51 examples of bloodgood in sentences

"The Frenchman, a rather sporty young fellow named Bloodgood, a small, bespectacled man, well fitted with the name of Slush, and an Englishman by the name of Hazleton.

"I haven't seen much of this young fellow Bloodgood, but he strikes me as a mystery.

"My name's Bloodgood," he said"Raymond Bloodgood.

"My name's Bloodgood," he said"Raymond Bloodgood.

For a moment there was an awkward pause, and then Bloodgood went on: "I was up pretty late last night, you know.

"Do you think we are a lot of boozers?" Bloodgood turned on Jack, lifting his eyebrows.

" "How do you know it, Mr. Bloodgood?"

"If I could, I wouldn't take the trouble, Mr. Bloodgood.

Mr. Bloodgood, you speak as if it were a disgrace to belong to the Y.M.C.A.

Those who sneer at it should be ashamed of themselves, but, as a rule, they are too bigoted, prejudiced, or narrow-minded to recognize the fact that some of the most manly young men to be found belong to the Y.M.C.A." Bloodgood laughed.

"One last word to you, Mr. Bloodgood," he spoke.

" Bloodgood stepped out, turned round, laughed, and then walked away.


Rattleton was ashamed of the language he had used after the departure of Bloodgood, and he did not attempt to excuse himself further.

"I'd give ten dollars for the privilege of helping Mr. Bloodgood out with my foot!"

"And we just told Bloodgood we did not drink.

Something tells me that for all of his swagger Bloodgood is a fellow who would scorn to wear paste diamonds.

"Bruce cooked M. Montfort, and I reckon he'd have less trouble to cook Mr. Bloodgood.

" "Yes." "Mr. Bloodgood.

II thought it might be you could give mesome informationabout Mr. Bloodgood.

He was not very effective in his explanation, and seemed himself rather uncertain concerning his real reason for wishing to make inquiries concerning Bloodgood.

Ahdid Mr. Bloodgood inviteerany of you to come into theahgame?

" "The Frenchman, the Englishman, the superstitious man, and our fresh friend, Bloodgood.

They are bleeding Bloodgood and Slush.

Bloodgood thinks he's pretty sharp, and I have not much sympathy for him; but I am sorry for poor little Slush.

51 examples of  bloodgood  in sentences