Do we say blowup or blow up

blowup 1 occurrences

This blowup brought down, not only upon his own head, but upon the whole community, the most hideous reprisals.

blow up 172 occurrences

If the men determined to blow up all Millville with dynamite I'm sure Skeelty would not lift a finger to prevent it.

But the striking of the clock is essentially a catastrophe; the hammer might be made to blow up a barrel of gunpowder, or turn on a deluge of water; and, by proper arrangement, the clock, instead of marking the hours, might strike at all sorts of irregular periods, never twice alike, in the intervals, force, or number of its blows.

BRITISH BLOW UP A BRIDGE At Lagny one of the sights of the town was a shattered bridge, which was blown up by General French as soon as he got his army across it.

It has been established that numerous attempts have been made during the last few days to blow up the railway bridges.

They have some rubber things in the wardrobe tent that you can blow up and make a big arm, and a big leg, and a big stummick, so anybody couldn't tell the difference, and they fixed pa up with blowed up clothes of flesh colored rubber, and but for his chin whiskers you couldn't tell him from the fat woman.

General Failly allowed himself to be surprised at Beaumont; during the day the soldiers took their guns to pieces to clean them, at night they slept, without even cutting the bridges which delivered them to the enemy; thus they neglected to blow up the bridges of Mouzon and Bazeilles.

Let the captains all and each Shove ashore, then blow up, burn the vessels on the beach!

On the 24th of July Arthur Young, being at Colmar, was assured at the table-d'hôte "That the queen had a plot, nearly on the point of execution, to blow up the National Assembly by a mine, and to march the army instantly to massacre all Paris."

It then seemed to the student that the house was going to blow up at any moment, and that walls, lamps, guests, roof, windows, orchestra, would be hurtling through the air like a handful of coals in the midst of an infernal explosion.

We'll blow up the big north mountains sometime to-night.

The newspapers from coast to coast, our worthy New York Times not excepted, howled for their blood, raved about an Anarchist plot to blow up Chicago, seize the government, murder, arson, pillage, rapethe whole program which William Randolph Hearst has made only too familiar to the American public.

If the engine didn't have the safety-valve, it would blow up.

He'd better not have much to do with fire-arms, for he'd blow up to a certainty.

Half enough to blow up Palestine!" "Too bad about Catesby," said Grim.

He'd hardly gone before some Zionists came with a story that the Arabs are planning to blow up their hospital; I gave them ten men and an officer."

Dressed in rich crimson damask, a scarlet feather in his hat, a gold chain with large diamond cross round his neck, he made a resistance worthy of his reputation, determined to blow up his ship rather than yield.

All hope of dislodging the Roundheads being lost, the New Lord of Wardour resolved to blow up the walls with mines, placed beneath them under cover of darkness.

Now we who write, and they for whom we write, are all orthodox upon this mighty question; we have all made our confession of faith in private and in public; we all, on suitable occasions, walk up and apply the match to the keg of gun-powder which is to blow up the Union, but which, somehow, at the critical moment, fails to ignite.

One day in particular a shower of rain falling, thunder and lighting ensued, which put me in terror lest my powder should take fire, and not only hinder my necessary subsistence, by killing me food, but even blow up me and my habitation.

Still more did he lament that it was now impossible to blow up the arsenal in Berlin.

It's me that's used to firesye'll see how I'll blow up yours for ye, miss.

" "Why didn't you blow Mr. Blow up when he called her a Bird of Paradise?" said Montgomery Arbuthnot.

What other alternatives are open to you?" "I could get as near as possible, sir," replied Bertie calmly, "and then blow up his gallery.

"I told you in Chicago that I was going to blow up this damned islandif you wouldn't do it for me", he gasped at last.

They wanted to blow up their cross grandpapa, so they took a pound of powder from their father's room, put it in a bottle, inserted a wick, and placed it under their grandfather's chair, when he was dozing after dinner; but soldiers marched by with the band playingand this was the only thing that prevented them from carrying out their plan.

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