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411 examples of  bewails  in sentences

411 examples of bewails in sentences

As the niggardly Sir Cautious bewails his losses the victor offers to stake three hundred pounds against a night with Julia, the bargain, of course, being kept from the lady.

The Marriage of a Princess The Industry and Reverence of a Prince's Wife The Wife of Some Great Officer Bewails his Absence The Diligence of the Young Wife of an Officer The Love of the People for the Duke of Shaou The Easy Dignity of the Officers at Some Court Anxiety of a Young Lady to Get Married BOOK III.THE ODES OF P'EI.

~The Wife of Some Great Officer Bewails His Absence~ Shrill chirp the insects in the grass; All about the hoppers spring.

BOOK III THE ODES OF P'EI ~An Officer Bewails the Neglect with which He is Treated~ It floats about, that boat of cypress wood, Now here, now there, as by the current borne. Nor rest nor sleep comes in my troubled mood; I suffer as when painful wound has torn The shrinking body.

~Soldiers of Wei Bewail Separation from Their Families~ List to the thunder and roll of the drum! See how we spring and brandish the dart!

The foolish Adams and Eves fret and strain against these processes of development, and bewail their "mistake" in marrying; not seeing that the association is really benefiting both.

You may bewail your sad lot.

The Cyprian Aphrodite is the bride of Adonis, and as such she bewails him: the Uranian Aphrodite is the mother of Adonais, and she laments him accordingly.

Thy soothing breast Did balm to every woe afford; And now no more by thee caress'd, The widow'd world bewails her Lord.

You, that knew us both, and how we lived, must allow I have just cause to bewail my loss.

At the same time, though her pity was aroused for the abandoned one, she also began to bewail the loss of their happiness.

The myrrh tree, that with shamefast tears bewails Her father's love, still weepeth yet for ruth,

Though I were dumb, and could not answer him, The beasts themselves would with relenting tears Bewail thy savage and unhuman deeds.

We house together, old bachelor and maid, in a sort of double singleness; with such tolerable comfort, upon the whole, that I, for one, find in myself no sort of disposition to go out upon the mountains, with the rash king's offspring, to bewail my celibacy.

He describes the business as very various and instructive, but bewails his own condition as that of "one starving in the midst of every good thing.

All his sons gathered them, together for to comfort their father and assuage his sorrow, but he would take no comfort, but said: I shall descend to my son into hell for to bewail him there.

Seneca, in more temperate language, bewails the fall of the high hopes that he had conceived of his former pupil, finely moralizing that "High fortunes, like strong wines, do trie their vessels."

In watching her son's proceedings, she had frequent occasion to bewail a coarseness and impetuosity of manner, which had doubtless been imbibed from his recent adventures.

During these dreadful fits of insanity she would bewail the living as worse than dead, and pray God to take them away.

My proper home shall call me home again, Where my dear lord bewails, as much as I, His too much love to her that loves not him.

After a great deal of this sort of thing, Rust was spurred up to suggest that he also was weary, and that nothing could be more delightful than to sit beside Madame upon those sands and to bewail with her the woes of their common country.

Its tone is sad amidst all the great public rejoicings; it bewails the stubborn ungodliness of the people as a whole.

The water-nymphs lament their empty urns, Boeotia, robbed of silver Dirce, mourns; 280 Corinth, Pyrene's wasted spring bewails, And Argos grieves whilst Aniymone fails.

The translator has added a scene at the end of the fifth act, spoken by Thyestes alone; in which he bewails his misery, and implores Heaven's vengeance on Atreus.

He could at first do nothing but wonder and bewail himself, and implore to be set free.

Having travelled for many days, at the king's cost, not hurting or abusing any, they came within sight of Mansoul, the which, when they saw, the captains could for their hearts do no less than bewail the condition of the town, for they quickly perceived it was prostrate to the will of Diabolus.

For if being alone is enough to make solitude, you may say that even Zeus is solitary in the conflagration and bewails himself saying, Unhappy that I am who have neither Hera, nor Athena, nor Apollo, nor brother, nor son, nor descendant, nor kinsman.

It is meet and natural, therefore, that his own people should bewail his death as a sore personal bereavement to each one of them.

In Menander's -Plocium- a husband bewails his troubles to his friend: Echo d' epikleron Lamian ouk eireka soi Tout'; eit' ap' ouchi; kurian tes oikias Kai ton agron kai panton ant' ekeines Echoumen, Apollon, os chalepon chalepotaton Apasi d' argalea 'stin, ouk emoi mono, Tio polu mallon thugatri.pragm' amachon legeis'

And here let me add, with regard to my poor old man, that I often wish thee present but for one half hour in a day, to see the dregs of a gay life running off in the most excruciating tortures that the cholic, the stone, and the surgeon's knife can unitedly inflict, and to hear him bewail the dissoluteness of his past life, in the bitterest anguish of a spirit every hour expecting to be called to its last account.

" So Stroza Filius, that elegant Italian poet, in his Epicedium, bewails his father's death, he could moderate his passions in other matters, (as he confesseth) but not in this, lie yields wholly to sorrow, "Nunc fateor do terga malis, mens illa fatiscit, Indomitus quondam vigor et constantia mentis.

