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Do we say   blowup   or  blow up

Do we say blowup or blow up

blowup 13 occurrences

This blowup brought down, not only upon his own head, but upon the whole community, the most hideous reprisals.

Earlier in the day, a giant blowup Borat was set to float down Londonโ€™s River Thames to mark the launch the sequel.

It could spark a blowup and leave Brando feeling guilty for making a bigger mess.

Quarantine procedures and timely detection to restrict the spread of the disease are the only real measures with any government worldwide and India too is following such procedures to respond with speed so as to prevent blowup of the viral infection.

Sanders later dismissed the conflict as โ€œa media blowup.โ€

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say weโ€™re most likely headed for a betrayal blowup.

The resident joked: 'Little cub popped the girls' blowup pool and they didn't even bother to clean up their mess on their way out.

The tastiest peach in Atlanta said that she will have another blowup with Moore during Burrussโ€™ baby shower in an upcoming episode.

This definition of the noncommutative blowup is very close to the usual blowup of an ideal --- one modifies slightly the graded algebra generated by the ideal as well as the Serre construction describing the sheaves on the blowup.

This definition of the noncommutative blowup is very close to the usual blowup of an ideal --- one modifies slightly the graded algebra generated by the ideal as well as the Serre construction describing the sheaves on the blowup.

This definition of the noncommutative blowup is very close to the usual blowup of an ideal --- one modifies slightly the graded algebra generated by the ideal as well as the Serre construction describing the sheaves on the blowup.

We revisit, both numerically and analytically, the finite-time blowup of the infinite-energy solution of 3D Euler equations of stagnation-point-type introduced by Gibbon et al.

We will conclude with a brief discussion on handling points of isotropy by using a blowup technique.

blow up 252 occurrences

In the present statis of things you want to blow up your nerve, and stand as firm as the rox of Jiberalter, and like BYRON exclaim: "To be or not to be, there's the question; Whether a man feels better to pay big wages for shoemakers, Or to suffer the slings and arrows of everybody, By hirin' Pig-tails for 1/2 price?" Poleticians of the different churches don't endorse our Selestial brother.

Would they change their minds, and instead of drowning them apply a slow match and blow up the shed?

If the men determined to blow up all Millville with dynamite


bearing powder, in readiness to blow up various buildings, in the streets that possessed of themselves, no sufficient barriers to the advance of the flame.

It has been established that numerous attempts have been made during the last few days to blow up the railway bridges.

In this battle Van Trump boarded viceadmiral Penn; but was beaten off, and himself boarded, and reduced to blow up his decks, of which the English had got possession.

What woo'd you call that man, who under-saile In a most goodly ship wherein he ventures His life, fortunes and honours, yet in a fury Should hew the Mast downe, cast Sayles over-boord, Fire all the Tacklings, and to crowne this madnesse Shoo'd blow up all the Deckes, burne th'oaken ribbes And in that Combat 'twixt two Elements Leape desperately and drowne himselfe i'th Seas, What were so brave a fellow?

If you like I will row you out in one of my boats, and then, from a safe distance, we can sit and watch your motor blow up.

I've made enough of the blessed stuff to blow up half Tilbury."

" "I bet he was going to blow up some ships," Pee-wee said.

Picture to yourself a man on a vessel standing by the gun-room with a lighted match, in his hand; he is alone, but the rest obey him, for at the first disobedience he will blow up himself with all the crew.

* * * * * A Venetian boy-scout on the Lido Had sighted a hostile torpedo, So he cried, "Don't suppoge You can blow up the Doge; You must do without himas we do.

The lamp will give a brilliant light, bright enough to suffice for the illumination of the whole place by itself, but at the end of twenty minutes the light will fade, and then when some one tries to turn up the wick a cap of fulminate of mercury will explode, the pomegranate will blow up and with it the dining-room, in the roof and floor of which I have concealed sacks of powder, so that no one shall escape."

It then seemed to the student that the house was going to blow up at any moment, and that walls, lamps, guests, roof, windows, orchestra, would be hurtling through the air like a handful of coals in the midst of an infernal explosion.

outbreak, outburst; debacle; burst, bounce, dissilience^, discharge, volley, explosion, blow up, blast, detonation, rush, eruption, displosion^, torrent.

reprimand, chastise, castigate, lash, blow up, trounce, trim, laver la tete

We'll blow up the big north mountains sometime to-night.

This makes him quack and blow up himself with admiration of foreign parts and a generous contempt of home, that all men may admire at least the means he has had of improvement and deplore their own defects.

"But why should Mr. Alcando try to blow up the dam at all?" asked Blake, "That's what I can't understand.

Fairly undermine or blow up this: and all the remaining peculiar tenets of Romanism fall with it, or stand by their own right as opinions of individual Doctors.

Charles knew his power; and Cromwell and Ireton knew it likewise, and knew that it was the power of a man who was within a yard's length of a talisman, only not within an arm's length, but which in that state of the public mind, could he but have once grasped it, would have enabled him to blow up Presbyterian and Independent both.

