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154 examples of  blood-vessel  in sentences

154 examples of blood-vessel in sentences

I pulled back the cloak, and saw that the unhappy girl had broken a blood-vessel, and even as I lifted her up I knew that she was in a dying condition.

The healthy digestive organs will extract and pay over to the blood-vessels just so much of the nutritive elements as the food we eat contains in an extractible form, and no more; and for this purpose they will demand and take just so much of the nervous energy as may be needed.

The agony of his sufferings at length produced the rupture of a blood-vessel in the lungs, and the usual process of consumption appears to have begun.

The agitation thus originated ended in the rupture of a blood-vessel in the lungs; a rapid consumption ensued; and the succeeding acknowledgments, from more candid critics, of the true greatness of his powers, were ineffectual to heal the wound thus wantonly inflicted.

See pp. 27 and 37, The Quarterly critique was published in September 1818, and the first rupture of a blood-vessel occurred in February 1820.

Whether the mortification felt by Keats at the critique was small (as is now generally opined) or great (as Shelley thought), it cannot reasonably be propounded that this caused, or resulted in, the rupture of the pulmonary blood-vessel.

" The decay of her bodily powers was hastened by the breaking of a blood-vessel in November, 1790.

Do not, however, pull or press against the parts too violently, as you may, perhaps, by doing so, rupture blood-vessels, and produce most serious consequences.

When it takes place, he falls down insensible; the body becomes paralyzed, generally more so on one side than the other; the face and head are hot, and the blood-vessels about them swollen; the pupils of the eyes are larger than natural, and the eyes themselves are fixed; the mouth is mostly drawn down at one corner; the breathing is like loud snoring; the pulse full and hard.

When the swelling is very great immediately after the accident has occurred, from the breaking of the blood-vessels, it is best to apply cold applications at first.

All our working hours we are aware of hunger, satiety or indifference, of a desire to empty the intestine or bladder, or of a lack of necessity of doing so, of a state of tranquillity of the blood-vessels and sweat glands, or of a perturbation of them, of a varying tensity of even the muscles that are, as we say, under the control of the will, of the state, in fact, of all the elements of the vegetative complex.

The stream of feeling which constitutes the undertow of consciousness originates outside of the brain altogether, and is composed of currents arising from viscera, muscles, blood-vessels and glands.

" There was a mighty effort; nature could endure no more, he broke a blood-vessel and fell at the feet of George.

For whether it was the sudden fright that overset him, or whether it was the strain of passion that burst some blood-vessel upon his brain, it is certain that when the pirates quitted the Belle Helen, carrying with them the young lady and Barnaby and the travelling-trunks, they left Sir John Malyoe lying in a fit upon the floor, frothing at the mouth and black in the face, as though he had been choked.

I might easily burst a blood-vessel.

I've sent for Scaddam, so he'll be on the scene in case of emergencies" "You mean, if I break a blood-vessel?" inquired Vernon, politely.

The spectators and the committee looked to see him fall dead with a broken blood-vessel.

Perhaps Johnson refers to Stephen Hales's Statical Essays (London, 1733), in which is an account of experiments made on the blood and blood-vessels of animals.

The periosteum is richly supplied with blood-vessels, and plays a chief part in the growth, formation, and repair of bone.

Each muscle has its own set of blood-vessels, lymphatics, and nerves.

The ultimate cells which form the tissues are constantly being bathed by the myriads of minute blood-vessels which bring to the cells the raw material needed for their continued renewal.

How does the food pass from the cavity of the stomach and intestinal canal into the blood-vessels?

This is the pulp cavity, which is filled with the dental pulp, a delicate substance richly supplied with nerves and blood-vessels, which enter the tooth by small openings at the point of the root.

This is due to the influx of blood from the large number of very minute blood-vessels which are in the tissue between the rows of glands.

The blood-vessels and nerves of this part of the digestive canal are very numerous, and are derived from the same sources as those of the small intestine.

Time is thus given for the fluid materials to be taken up by the blood-vessels of the mucous membrane.

Thus it is that a certain amount of starch that has been changed into sugar, of salts in solution, of proteids converted into peptones, is taken up directly by the blood-vessels of the stomach.

Each villus contains a loop of blood-vessels, and another vessel, the lacteal, so called from the Latin word lac, milk, because of the milky appearance of the fluid it contains.

The application of fiery drinks to its tender surface produces at first a marked congestion of its blood-vessels, changing the natural pink color, as in the mouth, to a bright or deep red.

But for this, a very small cut might cause bleeding sufficient to empty the blood-vessels, and death would speedily follow.

A, the viscus, or organ, enveloped by serous membrane; B, layer of membrane lining cavity; C, membrane reflected to envelop viscus; D, outer layer of viscus, with blood-vessels at E communicating with the general circulation.

There are numerous blood-vessels connected with the heart, the relative position and the use of which must be understood.

