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1428 examples of  bleeding  in sentences

1428 examples of bleeding in sentences

Camille's portrait appeared in the shop-windows; the illustrated journals depicted him before the redoubt, carried upon the shoulders of two men, his sword pointed towards the enemy, encouraging his soldiers by his voice, gesture, and look, his forehead bound with a handkerchief, and his face bleeding.

The night my father's feet were bleeding in the snow, when they took him!

Mugford's nose was bleeding, Jack Vance's collar seemed to have been nearly torn off his neck, while Diggory's cap was in his hand, and his hair in a state of wild disorder.

Oh! Bel. See, fair Seducer, what thou'st made me do; Look on this bleeding Wound, it reach'd my Heart, To pluck my dear tormenting Image thence, When News arriv'd that thou hadst broke thy Vow.

hide that bleeding Wound, it chills my Soul!

What bleeding Wound?Heavens, are you frantick, Sir? Sir Feeb.

After a preface of boast, and a letter of flattery, in which he seems to imitate the address of Horace, in his "vile potabis modicis Sabinum"he opens his book with telling us, that the "Roman republic, after the horrible proscription, was no more at bleeding Rome.

"The bounder with the bleeding heart," said Ajax to me that same evening.

Sabota's eyes glared down into the face of the man he was choking to deathgleaming with the ferocity of an animal gone madAwhile bloody foam spewed from his bleeding lips.

His persecutors beat him down, trampled upon him, dragged him by his long, fair locks, and Ilbrahim was on the point of becoming as veritable a martyr as ever entered bleeding into heaven.

Difficulty sometimes arises in putting a stop to the bleeding from leech-bites; a matter of considerable importance in the case of a delicate infant.

The pledget of lint, however, must not be removed for some hours afterwards, or the bleeding will break out afresh.

If the compression fails in stopping the bleeding, or from the situation of the leech-bites it cannot be adopted, because there is no firm point of resistance upon which to make pressure, the part may be dusted with starch or gum arabic powder, or, if this is of no avail, the wound may be touched with lunar caustic.


Bleeding from the navel-string will sometime take place hours after it has been supposed to be carefully secured.


Sometimes, a day or two after the cord separates, or at the time of separation, bleeding takes place from the navel: fortunately, this very seldom occurs; indeed, it is very rarely met with; and I only mention it, to observe that, upon its occurrence, the point of the finger should be placed over the part, and pressure steadily applied until medical assistance is obtained.

The bleeding will soon cease; the fungus will sprout over the upper margin of the tape; in a very short time it will, as it were, strangle the disease, which subsequently falling off, a complete cure is accomplished.

The interpreter's blouse was covered with pin-feathers and one of his thumbs was bleeding profusely.

I regret to see that your eye is bleeding so.

And so it was that Captain Baumgarten, disfigured, blinded, and bleeding, staggered out into the wind and the rain of that wild December dawn.

"I sloshed around town for a couple of days just to give those people a change from the usual run of Randolph street romps, then I hit the hummer for bleeding Kansas and Emporia.

To me thy vassall, whose yet bleeding hart With thousand wounds thou mangled hast so sore, That whole remaines scarse any little part; Yet to augment the anguish of my smart, 145 Thou hast enfrosen her disdainefull brest, That no one drop of pitie there doth rest.

Whose bleeding sourse their streames yet never staunch, But stil do flow, and freshly still redownd*, 165 To heale the sores of sinfull soules unsound, And clense the guilt of that infected cryme, Which was enrooted in all fleshly slyme.

His wife and two of his children were killed in the attack, and his father being wounded, and, on account of his age, incapable of servitude, was left bleeding on the spot where this transaction happened.

Some of them have been instantly killed upon the spot; some have been taken from the hold, have been bruised and mutilated in the most barbarous and shocking manner, and have been returned bleeding to their companions, as a sad example of resistance; while others, tied to the ropes of the ship, and mangled alternately with the whip and knife, have been left in that horrid situation, till they have expired.