August 5.On August 5 an attempt was made by our Engineers to blow up the bridge of boats across the Jumna, and some of us went to the top of the Flagstaff Tower to see the result.

It was now midday, and at the latter place we were joined by No. 3 Column, which, making its way to the Jama Musjid, met with such a strenuous resistance that, after losing many men, and being without powder with which to blow up the gates of the mosque, it was forced to retire.

Of course there was no such thing as a ticket; once inside the gate you could jump a troop train, ammunition car, or blow up the track if you felt like it.

so I shan't blow up," he explained to his father, sadly.

It is fair and allowed by the laws of war to blow up and destroy arsenals, magazines, containing warlike stores and engines of destruction, but to destroy with Gothic barbarity buildings of great symmetry and beauty, and a library tooO fie!

There had been an attempt upon the arsenal at Chester, numerous outrages in Ireland, an attack at Manchester upon the prison van, in which two Fenian leaders were being taken to prison, and a subsequent attempt to blow up Clerkenwell jail.

"It's funny," she said, "what triggered the final blow up was an editing job I did on an article for the school publication.

"Would you blow up the city, like a second Guy Fawkes?

I have never seen an arsenal blow up, and I imagine it is a phenomenon requiring distance to get it into proper perspective; but I have some recollection of an arsenal blowing up in Antwerp a few years ago and taking a considerable part of the town with it.

They'd ride into Eldara and blow up the safe in the bank one day, for instance, and five days later they'd be two hundred and fifty miles away stoppin' a train at Lewis Station.

With fanatical energy and ability they commit murders, resort to arson, use poisons, foment strikes, wreck buildings, blow up ships, do anything, attempt anything to serve the Kaiser.

I guess he means bombsbombs to blow up American transports.

You, Anton and Fritz, will blow up the transports and the warships that guard them.

Smash the ship lying there, the shops, the dry docks; if it is possible blow up the munitions stored there."

Nothing could be truer, and this van with its imperial treasure was a powder magazine that might blow up our train.

No; there is only one way" "And what is that?" "Rouse up the fire," says Kinko, calmly; "shut down the safety valves, and blow up the engine.

They simply say that I am trying to blow up and scuttle the ship of State.

"I'm ready to blow up with curiosity again," said Blackton.

We're going to blow up Coyote Number Twenty-seven, and you won't forget the sight as long as you live!

Half enough to blow up Palestine!"

He'd hardly gone before some Zionists came with a story that the Arabs are planning to blow up their hospital; I gave them ten men and an officer."

There's a conspiracy on foot to blow up the Dome of the Rock."

Dressed in rich crimson damask, a scarlet feather in his hat, a gold chain with large diamond cross round his neck, he made a resistance worthy of his reputation, determined to blow up his ship rather than yield.

Gunner Ince, on whom the whole weight of the defence rested, let it be known that in the last extremity he would blow up the magazine.

No nothink need Be sifted in a Siv May them Blowd ingins all Blow up their Grates And Theaves of Oslers crib the Coles and Giv Their blackgard Hannimuls a Feed of Slaits!

It went to blow up the Constitution in ruins.

"Just place yourself in their position; and, knowing that several attempts had been made to blow up the ships, how would you have acted?" "I should have made quite as much noise, I suppose," replied old Harmar; "but then it was so laughable.

They had a hard blow up to force 8 on the night of our gale.

It appeared that at the public-house which he frequented he had overheard some Irishmen of desperate character plotting to blow up Clerkenwell prison.

They did but make war on the well-to-do, and with less deadly methods, as a rule, than those encouraged in greater wars when, for trade interests also, men kill each other with explosive bombs and wrap each other's bowels round their bayonets and blow up whole companies of men in trenches which have been sapped so skilfully that at the word "Fire!"

If your design should once get wind in the town, the ill-will of your enemies or the sincerity of the Lady's friends may soon blow up your hopes, which in your circumstances of life cannot be long supported by the bare appearance of a gentleman.

Now we who write, and they for whom we write, are all orthodox upon this mighty question; we have all made our confession of faith in private and in public; we all, on suitable occasions, walk up and apply the match to the keg of gun-powder which is to blow up the Union, but which, somehow, at the critical moment, fails to ignite.

'We are not to blow up half a dozen palaces because one cottage is burning,' ii. 90.

They're going to blow up Paris.

The train may run off the track, steam-boilers may blow up, there may be an earthquake, a wild bull may chase you, you may fall down a coal-hole and break your neck, or a building may topple over on you while you're walking peacefully along the street.

Another Fenian exploit of a somewhat different character followed in December, 1867, when an attempt was made by some desperados belonging to the party to blow up the Clerkenwell House of Detention, in which two Fenian prisoners were then confined.

If she accepts it, he is happy, for it means that his suit is prospering, but if she refuses it and says "Be good enough to blow up the fire," it means that he is dismissed.

The real Maori feeling toward women is brought out in the answer given to a sister who went to her brothers to ask for a share of the lands of the family: "Why, you're only a slave to blow up your husband's fire."

He had received orders to blow up the arsenal in Berlin.

