2369 examples of bets in sentences

Old Heck knew that if any large bets were to be laid on the two-mile sweepstakes the only chance would be to place them before the Ramblin' Kid brought the Gold Dust maverick to Eagle Butte and the Vermejo bunch discovered the identity of the horse Thunderbolt was up against.

Bets are invited on the winner and the second, and place-money is paid on both.

Heavy bets are made on the upshot of the contest, which are paid to the owner of the winning bird."

Fiery Wind was the nephew of Good Road, but he, like the sons, was in disgrace with the chief, and, like them, he had vowed vengeance against "Old Bets.

In vain does Old Bets ask for vengeance on the murderers.

The entries and bets are made for the morrow's races, although not much betting takes place as a rule; but the lotteries on the different races are rapidly filled, the dice circulate cheerily, and amid laughing, joking, smoking, noise, and excitement, there is a good deal of mild speculation.

A dozen bets were laid in as many seconds.

I don't lay no bets that I c'n nail him before he gets his iron out of its leather, but I say he'll be shootin' blind when he dies.

Pass the morning at church, and the evening, according to your taste or rank, in the cricket-field, or at the Opera, and you will soon find thoughts of the evening hazards and bets intrude themselves on the sermon, and that recollections of the popular melodies interfere with the psalms.

The sophs offered three to two on Browning, and many bets were made.

More bets were made, the sophomores still giving odds.

Carlotta's people are putting all the bets on him, apparently, though for the life of me I can't see why.

"That monarch, as has before been intimated, brought with him from Scotland, a strong predilection for the turf, which must have prevailed to a considerable degree in that country, for we find, that during his reign there, and before his accession to the crown of England, it was deemed necessary to restrain, by an express law, the passion of the Scots for horse-racing, and laying large bets on the events.

Taig: It is dealing out cards through the night time I will be from this out, and making bets on racehorses and fighting-cocks through all the hours of the day.

" "Speakin' o' bets, an' curs, Mart, ef you want t' do any more bettin', I'm willin't' accommodate you.

Wilson Mizner lays a few bets.

Sheriff Olson bets his life.

With certain members of the hunt he books bets to a high amount; his face is not unknown at Tattersall's or at the race meetings.

And vpon S. Thomas day (which was 22 dayes after our arriuall here) I came out of prison, and the next day after came out Ralph Fitch, and William Bets.

The others, for most part, merely called his tentative bets with wary respect.

" Miss Drewitt waved the objection away, remarking that people who made bets must risk losing their money.

"As Miss Drewitt says, people who make bets must be prepared to lose; I thought I had more than this.

See the man standing by and watching the table, and leaving all the bets he can on A and B as against C and D; and, however ignorant you may be, you will soon become sure that A and B know the game, whereas C and D are simply infants.

The race went off with the usual dash, when there were no more bets in sight; and when it ended Baugh buttoned up the top button of his coat, pulled his hat down over his eyes, and walked back from the race track in a meditative state of mind, to meet Stubb and Arab Ab.

He had seen the natives slaughtered like sheep in a pen, and the butchers laid bets with each other upon their dexterity in cleaving them asunder at a stroke.

2369 examples of  bets  in sentences