No doubt was entertained by Padre Florentino that the Spaniard wanted was the jeweler Simoun, who had arrived mysteriously, himself carrying the jewel-chest, bleeding, morose, and exhausted.

concern, grief, sorrow, distress, affliction, woe, bitterness, heartache; carking cares; heavy heart, aching heart, bleeding heart, broken heart; heavy affliction, gnawing grief.

[Vergil]; one's heart bleeding; down, thou climbing sorrow [Lear]; mirth cannot move a soul in agony

He has only to arrange the blockade, and your commerce is shut out; or, if captured Venice, bleeding Lombardy, or my prostrate but resolute Hungary, rises to shake off the Austrian tyrant's yoke (as surely they will), that tyrant believes he has the right, from that very moment, to exclude your commerce from the uprisen nation.

It is the cause of Germany, bleeding under some thirty petty tyrants who lean on that league of despots, the basis of which is Petersburg.

Forward is my word, and forward I will go; for I know that there is yet a God in heaven, and there is a people like you on earth, and there is a power of decided will here also in this bleeding heart.

Our second particular claim is, that the source of all the misfortune which now weighs so heavily upon my bleeding fatherland, is in two ladiesCatharine of Russia, and Sophia of Hapsburg, the ambitious mother of this second Nero, Francis-Joseph.

As the bullets passed through his arm he dropped the bridle of his horse from his left hand, but seized it again with the bleeding fingers of his right hand, when the animal, wheeling suddenly, darted toward Chancellorsville.

My heart is cast down, Cast down and aching; My beloved knows not How my heart is bleeding.

That all was very little, however, for each step was torture to the beast; his fore feet were nearly bleeding.

For Galen, and many others, make a doubt of bleeding at all in this kind of head-melancholy.

Sckenkius hath an example of one that was cured by an accidental wound in his thigh, much bleeding freed him from melancholy.

Montfort uttered a cry, dropped his sword, flung up his hands, and sunk bleeding to the deck.

The donkey shied back, levelled his ears and twisted his head on one side, awaiting a beating, but his bleeding legs saved him.

On the expanse of the hairy chest there was one spot from which the purple blood welled; a deadly place for a wound, and yet the bleeding showed that there must still be life.

Just like the friend, whose brightest smile Is spared, our sorrows to beguile; Who like some angel from the sky, When needed most, is ever nigh To pluck vile slander's envious dart From out the wounded, bleeding heart, And raise from earth the drooping head

With bleeding hearts they feel the rod, And weeping, lay her in the grave, Yet with submission yield to God, The precious jewel which he gave.

It lives and brightens there; Engraved upon each bleeding heart, Which cannot, will not, deign to part With such a jewel rare.

"Long, long we nursed his fading form, And strove to shun the gath'ring storm, Which threaten'd in the sky; Yet from our bleeding bosoms torn, Our darling son leaves us to mourn; Who can his place supply?

Pale trembling fingers sweep the strings Whene'er my muse, in sadness, sings; For, prostrate now, before me lays The playmate of bright joyous days; She was my early childhood's pet, Nor can my bleeding heart forget That love, which has, in later years Shared all my pastimes, hopes, and fears.

The great Dictator who lay there alone, a "bleeding piece of earth", deserted by the very men who had sought of late to crown him, was perhaps Rome's fittest master; certainly not the worst of the many with whom a personal ambition took the place of principle.

with my heart bleeding, I speak to you of our daughter and you are angry!

If a young girl, scourged and bleeding to death, saw nothing but a crown descending on her from God, the first mental step was not that her philosophy was correct, but that she was certainly feeding on something.

In the dawn light he could see that their khaki was torn and covered with stains, while their faces were scratched and bleeding.

'We must get the doctor as soon as we can.' 'Let's see if we can't stop that bleeding.

'He's bleeding like a pig,' muttered Roy, as he unwound a bandage.

A few yards away, Roy, his face bleeding, was the centre of another group who were disarming him in spite of his struggles.

