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325 example sentences with  biologist

325 example sentences with biologist


" CHAPTER II THE BIOLOGIST EDUCATOR Progress, man's distinctive mark alone, Not God's, and not the beasts': God is, they are, Man partly is and wholly hopes to be.

It is quoted here, because, for her conception of right surroundings for young children, the speaker has gone to the very source from which Froebel took his ideasshe has gone to what Froebel indeed called "the only true source, life itself," and she writes from the point of view of the biologist.

In order to make this clear, it is proposed to compare the theories of Froebel with the conclusions of a biologist.

In the address, from which the opening words of this chapter are quoted, it is suggested that a capable biologist be set to deal with education, but he is to be freed "from all preconceived ideas derived from accepted tradition."

After such fundamentals as food and warmth, light, air and sleep, the first problems considered by this Biologist Educator are stages of growth, their appropriate activities, and the stimuli necessary to evoke them.

Always he bears in mind that "interference with a growing creature is a hazardous business," and takes as his motto "When in doubt, refrain." To discover the natural activities of the child, the biologist relies upon, first, observation of the child himself, secondly, upon his knowledge of the nervous system, and thirdly, upon his knowledge of the past history of the race.

It was because Froebel was himself, even in 1826, the Biologist Educator desiring to break with preconceived ideas and traditions that he wished one of his pupils had been able to "call your work by its proper name, and so make evident the real nature of the new spirit you have introduced."

[Footnote 8: See p. 4.] But Froebel was more than a biologist, he was a philosopher and an idealist.

And it is impossible fully to understand why Froebel laid so much stress on spontaneous play unless we go deeper than the province of the biologist without in the least minimising the importance of biological knowledge to educational theory.

As the biologist defines play as "the natural manifestation of the child's activities," so Froedel says "play at first is just natural life."

According to Froebel, "the aim of education is the steady progressive development of mankind, there is and can be no other"; and, except as regards physiological knowledge inaccessible in his day, he is at one with the biologist as to how we are to find out the course of this development.

The motto of the biologist on the subject of interference"When in doubt, refrain"exactly expresses Froebel's doctrine of "passive or following" education, following, that is, the nature of the child, and "passive" as opposed to arbitrary interference.

The "box of counters, and the red-veined stone," the brilliant quaint leaf, the twig, the bit of straw, all the child's treasuresthese are the stimuli which, according to the biologist educator, must be supplied if the activities appropriate to each stage are to be called forth.

we quoted the biologist educator's ideal conception of the surroundings best suited to bring about right development.

In the second place, there are no data whatever, which justify the biologist in assigning any, even approximately definite, period of time, either long or short, to the evolution of one species from another by the process of variation and selection.

Now, if I take any single organism and study it carefully, simply as a biologist or physiologist, I shall recognize in it certain regularities of structure and function and development, upon which I can found various arguments and predictions.

Indeed, does not the very fact of their recurrence, of them and of the hundreds of other types and temperaments, point implacably to the conclusion to which the historian, the philosopher and the biologist have driven us: that in the grip of an endless chain of pasts the human soul has no future?

Opinions have varied from ancient national aphorisms to the effect that women have no souls to the most ultramodern utterances of biologist-publicists that the differences between men and women are the differences between two species.

The effects of environment in producing changes in an organism, the changes the biologist sums up as adaptation, can be tracked in many instances to responsive reactions of the glands of internal secretion to demands made upon them by changed external conditions.

It will be above all in the understanding of children, their make-up, reactions and powers, that the biologist will achieve some of his finest triumphs.

FATIGUE AND INDUSTRY In industry, business and profession, the biologist will come more and more to be called as consultant.

But the biologist should be able to go farther.

I have studied animals, not as species but as individuals, and have recorded some things which other and better naturalists have overlooked; but I have sought for facts, first of all, as zealously as any biologist, and have recorded only what I have every reason to believe is true.

Our biologist had retired to bed, the silent Soldier bubbled with humour and insisted on dancing with Anton.

The biologist looks on human nature itself as changing, but to him the period of a few thousands or tens of thousands of years which constitute the past of politics is quite insignificant.

In collecting, that is to say, the material for a political science, we must adopt the method of the biologist, who tries to discover how many common qualities can be observed and measured in a group of related beings, rather than that of the physicist, who constructs, or used to construct, a science out of a single quality common to the whole material world.

MULLER, H. J. Out of the night; a biologist's view of the future.

HALDANE, J. B. S. A biologist looks at England.

HALDANE, J. B. S. Adventures of a biologist.