[4104]"Whosoever takes much physic in his youth, shall soon bewail it in his old age:" purgative physic especially, which doth much debilitate nature.

I should first pity and bewail this misery of human kind with some passionate preface, wishing mine eyes a fountain of tears, as Jeremiah did, and then to my task.

Now, will any of his contemporaries bewail him?

No sweet affection to thy bosom cling, And bid thee oft thy absent nest bewail?

But perchance it is needful to bewail the lot of those who are undeservedly unfortunate, a lot which is now mine.

The cause of his execution was that indignant at the damage done by the war he had casually uttered a verse of the poet Maro, in which one of the soldiers fighting on the side of Turnus against Aeneas bewails his lot and says: "To enable Turnus to marry Lavinia we are meanwhile perishing, without heed being paid to us."

The soul's a sort of sentimental wife That prays and whimpers of the higher life, Objects to latch-keys, and bewails the old, The dear old days, of passion and of dream, When life was a blank canvas, yet untouched Of the great painter Sin.

When our two friends met the next morning, the count began to bewail the misfortune of his captivity, and the backwardness of friends to assist each other in their necessities.

Strike, I say, the notes of triumph, As we march o'er moor and lea! Is there any here will venture To bewail our dead Dundee? Let the widows of the traitors Weep until their eyes are dim!

The people will share with the Executive Departments in the common grief which bewails his departure from amongst us.

When she had delivered him into the hands of Mr Brandon, or those of Roberta's father, or the clutches of the law, she would have nothing more to do with him, but until that time she would make him bewail the day when he deceived and imposed upon her by causing her to believe that he was in love with another when he was, in reality, trying to get possession of her niece.

" How characteristic of all boys of all times the "etc., etc., etc.," tacked on to the "cakes" item, and how many boys of the present day would bewail the extravagance of fifteen dollars spent in one term on extras?

He bewails the fact in a letter of January 20, 1864, to N. Jocelyn, Esq.: "I have many yearnings towards painting and sculpture, but that rigid faculty called reason, so opposed often to imagination, reads me a lecture to which I am compelled to bow.

" "Nor do I; but I do not think the best way for a people to mend their pastures is to sit down and bewail their fate.

It was pathetic to hear him bewail the villainy of the man he had trusted, and when I produced the money he blessed me fervently, and at once proposed writing to the directors a full account of the matter.

While a slave bewails his fetters; While an orphan pleads in vain; While an infant lisps his letters, Heir of all the age's gain; While a lip grows ripe for kissing; While a moan from man is wrung; Know, by every want and blessing, That the world is young.

These are intemperate on water, or bewail the touch of salt as sacrilege against the sacrifice of eggs.

"Doctor Hodges thinks he has discovered her retreat, and I will not rest till I find her." "Nono, you will never find her," replied the piper, bitterly; "or if you do, it will be only to bewail her ruin.

The kings of the earth shall bewail thee, and lament for thee, when they see the smoke of thy burning.'

Mr. Henry himself, had frequent occasions to deplore the consequences of his early neglect of literature, and to bewail the ghosts of his departed hours.

My life is like the autumn leaf That trembles in the moon's pale ray; Its hold is frail, its state is brief, Restless, and soon to pass away; But when that leaf shall fall and fade, The parent tree will mourn its shade, The winds bewail the leafless tree; But none shall breathe a sigh, for me.

With little wit and much content, Each on his own small round intent, Like sportive kitten with its tail; While no sick-headache they bewail, And while their host will credit give, Joyous and free from care they live.

Scarce we venture to bewail thee, Envying we sing thy fate: Did sunshine cheer, or storm assail thee, Song and heart were fair and great.

Exhortations are frequent ever to remember the fact of death and to repent and bewail past sins.

While a man should weep for his own sins, he is not to bewail any misfortune or misery which may befall him.

During the late war the islanders rapidly increased in opulence, as the island was filled with troops and emigrants, who greatly enhanced the value of home produce; but the cessation of hostilities restored matters to their natural order, and the Jerseymen bewail the return of peace and plenty with as much sincerity as any half-pay officer that ever doffed his martial appurtenances.

I should then with double pain Feel all the rigour of thy fickle clime; And, if I must bewail the blessing lost, For which our Hampdens and our Sydneys bled, I would at least bewail it under skies Milder, among a people less austere; In scenes, which, having never known me free, Would not reproach me with the loss I felt.

I should then with double pain Feel all the rigour of thy fickle clime; And, if I must bewail the blessing lost, For which our Hampdens and our Sydneys bled, I would at least bewail it under skies Milder, among a people less austere; In scenes, which, having never known me free, Would not reproach me with the loss I felt.

No more our long-lost Arthur[20] we bewail: All hail, ye genuine Kings!

Eandem, etc.: a time will come when you will bewail that valor of yours.

We cannot join in the lamentations of those who bewail it.

We cannot join in the lamentations of those who bewail it.

We cannot join in the lamentations of those who bewail it.

" Candace in Ovid bewails her calamity, in that she was not permitted to adorn her lover's tomb with her locks.