His lips were bleeding, and the foul blow had for the moment rendered him perfectly reckless. '

Do you think I'm not crazed myself by this thingright back of me here, nowcrawling, bleeding, breathing on metrying to come here in front where I must see it?

The Kaiser reveals himself as a blasphemer and hypocrite, the Imperial crocodile with the bleeding heart, the Crown Prince as a common brigand, the High Command as chief instigators to ferocity, the rank and file as docile instruments of butchery and torture, content to use Belgium women as a screen when going into action.

Germany's junior partners, Turkey and Bulgaria, are for the moment more concerned with bleeding Germany than with shedding their blood for her; Enver Pasha is reported to have gone to pay a visit to the tomb of the Prophet at Medina; Portugal, our oldest ally, is now officially at war with Germany, and the dogs of frightfulness are already toasting "der Tagus.

" Tears were in Bobby Browne's eyes as, mile after mile, he blundered along at the side of his fellow-countryman, his heart bleeding itself dry through the wound those words had made.

And eke with painful fingers she inwove Many an uncouth stem of savage thorn "The willow garland, that was for her love, And these her bleeding temples would adorn.

That is the explanation,a stab with a butcher's knife, snatched from a stall, meant for other lambs than this poor bleeding Virginia!

Finding that a struggle would only aggravate the horrors of the scene, and even hasten its termination, they left the bleeding hero to his fate, and in a few minutes he died.

repeated Carrington, and stood for a space, swaying and bleeding profusely.

He was hurt, and bleeding from over his eye.

They told of the Crescent Regiment, known and loved on all these sidewalks and away up to and beyond their Bishop-General Polk's Trinity Church, whose desperate gallantry had saved that same Washington Artillery three of its pieces, and to whose thinned and bleeding ranks swarms of the huddled Western farm boys, as shattered and gory as their captors and as glorious, had at last laid down their arms.

He saw far, saw close, with blasphemous exultation, how Hilary and his guns, called here, sent there, flashed, thundered, galloped, blazed, howled and held on with furious valor and bleeding tenacity yet always with a quick-sightedness which just avoided folly and ruin, and at length stood rock fast, honor bright, at North Fork and held it till, except the cavalry, the last gray column was over and the bridges safely burning.

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He held her up by the leg, torn and bleeding, and all the gentlemen seemed well pleased.

In one of these fits I fell down, and struck my face against the corner of a pallet bed, where my mistress lay; the blood gushed out of my nose, but by my excessive bleeding, both the violence of the fever, and the ravenous part of the hunger abated.

After this, I grew sick again, strove to vomit, but could not; then bleeding a second time, I swooned away as dead; when I came to myself, I had a dreadful gnawing pain in my stomach, which went of towards night, with a longing desire for food.

And my head and face were all bleeding, andwell, my body just one jelly of bruises.

When I stood over him and saw him bleeding on the white sand, and his beautiful great legs and neck writhing in his last agony ... Pah!

In another moment he found himself, stunned and bleeding, sitting face to face with Lidgett in the old walled garden behind the school.

They've got no beast but the mule, and all to-day the girl's foot has been bleeding" The man with the silver bridle flashed a quick intensity of rage on him.

united;at His footstool say "We will be Thine; call us Thy love, Thy bride, And let us shelter in Thy bleeding side.

He sat, rubbing his cracked, bleeding feet, glancing stealthily at the southern hills.

There was one for to-night, and Aunt Barbara sat watching it as it simmered and sputtered, and finally burst with the heat, "bleeding," just as her heart was bleeding for the runaway whose feet had wandered so long.

There was one for to-night, and Aunt Barbara sat watching it as it simmered and sputtered, and finally burst with the heat, "bleeding," just as her heart was bleeding for the runaway whose feet had wandered so long.

He did not set out for London on the 20th of December, as he had promised himself, for on that day he was only just recovering from "an attack of fever and bleeding at the lungs," which had confined him to his room for nearly three weeks.