The biologist and his son.

The biologist and his son.

MULLER, H. J. Out of the night; a biologist's view of the future.

HALDANE, J. B. S. A biologist looks at England.

SEE Guyer, Michael F. GUYER, MICHAEL F. Speaking of man; a biologist looks at man.

The biologist and his son.

The biologist and his son.

Thomas Edward Shields, biologist, psychologist, educator.

Despite the attraction held for me in Spinoza's luminous arguments, the over-mastering sway which Science was beginning to exercise over me drove me to seek for the explanation of all problems of life and mind at the hands of the biologist and the chemist.

The biologist would have called him a sport, a deviation from type, a violation of all the proper laws of life.

BISCHOFF, THEODOR LUDWIG WILHELM, distinguished biologist, born at Hanover; made a special study of embryology; was professor of Anatomy at Heidelberg, of Physiology at Giessen, and of both at Mรผnich (1807-1882).

CARPENTER, WILLIAM BENJAMIN, biologist, brother of the preceding; author, among other numerous works, of the "Principles of General and Comparative Physiology" (1838); contributed to mental physiology; held several high professional appointments in London; inaugurated deep-sea soundings, and advocated the theory of a vertical circulation in the ocean (1813-1877).

Although Fisher's book was immediately understood by the few who understood genetics, it was a long time before the general biologist appreciated it.

Andrรฉ Tridon Jagendorf (October 21, 1926 March 13, 2017) was an American plant biologist and educator.

Most biologist would not call evolution at the species level "macroevolution".

A Window on Eternity: A Biologist's Walk Through Gorongosa National Park.

The biologist Vernon Kellogg in 1922, wearing a single-breasted suit with a double-breasted waistcoat.

A biologist from the state Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) told The Spectator the bobcat was definitely a full-grown adult.

According to the Research Biologist for Panthera Belize, Emma Sanchez the population of Jaguars is stable.

Bette Korber, a computational biologist at Los Alamos National Laboratory, leads a team examining mutations of the novel coronavirus.

Brian Branstetter, a marine biologist with the National Marine Mammal Foundation, and fellow researchers conducted a test with two dolphins, seeing how long they could stay alert.

But now, the Tobermory-based marine biologist has gained global recognition after his stunning picture won an international competition, run by the prestigious American-based Smithsonian Magazine.

Facing dwindling resources and a potentially grim outcome, a medical researcher (Kendrick) emerges as the only dissenting voice against the clinical logic of both her commander (Collette) and the shipโ€™s biologist (Kim).

I had this purist biologist belief that you gotta save the land and restore it to what it was and keep people out of it so they donโ€™t mess it up.

โ€œItโ€™s a major landmark,โ€ said Juan Carlos Izpisua Belmonte, a developmental biologist at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in California, who was not involved in the study.

โ€œItโ€™s like looking at a black hole,โ€ Duke University biologist Alexander Davis, a co-author of the study, told the newspaper.

Jan, with his white hair standing out against a bright red rain jacket, was the biologist who set up that colony in the Seventies and wanted to make one final visit to its ailing matriarch.

Kira Foreman, a marine biologist at the Hol Chan Marine Reserve adds that besides the overload of nutrients, sewage brings along with it a lot of other nasty things.

โ€œMost of the turtles we see have been injured through contact with fishing gear,โ€ chief biologist Olfa Chaieb says.

Once a conservation biologist, she made a complete 180 of a career move after she discovered how much she loves to write.

โ€œOverall, this appears to be the typical pattern, where 70 to 80% of the overall Jackson Elk Herd winter on the refuge,โ€ Elk Refuge biologist Eric Cole said.

Sightings continued until 2004, when a LANWR biologist spotted two north of the entrance road of the refuge.

โ€œThat can have various negative consequences, from the outbreaks of harmful algae blooms and things like red tide bacteria,โ€ said Jonathan Shurin, a UCSD biologist who led the study.

The new findings highlight the need to catalog and conserve biological diversity, said Jonathan Kennedy, an ornithologist and evolutionary biologist at the University of Sheffield, who wrote a that ran with the new study.

There are certainly more golden eagles, but their elusiveness makes it hard to estimate how many winter in Alabama, said Bartkovich, a nongame wildlife biologist for the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.

'The study highlights the use and value of rope bridges to connect gaps in forest canopies,' said paper author and biologist Bosco Chan of the Kadoorie Farm & Botanic Garden in Hong Kong.

The study successfully combined methods to turn an incidental set of observations into a robust understanding, said Marianne Porter, a biologist at Florida Atlantic University who was not involved.

