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148 examples of  blaring  in sentences

148 examples of blaring in sentences

And presently from among these booths and tents was the gleam and glitter of armour, what time from the waking host a hum and stir arose, with blare and fanfare of trumpet to usher in the day: and in a while from the midst of the camp came the faint ring and tap of many hammers.

Sadly we march along the crowded street, While trumpets hoarsely blare and drums tempestuous beat.

Sadly we march along the crowded street, While trumpets hoarsely blare and drums tempestuous beat.

Sadly we march along the crowded street, While trumpets hoarsely blare and drums tempestuous beat.

Sadly we march along the crowded street, While trumpets hoarsely blare and drums tempestuous beat.

Sadly we march along the crowded street, While trumpets hoarsely blare and drums tempestuous beat.

Sadly we march along the crowded street, While trumpets hoarsely blare and drums tempestuous beat.

The converging columns of the French came creeping on amid the roll of drums and the blare of trumpets.

[-43-] Thereupon they first sent around their watchwords,the followers of Brutus using "Liberty," and the others whatever happened to be given out,and then one trumpeter on each side sounded the first note, followed by the blare of the remainder.

You can imagine just how bitterly Mr. Shouldice was incensed when you hear that the Fourth of July had been celebrated with flourish of flags and blare of trumpets right under his very nosein Canadain British dominions!

The celebration was held in a large grove just across the road from Thomas Shouldice's little house; and to his inflamed patriotism, every firecracker that split the air, every cheer that rent the heavens, every blare of their smashing band music, seemed a direct challenge to King Edward himself, God bless him!

Ye black-stoled folk, be dumb, who hate the loud Blare of God's lifted angel-trumpets!

The rub was there; the quarter seemed quite fast asleep; in the five minutes which had elapsed since Lanyard had ensconced himself in the doorway no motor car had passed, not a footfall had disturbed the stillness, never a sound of any sort had come to his attention other than one distant blare of a two-toned automobile horn from the neighbourhood of the Arc de Triomphe.

The hero had no sooner alighted than he was lifted shoulder-high by the crowd, and carried in triumph from the station, amid the blaring of the bands and the crackling of innumerable little detonators, which here enter freely into the ritual of rejoicing.

But the girl with money had a blaring, knock-me-down sort of beauty that appeals to men.

The noise woke the usher, and soon after the blare of trumpets announced that the court had risen, as some wag said, until the day after yesterday.

The band inside was blaring away.

CHAPTER XXV A BEAR ON THE RAMPAGE "Hoop-la!" All a-spangle, to the blare of quick music, the great tent ablaze with light, the rows of benches crush-crowded with excited humanity, Andy Wildwood left the spring-board.

A sound, like the blare of an angry bull, assailed thema furious inarticulate sound that speedily resolved into words.

I was awakened from these pleasant reflections by a sudden blare of light and noise on each side of the train.

The towns that they started were plague spots With brothels and dance halls aglare, With cribs, faro banks and roulette wheels And phonographs adding their blare.

That fluttering whisper, low and near, Was the far battle-blare; An airy rippling motion here, The blasting thunder there.

The band was blaring out the latest Jazz melody.

With a blare of trumpets, a boom and ruffle of drums, the gay procession started around the circus arena.

Thus one critic speaks of his "splendid and imperishable excellence of sincerity and strength"; another of his "gaudy charlatanry, blare of brass, and big bow-wowishness."

One was that Longstreet's wing of Lee's army was now rather close in his front, and the other, mortification at turning back after having started southward with such a blare of trumpets.

Loudness N. loudness, power; loud noise, din; blare; clang, clangor; clatter, noise, bombilation^, roar, uproar, racket, hubbub, bobbery^, fracas, charivari^, trumpet blast, flourish of trumpets, fanfare, tintamarre^, peal, swell, blast, larum^, boom; bang (explosion) 406; resonance &c 408. vociferation, hullabaloo, &c 411; lungs; Stentor. artillery, cannon; thunder.

V. be loud &c adj.; peal, swell, clang, boom, thunder, blare, fulminate, roar; resound &c 408. speak up, shout &c (vociferate) 411; bellow &c (cry as an animal) 412. rend the air, rend the skies; fill the air; din in the ear, ring in the ear, thunder in the ear; pierce the ears, split the ears, rend the ears, split the head; deafen, stun; faire le diable a quatre

V. cry, roar, bellow, blare, rebellow^; growl, snarl.

But how, after hearing the faultless crystal of your note, can I ever be satisfied again with the crude, brazen blare of mine?

He leaped in the sea with a puff and a blare

An automobile tore through the street with its horn blaring, and raced by us, going toward Brussels at forty miles an hour.

But the Moon she knew nothing about the affair; For, high in the sky, With her one white eye, Motionless, miles above the air, She had never heard the great Wind blare.

There came the great blare of the flashlight, and a simultaneous roar of barking from the two dogs.

Behind him the desert sand waste stretched, lifeless, interminable, reflecting its lurid blare on the horizon of the cloudless vault of blue.

