India resigned by way of protest against the threatened, shameful betrayal of trust on the part of Mr. Lloyd George?

The betrayal of India is much worse than the injustice done to the Boers.

This does not prevent betrayal.

And besides, he knew that Sextus would reckon it a treason to himself to be made beholden for his life to Commodus, nor would he forgive betrayal of his friends, Pertinax, and Marcia and Galen.

She settled Aunt Amy upon the couch and adjusted the lavender cap without further betrayal of her own feelings, but in her heart she was both angry and hurt.

Piers had obviously feared betrayal, but Crowther had not deemed it his business to betray him.

Some of the other arrangements were more difficult, as more likely to lead to a betrayal of the design.

Indeed, the very creations of the emergent force, industrialism and democracy, while they were the betrayal of the many were the opportunity of the few, taking the place, as they did, of the older creeds of specifically Christian society, and inviting those who would to work their full emancipation and so become the servants of God and mankind.

The Marquis considered himself a traitor to Ninon, and Madame Scarron stood in fear of her reproaches for her betrayal.

Improbity N. improbity^; dishonesty, dishonor; deviation from rectitude; disgrace &c (disrepute) 874; fraud &c (deception) 545; lying &c 544; bad faith, Punic faith; mala fides [Lat.], Punica fides [Lat.]; infidelity; faithlessness &c adj.; Judas kiss, betrayal.

The Carthaginian officer of the ordinary type estimated his mercenaries, and even the Libyan farmers, very much as men in modern warfare estimate cannon-balls; hence such disgraceful proceedings as the betrayal of the Libyan troops by their general Himilco in 358, which was followed by a dangerous insurrection of the Libyans, and hence that proverbial cry of "Punic faith," which did the Carthaginians no small injury.

The Marko cycleMarko whose betrayal of his country seems wiped out by his immense prowesshas in a less degree this utter defeat of Servia as its background.

" "The betrayal must have come from your end, I expect; not from here.

My own daughter is responsible for my betrayal!"

" So, by hiding behind the unsuspecting old hero of Crawfordsville, they diverted from themselves any possible suspicion and placed Langdon where he would have to bear the brunt of the great scandal that would, they well knew, come out at some future timeafter their foul conspiracy against the nation had been consummated, after the fruits of their betrayal had been secured.

Intentionally or otherwise, the question suggested is whether a single flaw of conduct (the betrayal to financiers of a state secret) ought to blast a political career.

The singing done, of which the choir still had an entire monopoly, the Doctor read the 14th chapter of Mark; and as he read the awful story of our Lord's betrayal, I could not help thinking that the only difference between some of the Southern slave-dealers and Judas was, that had they been in his place, they would have made a "smarter" bargain.

Apprehensions were entertained of the commons, particularly Lucius Bantius, whose having been privy to an attempt at defection, and dread of the Roman praetor, stimulated sometimes to the betrayal of his country, at others, should fortune fail him in that undertaking, to desertion.

"Another!" cried Betty unguardedly, and could have promptly bitten her tongue for the betrayal of her thought.

Of his betrayal of trust as a guardian of property he thought nothing; of the possibility of poverty for his family he thought a great dealall the more that his dreamer's mind was little accustomed to gripping the practical.

" "But on the other hand," said Louis, "it meant betrayal of the interests of his race, and I honor the faithfulness which shook his hands from receiving the bribe and clasping hands politically with his life-long oppressors.

Eric J. Sundquist wrote: "Chesnutt's color-line stories, like his conjure tales, are at their best haunting, psychologically and philosophically astute studies of the nation's betrayal of the promise of racial equality and its descent into a brutal world of segregation.

" The midshipmen expressed their willingness to try any plan, however desperate, rather than remain day after day standing in the governor's room, with the risk of betrayal by a cough or other involuntary movement.

The first of such things is a brief exposition of the whole business, which contains the sum of the entire matter, in this way"The slaying of a parent;" "the betrayal of a country."