The lymph-current is in a sense a slow and stagnant side stream of the blood circulation; for substances are constantly passing from the blood-vessels into the lymph spaces, and returning, although after a comparatively long interval, into the blood by the great lymphatic trunks.

The Nervous Control of the Blood-vessels.

The result is that the tone of the blood-vessels becomes diminished, and their channels widen.

Effect of Alcohol on the Blood-vessels.

Alcoholic liquors injure not only the heart, but often destroy the blood-vessels, chiefly the larger arteries, as the arch of the aorta or the basilar artery of the brain.

These abound in blood-vessels, lymphatics, and peculiar nerve-endings, which will be described in connection with the organ of touch (sec. 314).

As the epidermis has neither blood-vessels, nerves, nor lymphatics, it may be cut without bleeding or pain.

The coil of the gland is enveloped by minute blood-vessels.

If the nervous control be relaxed, the blood-vessels dilate, more blood flows through them, and more material is brought to the glands of the skin to be acted upon.

External warmth relaxes the skin and its blood-vessels.

It is evident that the skin, with its myriads of blood-vessels, nerves, and sweat and oil glands, is an exceedingly complicated and important structure.

The sensation of chilliness first felt is caused by the contraction of the skin and its blood-vessels, so that the blood is forced back, as it were, into the deeper parts of the body.

In the kidneys, as elsewhere, the vaso-motor nerves are distributed to the walls of the blood-vessels, and modify the quantity and the pressure of blood in these organs.

The whole nerve, not unlike a minute tendon in appearance, is covered by a dense sheath of fibrous tissue, in which the blood-vessels and lymphatics are distributed to the nerve fibers.

It is crowded with blood-vessels, which divide and subdivide very minutely before they penetrate the brain.

The medulla is also the seat of a number of reflex centers connected with the influence of the nervous system on the blood-vessels, the movements of the heart, of respiration, and of swallowing, and on the secretion of saliva.

Finally, between the canal, enclosed by its three membranes, and the bony walls of the spinal canal, there is considerable fatty tissue, a sort of packing material, imbedded in which are some large blood-vessels.

Thus, terror dilates the pupils, fear acts upon the nerves of the small blood-vessels of the face to produce pallor, and the sight of an accident, or even the emotions produced by hearing of one, may excite nausea and vomiting.

The control of the blood-vessels, as has been stated (sec. 195), is one of the special functions of the sympathetic system.

First, we note the failure of the vaso-motor nerves to maintain the proper tone of the blood-vessels, as in the turgid face and the congested cornea of the eye.

We also learned that these papillรฆ are richly provided with blood-vessels and sensory nerve fibers (sec. 234).

The tongue is a muscular organ covered with mucous membrane, and is richly supplied with blood-vessels and nerves.

It is dark in color and fragile in structure, and is made up almost entirely of blood-vessels and nerves.

" The inner lining membrane of the eyelids is known as the conjunctiva; it is richly supplied with blood-vessels and nerves.

The throat is enclosed and protected by various muscles and bony structures, along which run the great blood-vessels that supply the head, and the great nerve trunks that pass from the brain to the parts below.

Injuries to the Blood-vessels.

The process of sucking up nutritive or waste matters by the blood-vessels or lymphatics.

The escape of blood from a ruptured blood-vessel into the substance of the brain.

The smallest blood-vessels, so called because they are so minute.

Any substance or texture in the body formed of various elements, such as cells, fibers, blood-vessels, etc., interwoven with each other.

Although the process has been thoroughly investigated we have not yet a satisfactory explanation why the circulating blood does not clot in healthy blood-vessels.

The object of drink, besides quenching our thirst, or rather while it quenches it, is, not to be digested, like food, but to pass directly from the stomach into the blood-vessels, and dilute and temper the blood, rendering it more fit to answer the great purpose of sustaining life and health.

" Rip had but one question more to ask; and he put it with a faltering voice:"Where's your mother?" "Oh, she too had died but a short time since; she broke a blood-vessel in a fit of passion at a New England peddler.

The Duke told me the late King had three disorders which must have proved fatal, and he died of bursting a blood-vessel in the stomach.

It had not been opened for over forty years, since Gerald Mohune, who burst a blood-vessel drinking at Weymouth races, was buried there; but there was a tale that one Sunday afternoon, many years back, there had come from the vault so horrible and unearthly a cry, that parson and people got up and fled from the church, and would not worship there for weeks afterwards.

The terrible ordeal had broken a blood-vessel, and her spirit passed unchecked to another world.

Others say that he broke a blood-vessel when in a rage.

Similarly in our bodies, our lungs bring in the oxygen and the heart and blood-vessels carry the fuel and the oxygen to every part of the body.

Sir Murtagh, in his passion, had broken a blood-vessel.

