6820 examples of birth in sentences

They content themselves with exposing some of the crimes and follies to which public commotions necessarily give birth.

They gave birth to "Götz von Berlichingen" and the "Sorrows of Werther," to the first inception of "Faust," and to many of his sweetest lyrics.

A girl of low birth and vulgar circumstance, imbued with the ideas and habits of her class, speaking the language of that class from which she never for a moment deviates into finer phrase, takes on, through the magic handling of the poet, an ideal beauty.

Birth and youth-time; Collingwood's "Life" and his own "Praeterita".

Darwin; birth, parentage, and education.

Birth, parentage, and early engineering career.

Art of printing; birth of alchemy.

In 1815, two years after Wagner's birth, the King of Saxony founded a German opera in Dresden, where theretofore Italian opera had ruled alone.

Nothing existed before his birth!

I need not for these robes of mine The loveliness of earth, But happenings remote and fine Like threads of dreams will blow and shine In gossamer and crystalline, And I was glad from birth.

How short the days we linger here: A birth, a breath, and thenthe bier!

If you both happen to know Mr. Smith of Des Moines, the Bromide inevitably will say: "This world is such a small place, after all, isn't it?" The Bromide never mentions such a vulgar thing as a birth, but "The Year Baby Came.

He can speak of birth and death without metaphor.

" Cosimo has been called "a great merchant and a grand party-leader: the first of Florentines by birth and the first of Italians by culture."

Dante Alighieri, who has always been known by his Christian rather than surname (partly owing to the Italian predilection for Christian names, and partly to the unsettled state of patronymics in his time), was the son of a lawyer of good family in Florence, and was born in that city on the 14th of May 1265 (sixty-three years before the birth of Chaucer).

But the naked multitude of souls whom he had spoken to changed colour, and gnashed their teeth, blaspheming God, and their parents, and the human species, and the place, and the hour, and the seed of the sowing of their birth; and all the while they felt themselves driven onwards, by a fear which became a desire, towards the cruel river-side, which awaits every one destitute of the fear of God.

At his birth just before dawn rays not cast by any beam of sunlight yet visible surrounded his form.

Savage claimed to be the illegitimate son of the Countess of Macclesfield, who was divorced from her husband in the year of his birth on account of her connexion with his supposed father, Lord Rivers.

MEHMED: "I'm afraid I am!"] I like to think it did not fall to earth, A wounded bird that trails a broken wing, But to the heavenly blue that gave it birth, Faded in silence, a mysterious thing, Cleaving its radiant course where honour lies Like a winged victory mounting to the skies.

The War was over, but another had yet to be waged against poverty and sordid environment; against the disabilities of birth; against the abuse of wealth; against the mutual suspicions of Capital and Labour; against sloth, indifference, self-complacency, and short memories.

Roses's work, which promised to be a giant, dwindled down to a miserable pigmy; and that under "The Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge" was strangled in its birth.

THE GALLERY, with Notices Biographical and Critical, a Portrait of WILKIE, and a View of his Birth-place.

Despise the land that gave thee birth!

The Life is preceded by an Historical Introduction, from A.D. 476, to A.D. 749, recounting the state of Gaul from a little previous to the final overthrow of the Roman Empire, to the birth of Charlemagne.

The year of his birth, however, seems to have been A.D. 742, about seven years before his father, Pepin, the Brief, assumed the name of king.

6820 examples of  birth  in sentences