148 examples of blaring in sentences

The hero had no sooner alighted than he was lifted shoulder-high by the crowd, and carried in triumph from the station, amid the blaring of the bands and the crackling of innumerable little detonators, which here enter freely into the ritual of rejoicing.

But the girl with money had a blaring, knock-me-down sort of beauty that appeals to men.

The band inside was blaring away.

A sound, like the blare of an angry bull, assailed thema furious inarticulate sound that speedily resolved into words.

The band was blaring out the latest Jazz melody.

An automobile tore through the street with its horn blaring, and raced by us, going toward Brussels at forty miles an hour.

Behind him the desert sand waste stretched, lifeless, interminable, reflecting its lurid blare on the horizon of the cloudless vault of blue.

And 'here and there, The sudden blare Of fitful bugles smote the air.

Like the blare of trumpet sounding, Over vale and forest ringing.

" This ostentatious stage-display finds its counterpart to some extent at the present day, and may remind us also of the huge orchestras of blaring sound which are the delight of the modern composer and the modern musical audience.

He can never go shoulder to shoulder with cheering comrades at the roll of drums and the blare of trumpets under waving bannersto seek glory on the battle-field while all the world looks on and applauds.

Yet when he turned to her outside in the hot sunshine with the blaring band close at hand she almost shrank away, she almost voiced a pretext for continuing their unprofitable wandering through the stifling tents.

Suddenly the rolling of drums and the blare of bugles is heard on board the warship.

If an "Answer to the Message" was to be taken "to the Palace," he was one of those chosen for the purpose; and he trembled with emotion to think of what his mother, his wife, all the people down yonder at home would say if they could see him riding there in the sumptuous carriage of state, preceded by bright-liveried horsemen and saluted by trumpets blaring the royal march!

Blaring noises from the passing cars confused the Professor.

I become conscious here of how noisily and hurriedly I have lived my life; happily enough, I will confess; but the thought of it allthe class-room, the street, the playing-fieldbright and vivacious as it all was, seems now like a boisterous prelude of blaring brass and tingling string, which lapses into some delicate economy of sweet melody and gliding chord.

Out blare the trumpets, one and all, As Charles responds to Roland's call.

Then the ring was empty except for a great red-eyed elephant, whose hide was no longer white, standing blaring his triumph to the stars.

The committee and the professor, led by the Hampton brass band, blaring away at patriotic airs, made their way to the front seats in the structure, and everybody was requested to line up on each side of the street, so as to make a clear lane for the models to fly in.

As the little machine settled to the ground, far beyond the grand stand, the officials ran out with their tapes, and presently the announcement came blaring down the packed ranks of the onlookers: "Three hundred and fifty feet!

he called, his voice blaring a trumpet-call to action.

But as the crush abated and they breasted the farther slope, Tilda made two discoveries; the first, that whereas a few minutes since the platform had held a company of people among its palms and fairy-lamps, it was now deserted; the second, that the mob at the winning-post had actually shouldered Miss Sally, and was carrying her in triumph towards the platform, with a brass band bobbing ahead and blaring See, the Conquering Hero comes!

The spacious and brilliantly lighted apartment, draped with flags and decorated with evergreens; the polished dancing-floor; the crash and blare of the music furnished by a military band; the beautiful women in rich evening toilettes; and the throng of handsome young officers in showy and diversified uniforms, simply overwhelmed us with feelings of mingled excitement and embarrassment.

At his wide open window he stands, Overlooking his bit of a garden; One can see the great ass at one end of his brass Blaring out, never asking your pardon: This terrible blurting he thinks is not hurting, As long as his own ear-drums harden.

I was moved to compassion as it sat upon the jaw-bone of a whale, which projected beneath the tafrail, at one moment devouring pieces of its mother and sister with avidity, and at the next stretching its throat and blaring out mournfully, when a fragment of ice met its view, passing astern as we sailed on our course.

148 examples of  blaring  in sentences