298 examples of blizzard in sentences

The blizzard caught them the third day.

The blizzard had died down during the night.

Next time we're wrastlin' with a blizzard, we'll know enough to be thankful for our mercies.

When the ten-day blizzard caught us, he lay down and yelped like a cur.

Each day, when the howling of the blizzard died down a bit, Tom made West go down with him to the creek and get wood.

A blizzard of a few days previous had driven great quantities of snow against the cliff.

Two things he dreaded now: engine trouble, which might be brought on by poor gasoline, and an Arctic blizzard.

They had been caught in the advance of a blizzard; how great and terrible, none could tell.

At a halting-place, therefore, he left them and, staggering out into a blizzard, perished alone.

122 CHAPTER VII AT DISCOVERY HUT Fitting up the Old HutA Possible Land RouteThe Geological Party ArrivesClothingExceptional GalesGeology at Hut PointAn Ice Foot ExposedStabling at Hut PointWaiting for the IceA Clear DayPancake IceLife at Hut PointFrom Hut Point to Cape EvansA Blizzard on the Sea IceDates of the Sea Freezing. ...

Tryggve Gran 112 Captain Scott on Skis 118 Summer Time: the Ice opening up 133 Spray Ridges of Ice after a Blizzard 145 A Berg Drifting in McMurdo Sound 155 Pancake Ice

We ought to be off C. Crozier on New Year's Day. 8 P.M.Our calm soon came to an end, the breeze at 3 P.M. coming strong from the S.S.W., dead in our teetha regular southern blizzard.

We had a strongish northerly breeze at midday with snow and hail storms, and now the wind has turned to the south and the sky is overcast with threatenings of a blizzard.

The threatened blizzard materialised at about four o'clock this morning.

Campbell and his sledging party arrived at the Camp at 8.0 A.M. bringing a small load: there seemed little object, but I suppose they like the experience of a march in the blizzard.

Rather significant of a blizzard if we had not had such a lot of wind lately.

The Great blizzard.

Blizzard rider.

Harriet S. Adams 4 Edna C. Squier (C); 20Aug57; R197888. Lost at the South Pole; or, Ted Scott in Blizzard Land, by Franklin W. Dixon, pseud.

"I suppose it wouldn't make any difference if a northeast blizzard were on.

No one who has been through even so modified a blizzard as New England can produce talks lightly of the snow.

We went into Milwaukee in a howling blizzard, and I was glad to find a warm bar in the tavern nearest the dock; and a room in which to house up while I carried on my search.

It was the 1888 tour, the great blizzard year, that Fussie was left behind by mistake at Southampton.

The young man has such good manners!" Our first American tours were in 1883 and 1884; the third in 1887-88, the year of the great blizzard.

The German actor Ludwig Barnay was to open in New York that night, but the blizzard affected his nerves to such an extent that he did not appear at all, and returned to Germany directly the weather improved!

298 examples of  blizzard  in sentences