606 examples of blurs in sentences

The three candles on the bureau made red blurs, and the windows were dimmed by the fog outside.

There were so many Faces, they came and went so constantly, like bubbles in a tideway, that to Sofia most of them seemed indistinguishable one from another, mere blurs of flesh colour studded with staring eyes and slitted by apertures which automatically and alternately gaped to receive gobbets of food and goblets of drink and closed to gulp them down.

So in Churchyard's "Challenge," 1593, p. 251 "Away foule workes, that fil'd my face with blurs!" Again, "Macbeth," act iii.

I hurried forward, and suddenly saw a group of two figuresmere blurs in the darknessfor one instant, at a distance of about fifty yards from where I was.

If he does this, a writer's words will have a purely objective effect, like that of a finished picture in oils; whilst the subjective style is not much more certain in its working than spots on the wall, which look like figures only to one whose phantasy has been accidentally aroused by them; other people see nothing but spots and blurs.

Use only the best of oil, one gallon of which is worth five gallons of cheap stuff and do far better service, as inferior grades not only clog the lubricator but chokes the ducts and blurs the sight-glass, etc., and the refuse of such oil will accumulate in the cylinder sufficiently to cause damage and loss of power, far exceeding the difference in cost of good oil over the cheap grades.

When his sister had left them, he wrote to her, describing scenes by brief precise touches which draw the picture that Coleridge blurs with grand phrases.

From nose and ears and gaping mouth the blood trickled; his eyes were blurs of red; his head rolled hideously on his shoulders.

There had been many constantly coming and going about the sick bed during the first days, and to him those days were mere blanks of suffering and blurs of pain.

Through the chinks the morning sun shot a few little gleams, which widened as they crossed the room to break in bright blurs of light upon the primrose-tinted wall.

Our very anxiety blurs our vision, and throws our judgment out of focus.

This philosophic tendency mars the artistic effect and blurs the picture which would otherwise have been given.

He turned upon the cool shadows within, and amidst spots and blurs of colour regarded the giant child amidst that Rembrandtesque gloom, naked except for a swathing of flannel, seated upon a huge truss of straw and playing with its toes.

All that had faded among the incurable blurs of memory.

She saw them as vague, meaningless blurs of gray stippled on white.

When he does this his words have a purely objective effect, like that of a completed oil painting; while the subjective style is not much more certain in its effect than spots on the wall, and it is only the man whose fantasy is accidentally aroused by them that sees figures; other people only see blurs.

It loses your time and blurs the impression of your character.

Here, Hillas, next to me." Three blurs hugged the sod walls around to the north-east corner.

The blurs swayed like battered leaves on a vine that the wind tore in two at last and flung the living beings wide.

But as the Prince and I drove furiously through, like pursuer and pursued, the busy streets cleared themselves in a twinkling; and we rode through lanes of faces yellow in the lamplight, or in the darker places like blurs of scrabbled whiteness.

A humid look was coming upon the earth, and blurs were over the fading stars.

The southern wall of that strange roomthat quiet room to which only a far, vague murmur of the city's life whispered up, with faint blurs of steamer-whistles from the riverbore Turkish spoils of battle.

The Master, Alden, Rrisa, mere vague blurs among the ferns, remained motionless.

Captain Alden's and Rrisa's shots produced still other blurs of virescence.

Git!" Sourly they shouldered their bed-rolls and went limping down the trail, and when their forms were only blurs beyond the shine of the headlights, the little woman churned Jawn around somehow in the sand and drove back quite as recklessly as she had come.

606 examples of  blurs  in sentences
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