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51 example sentences with  bitter-sweet

51 example sentences with bitter-sweet

1918 [Dedication: To my mother and my father] CONTENTS I. BITTER-SWEET II.

GET READY THE WREATHS GASLIGHT SONATAS I BITTER-SWEET Much of the tragical lore of the infant mortality, the malnutrition, and the five-in-a-room morality of the city's poor is written in statistics, and the statistical path to the heart is more figurative than literal.

" Evadne turned her head away and clenched her hands tightly as the flood of bitter-sweet memories threatened to engulf her.

"That sad wordJoy"Landor's pregnant phrase comes back to one, as expressing the bitter-sweet of all glad things in this countryside, which has seenso short a time agodeath and murder and outrage at their worst.

This, since I saw thee, lady, makes me weak; A bitter-sweet sways here and there my mind, And sure I am thine eyes this mischief breed.

This, since I saw thee, lady, makes me weak: A bitter-sweet sways here and there my mind; And sure I am thine eyes this mischief breed.

Up the great staircase, now wrapped in mysterious gloom, we passed in silence with bitter-sweet memories of that day of days when we had first trodden its steps together: through the Central Saloon, the Mediaeval Room and the Asiatic Saloon, and so into the long range of the Ethnographical Galleries.

Hand in hand they went through the enchanted wood; and for ever after, the scent of mountain-ash blossom was to Avery a bitter-sweet memory of that which should have been wholly sweet.

In search of memories bitter-sweet, We tread the once-accustomed ways With step grown slow, and lagging feet, Timed to the pulse's slower beat, And climb the stair and reach the floor, To findalas!

The Leader lies before his tent Gazing at heaven's all-cheering lamp Through blandness of a morning rare; His thoughts on bitter-sweets are bent: His sunny bride is in the camp But Mosbygraves are beds of damp!

Among his poems are "Kathrina" and "Bitter-Sweet."

To dream so well, to do so ill, There comes the bitter-sweet that makes the sin.

He saw her now girt with the white fillet of the virgins of Hellas, like those figures carved with such an exquisite purity in the marble of the Greek bas-reliefs that they seem clad in inviolate innocence, now in a flowered gown, with powdered ringlets sweeping her naked shoulders, that had an inexpressible charm in their spare outlines suggestive of the bitter-sweet taste of an unripe fruit.

I leave the drowsing South, and in thought I northward fly, And walk the stretching moors that fringe the ever-calling sea, And am gladdened as the gales that are so bitter-sweet rush by.

I said that I was sure he would be delighted (being, as a matter of fact, entirely indifferent as to his sentiments on the subject in my delight at the proposal), and when I stepped down from the cab at King's Cross to pursue my way homewards, there already opened out before me the prospect of the renewal of this bitter-sweet and all too dangerous companionship on the morrow.

It was a miserable affair, and many a heartache did it promise me in the lonely days that were to come, when I should have said "good-bye" to the Temple and gone back to my old nomadic life; and yet I would not have had it changed if I could; would not have bartered the bitter-sweet memories for dull forgetfulness.

I read something in it, and then we all went to sit on the piazza, with the street-lamp shining through the bitter-sweet vine, as good as the moon, and the conversation naturally and easily turned on odd names.

She had good taste, too, and didn't name either of us Louisa Prudence, like an unfortunate I once saw; and we were left, with our nice cottage covered with its vine of bitter-sweet and climbing rose, fifteen hundred dollars each, and our names, Delphine and Laura.

* * * * * The sun shone brightly through the bitter-sweet that ran half over the window, and lighted on the corner of an old mahogany chest.

Your lips are bitter-sweet with the taste of my wine of pain.

Her lips were indeed bitter-sweet with the taste of his wine of pain, her eyes were darkened by his shadows.

Sylvia stepped forward, crossed the threshold of the living-room, and paused by the piano, penetrated by bitter-sweet associations.

And it is precisely this bitter-sweet which can be treated only orally and in person.

But Joe did not even notice the clinging cigarette smell that infected the strange printery atmosphere, that mingled with its delightful odor of the freshly printed page, damp, bitter-sweet, new.

Yet why preserve memorials of a dream, Too bitter-sweet to breathe of aught but pain!

" Our Latin lesson is complete: We've learned that Love is "Bitter-sweet" Lewis Carroll.

Then she laughed, and said: Fair boy, I am only that bitter-sweet, a woman: and I want no more than what every woman wants, the man she loves, and that is thou.

Summer days of busy leisure, Long summer days of dear-bought pleasure, You have done your teaching well; Had the scholar means to tell How grew the vine of bitter-sweet, What made the path for truant feet, Winter nights would quickly pass, Gazing on the magic glass O'er which the new-world shadows pass;


When all the length of sunny roads, A lure to restless feet, Are largesses of goldenrod And beck of bitter-sweet.

Therefore, we may recall Dante, whose Divine Comedy was with him from his thirty-fifth year till the year of his death, the bitter-sweet companion of twenty years of exile.


Shall we, then, be so untrue to our craft,shall we, in short, be so unguardedly natural, as to confess that "Bitter-Sweet" has surprised us?

We could easily show that "Bitter-Sweet" was not this and that and t'other, but, after all said and done, it would remain an obstinately charming little book.

We mean it as very high praise, when we say that "Bitter-Sweet" is one of the few books that have found the secret of drawing up and assimilating the juices of this New World of ours.

By the not at all simple process of recording faithfully the projections of his rich and varied imagination, he has written thirteen books, which he accurately terms biography, wherein is the bitter-sweet truth about human life.

CHAPTER X Christmas Day came and went with a host of bitter-sweet memories for Claire Robson.

After all, the alternation of hope and despair which produces those bitter-sweet paradoxes of the varying and mixed emotions, is one of the selfish aspects of passion: the lover fears or hopes for himself, not for the other.

It is otherwise in her love-poems, or rather fragments of such, comprising the following: "Now love masters my limbs, and shakes me, fatal creature, bitter-sweet.

" "Bitter-sweet," "giver of pain," "the weaver of fictions," are some expressions of Sappho's preserved by Maximus Tyrius; and Libanius, the rhetorician, refers to Sappho, the Lesbian, as praying "that night might be doubled for her."

I wished to taste the bitter-sweet of power based on wealth.

Opening this, his latest volume, we read on, a fly-leaf fronting the title-page that twenty-six editions of the "Letters to Young People," fifteen editions each of "Bitter-Sweet" and "Gold Foil," and thirteen editions of "Miss Gilbert's Career" have gone the way of all good books.

"Bitter-sweet milk" has cream of a bitter taste, is covered with 'blisters,' and frequently with a fine mold.

The man in him had been let loose, and he wanted to cry aloud with the bitter-sweet agony of it.

But there was something bitter-sweet in the thought that she was conscious of what he had done, something of humiliation as well as gladness, and still not enough of the first to make him regret that he had kissed her, that he had kissed her mouth and her eyes.

Another lake lies in the same plain and quite near to the former, of which the waters are bitter-sweet, that is to say they are not pleasant to drink, but may be drunk in case of absolute necessity.

The only person she immediately and instinctively disliked was Lady Highford who had gushed and said one or two bitter-sweet things which she had not clearly nor literally understood, but which, she felt, were meant to be hostile.

Hence the bitter-sweet of many of his pieces, so agreeably stimulating and so suggestive of an elastic temperament.

In the recent past, the story has taken a successful leap as Joba and Param face the bitter-sweet realities of being parents to kids that continue to grow up and grow apart.

Controversial fountain with ring of statues portraying Hans Sachs' poem 'Bitter-sweet Married Life'.

Another girl said bitter-sweet.