"Did you really think we had gone down, or had you the cheerful faith of Mrs. Jenkin?" "II am afraid that I had no faith at all," she said with an effort, and never guessed how complete was her self-betrayal.

"She has made an impression on you, Bob," said I, but in so sedulously inoffensive a manner that his self-betrayal was all the greater when he told me quite hotly not to be an ass.

The New Testament tells us of a betrayal yet more quietly received.

We can only destroy it by convincing them that secession is a betrayal of their trust.

Turn to other cases, in which a charitable judgment will impute no positive betrayal of trusts, but a defect of vision to recognize the claim of the higher ideal.

Only the men of the Press have anything like the same great possibilities of betrayal.

It was more a betrayal of paina torment of the soul and not of the body.

He felt uneasy about his betrayal, and tried to restore himself to favor by saying that he meant no harm to his people; but his protestations were in vain.

From the first to the last of our friendship, never by thought, or by word, or by deed, have I done amiss; there is no wrong doing, trifling or great, to make plain your hatred, or to excuse so vile a betrayal as this scorning of our love for a fresher face, this desertion of me, this proclaiming of our secret.

His indifference filled her with a sense of betrayal; it chilled the impulsive yearning in her breast.

THE BETRAYAL FORETOLD AT THE SUPPER When Jesus had thus said, he was troubled in spirit, and testified, and said, Verily, verily, I say unto you, that one of you shall betray me.

* NOTE BY THE ARTIST Cunningly conceived indeed was that signal of the kiss; for in the very act of betrayal, Judas thus covered his own treachery; and, had the plot failed, it would even have appeared as if, when "all the disciples forsook him and fled" Judas alone had courage, in the hour of danger, to stand by and openly to acknowledge Jesus as his Master.

His letters are full of his saintly wife, and her signally blessed efforts in winning people to put their trust where it need fear no betrayal.

We returned together next day after I had visited the great ravine of Agios Rumeli, the most magnificent gorge I have ever seen, never taken from the Cretans by an enemy until this betrayal; and, as we went back, we discussed the condition of the island.

That betrayal lost Adelaide a triumph; for, seeing her again, feeling her beauty and her charm in all his senses, reminded of her superiority in brains and in taste to the women from whom he might choose, he was making a losing fight for the worldly wise course.

But the reasons why they were betraying her did not change or mitigate the fact of betrayal; and that fact showed itself to proud, confident Adelaide Ranger in the form of the proposition that she had been jilted, and that all the world, all her world, would soon know it.

But never had the least suspicion that he was troubled found betrayal on his brow.

But Caldigate fancied that there must be a betrayal of trust in these revelations, and though he was in truth interested about the woman, did not give much encouragement to his friend.

Had he been a married man; if, in his flight, he were leaving a wife behind to cry betrayal, or children calling for his help in vain, it would all be a different matter.

Before this self-betrayal blank surprise Fills Achmed's comrades, and their wondering cries Demand, "How shall thy foolish act be named?" "My mare is lost, her glory is not shamed.

Money was scarce, and the paper currencyan ill-omened device of Mahmud'swas depreciated, distrusted, and regarded as an imperial betrayal of confidence.

"'If you visit that garden and look upon its old olive trees, the keeper of the place will tell you that you are in Gethsemane, the spot of our Saviour's betrayal.

And on the last Thursday of His life, on the evening of His betrayal, He took His disciples into an upper room, and taking the bread and blessing it, He gave it to these men, saying, "This is my body which is given for you."

The great betrayal.

The great betrayal.

JASTROW, BENNO B. The betrayal of intelligence.

The betrayal of intelligence.

Betrayal in the Philippines.

WALTER, ALEXIA EVELYN. Betrayal, by Alexia Evelyn Walter and Hubert Conrad Walter.

Alexia Evelyn Walter & Hubert Conrad Walter (A); 29Nov57; R203686. WALTER, HUBERT CONRAD, joint author. Betrayal.

The great betrayal.

The great betrayal.

"I have done many wrong things," said he, "but thank God, no betrayal of confiding innocence weighs on my conscience.

