1402 examples of blunder in sentences

But we shall make a serious blunder.

Ere too late you see your blunder!

Beth and Patsy were fairly bewildered by the numerous introductions, until names became meaningless in their ears; but Louise, perfectly composed and in no wise distracted by her surroundings or the music of the orchestra and the perpetual buzz of conversation in the crowded rooms, impressed each individual upon her memory clearly, and was not likely to blunder in regard to names or individuality in the future.

He will then sometimes, in his confusion, blunder into a truthful answer, but he does so generally with a bashful air, indicative of the painful consciousness that he has been reluctantly violating the rules of good breeding.

And that is the point in which Apelles said that those painters made a blunder, who did not know what was enough.

"It's annoying, however, to go about feeling all the time that one is likely to pass away because some stupid ass of an assassin makes a blunder in giving" The sharp rattle of firearms in the distance brought a sudden stop to his lugubrious reflections.

If once a blunder has been made it is persisted in.

It is not so much because our anxiety is useless, or because it unfits us for service, but because God is what He is, that our worry is at once a blunder and a sin.

The pulpit has often forgotten that over-statement is always a blunder, and that any attempt to imagine the wholly unimaginable is most likely to end in defeating our own intentions and in dissipating, rather than reinforcing, our sense of the tremendous realities of which Christ spoke.

Many a ludicrous anecdote is told, of persons venturing to use words of which they did not know the proper application; many a ridiculous blunder has been published to the lasting disgrace of the writer; and so intimately does every man's reputation for sense depend upon his skill in the use of language, that it is scarcely possible to acquire the one without the other.

What can be a greater blunder, than to call the first person of a verb, of a pronoun, or even of a noun, "the noun that speaks?"

The authors who have started with this fundamental blunder, are strangely numerous.

Of this sort of blunder, the following false definition is an instance: "A Vowel is a letter, the name of which makes a full open sound.

Made no blunder, made no rumours.

How many erred in judgment in their youth, through one critical blunder, that has been irretrievable, and whose burden is henceforth lasht to the back!

GARIS, HOWARD R. Uncle Wiggily's blunder pup.

Having ostentatiously shown himself in every public place, and courted notice and inquiry by every means in his power, to prove that he was not anxious to conceal himself or avoid any inquiry, he left the country, free at last to pursue that career to which he had always aspired, and in which he had been checked by a blunder, from the consequences of which he little expected that he should so speedily and strangely emancipate himself.

" [309] My critics might have convicted me of a genuine blunder inasmuch as in my first book (78) I assumed that Plato "foresaw the importance of pre-matrimonial acquaintance as the basis of a rational and happy marriage choice."

" You see an elderly lady, unused to a soldier's point of view, may be very sympathetic, and yet blunder as a comforter.

I taught on the general system, all sorts of things in the edication way; and had one of my scholars made such a blunder as to say 'clark,' or 'aingel,' or 'harth,' or 'cowcumber,' he wouldn't have heard the last of it, for that week, at least.

I am now equally sure that it was a blunder, and, ever since, I have taken my beloved Susan's judgment against the world.

Most of our friends thought it a grave blunder, but the result proved otherwise.

This was a capital blunder in Velasquez, as he seemed resolved to find a person fitted both for making discoveries and of betraying him by setting up for himself.

The Apaches had also committed their tactical blunder.

The country-folks ca' them Clocks; and I believe they ca' them also Maggy-wi'-the-mony-feet; but they are not the least like any Louse that ever I saw; so that, in my opinion, though the defender may have made a blunder through ignorance, in comparing them, there does not seem to have been any animus injuriandi; therefore I am for refusing the petition, my Lords.

1402 examples of  blunder  in sentences