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22762 example sentences with  bluest

22762 example sentences with bluest

The skies are at their bluest, now; the woods and fields are at their greenest; flowers are blooming their yellowest, and purplest, and scarletest.

The skies in the country may be bluest at this season, sir; the air most delicious, the scenery most gorgeous, and accommodations of all kinds most plenty and excellent, but it will not do.

Her cheeks were flushed, and her eyes, suddenly turned to him, were as blue as the bluest bakneesh flower and glowed like diamonds.

He came staggering under his double burden, like trees in Java, bearing at once blossom, fruit, and falling fruit, as I have heard you or some other traveller tell, with his face literally as blue as the bluest firmament.

The goldenrod is yellow, The corn is turning brown, The trees in apple orchards With fruit are bending down; The gentian's bluest fringes Are curling in the sun; In dusty pods the milkweed Its hidden silk has spun; The sedges flaunt their harvest

They found four little things with blue feathers just sprouting upon them, particularly upon the wings, where the growth seemed strongest and bluest, but the four little things were dead.

She had a thin, fair skin, red lips, and yellow hairthough it was then powdered pretty white for the occasionand the bluest eyes that ever he beheld in all of his life.

And the estate was a small one, for the family, though of blood the bluest, was very poor.

Where'er we gaze, above, around, below, What rainbow tints, what magic charms are found; Rock, river, forest, mountain, all abound; And bluest skies that harmonize the whole.

John's heart seemed to contract within him, and then beat fast with a sensation that was not entirely pity, because those eyesthe bluest, he remembered, that he had ever seenbrought back to him, suddenly and vividly, the memory of the exquisitely fresh and lovely girl who had married her elderly guardian nineteen years since.

Others had laughed, and said that Sir Timothy was determined that his heirs should be able to boast some of the bluest blood in Scotland on their mother's side,but that he might have waited a little longer for his bride.

I believe the Queen of Scots had hazel eyes, whereas this pretty Lady Mary has the bluest eyes I ever sawquite remarkable eyes."

At the moment, for example, I would do anything to escape writing this article, for the sun is shining in the bluest of April skies and the bees are foraging in the orchard, and everything calls me outside to the woods and hills.

THE PIGEON I was about to say THE WHITE HEN What, bluest of Pigeons?

In the dove-cote, and the bluest Blue jay on the shuddering tree!

Beside a similar road along the bank of the Halifax, in Daytona, grew multitudes of violets, and goodly patches of purple verbena (garden plants gone wild, perhaps), and a fine profusion of spiderwort,a pretty flower, the bluest of the blue, thrice welcome to me as having been one of the treasures of the very first garden of which I have any remembrance.

If not, and not the Botticelli, it is beyond question that lovely adoring Madonna, so gentle and sweet, against the purest and bluest of Tuscan skies, which is attributed to Filippino Lippi: No. 1354.

These two Honthorsts are, as I say, the most popular of the pictures on Sunday, when the Uffizi is free; but their supremacy is challenged by the five inlaid tables, one of which, chiefly in lapis lazuli, must be the bluest thing on earth.

The gentian's bluest fringes Are curling in the sun; In dusty pods the milkweed Its hidden silk has spun.

She had light brown hair, and round rosy cheeks, and the bluest of blue eyes.

The sword, still reeking red with the bluest blood of Florence, was swiftly crossed by the sword of retribution.

Then, for no apparent reason, Margaret flushed, and Billy, who had stretched his great length of limb on the grass beside her, noted it with a pair of the bluest eyes in the world and thought it vastly becoming.

He yields to the Pekinese Spaniel the claim to be the Royal dog of China, yet his blood must be of the bluest.

To these three sires, some of the bluest Pekinese blood is traceable, vide Ch. Goodwood Chum, Ch.

"My mother was a Virginia belle, was she not?" "The Fairfaxes," answered Mrs. Harper, "were the first of the first families, the bluest of the blue-bloods.

