489 examples of bided in sentences

But Carleton bided his time.

So bided I alone in the Hollow, day and night, waiting thee, master, and at the last, cometh Sir Fidelisand so all's said and behold thy breakfasta coney, see you, lord, that I snared but yest're'en.

In possession of Cæsar's treasure, Antony, the surviving consul, bided his time.

Then Foch, the great French strategist and Allied generalissimo, struck the blow for which he had patiently bided his time!

None thought of time or tide till the night was so far gone that Little John put by the thought of setting forth upon his journey again that night, and so bided at the Blue Boar Inn until the morrow.

Patience and cheerfulness, courage and skill came at her call like good fairies who had bided their time.

But he was equal to it, and simply bided his time, drawing off into the wild and rocky regions where he could hide and also protect himself.

After that Sofia was at pains to stir as seldom as possible, and bided her time quietly enough, but never for an instant relaxed her watchfulness or lost heart.

I bided at home the hours of destiny, guarded well mine own, sought not feuds with guile, swore not many an oath unjustly.

As only the feeble, the aged, bided at home, their number after each battle became larger in proportion to the whole than before.

But he bided his time; and he would not have been human if he had not now taken secret satisfaction, seeing his father's anxiety daily increase as the August sun grew hotter and hotter, and the grain rattled in the husks waiting to be reaped, while they two, straining their arms to the utmost, and in long days' work, seemed to produce small impression on the great fields.

Sheridan said nought, but patiently bided his time.

But he bided his time, and when the Government brought in a Militia Bill, intended to quiet the invasion scare which the appearance of another Napoleon on the throne of France had started, he proposed an amendment which they could not accept, and carried it against them.

Brutus, therefore, bided his time.

But she bided her time, and, when he went to bathe, she slipped into the cave and swept it and neaped it and tidied up all the utensils used by him for worship.

The chestnut bided his time; presently the torment would begin.

He bided his time....

" "I will kill you," replied Moussa Isa, and again bided his time.

He had an eye for themwith a touch of red in it; but he bided his time.

Such orders tied Wayne's hands, for offensive operations offered the only means of ending the war; but he patiently bided his time, and made ready his army against the day when his superiors should allow him to use the weapon he had tempered.

To the general in command they were alive with rifle-power and gun-power and other powers mysterious to us; the sword with which he thrust and feinted and guarded in the ceaseless fencing of trench warfare, while higher authorities than he kept their secrets as he kept his and bided their day.

The friends of free press were indignant, but bided their time.

Others stayed at home, bided their time and, when opportunity offered, joined with like-minded fellows in organized underground opposition or open rebellion against the status quo.

It was thought no good could come of this alliance, and that the promoter only bided his time to turn upon his master, against whom it was only natural he should nourish secret vengeance.

"The secret friend I spoke of has bided his time, and the hour is at hand when full measure of revenge will be dealt upon those two wicked oppressors.

489 examples of  bided  in sentences