17131 examples of bluest in sentences

The skies in the country may be bluest at this season, sir; the air most delicious, the scenery most gorgeous, and accommodations of all kinds most plenty and excellent, but it will not do.

Her cheeks were flushed, and her eyes, suddenly turned to him, were as blue as the bluest bakneesh flower and glowed like diamonds.

He came staggering under his double burden, like trees in Java, bearing at once blossom, fruit, and falling fruit, as I have heard you or some other traveller tell, with his face literally as blue as the bluest firmament.

" SEPTEMBER The goldenrod is yellow, The corn is turning brown, The trees in apple orchards With fruit are bending down; The gentian's bluest fringes Are curling in the sun;

She had a thin, fair skin, red lips, and yellow hairthough it was then powdered pretty white for the occasionand the bluest eyes that ever he beheld in all of his life.

Where'er we gaze, above, around, below, What rainbow tints, what magic charms are found; Rock, river, forest, mountain, all abound; And bluest skies that harmonize the whole.

John's heart seemed to contract within him, and then beat fast with a sensation that was not entirely pity, because those eyesthe bluest, he remembered, that he had ever seenbrought back to him, suddenly and vividly, the memory of the exquisitely fresh and lovely girl who had married her elderly guardian nineteen years since.

Others had laughed, and said that Sir Timothy was determined that his heirs should be able to boast some of the bluest blood in Scotland on their mother's side,but that he might have waited a little longer for his bride.

At the moment, for example, I would do anything to escape writing this article, for the sun is shining in the bluest of April skies and the bees are foraging in the orchard, and everything calls me outside to the woods and hills.

Beside a similar road along the bank of the Halifax, in Daytona, grew multitudes of violets, and goodly patches of purple verbena (garden plants gone wild, perhaps), and a fine profusion of spiderwort,a pretty flower, the bluest of the blue, thrice welcome to me as having been one of the treasures of the very first garden of which I have any remembrance.

She had light brown hair, and round rosy cheeks, and the bluest of blue eyes.

Then, for no apparent reason, Margaret flushed, and Billy, who had stretched his great length of limb on the grass beside her, noted it with a pair of the bluest eyes in the world and thought it vastly becoming.

He yields to the Pekinese Spaniel the claim to be the Royal dog of China, yet his blood must be of the bluest.

To these three sires, some of the bluest Pekinese blood is traceable, vide Ch.

The smallest babies had not been left at home, but were there in all their primary scarletude, set off by the whitest of lace-frilled caps trimmed with the bluest of ribbons.

The finest days, when the trees are greenest, the sky bluest, and the clouds most snowy white are the days that come in the midst of bad weather.

She is a regular little Dresden shepherdess, with the tiniest feet and hands and the yellowest hair and bluest eyes I ever saw.

"They're the largest and the bluest I've ever seen.

My ton's the very cream of fashion, My passion the sublimest passion, My rage satanic, love the same, Of all blue flames, the bluest flame

" The last paragraphs of this little essay were written within a huge hotel of steel and stone in the heart of a bustling city, in the most gracious of lands and under the bluest of skies.

My bow was made to a girl of about twenty, with light brown hair, the bluest of eyes, a fresh skin and a fine figure, dressed so nattily as to be to me after my four years of Western life, a sight for tired eyes.

" "Well," I said, getting my second wind, so to speak, "she has the bluest eyes I've ever seen.

The democratic revolution of Rome, which led to the fall of the Republic, was enabled to triumph only because the movement was headed by one of the noblest-born of Romans, a patrician of the bluest blood, who claimed descent from Venus, and from the last of the Trojan heroes.

Our big black Russian ship cut her way in utter silence through the bluest of blue seas, with scarcely a ripple on the sunlit waters, between amethyst islands studded with emerald fields, making straight for that which was at one time the bravest, noblest, most courageous, most beautiful country on earth.

It is a picturesque moment in my life that I in this way came into association with a nobleman of the bluest blood.

17131 examples of  bluest  in sentences
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