Will you say as much for the bluest eyes that ever sparkled in mirth, or swam in tears, or shone and deepened under the combined influence of triumph, belladonna, and war-paint?

The smallest babies had not been left at home, but were there in all their primary scarletude, set off by the whitest of lace-frilled caps trimmed with the bluest of ribbons.

The finest days, when the trees are greenest, the sky bluest, and the clouds most snowy white are the days that come in the midst of bad weather.

She is a regular little Dresden shepherdess, with the tiniest feet and hands and the yellowest hair and bluest eyes I ever saw.

GENEVA BY FRANCIS H. GRIBBLE Straddling the Rhone, where it issues from the bluest lake in the world, looking out upon green meadows and wooded hills, backed by the dark ridge of the Salรจve, with the "great white mountain" visible in the distance, Geneva has the advantage of an incomparable site; and it is, from a town surveyor's point of view, well built.

"They're the largest and the bluest I've ever seen."

Seventeen of the rajputs (rashpootes, it is pronounced) represent the purest and bluest Hindu blood, for they are descended from Rama, the hero of the Ramayama, the great Hindu poem, who is generally worshiped as an incarnation of the god Bishnu; and their subjects are all their kinsmen, descended from the same ancestors, members of the same family, and are treated as such.

My ton's the very cream of fashion, My passion the sublimest passion, My rage satanic, love the same, Of all blue flames, the bluest flame My piety perpetual matins, A quaker propp'd on double pattens; My lovely girls the most precocious, My beaus delightfully atrocious!

My dear!" cried the man, leaning towards her again, and lookingdazzledinto the beauty and intelligence of her eyes, "the idea that you are afflicted with any disease could only occur to the morbid mind of the bluest-nosed Puritan who ever cut down a May-pole!

It seemed a promising enterprise, as the secret society of the Blue Lotus was agitating for the abolition of the pigtail, which is the emblem of the servitude of the Chinese to the Manchu Tartars.

The names of those who surrounded us, when the attack was made, are, A. Lefils, jr. (son to the representative), Madison Thomas, Francis Harrison, Thomas Hopkins, Alexander Blue, George Wing, James Eilands, W.I. Perkins, A.J. Raymur: the others we cannot at present recollect.

"Ah! could I carry you far away to my home in the mountains, far up in the beautiful blue mountains, where the air is so clear, and the weary, wrangling world lies so far below that one forgets it entirely, you should be my wife, my queen, my empress.

To the northward, a dim blue line on the horizon, lay Cape Ann, by my reckoning, about eighteen miles distant.

The hills of Cape Ann, as I went on, changed from green to blue, and the color grew fainter in the distance.

Here are the first pages: see how sharp the angles are of the blue and black lines, how even the long columns: one would not think, that, as the steel pen traced them out, it seemed to be lining out her life, narrow and black.

As the road went deeper into the hills, the solitude and quiet grew even more penetrating and certain,so certain in these grand old mountains that one called them eternal, and, looking up to the peaks fixed in the clear blue, grew surer of a world beyond this where there is neither change nor death.

One could hear it, like some huge giant moaning in his sleep, at times, and see broad patches of steel blue glittering through the thick apple-trees and the bushes.

Margaret looked at her, thinking how sallow the plump, fair face had grown, and how faded the kindly blue eyes were now.

Then, one night, when she had gone late into her mother's room, the blue eyes were set in a wild, hopeless way, as if staring down into years of starvation and misery.

But the storm passes, the sunshine comes back into the darkened skies, and the blue waves sparkle within their ancient limits.

She kissed the baby's forehead, and the little Princess opened wide her blue eyes and smiled.

I shall set down the words used by this amazing god in the machine, this prince among all princely bolts from the blue.

Thus, a short time ago, I read in an English cyclopรฆdia the doctrine of the origin of Blue.

"Every wax-taper," I said, "every illuminated cloud of smoke from the kitchen, that has anything dark behind it, every morning mist, when it lies before a steady spot, daily convinces me of the origin of blue color, and makes me comprehend the blueness of the sky.

