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298 examples of  blizzard  in sentences

298 examples of blizzard in sentences



But she did not know that even her father would have been afraid to face the north that day, with the temperature at thirty below, and a moaning wind bringing the first warning of a blizzard.

This was more like a mid-winter blizzard than any storm had any business being so early in the season.

The blizzard caught them the third day.

The blizzard had died down during the night.

Next time we're wrastlin' with a blizzard, we'll know enough to be thankful for our mercies.

When the ten-day blizzard caught us, he lay down and yelped like a cur.

Each day, when the howling of the blizzard died down a bit, Tom made West go down with him to the creek and get wood.

We'll sit by the fire Where it's snug an' warm, An' pay no heed To the winter storm; With a sheltering roof Let the blizzard roar; We are safe at home Can a king say more?

They had lost most of their little bunch of cattle in a blizzard, and the roof of their stable had collapsed, killing two team horses and a riding pony.

They shut off the sun for full half of the year, Made each glacier a blizzard blown trap, They strung out volcanoes half way to Japan Each one with a hair trigger cap.

A blizzard of a few days previous had driven great quantities of snow against the cliff.

Two things he dreaded now: engine trouble, which might be brought on by poor gasoline, and an Arctic blizzard.

They had been caught in the advance of a blizzard; how great and terrible, none could tell.

Hasn't she given her heat to the roses? HARRY: (pulling the rug around him, preparing for the blizzard)

Did I choose to eat my breakfast at the other end of a blizzard? ANTHONY: (an exclamation of horror at the thermometer)

At a halting-place, therefore, he left them and, staggering out into a blizzard, perished alone.

"Emma Two Bears has a sweet song, and one night when she was watching Annie, and there was a blizzard, and the wind cried very loud, like many dogs all round the house, Annie was afraid; so she asked would Emma sing 'The Sweet By and By,' and Emma sang it louder than the wind, but very sweet.

Otherwise you wouldn't be sitting here in a March blizzard staring at the Worth mansion and wondering what really happened there three years ago.

One shaded lamp at the desk was turned on, for though it was afternoon the blizzard cast a gloom like dusk.

I was ready to start on my journey when there began such a blizzard as is occasionally described in the literature of Polar exploration.

"Do you remember that Christmas," said Jay, "when there was a blizzard, and a great sea, and the foam blinded the western windows of the House, and the children went out to sing 'Love and joy come to you'?

Night, up here with a blizzard brewing, was unthinkable, so after a while the driver called another halt.

"A blizzard!" "Order the snow ploughs!"

122 CHAPTER VII AT DISCOVERY HUT Fitting up the Old HutA Possible Land RouteThe Geological Party ArrivesClothingExceptional GalesGeology at Hut PointAn Ice Foot ExposedStabling at Hut PointWaiting for the IceA Clear DayPancake IceLife at Hut PointFrom Hut Point to Cape EvansA Blizzard on the Sea IceDates of the Sea Freezing. ...

Tryggve Gran 112 Captain Scott on Skis 118 Summer Time: the Ice opening up 133 Spray Ridges of Ice after a Blizzard 145 A Berg Drifting in McMurdo Sound 155 Pancake Ice

We ought to be off C. Crozier on New Year's Day. 8 P.M.Our calm soon came to an end, the breeze at 3 P.M. coming strong from the S.S.W., dead in our teetha regular southern blizzard.

We had a strongish northerly breeze at midday with snow and hail storms, and now the wind has turned to the south and the sky is overcast with threatenings of a blizzard.

The threatened blizzard materialised at about four o'clock this morning.

Campbell and his sledging party arrived at the Camp at 8.0 A.M. bringing a small load: there seemed little object, but I suppose they like the experience of a march in the blizzard.

Rather significant of a blizzard if we had not had such a lot of wind lately.

Monday, October 30.We had another beautiful day yesterday, and one began to feel that the summer really had come; but to-day, after a fine morning, we have a return to blizzard conditions.

If the blizzard should blow out, Atkinson and Keohane will set off to-morrow for Hut Point, so that we may see how far Jehu is to be counted on. Tuesday, October 31.The blizzard has blown itself out this morning, and this afternoon it has cleared; the sun is shining and the wind dropping.

If the blizzard should blow out, Atkinson and Keohane will set off to-morrow for Hut Point, so that we may see how far Jehu is to be counted on. Tuesday, October 31.The blizzard has blown itself out this morning, and this afternoon it has cleared; the sun is shining and the wind dropping.

As we came to camp a blizzard threatened, and we built snow walls.

The temperature, -5ยฐ, is lower than I like in a blizzard.

The incidence of this blizzard had certain characters worthy of note: Before we started from Corner Camp there was a heavy collection of cloud about Cape Crozier and Mount Terror, and a black line of stratus low on the western slopes of Erebus.

On the other hand, this is not a bad snow blizzard; although the wind holds, the land, obscured last night, is now quite clear and the Bluff has no mantle.

The blizzard has continued throughout last night and up to this time of writing, late in the afternoon.

Two hours later the whole sky was overcast and the blizzard had fully developed.

It is not easy to understand at first why the blizzard should have such a withering effect on the poor beasts.

It was a great relief to find that they had not suffered at all from the blizzard.

It is banking up to the south (T. +9ยฐ) and I'm afraid we may get a blizzard.

Camp 22.Snow began falling during the second march; it is blowing from the W.S.W., force 2 to 3, with snow pattering on the tent, a kind of summery blizzard that reminds one of April showers at home.

It grew overcast again, although after a summery blizzard all yesterday there was promise of better things.

When will the wretched blizzard be over?

