Do we say blowout or blow out

blowout 9 occurrences

Had a blowout aways back.

He's got a dandy father; he gave Brick five dollars so that we could have a blowout at lunch time.

[U.S.]. dead stop, dead stand, dead lock; finis, cerrado [Sp.]; blowout, burnout, meltdown, disintegration; comma, colon, semicolon, period, full stop; end &c 67; death &c 360.

[Fr.], dejeuner a la fourchette [Fr.]; hearty meal, square meal, substantial meal, full meal; blowout [Slang]; light refreshment; bara^, chotahazri^; bara khana^. mouthful, bolus, gobbet^, morsel, sop, sippet^. drink, beverage, liquor, broth, soup; potion, dram, draught, drench, swill [Slang]; nip, sip, sup, gulp.

Music, kegs, a big blowout.

Seems he had some cherished scheme of having us his guests at a blowout. Wouldn't mind going if we hadn't asked these people here, for they say his little dinners are something to dream about, they're so unique.

Anybody here we know, or is it a neighbourhood blowout?" Max stiffenedas he usually did by the time Neil Chase had got out a few of his patronizing sentences.

Right now it's out of the question; so we'll have another suppera regular blowout this time, with coffee and biscuits and all those luxuries.

"I didn't get ten mile out with 'em before I had another blowout.

blow out 88 occurrences

Pretty soon she'll blow out, like a candle.

You see in me a mere recorder, for I know what is best for you; you shall blow out this bubble from your own breath.

Mr. Denbigh would have had an equal chance to blow out my brains; I am sure everything would have been fair.

Or did the widow and Carolyn June blow out the lights on you" "Forget it, you danged fool!"

I may add that although I was careful to keep up the fiction of not understanding German, and although I informed Herr Selingman that I had seen the paper in question blow out of the window, he nevertheless gave me that night a drugged whisky and soda, and during the time I slept he must have been through every one of my possessions.

epicurism; good living, high living; edacity^, gulosity^, crapulence^; guttling^, guzzling; pantophagy^. good cheer, blow out; feast &c (food) 298; gastronomy, batterie de cuisine

I shall blow out the candle as he did.

If he wakes up blow out the light and scoot.

But," he added, contemplatively, as he closed the gate, "the people in this world who ought to blow out their brains, never do.

"Blow out that stinking lantern," said Riggs.

It is impossible, also, under such circumstances, to blow out any of the sediment collected within the boiler, which, in the case of the boilers of steam vessels, requires to be done every two hours or oftener.

The steam valve must again be opened to blow out that air, and the operation is to be repeated until the air is all drawn out of the cylinder.

They also know how to blow out and dress stale poultry, so as to make it look quite fresh and plump.

Now what is the trouble, for no engine in perfect shape will allow the steam to blow out of both cocks at the same time.

when they had fairly established their undertakings, it was proposed to blow out their profitable light and dash the refreshingly remunerative water from their lips.

It was an awfully hot summer day, and the brewer was afraid to tap the keg, thinking that the faucet would blow out under the influence of the heat before we got home.

As for a clear contrivance, doubt it now; They blow out candles to give light to the plot.

With a calm and dignified manner, he thus addressed him: "I understand thou hast threatened to blow out the brains of Elias Hicks, if he comes upon thy plantation.

I do not understand why the man has sailed with no more air than will serve to blow out a pocket-handkerchief.

But to avoid mistakes, Foy's gun followed Pringle's motions, at the same time willing and able to blow out Creagan's brains if advisable.

At one time in his life he tried to blow out his brains!

On this morning, Marcus Wilkeson, being in the most tolerant of moods, merely said "Whew!" and took a seat by his favorite window, the lower sash of which he threw wide open, with the vain hope that some of the dust would blow out.

The lantern was made of tin, with holes punched through it on all sides, so as to allow the light to shine through; and yet the holes were not large enough to admit the wind, to blow out the light.

I don't mean to say that he drinks, For that were a joke or a scandal; But, every one knows it, he night and day blows it; I wish he'd blow out like a candle!

"Let's get out of this horrid place, even if we have to sleep upon the chairs down below in the office," whispered Jim; but before he could add another word or make a move to leave the hall, a threatening voice, emanating from the tier of bunks in the darkness behind them, whose owner had evidently been disturbed by their conversation, roughly commanded them to "hush up and blow out the candle.

Do we say   blowout   or  blow out