What the Newtonians mean when they say that the air has the property of absorbing other colors, and of repelling blue alone, I cannot at all understand, nor do I see what use or pleasure is to be derived from a doctrine in which all thought stands still, and all sound observation completely vanishes.

Mrs. Moore had in her arms a bundle in a long blue embroidered cloaka baby, in short.

Mrs. Mooreborn Minny or Hermione Adamswas a very small woman, exceedingly pretty, with light brown curly hair, dark blue eyes and a complexion like an apple blossom.

He wore gold-rimmed spectacles; and I can see him now, with the flat eagle-and-anchor buttons shining on his blue coat, as he would pace the quarter-deck, eyeing us young gentlemen of the watch, as demurely we planked up and down the lee side, tired enough, and waiting for eight bells to strike to rush below and call our relief.

In the Flemish towns the civil guards wore a blue coat, so long in the skirts that it had to be buttoned back to permit of their walking, and a hat of stiff black felt, resembling a bowler, with a feather stuck rakishly in the band.

Here Ischia smiles O'er liquid miles; And yonder, bluest of the isles, Calm Capri waits, Her sapphire gates Beguiling to her bright estates.

Even Naples, the lovely Parthenope, where the Mantuan bard sleeps on the sunny shore, by the bluest of summer seas, with the disinterred Pompeii beyond, and Pรฆstum amid its roses on the lonely Calabrian plaineven this, almost within sight of the cross of St. Peter's, is barred from me.

The sky has been wonderful, with every form of cloud in every condition of light and shade; the sun has continually appeared through breaks in the cloudy heavens from time to time, brilliantly illuminating some field of pack, some steep-walled berg, or some patch of bluest sea.

It was a time of cloudless skies, and abundant "strawberry mashes," and dolce far niente in that sweetly-shaded pool, when the sky was at its bluest, and the air at its hottest, and the water at its most inviting temperature.

A tavern does not seem the proper school for deportment, and, though one has the bluest blood in Christendom, humble surroundings may keep it from flowing very freely.

They should come and see for themselves, and bask in the pure, bracing atmosphere, and the genial sunshine of these bluest of blue skies.

" The last paragraphs of this little essay were written within a huge hotel of steel and stone in the heart of a bustling city, in the most gracious of lands and under the bluest of skies.

My bow was made to a girl of about twenty, with light brown hair, the bluest of eyes, a fresh skin and a fine figure, dressed so nattily as to be to me after my four years of Western life, a sight for tired eyes.

"Well," I said, getting my second wind, so to speak, "she has the bluest eyes I've ever seen.

I was never more struck with its odious and ludicrous features than on once seeing a tall, queenly-looking woman, magnificently arrayed, married by one of the tiniest priests that ever donned a surplice and gown, given away by the smallest guardian that ever watched a woman's fortunes, to the feeblest, bluest-looking little groom that ever placed a wedding ring on bridal finger.

like cheeks and bright blue eyes, who threw herself into David's arms, full of delight.

" The effective use of this thesis in the scene of the revolt of the domestic animals in the Blue Bird will be remembered.]

On the upper branches were found some fine hairs of dark blue wool.

You see they wore blue!"

He noticed that the director had dark blue trousers, which he had not observed before.

The trousers reminded him of the dark blue threads found on the burdock.

His dark blue breeches, his agitation, his lying behind the stove in terror after the murder, his alibi andAquilina" "'Grind away, Emilian; it's your week!'

The democratic revolution of Rome, which led to the fall of the Republic, was enabled to triumph only because the movement was headed by one of the noblest-born of Romans, a patrician of the bluest blood, who claimed descent from Venus, and from the last of the Trojan heroes.

The nearest of them, three or four miles east and west, are McNeil's Point and Rowe's Point; the latter, besides commanding the eternally interesting caรฑon, gives wide-sweeping views southeast and west over the dark forest roof to the San Francisco and Mount Trumbull volcanoesthe bluest of mountains over the blackest of level woods.

If I've got blue blazes a-comin' in the next life, I'm not goin' to torment my insides in this one!"