At that moment Mrs. Finnegan's cuckoo clock, sounding distinctly through the thin flooring, warbled twice with a voice of friendly betrayal.

Always both the lovers, though he be a kingas he generally isand she a goddess, are diffident at first, fearing failure, even after the most unmistakable signs of fondness, in the betrayal of which the girls are anything but coy.

He had no conscience and no scruples; he had not the slightest idea of the meaning of the word honor; he betrayed his trust from the basest motives, and he was too inefficient to make his betrayal effective.

Only when the Christians turned their backs on the Cross and hankered after the silver did the eternal nature of the betrayal manifest itself.

Remembering always that Heine declared translation was betrayal,the rhyme and smoothness have in every case been sacrificed when necessary to preserve the exact rhythm, and as far as possible the vigour and colour, as well as thought of the original; a task entirely beyond me save for the co-operation of an accomplished Russian linguist who has kindly assisted in the literal translation of every poem here presented.

Thirdlythough the three impressions were as a matter of fact almost simultaneousthat the huge figure of the clergyman stood behind them, watching with the utmost intentness and interest, like a keen and alert detective eager for some betrayal of evidence, inspired, however, not by mistrust, but by a very zealous sympathy.

Her eyes condemned that, and I felt the slightest indiscretion on my part would result in betrayal.

Already I knew that some feelingeither of friendship or sympathyhad impelled her to save me from immediate betrayal, but would she go even further?

Instead of speaking this word of betrayal she had deliberately placed herself in my defence, deceiving her own people.

Women, especially, found this diary a pleasant sort of confessional, a confidante to whose pages they could entrust their most secret thoughts without fear of rebuke or betrayal.

I have never cared for literary fame; have avoided, rather than sought it; have enjoyed the abuse of the press more than its praise; have held my pen with a feeling of contempt for its feebleness, and never could be so occupied with it as to forget a domestic duty, while I have never visited a picture gallery, but I have bowed in deep repentance for the betrayal of a trust.

Nothing Betrayal by Judas.

I can't tell the history of Monterey County; and the unsettled matters like the Wade-Stone controversy, the outcome of the betrayal of Rowena Fewkes by Buckner Gowdy, and other beginnings of things like the doings of the Bushyager bandits; for some of them run out into the history of the state as well as the county.

It was a betrayal of the interests of the stockholders when directors formed "construction companies" and granted contracts to themselves at outrageously high prices.

He had reasoned against there being limits to the power of the mind ... notwithstanding my resistance to the thought I still think it; I am still thinking of the possibility that the Doctor controlled me, and caused me to lose the past in order that thus he might not be accessory to a betrayal of his own cause.

No less than five persons gave me circumstantial accountsall agreeing with each otherof your betrayal and ruin of Lucy Anserhoff.

But no, she dared not; there was nothing there for her, she thought,probably (when this anguish of public disgrace should by any means be lifted) a benevolent smile at her and her betrayal of interest.

" "Oh!" exclaimed Aurora, inwardly ready for fierce tears, but with no outward betrayal save a trifle too much grace and an over-bright smile, "Monsieur is much mistaken; we are quite comfortable and happy, wanting nothing, eh, Clotilde?not even our rights, ha, ha!"

"That would have been a betrayal," said Nino fiercely, looking away from her.

There was no development of the sentiments, no betrayal of the fluctuations of the passions which must have existed.

She loved so vehemently that her betrayal was the more inevitable.

A man continued: "It is not betrayal.

"Your confidence has been given unasked, but you need not fear its betrayal.

Nathaniel drew back from that tall, straight figure, step by step, as though to hide beyond the flickering candle glow the betrayal that had come into his face, the blazing fire that seemed burning out his eyes.

A word of betrayal from them and he knew that his own doom was sealed.

In a moment of open-heartedness, trusting to the peacefulness reigning between them at that time, he owned up to an old transgression, to a betrayal scrupulously and religiously hidden until then.

#trahison#, f., betrayal, treason.