Bowers tells me that the barometer was phenomenally low both during this blizzard and the last.

This has certainly been the most unexpected and trying summer blizzard yet experienced in this region.

During the night the wind had changed from N.N.W. to S.S.E.; it was not strong, but the sun was obscured and the sky looked heavy; patches of land could be faintly seen and we thought that at any rate we could get on, but during breakfast the wind suddenly increased in force and afterwards a glance outside was sufficient to show a regular white floury blizzard.

We awoke this morning to a raging, howling blizzard.

The blows we have had hitherto have lacked the very fine powdery snowthat especial feature of the blizzard.

It appears that Atkinson says that Wright is getting played out and Lashly is not so fit as he was owing to the heavy pulling since the blizzard.

Our first summit blizzard.

The whole phenomenon is very like a Barrier blizzard, only there is much less snow, as one would expect, and at present less wind, which is somewhat of a surprise.

The temperature is low for a blizzard, but we are very comfortable in our double tent and the cold snow is not sticky and not easily carried into the tent, so that the sleeping-bags remain in good condition.

The barometer has risen since the blizzard, and it looks as though we were on a level plateau, not to rise much further.

Any way it makes one more chary of leaving stores on this great plain, especially as the blizzard tended to drift up our tracks.

The sun can barely be distinguished, the temperature has risen, and there are serious indications of a blizzard.

Temp, blizzard, -18ยฐ to -11ยฐ, to -14ยฐ now.

Awoke to a stiff blizzard; air very thick with snow and sun very dim.

Then wind increased and we did 8.7 miles by lunch, when it was practically blowing a blizzard.

A strong wind at the start has developed into a full blizzard at lunch, and we have had to get into our sleeping-bags.

To our old blizzard camp of the 7th we got on well, 7 miles.

The air is dry again, so that tents and equipment are gradually losing their icy condition imposed by the blizzard conditions of the past week.

In a race that lasts for over three days and nights, however, through the roughest sort of country, in weather that may range from a thaw to a blizzard, and with fifteen or twenty dogs to manage, the Luck of the Trail is an enormous factor.

In some way he had dropped the fur gloves he wore over his mittens, when he took them off to adjust a sled pack, and did not miss them for some time, until he ran into a fierce blizzard.

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HAYCOX, JILL MARIE. Blizzard camp.

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Night of the blizzard.

The Great blizzard.

Blizzard rider.


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The blizzard rider.

Walt Coburn (A); 12Sep66; R393218. Blizzard Camp on Boothill.

Night of the blizzard.

Night of the blizzard.

"I suppose it wouldn't make any difference if a northeast blizzard were on.

When the pilot met us off Sandy Hook, he brought news of the terrible blizzard New York had just experienced, by which all communication with the world at large was practically suspended.

As the vessel was delayed two days, our friends naturally thought we, too, had encountered a blizzard, but we had felt nothing of it; on the contrary the last days were the most pleasant of the voyage.

We left New York in a blizzard, and our decks were coated with frost and snow, but after two days this was all cleared away, and we had a splendid run in genial weather, so that one day I could comfortably walk on deck without a greatcoat.

No one who has been through even so modified a blizzard as New England can produce talks lightly of the snow.

We went into Milwaukee in a howling blizzard, and I was glad to find a warm bar in the tavern nearest the dock; and a room in which to house up while I carried on my search.

I remember once when I was cussing the men who butchered the pretty little things while Magnus Thorkelson was staying all night with me to help me get my stock through a bad stormit was a blizzard, but we had never heard the word thenand as I got hot in my blasting and bedarning of them (though they needed the venison) he got up and grasped my hand, and made as if to kiss me.

It smothered and overwhelmed you when caught out in it; and after a drifting storm, the first groves we could see cast a shadow in the blizzard; and there lay to the southeast of every block of trees a long, pointed drift, diminishing to nothing at the point where ended the influence of the grovethis new foe to the tempest which civilization was planting.

"Another blizzard coming, if I know the signs.

A cowpuncher who has ridden the range since he was sixteen should not shirk a night ride in a blizzard, or fear losing the trail.

We've been playing big luck that we didn't get it before now; and that last bunch uh beef was sure rollicky and hard to handlewe'd uh had a picnic with all the trimmings if a blizzard had caught us with them on our hands.

November came in with a blizzard; one of those sudden, sweeping whirls of snow, with bitter cold and a wind that drove the fine snow-flour through shack walls and around window casings, and made one look speculatively at the supply of fuel.

As March came in with a blizzard and went, a succession of bleak days, into April, Billy knew more than he cared to admit even to himself.

He would sell the horses, except Barney and one to pack his bed, and he would driftdrift just as do the range-cattle when a blizzard strikes them in the open.

From empty spaces, a soughing tumult leaped forth; and on the instant a furious gust of fine, cutting particles whirled all about, thicker than driven snow in a northern blizzard.

It was the 1888 tour, the great blizzard year, that Fussie was left behind by mistake at Southampton.

The young man has such good manners!" Our first American tours were in 1883 and 1884; the third in 1887-88, the year of the great blizzard.

The German actor Ludwig Barnay was to open in New York that night, but the blizzard affected his nerves to such an extent that he did not appear at all, and returned to Germany directly the weather improved!

A SIBERIAN BLIZZARD LOST ON THE STEPPE Our short stay at Shestakรณva, while waiting for the Penzhina sledges, was dismal and lonesome beyond expression.

We were having a slight touch of a Siberian purga (poor'-gah = blizzard).

We could at least try this shelf of ice under the cliffs, and if we should find it impassable we could return, while if we went into the mountains in such a blizzard we might never get back.