See how it outlines all those funny little curving paths, where I suppose roses and larkspur and bleeding hearts and sweet-williams used to grow.

It was accordingly severed from his body by one stroke of a sabre, and no steps were taken either to bind up the wound, or to prevent his bleeding to death.

The captain, himself, had yet sufficient presence of mind left, however, to think of his own safety, and there being near him some clarified butter, he procured this to be heated, and while yet warm, thrust the bleeding stump of his arm into it.

Beaten, bleeding, terrified, the men lay huddled together in the hold, while the pirates proceeded in their work of pillage and brutality.

" The wound was bleeding afresh, but I did not tell him so.

Holt's face was bleeding.

On that night when by chance he had come across his brother, bleeding and still half drunk, as he was about to enter his lodging, how completely under his thumb he had been!

And now more and ever more appeared, transpiring from the bleeding vapors of dawn.

The last bleeding rays of the sunset flickered on the silver-mounted rifles as they spat fire into the heat-quivering air.

" "John Clark he was wounded, On him they did fire; James Caldwell and Crispus Attucks Lay bleeding in the mire; Their regiment, the twenty-ninth, Killed Monk and Sam I Gray, While Patrick Carr lay cold in death And could not flee away "Oh, tally!" broke out Sir John; "are we to listen to such stuff all night?

Of the three doctors, one disapproved of this treatment, and a second wrote, only a few days after Washington's death, to the third, "you must remember" Dr. Dick "was averse to bleeding the General, and I have often thought that if we had acted according to his suggestion when he said, 'he needs all his strength bleeding will diminish it,' and taken no more blood from him, our good friend might have been alive now.

Of the three doctors, one disapproved of this treatment, and a second wrote, only a few days after Washington's death, to the third, "you must remember" Dr. Dick "was averse to bleeding the General, and I have often thought that if we had acted according to his suggestion when he said, 'he needs all his strength bleeding will diminish it,' and taken no more blood from him, our good friend might have been alive now.

" Shortly after this last bleeding Washington seemed to have resigned himself, for he gave some directions concerning his will, and said, "I find I am going," and, "smiling," added,

The barbarities carried out in pursuance of the atrocious sentences of the Court of Star-Chamber were to him pleasant spectacles; and the bleeding and mutilated wretches, whom his accusations had conducted to the pillory, when brought back to their dungeons, could not escape his hateful presenceworse to them, from his fiendish derision of their agonies, than that of the executioner.

Dan Barry had finished a swift, deft bandage and stopped the bleeding of the dog's wounds.

Harold and Beverly sought to lead her out before her eyes fell upon Arthur's bleeding form; but she had already seen the pale, calm face, clotted with blood, but with the beautiful sad smile still lingering upon the parted lips.

The next instant, it descended full upon her forehead, and with a moan of fear and pain, she fell like lead upon the floor, and lay bleeding and motionless.

The first came half-way up; the second came full two-thirds; the third dashed the senseless body of Ben Burnley, with bleeding head and broken bones, against the very edge of the truck, then surged back with him into a whirling vortex.

Holes were made; then gaps, then larger gaps, then a mass of coal fell in; furious picksa portion of the mine knocked awayand there stood in a red blaze of lamps held up, the gallant band roaring, shouting, working, led by a stalwart giant with bare arms, begrimed and bleeding, face smoked, hair and eyebrows black with coal-dust, and eyes flaming like red coals.

He seemed ever so much bigger than the gentleman I loveday, and I shall love him to my dying day, whether or not he hasBut when he sprang to my side, and took me with his bare, bleeding arms to his heart, that panted so, I thought his heart would burst, and mine, too, could I feel another woman between us.

And when we sat together in the carriage, your poor bleeding head upon my bosom, and his hand grasping mine, and his sweet eyes beaming with love and joy, what could I realize except my father's danger and my husband's mighty love?

And so at last the law he had so dreaded raised what seemed a bag of bones: nothing left on him but one boot and fragments of a shirt, ghastly, bleeding, covered with bruises, insensible, and to all appearance dead.