6 examples of bicornis in sentences

It springs out of the Rhaetian Alps, in the western borders of Switzerland, and the northern of the Grisons, from two springs which unite near Coire, and falls into the Meuse and the German Ocean, by two mouths, whence Virgil calls it Rhenus bicornis.

" Mathiola Bicornis (Night-scented Stocks).A favourite hardy annual whose lilac flowers are fragrant towards evening.

NIGHT-SCENTED STOCKS.See "Mathiola Bicornis."

S. bicornis, n. sp. 24. S. dichotoma, n. sp. 25.

2. S. bicornis, n. sp. Areas with an obtuse angle above and below, sometimes rounded above; a minute projection on each side near the top.

In the shape of the area they are very much alike, but in S. bicornis, in some cells, and occasionally throughout the greater part of the internode, the area differs widely from the more usual form.

6 examples of  bicornis  in sentences