6 examples of blakes in sentences

The Blakes lived there.

DEMETRIUS, \ / Mr. GARRICK, Greek noblemen, LEONTIUS, / \ MR. BLAKES.

But when, at John's suggestion, I spoke of the possibility of having in the Cravens and the Blakes,the Cravens are very musical, you knowand Wallace Hood who would be really hurt if we left him out, Paula came nearer to being downright rude than she often allows herself to be.

Come to her aid, tribes of Galway, Lynches and Blakes and Frenches!

What milksops the Marlboroughs and Turennes, the Blakes and the Van Tromps appear now, who whipped into winter quarters and into port, the moment their noses looked blue.

Now, I have just found that there is no paper at all like this in Williams' desk; all the note-paper it contains is marked 'Blakes, Ayrton.'

6 examples of  blakes  in sentences