45 examples of bitter-sweet in sentences

[Dedication: To my mother and my father] CONTENTS I. BITTER-SWEET II.

How did you manage there?" Evadne turned her head away and clenched her hands tightly as the flood of bitter-sweet memories threatened to engulf her.

"That sad wordJoy"Landor's pregnant phrase comes back to one, as expressing the bitter-sweet of all glad things in this countryside, which has seenso short a time agodeath and murder and outrage at their worst.

This, since I saw thee, lady, makes me weak; A bitter-sweet sways here and there my mind, And sure I am thine eyes this mischief breed.

Among his poems are "Kathrina" and "Bitter-Sweet."

though here fair blows the rose, and the woodbine waves on high, And oak, and elm, and bracken fronds enrich the rolling lea, And winds, as if in Arcady, breathe joy as they go by, Yet I yearn and I pine for my North Countrie! I leave the drowsing South, and in thought I northward fly, And walk the stretching moors that fringe the ever-calling sea, And am gladdened as the gales that are so bitter-sweet rush by.

I read something in it, and then we all went to sit on the piazza, with the street-lamp shining through the bitter-sweet vine, as good as the moon, and the conversation naturally and easily turned on odd names.

She had good taste, too, and didn't name either of us Louisa Prudence, like an unfortunate I once saw; and we were left, with our nice cottage covered with its vine of bitter-sweet and climbing rose, fifteen hundred dollars each, and our names, Delphine and Laura.

The sun shone brightly through the bitter-sweet that ran half over the window, and lighted on the corner of an old mahogany chest.

Her lips were indeed bitter-sweet with the taste of his wine of pain, her eyes were darkened by his shadows.

Sylvia stepped forward, crossed the threshold of the living-room, and paused by the piano, penetrated by bitter-sweet associations.

And it is precisely this bitter-sweet which can be treated only orally and in person.

Our Latin lesson is complete: We've learned that Love is "Bitter-sweet" Lewis Carroll.

Then she laughed, and said: Fair boy, I am only that bitter-sweet, a woman: and I want no more than what every woman wants, the man she loves, and that is thou.

When all the length of sunny roads, A lure to restless feet, Are largesses of goldenrod And beck of bitter-sweet.

Therefore, we may recall Dante, whose Divine Comedy was with him from his thirty-fifth year till the year of his death, the bitter-sweet companion of twenty years of exile.

Shall we, then, be so untrue to our craft,shall we, in short, be so unguardedly natural, as to confess that "Bitter-Sweet" has surprised us?

" We could easily show that "Bitter-Sweet" was not this and that and t'other, but, after all said and done, it would remain an obstinately charming little book.

We mean it as very high praise, when we say that "Bitter-Sweet" is one of the few books that have found the secret of drawing up and assimilating the juices of this New World of ours.

By the not at all simple process of recording faithfully the projections of his rich and varied imagination, he has written thirteen books, which he accurately terms biography, wherein is the bitter-sweet truth about human life.

CHAPTER X Christmas Day came and went with a host of bitter-sweet memories for Claire Robson.

It is otherwise in her love-poems, or rather fragments of such, comprising the following: "Now love masters my limbs, and shakes me, fatal creature, bitter-sweet.

" "Bitter-sweet," "giver of pain," "the weaver of fictions," are some expressions of Sappho's preserved by Maximus Tyrius; and Libanius, the rhetorician, refers to Sappho, the Lesbian, as praying "that night might be doubled for her."

I wished to taste the bitter-sweet of power based on wealth.

2. "Bitter-sweet milk" has cream of a bitter taste, is covered with 'blisters,' and frequently with a fine mold.

45 examples of  bitter-sweet  in sentences