411 examples of bewails in sentences

As the niggardly Sir Cautious bewails his losses the victor offers to stake three hundred pounds against a night with Julia, the bargain, of course, being kept from the lady.

The Marriage of a Princess The Industry and Reverence of a Prince's Wife The Wife of Some Great Officer Bewails his Absence The Diligence of the Young Wife of an Officer The Love of the People for the Duke of Shaou The Easy Dignity of the Officers at Some Court Anxiety of a Young Lady to Get Married BOOK III.THE ODES OF P'EI.

~The Wife of Some Great Officer Bewails His Absence~ Shrill chirp the insects in the grass; All about the hoppers spring.

BOOK III THE ODES OF P'EI ~An Officer Bewails the Neglect with which He is Treated~ It floats about, that boat of cypress wood, Now here, now there, as by the current borne. Nor rest nor sleep comes in my troubled mood; I suffer as when painful wound has torn The shrinking body.

Thy soothing breast Did balm to every woe afford; And now no more by thee caress'd, The widow'd world bewails her Lord.

The myrrh tree, that with shamefast tears bewails Her father's love, still weepeth yet for ruth,

Seneca, in more temperate language, bewails the fall of the high hopes that he had conceived of his former pupil, finely moralizing that "High fortunes, like strong wines, do trie their vessels."

Its tone is sad amidst all the great public rejoicings; it bewails the stubborn ungodliness of the people as a whole.

The water-nymphs lament their empty urns, Boeotia, robbed of silver Dirce, mourns; 280 Corinth, Pyrene's wasted spring bewails, And Argos grieves whilst Aniymone fails.

For if being alone is enough to make solitude, you may say that even Zeus is solitary in the conflagration and bewails himself saying, Unhappy that I am who have neither Hera, nor Athena, nor Apollo, nor brother, nor son, nor descendant, nor kinsman.

In Menander's -Plocium- a husband bewails his troubles to his friend: Echo d' epikleron Lamian ouk eireka soi Tout'; eit' ap' ouchi; kurian tes oikias Kai ton agron kai panton ant' ekeines Echoumen, Apollon, os chalepon chalepotaton Apasi d' argalea 'stin, ouk emoi mono, Tio polu mallon thugatri.pragm' amachon legeis'

The cause of his execution was that indignant at the damage done by the war he had casually uttered a verse of the poet Maro, in which one of the soldiers fighting on the side of Turnus against Aeneas bewails his lot and says: "To enable Turnus to marry Lavinia we are meanwhile perishing, without heed being paid to us."

The soul's a sort of sentimental wife That prays and whimpers of the higher life, Objects to latch-keys, and bewails the old, The dear old days, of passion and of dream, When life was a blank canvas, yet untouched Of the great painter Sin.

The people will share with the Executive Departments in the common grief which bewails his departure from amongst us.

He bewails the fact in a letter of January 20, 1864, to N. Jocelyn, Esq.: "I have many yearnings towards painting and sculpture, but that rigid faculty called reason, so opposed often to imagination, reads me a lecture to which I am compelled to bow.

While a slave bewails his fetters; While an orphan pleads in vain; While an infant lisps his letters, Heir of all the age's gain; While a lip grows ripe for kissing; While a moan from man is wrung; Know, by every want and blessing, That the world is young.

And again he bewails his loneliness to Praeger: "The commonest domestic details must now be done by me; the purchasing of kitchen utensils and such kindred matters am I driven to.

" He bewails two dissipated ideals.

At first she dislikes Benedick, and thinks him a flippant conceited coxcomb; but overhearing a conversation between her cousin Hero and her gentlewoman, in which Hero bewails that Beatrice should trifle with such deep love as that of Benedick, and should scorn so true and good a gentleman, she cries, "Sits the wind thus?

Thou dost not perish unlamented even with the purest heavenly pity, tho thou hast made thy case incapable of remedy; as the well tempered judge bewails the sad end of the malefactor, whom justice obliges him not to spare or save.

She is seized by a huge snake, which coils its body around her; yet "even in this situation she thinks not so much of herself as she bewails the fate of the king."


Poor heart!he pities and bewails her death!

In the first eclogue Rowland bewails, in the midst of spring, 'the winter of his grief.'

Jimmie always bewails the fact that the American girl lives on her nerves.

411 examples of  bewails  in sentences