During this they never paint themselves, but at various times go to the top of some hill and bewail the dead in loud cries and lamentations for hours together.

And again he bewails his loneliness to Praeger: "The commonest domestic details must now be done by me; the purchasing of kitchen utensils and such kindred matters am I driven to.

" He bewails two dissipated ideals.

At first she dislikes Benedick, and thinks him a flippant conceited coxcomb; but overhearing a conversation between her cousin Hero and her gentlewoman, in which Hero bewails that Beatrice should trifle with such deep love as that of Benedick, and should scorn so true and good a gentleman, she cries, "Sits the wind thus?

In vain did the King remonstrate, argue, and upbraid; the lady remained firm, affecting to bewail the state of coercion in which she was kept, and entreating Henry to exert his influence to overcome the repugnance of her family to their mutual happiness.

I tell thee, it will cost thee an eternity to bewail thy misery in.

Thou dost not perish unlamented even with the purest heavenly pity, tho thou hast made thy case incapable of remedy; as the well tempered judge bewails the sad end of the malefactor, whom justice obliges him not to spare or save.

Like wave on wave in eager seas, From mouth to mouth the murmur flees "Of Ibycus, whom we bewail!

First, then, before you can speak peace to your hearts, you must be made to see, made to feel, made to weep over, made to bewail, your actual transgressions against the law of God.

Were you ever made to bewail a hard heart of unbelief?

She told the story simply and frankly, without any "literary style," such as was usually present in her letters to a high degree; neither did she bewail her lot and seek sympathy, for Migwan was no craven.

For his Text he took these Words, 'Despise not Prophecyings'; and in his Preachment he betook himself to bewail the Envy of the Clergy in the Land, in that they did not wish all the Lord's People to be Prophets, and call forth Private Brethren publickly to prophesie.

And grieved exceedingly he began to bewail the unworthy fate that had laid his father low.'

They returned home to bewail their unhappy fate and curse the cruel authors of their misery.

It has been noticed, for instance, that the Duke of X, whose sporting proclivities are notorious, never fails to celebrate his birthday with a repast at an inferior restaurant, and, as His Grace is powerful, his friends suffer in silence and bewail his increasing ducal age.

She is seized by a huge snake, which coils its body around her; yet "even in this situation she thinks not so much of herself as she bewails the fate of the king."

So the unfortunate man took his way homeward very unhappily; on the way he sat down by the bank of a stream and began to bewail his loss.


For my own Part, I am sometimes afraid that I discover the Seeds of a Civil War in these our Divisions; and therefore cannot but bewail, as in their first Principles, the Miseries and Calamities of our Children.

When an old Man bewails the Loss of such Gratifications which are passed, he discovers a monstrous Inclination to that which it is not in the Course of Providence to recal.

This he does with so much Address, that he seems rather to bewail himself, than fall upon his Friend.

DRYDEN The evils inseparably annexed to the present condition of man, are so numerous and afflictive, that it has been, from age to age, the task of some to bewail, and of others to solace them; and he, therefore, will be in danger of seeing a common enemy, who shall attempt to depreciate the few pleasures and felicities which nature has allowed us.

Vaisampayana continued, "And the low-minded and foolish Uttara out of folly alone, began to bewail (his fate) in the presence of the high-spirited (Arjuna) disguised (as his charioteer) in these words, 'My father hath gone out to meet the Trigartas taking with him his whole army, leaving me in the empty city.

Poor heart!he pities and bewails her death!

Another factor is the new cult of hygiene, and increased interest in diet, shown especially by the inhabitants of large towns, who bewail their lack of energy and fitness.

In the first eclogue Rowland bewails, in the midst of spring, 'the winter of his grief.'

3. Sing for a little while concerning these, O children, the sovereign Huitzilihuitl, the judge Quauhxilotl, of our bold leader Tlalnahuacatl, of the proud bird Ixtlilxochitl, those who went forth, and conquered and ruled before God, and bewail Tezozomoctli.

In a similar strain as in the last poem, the bard bewails the briefness of human life and friendships.

It bewails the loss of Tulan, and the bard seeks in vain for any joyous theme to inspire his melody, reflecting on all that has bloomed in glory and now is gone forever.

They cannot bewail and lament their condition, nor be humbled therefor.

"No longer will we halt at your command, no longer will your words be wisdom to us, no longer shall we smile with pleasure at your stories, and cringe with fear at your displeasure; you may hate our defection, you may lament our disloyalty, you may bribe us and smile upon us, you may preach to us and bewail our sins.

Then he fell on the floor, and began to bewail his lot, refusing to answer the first question his mother asked, but telling instead how "all the other boys in this town can go swimmin' when they want to," hinting that he wouldn't care, if papa had only just come and brought him home, but that papaand this was followed by a vocal cataract of woe that made the dish-pans ring.

As soon as he had convinced himself of this, he did not bewail and bemoan the desertion of their ally; he at once accustomed himself to the new position and considered in what way the Government ought to act.

Jimmie always bewails the fact that the American girl lives on her nerves.

Yea, they have fallen down, oh! lovely light, and thou hidest thyself often to bewail them!