And, doctor," Jack hesitated, while his lips were half open, showing his even teeth slightly apart in the manner of a break in a story to the children where he expected them to be very attentive to what was coming, "you can take a piece of tissue and analyze it, yes, a piece of brain tissue and find all the blood-vessels, but not what a man was thinking, can you?

The news was told to Mendelssohn without any preparation; with a scream he dropped senseless; it was said that a blood-vessel had broken in his brain.

You do not understand what it is to rupture a blood-vessel.

Sabre wounds are not very common, but there was one in the Vienna hospital that morninga V-shaped trench in which you could have laid four fingers fiat, down through the hair and into the back of the man's neck, so close to the big blood-vessel that you could see it beat under its film of tissuethe only thing between him and death.

The Skins of the Forehead were extremely tough and thick, and, what very much surprized us, had not in them any single Blood-Vessel that we were able to discover, either with or without our Glasses; from whence we concluded, that the Party when alive must have been entirely deprived of the Faculty of Blushing.

Galen recommends it for tying blood-vessels in surgical operations, and remarks that the rich ladies in the cities of the Roman Empire generally possessed such thread; he alludes also to shawls interwoven with gold, the material of which is brought from a distance, and is called Sericum, or silk.

A physician was brought in, who declared he had ruptured a minor blood-vessel, and would not let him utter a whisper, and, assisted by Mr. Bates, placed him in his carriage, and the three were driven as swiftly as possible to the hotel where Clarence was staying.

They are mostly inhabitants of the water; all are destitute of joints, nerves, lungs, and proper blood-vessels; but they all possess an irritable system, in obedience to which they expand or contract at will.

It was quickly reported through the assembly that the speaker had ruptured one of the larger blood-vessels in the lungs.

In the heart of one of the mummies he found about three drams of pure nitre; the heart being entire, this must have been injected through the blood-vessels.

It grows from the lower and centre part of the breast of each boy, being a continuation of the cartilaginous termination of the breast bone, accompanied by muscles and blood-vessels, and enveloped, like every other portion of the body, with skin, &c.

" "Be careful, Sire," was the reply of the courtier; "I would not advise your Majesty to indulge too much in such a diversion, as it is injurious to the chest; and I have even heard it asserted that the late King Charles IX burst a blood-vessel on the lungs from his abuse of that instrument; an accident which terminated his life.

"An animal body is still more admirable, in the disposition of its several parts, and in their order and symmetry: there is not a bone, a muscle, a blood-vessel, a nerve, that hath not one corresponding to it on the opposite side; and the same order is carried through the most minute parts."See

It was a "Hem," however, which helped to make the actor's winding-sheet, for one fine day he repeated the trick, burst a blood-vessel, and died within twenty-four hours.

"If they get any more AEpyornises, he reckons some scientific swell will go and burst a blood-vessel.

The Skins of the Forehead were extremely tough and thick, and, what very much surprized us, had not in them any single Blood-Vessel that we were able to discover, either with or without our Glasses; from whence we concluded, that the Party when alive must have been entirely deprived of the Faculty of Blushing.

His autobiography of this period is extremely interesting:"My indisposition arose in part at least, from my having broken a blood-vessel; and motion and speech were for a long time pronounced positively dangerous.

" The next year Miss Barrett, never robust, broke a blood-vessel in the lungs.

With the utmost alacrity he helped in the unpacking, nearly bursting a blood-vessel as he tugged at the heaviest end, and then running to the village with all his speed, to borrow Mrs. Crandall's piano key, which, fortunately, fitted Ethelyn's, so that Melinda Jones was soon seated in state, and running her fingers over the superb five-hundred dollar instrument, Ethelyn's gift from Aunt Barbara on her nineteenth birthday.

He had but a few weeks recovered from the fever of which he spoke in his letter to the Archbishop, when he again broke a blood-vessel in his lungs.

"Mind you don't bust a blood-vessel, Sam."

I was afraid he'd bust a blood-vessel in one of them fits, so I quit.

" He turned to the widow and began to chat about "his people" again to divert her attention from Mr. Burton, who seemed likely to cause unpleasantness by either bursting a blood-vessel or falling into a fit.

The entire mucous membrane lining the digestive canal is furnished with a rich supply of blood-vessels, by which the greater part of the digestive food is absorbed.

This leaves the blood-vessels belonging to the portal circulation distended with venous blood, which putrefies very quickly, forming a virulent poison.

Tou Tou, indeed, adduces a gloomy case of a young man, who spent two years and a half in dumb longing, and broke a blood-vessel and died at the end of them; but this is so discouraging an anecdote, that we all poo-poohed it as unauthentic.

One day, when hunting, he was thrown from his horse, and ruptured a blood-vessel.

"She broke a blood-vessel a month ago in Boston.

If he should break a blood-vessel do not take any notice unless some part of his fallen body is likely to obstruct your stone.