For as it requires but a little match to blow up an immense mine, so the explosion which followed my publication was mighty from the circumstances that the youthful world had already undermined itself; and the shock was great because all extravagant demands, unsatisfied passions, and imaginary wrongs, were suddenly brought to an eruption.

It's me that's used to firesye'll see how I'll blow up yours for ye, miss.

"Why didn't you blow Mr. Blow up when he called her a Bird of Paradise?" said Montgomery Arbuthnot.

The rule of celibacy imposed on the Vestals, whose duty it was to relight the sacred fire as well as to preserve it when it was once made, is perhaps explained by a superstition current among French peasants that if a girl can blow up a smouldering candle into a flame she is a virgin, but that if she fails to do so, she is not.

They say that none of the munitions are going to the Front, and Protopopoff's keeping them all to blow up the people here with."

They wanted to destroy, to assassinate some one, or to blow up a building.

And I've got something hidden away underdeck that would blow up St. James in half an hour.

They wanted to blow up their cross grandpapa, so they took a pound of powder from their father's room, put it in a bottle, inserted a wick, and placed it under their grandfather's chair, when he was dozing after dinner; but soldiers marched by with the band playingand this was the only thing that prevented them from carrying out their plan.

Mines are a way to blow up the enemy and really shock them.

On May 2, 2010, 12 days after the blow up and fire of the Deepwater Horizon, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) closed 6,817 square miles of the Gulf of Mexico to fishing.

On October 22, 1941 the Soviet union with bombs blow up the Romanian military headquarters in Odessa, and killed 66 Romanian soldiers.

RC wars: Players must drive remote-control cars into each other, to try to make the other car blow up.

The Joker has wired both boats with explosives and has given each boat the detonator to the other one, saying that he will blow up both boats at midnight if one boat does not blow up the other.

A bizarre weather setup to start the week has seen winds streaming downslope out of the Cascade Mountains, causing fires to blow up in the Pacific Northwest.

Bill O'Brien did have one on camera blow up on Friday night.

But think of it: They kill our people, they blow up our people and then we have to be very gentle with theirinstitutions.

He knew he couldnโ€™t, which is why he tried to blow up Tuesdayโ€™s debate.

โ€œHe loved to blow up simulated enemy targets,โ€ Jerry Sage said of Gleason, at age 21 SOโ€™s youngest cadreman.

If that's somehow true, why did it wait until March to suddenly blow up?

If youโ€™re an attacker, your goal is to carry a spike bomb to a designated area in the map and protect it long enough to let it blow up.

I was a bit worried about putting it on my because I didnโ€™t want it to blow up, but I felt like this place really deserved to be known.

And so those long-term relationships matter and we need to be able to deal with these disputes in a way that isn't going to blow up that relationship in the process.

An investigation has been launched after someone threatened to blow up Wheatfield Prison in Dublin today.

"Overloading on the network has seen most of these blow up and burn, leading to an increase in their demand.

The finance minister who saw his "short term pain for long-term gain" budget blow up in his face was Crosbie.

"They're allowed to kill our people, they're allowed to main our people, they're allowed to blow up everything that we have, and there's nothing that stops them.

At the same time, the captain clearly doesn't like Michaela and her mysterious success rate, and Jared made it pretty clear he's ready to blow up Michaela's world, too.

When you introduce a new animal or plant species into an area where it has no natural predators to keep it under control, things can blow up in your face rather quickly.

โ€œYou canโ€™t be guaranteed it wonโ€™t blow up in your hand โ€“ thatโ€™s what people in the community have to realise,โ€ he said.

Cindy Parkin who lives with her husband Ray and their two young children just north of the Provost Health Centre says that they had four blow up Christmas toys damaged when someone cut them, leaving behind โ€˜Lโ€™ shaped slashes.

Especially in the constrained environment of a small company, people will make do and if things blow up every so often that's okay as long as they don't blow up too badly.

Especially in the constrained environment of a small company, people will make do and if things blow up every so often that's okay as long as they don't blow up too badly.

Kahn is assigned to blow up a major telecommunications centre; this he manages to carry off successfully.

Like my big blow up with Bell on how I couldn't rent an HDTV recievier.

"Ohhhh," gushed a breathless CNN announcer as fellow Americans prepared to blow up other human beings near Umm Qasr.

Our childcare association just shared a ministry of Ontario memo that basically bans anyone from having a pool including a blow up kiddie pool or any open water near their daycare children.

The changes come in response to a Christmas Day attempt to blow up a jetliner over Michigan, when a Nigerian man failed to ignite explosives sewn into his underwear.

The result, he said, often means that problems are swept under the rug until they finally blow up: โ€œData issues can occur very suddenly โ€“ as in a system crash โ€“ or over a long period through hoarding of emails and the likeโ€.

Visit Medicine Hatโ€™s outdoor pools from 3 โ€“ 6 p.m. every Saturday in June for fun poolside activities like a deck art contest, biggest splash contest, balloon toss, relay race, inner tube water polo (Heights Pool) and a blow up waterslide (Hill Pool).