"When I read Saint-Victor I put on blue spectacles," said Lamartine; author of several works on historical and รฆsthetic subjects (e. g. "Anciens et Modernes," "Hommes et Dieux") was for a number of years General Inspector of Fine Arts (1827-1881).

SAPPHIRE, a precious stone of the corundum class, and differing from the RUBY (q. v.) only in colour, which is a blue of various shades; the finest specimens are found in Ceylon; its value depends chiefly on quality, and not so much (like the ruby) on size.

SCHUYLKILL, a river of Pennsylvania, rises on the N. side of the Blue Mountains and flows SE.

When Mrs. Bissett announced that she had 'thought of something,' Miss Angus saw a walk in a wood or garden, beside a river, under a brilliant blue sky.

Wide horizons, infinitely cleara blazing intensity of light, beating on the palace, the gardens, the statues, and the distant water of the 'Canal de Versailles'each tint and outline, sharp and vehement, full-bodied and richthe greenest greens, the bluest blues, the most dazzling gold:this was Versailles, as Eugรฉnie saw it, on this autumn day.

Our big black Russian ship cut her way in utter silence through the bluest of blue seas, with scarcely a ripple on the sunlit waters, between amethyst islands studded with emerald fields, making straight for that which was at one time the bravest, noblest, most courageous, most beautiful country on earth.

It is a picturesque moment in my life that I in this way came into association with a nobleman of the bluest blood.

Canopied with turquoise sky Summer passed superbly by, Bluest midnight cupped the dew Golden morn might sparkle through!

Even if that was even a little bit true, itโ€™s hard to see the double-digit defeat in one of the bluest states in the union as anything less than a rebuke and a landslide.

A neat, middle-aged man in a blue jacket stepped forward.

A new โ€˜blueโ€™ trail, which will be suitable for families, is also being added and is expected to be completed by the spring.

A new case study this week from Turkey details 17 men who took sildenafil and developed light sensitivity, blurred eyesight, and even blue-tinted visionโ€”symptoms that were thankfully only temporary and likely very rare.

An hour and a half earlier, Biden captured Wisconsin, represent parts of the โ€œblue wallโ€ that slipped away from Democrats four years ago, paving the way for Trumpโ€™s election.

Quite rarely actually, because there are very few truly blue foods.

RAFT Blue saw Wandin all out for 123 against Yarra Junction.

Randal Grichuk and Travis Shaw homered, Nate Pearson returned from an elbow injury to pitch 1 2/3 scoreless innings and the playoff-bound Toronto Blue Jays beat the Baltimore Orioles 10-5 Friday night.

Rare Blue Shark washed up at popular tourist beach on Spainโ€™s Costa.

Appearing relaxed in an open-collar shirt and blue suit jacket, Trump acknowledged there was uncertainty about the course of the disease, which can hit recovering patients hard with no warning.

Thatโ€™s reserved the bluest of college football blue-bloods, something these programs canโ€™t stake claim.

With little else certain, investors appeared to back off from buying shares of economically sensitive companies, the "blue-wave trade" that had been gaining traction ahead of the election on the expectation of another round of economic aid.

Yet his other suggestions, like fasting, exercising, eliminating blue light, sitting down to an earlier dinner, and going easy on simple sugars, may serve as reminders we all need.

I have such a tremendous affinity for the bluest blue of the lakes in Killarney on a sunny day.

Now imagine you standing in the middle of the path under the blue sky with gorgeous landscape all about, but out on the horizon dark, angry clouds begin to form, just waiting to unleash their fury.

RBC Blue Water Project (gala presenting sponsor) funded the Centreโ€™s launch and the first season of programming.

RC FLASHING KIT: 12Pcs LED light include 6 white headlights, 2 blue taillights, 2 red brake lights and 2 orange turn lights.

Respect for French Canada begins with recognition, not rhetoricchampion the cause of adding blue to our national colours, to recognize the French Fact in Canada thereby symbolizing our linguistic duality.