1419 examples of bleeds in sentences

A fair, rich city, freed by charter long agobut now, alas, its freedom snatched away, its ancient charter gone, it bleeds 'neath a pale-cheeked tyrant's swaya pallid man who laughs soft-voiced to see men die, and smiles upon their anguish.

he groaned, "I grieve to have brought thee to this!" "Nay, lord," quoth Roger, lifting high his drooping head, "'tis but my wound that bleeds afresh.

My heart bleeds for your accumulated troubles; God send you through 'em with patience.

Approving gleam those eyes of tender brown; Sure on a brow that bleeds, The thorns should change to a more glorious crown.

Apollo's masterdom I invocate, To whom henceforth my deeds I dedicate; That of his godhead, 'bove all gods divine, With his rich spirit he would lighten mine: That I may sing true lays of trothless deeds, Which to conceive my heart through sorrow bleeds, Cheer thee, sad soul, and in a lofty line Thunder out wrong, compass'd in cloudy tears:

One's heart bleeds for this child-bride of seven months introduced unguarded to the gayest, maddest, and most corrupt Court in Italy.

DEAR LADY RUSSELL,My heart bleeds for you.

Or, love-enraptured, chant thy griefs to rest: Oh! cease that mournful voice, affliction's child, My heart but bleeds to hear thy musings wild.

Indeed, truth and justice demand from me the confession, that the Christian slaves among the barbarians of Africa are treated with more humanity than the African slaves among professing Christians of civilized America; and yet here [in Tunis] sensibility bleeds at every pore for the wretches whom fate has doomed to slavery.

My heart bleeds at the recollection of his misfortunes, as if they were my own.

and it bleeds the country accordingly.

My heart bleeds to the core, as I sit down to mingle my tears with yours, my dear, beloved mother.

"For us | the zeph | -yr blows, For us | distils | the dew, For us | unfolds | the rose, And flow'rs | display | their hue; For us | the win | -ters rain, For us | the sum | -mers shine, Spring swells | for us | the grain, And au | -tumn bleeds | the vine.

"Our country sinks beneath the yoke: She weeps, she bleeds, and each new day a gash Is added to her wounds.

Abandoning thy friends, thou tak'st thy stand Beside thy country's foes, and, as in scorn Of our distress, pursuest giddy joys, Courting the smiles of princes all the while Thy country bleeds beneath their cruel scourge.

At that moment his squadron came hurrying up, and a confused cry of "The king bleeds!

XII MANDEVILLE BLEEDS Two overflowing brigades!

423. BLEEDS.

'When a butcher tells you that his heart bleeds for his country he has in fact no uneasy feeling,' i. 394. BLOOM.

My heart but bleeds to hear thy musings wild. TO THADDEUS.

My heart bleeds for him: to see his virtue O'ercome so fatally, against such odds Of fortune, and of love!

Acacis bleeds!

He bleeds, but yet may live.

This same mutton, howevermy heart bleeds to say itdisappeared the day after it was sent to us.

No; let the muse his piercing pangs disclose, Who bleeds and weeps his sum of life away!

1419 examples of  bleeds  in sentences