Drums beat, trumpets blare, the Klingelspiel jingles at the regiment's head, and with flowers in your helmet, and your wife or sweetheart shouldering your rifle as far as the stationand you should see these German women marching out with their men!you go marching out to war.

In the distance an occasional blare of brass and the beat of drums tells that processions are still moving through the streets of the capital, celebrating the inauguration of the new President.

she shouted above the blare of the wind instruments.

And 'here and there, The sudden blare Of fitful bugles smote the air.

Blare of trumpet, clarion sounding, Eye-sight dazing, ear astounding!

Like the blare of trumpet sounding, Over vale and forest ringing.

Her tresses once when this was done, Vanished the skein, the needle bare, She dressed with wreaths vermilion Bright as a trumpet's dazzling blare.

They stopped a hundred feet short, but the blare of heat struck on their faces like a blow.

Our national tympanum is so deafened by that blare of sumptuousness that we have no ears for the still, small voice of beauty.

Some one pointed out a big liner which would sail for New York the next morning, lying like a huge, gaily lighted island, the blare of her band floating over the still water.

After the blare of this exordium, Aretino settles down to the real business of his letter, and communicates his own views regarding the Last Judgment, which he hears that the supreme master of all arts is engaged in depicting.

" This ostentatious stage-display finds its counterpart to some extent at the present day, and may remind us also of the huge orchestras of blaring sound which are the delight of the modern composer and the modern musical audience.

Standing there, if the life coming rose up before her in that hard, vacant blare of sunlight, she looked at it with the same still, waiting eyes, that told nothing.

He can never go shoulder to shoulder with cheering comrades at the roll of drums and the blare of trumpets under waving bannersto seek glory on the battle-field while all the world looks on and applauds.

Then, heralded by a blare of trumpets and a crash of kettledrums, came the cavalry; cuirassiers with their steel helmets and breastplates covered with grey linen, hussars in befrogged grey jackets and fur busbies, also linen-covered, and finally the Uhlans, riding amid a forest of lances under a cloud of fluttering pennons.

There was a time when my blood was stirred by the blare of the horn and the rush of the hoofs, but now it is all wearisome to me.

Time was when wrongs were righted by mace and battle-ax, amid fanfares and shoutings, but we live in a quieter age, an age of repression, wherein the keenest thrust is not delivered with a yell of triumph nor the oldest score settled to the blare of trumpets.

The enormous size of the levity gets on his nerves, like the glare and blare of Bank Holiday.

Yet when he turned to her outside in the hot sunshine with the blaring band close at hand she almost shrank away, she almost voiced a pretext for continuing their unprofitable wandering through the stifling tents.

Suddenly the rolling of drums and the blare of bugles is heard on board the warship.

It was bad to see in the heat of fight; but now in the cold morning, with no cheer or drum-tap or bugle blare, all the glory had gone out of it, and it was just one huge butcher's shop, where poor devils had been ripped and burst and smashed, as though we had tried to make a mock of God's i

If an "Answer to the Message" was to be taken "to the Palace," he was one of those chosen for the purpose; and he trembled with emotion to think of what his mother, his wife, all the people down yonder at home would say if they could see him riding there in the sumptuous carriage of state, preceded by bright-liveried horsemen and saluted by trumpets blaring the royal march!

As they did so, a sudden blare of trumpets and strains of martial music burst forth, and the black-robed deputies of the clergy appeared, separated into two files by the band of royal musicians.

On the other hand, the dame de sociรฉtรฉ who trips lightly from the drawing-room to the stage, amid the blare of trumpets and the excitement of her friends, usually fails to make a mark.

Blaring noises from the passing cars confused the Professor.

No blare of trumpets.

He is often found upon the Committees of new Clubs which start with a blare of journalistic trumpets upon a chequered existence, only to perish in contempt a few years afterwards.

I become conscious here of how noisily and hurriedly I have lived my life; happily enough, I will confess; but the thought of it allthe class-room, the street, the playing-fieldbright and vivacious as it all was, seems now like a boisterous prelude of blaring brass and tingling string, which lapses into some delicate economy of sweet melody and gliding chord.

It is the first time I have heard a band since the war broke out, and as the regiment swung down the hill to the blare of brasswell, funnily enough, it seemed less like war than ever.

Out blare the trumpets, one and all, As Charles responds to Roland's call.

"Tell me not, Sweet, I am unkind" (As Colonel LOVELACE said) if I From festal scenes for you designed To solitude propose to fly; If, when the strident trumpets blare From Hampstead Heath to Clapham Junction, And bunting fills the ardent air, I don't assist at that brave function.

And who can say that it does not express the blare and jangle and the surge, too, of our national spirit?

There was little to be seen or heard; except for the musical tinkle of the stream, all to the right was silence, but from the other side there arose an occasional sound, borne faintly from a distancea voice calling, the blare of a far-off bugle, the echo of a hammer pounding on iron.

The organ was silent, and, accompanied by the hoarse blare of a trombone, they intoned a hymn in adoration of the Sacrament; the incense rose in blue clouds around the Custodia, veiling the brilliancy of its gold.

We had waited perhaps ten minutes when we heard a blare of trumpets and saw a small cavalcade of ladies and gentlemen ride from the castle and pass over the drawbridge.