The survey is compiled by the observations of biologist, foresters, and other qualified and trained individuals from the DNR, Division of Forestry, and some retired employees of those agencies.

This is like a politician being blocked from talking to their constituents, a biologist from examining the animal world, a journalist from communicating with their sources.

This week we visit with Stephanie Tucker, department furbearer biologist and game management section leader.

Today, David Ginsberg, a former wildlife biologist who joined the company in 2015, is one of a handful of craftsmen who work with the trusty jig.

Unfortunately, a marine biologist on the theory during an interview with E! News.

University of Washington biologist Carl Bergstrom, said that even the CDC's worst-case scenario is realistically a best-case scenario.

Weโ€™ll learn about those on this weekโ€™s show from an Alaska Department of Fish & Game biologist.

'We see a surge in dead dolphins when the super-trawlers are here,' said Thea Taylor, a marine biologist and co-lead of the Brighton Dolphin Project.

While the Gamaleya specialists have responded, more details should be released, said Enrico Bucci, a biologist at Temple University in Philadelphia.

After graduation my career started as a Fisheries Biologist with the Ministry of Environment in Prince George.

But for experts like marine biologist Amanda Swinimer, itโ€™s a tasty and healthy harvest.

CONCLUSIONS: SADI Services are fully compliant with, and utilize only foundational Web standards; are simple to create and maintain for service providers; and can be discovered and utilized in a very intuitive way by biologist end-users.

Evolutionary biologist Lee Alan Dugatkin has made his career studying cooperation, so it makes perfect sense that the subject of his latest book would be an anarchist.

First proposed by Guelph integrative biologist Paul Hebert, DNA barcoding allows scientists to identify animal and plant species using short, standardized regions of genetic material.

Golder is not just a place to work, it is a promise โ€ฆ Golder has a new opportunity for an Intermediate Marine Biologist to join โ€ฆ

Hi, Iโ€™m Lynn Fraser, a biologist from the Calgary Zooโ€™s Centre for Conservation Research, and team leader for our northern leopard frog conservation project.

I became interested in pursuing a career in wildlife shortly after high school in Golden, BC, and have lived and worked as a biologist in the region since.

A marine biologist, his research focused on the biological behaviour of marine animals and colour changes in fish.

I want to ask the Minister of Natural Resources (Mr. Driedger) why this biologist is being transferred from the Swan River area and whether he will intervene and reverse the decision, as has been requested by the many people of the Swan River area.

I was lucky to get an opportunity in Boston to work with a molecular biologist named Dr. Hubert Wolfe, who was one of the first people to do hybridization as a way to look at genes inside of tissue.

Marine biologist Corinne Pomerleau is working with Inuit hunters and Greenland researchers to help determine how bowhead whales in Canada's eastern Arctic will be affected by a warming climate.

Professional Biologist is a protected title under Alberta's Professional and Occupational Associations Registration Act.

Prof. Menachem Goren, an aquatic biologist at Tel Aviv University, said overfishing is the principal problem in the declining fish stocks.

Rรฉjean Dumas, a QMFWP biologist, has been involved with the project since it began, conducting wildlife inventories and getting his feet wet with the restoration work.

Rick, a fourteen-year-old foster child, escapes from a juvenile detention facility near Las Vegas and travels to Canyonlands National Park in Utah where he meets a bird biologist working on a project to reintroduce condo.

She's a field-hardy biologist who even took measurements at the snowy field site during mid-December!

โ€œSure, our genes are largely responsible for our stature,โ€ says evolutionary biologist Campbell Rolian, a researcher in the McCaig Institute who studies skeletal variation in size and shape between individuals.

As scientists, we recognize that if we are to understand the ecology and effectively protect species, we need to also see beyond these borders,โ€ said Anna Metaxas, deep-sea biologist and oceanographer from Dalhousie University.

The Institute is chaired by a biologist at the University of Moncton.

There are between several hundred and several thousand left, and it is our responsibility to protect them,โ€ explained Nathalie Vachon, MELCC biologist and a partner of NCC in the protection and recovery of this species.

The two I just cited are for year 3. In this particular fiscal year coming up, 1991-92, we will only move one and that is the caribou biologist.

They were guided by Jean Fink, biologist at the Centre d'enseignement et de recherche en foresterie de Sainte-Foy inc. ().

Villy Christensen, a fisheries biologist at the Fisheries Centre of the University of British Columbia (UBC), wanted to find out why there has been such a disconnect, so he looked outside his faculty for a solution.