1419 examples of bleeds in sentences

no foreign war you wage, In your own blood you glut your frantic rage; And while you follow where oppression leads, At every step, a friend, or brother, bleeds. *

Hales is of opinion, that every animal should be blooded, without having any blow given to it, because it bleeds better.'

Such a wound bleeds freely because the clean-cut edges do not favor the clotting of blood.

If an artery bleeds, the blood leaps in spurts, and is of a bright scarlet color.

If a vein bleeds, the blood flows in a steady stream, and is of a dark purple color.

The heart almost bleeds to think that our ancestors could ever have been so visionary and misguided; that such a gloomy view of divine forgiveness should have permeated the Middle Ages.

But here a mean Observe, nor the large hound prefer, of size Gigantic; he in the thick-woven covert Painfully tugs, or in the thorny brake Torn and embarrassed bleeds: but if too small, 260 The pigmy brood in every furrow swims; Moiled in the clogging clay, panting they lag Behind inglorious; or else shivering creep Benumbed and faint beneath the sheltering thorn.

The battle bleeds, grim Slaughter strides along, Glutting her greedy jaws, grins o'er her prey.

He hath seen the change of faces in that cool one, as a tempter, as a tormentor; and hath heard the noise of a conscience, and is so frightened with all these, that he can never have rest till he have run out of himself to God, in whose face at first he find rigour, but afterwards sweetness in his bosom; he bleeds first from the hand that heals him.

Every wound bleeds some, but, unless a large artery or a large vein is cut, the bleeding will stop after a short while if the patient is kept quiet and the first-aid dressing is bound over the wound so as to make pressure on it.

But now she pricks her finger, and it bleeds, and she sucks the blood away in silence.

"My heart bleeds for her.

There is a decency of courage, as there is an extravagance of bravado, and that is the true spirit of chivalry which bleeds to death unmoved, beneath its armour, keeping the pale knightly face turned calm and constant towards the foe.

And O my poor, my poor beloved RAMSAY; I much regret the rout That washed this couple absolutely out!" Dreadfully, too, the heart of TROTSKY bleeds, To match the stain upon his reeking sabre, Which is the blood of Russia, when he reads How BARNES, the champion knight of loyal Labour, Downed in the Lowland lists MACLEAN, the Red Hope of the Bolshevists.

"Well, my heart bleeds for her," said Deppingham.

At that moment his squadron came hurrying up, and a confused cry of "The king bleeds!

Mandeville Bleeds XIII.

"I bled to free all men," you say "France bleeds to keep men free.

Perhaps even now, the great unhappy youth, Falls by the sordid hands of butchering villains; Now, now he bleeds, he dies,O perjur'd traitor!

My soul is sorrowful, and my heart bleeds.

My heart bleeds for him: to see his virtue O'ercome so fatally, against such odds Of fortune, and of love!

You all know the Bower Where the chast Clorin lives, by whose great power Sick men and Cattel have been often cur'd, There lovely Amoret that was assur'd To lusty Perigot, bleeds out her life, Forc'd by some Iron hand and fatal knife;

She cooks her own food, and must not eat anything that bleeds.

Similarly Indian women of the Thompson tribe abstained from venison and the flesh of other large game during menstruation, lest the animals should be displeased and the menstrual flow increased.[240] For a similar reason, probably, Shuswap girls during their seclusion at puberty are forbidden to eat anything that bleeds.

Behind trooped a rabble of loafers and small boys, who shouted, "Who bleeds bran?"

1419 examples of  bleeds  in sentences