And at the blare of his conch and the rattle of his car-wheels, and the twang of the Gandiva, and the roar of the superhuman creatures stationed on his flagstaff, the earth itself began to tremble.

And then there arose the sound of loud clapping of hands, with the blare of conchs and trumpets and kettle-drums made by the Kurus while they applauded Vikartana's son who filled the atmosphere with the sound of his bow-string flapping against his fence.

Then announcing his own name, Arjuna powerfully blew that best of conchs called Devadatta, of loud blare.

And blown on the field of battle by the mighty Jishnu, the blare of that conch was heard like the splitting of a mountain.

And the son of Bharadwaja then blew his conch whose blare resembled that of a hundred trumpets.

And at the flapping of fences, and the blare of conchs, the leonine roars made by the warriors and the shrieks of elephants, and the twang of the Gandiva resembling the thunder, I have, O hero, been so stupefied that I have been deprived of both hearing and memory.

And once more, taking up with both his hands that large conch of loud blare, Partha, that slayer of foes, blew it with force and filled the cardinal and other points, the whole earth, and sky, with that noise.

There was a murmur of disappointment at first, but the people could only honor all the more the woman who wished no blare of trumpets for her humane acts.

It was a perfect explosion of sound, a terrible blare, that crashed out through the jungles and wakened every sleeping thing.

Then the ring was empty except for a great red-eyed elephant, whose hide was no longer white, standing blaring his triumph to the stars.

The committee and the professor, led by the Hampton brass band, blaring away at patriotic airs, made their way to the front seats in the structure, and everybody was requested to line up on each side of the street, so as to make a clear lane for the models to fly in.

As the little machine settled to the ground, far beyond the grand stand, the officials ran out with their tapes, and presently the announcement came blaring down the packed ranks of the onlookers: "Three hundred and fifty feet!

They spoke most of all of women, and it sometimes seemed, as they sat there,one at the doorway of the House of Life and one in a shaded inner chamber,as if the rune of women came to them from their far sisters: from those in their harems, from others in the blare of commercial, Occidental life; from those in chambers of pain; from those freighted with the poignant burdens which women bear in their bodies and in their souls.

In the glare of red fire and flaming torches, to the confused blare of many Salvation Army brass bands, the quavering of hymn tunes, including the classic, "Where Is My Wandering Boy To-night," and the constant explosion of photographers' flashlights, the long procession stumbled and jostled its way through streets that gave back for answer darkness and silence.

At once the drums strike up, the trumpets blare, and men, women, and children begin to dance.

he called, his voice blaring a trumpet-call to action.

[The "Wedding March" strikes up with a deafening blare.

But as the crush abated and they breasted the farther slope, Tilda made two discoveries; the first, that whereas a few minutes since the platform had held a company of people among its palms and fairy-lamps, it was now deserted; the second, that the mob at the winning-post had actually shouldered Miss Sally, and was carrying her in triumph towards the platform, with a brass band bobbing ahead and blaring See, the Conquering Hero comes!

The spacious and brilliantly lighted apartment, draped with flags and decorated with evergreens; the polished dancing-floor; the crash and blare of the music furnished by a military band; the beautiful women in rich evening toilettes; and the throng of handsome young officers in showy and diversified uniforms, simply overwhelmed us with feelings of mingled excitement and embarrassment.

He said something in Dutch to the man who lounged beside him, and at once another laughPiet Vreiboom'sbellowed forth like the blare of a bull.

At his wide open window he stands, Overlooking his bit of a garden; One can see the great ass at one end of his brass Blaring out, never asking your pardon: This terrible blurting he thinks is not hurting, As long as his own ear-drums harden.

Like a man late from club, he has lost His key, and around stumbles moping, Touching this, trying that, now a sharp, now a flat, Till he strikes on the note he is hoping, And a terrible blare at the end of the air Shows he's got through at last with his groping.

When the throb of the drum and the blare of the brass had set the heart of the town to dancing, some wave of the ecstasy seeped through the lilac bushes and into the quiet house.

the enormous tents spring up like mushrooms, to last a day; for a few short hours there is a medley of strange sounds,a blare of trumpets, the roar of strange beasts, the ring of strange voices, the crackling of whips; there are prancing steeds and figures in costumes curious,then, flapping of canvas, creaking of poles, and all is silent.

The Spinster's Reticule, for so the name ran, came forth with no blare of journalistic trumpets challenging approval from the towers of critical sagacity.

But his liking for Fenwick had never wavered through all the blare of Fenwick's success.

With no garb, no creed, no blare of trumpet, they have made themselves into "Little Sisters of the Poor.

There came a sudden blare of music from the great ballroom below, and the woman who stood alone at an open window on the first floor shrugged her shoulders and shivered a little.

Now and then a man's voice bellowed through the clamour like the blare of a bull.

I was moved to compassion as it sat upon the jaw-bone of a whale, which projected beneath the tafrail, at one moment devouring pieces of its mother and sister with avidity, and at the next stretching its throat and blaring out mournfully, when a fragment of ice met its view, passing astern as we sailed on our course.