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874 example sentences with  blurs

874 example sentences with blurs

In this vast and changing struggle, events huddle on each other, so that the new blurs and wipes out the old.

The wind which sang dismally around him reminded him with a sickening blur of homesickness of the many pleasant evenings he and Evelyn had spent in their little shack, with the same wind making eerie music in the pipe of the stove.

So far, their faces had been mere blurs for me: but now it struck me that all three were rather peculiar; that is, peculiar when seen in a first-class carriage.

The three candles on the bureau made red blurs, and the windows were dimmed by the fog outside.

It must come in thus, "The blots and blurs of our sins must be taken out by the aqua-fortis of our tears; to which aqua-fortis, if you put a fifth part of sal-ammoniac, and set them in a gentle heat, it makes aqua-regia which dissolves gold."

There were so many Faces, they came and went so constantly, like bubbles in a tideway, that to Sofia most of them seemed indistinguishable one from another, mere blurs of flesh colour studded with staring eyes and slitted by apertures which automatically and alternately gaped to receive gobbets of food and goblets of drink and closed to gulp them down.

Who blurs fair paper with foul bastard rhymes, Shall live full many an age in latter times: Who makes a ballad for an alehouse door, Shall live in future times for evermore: Then ( ) thy muse shall live so long, As drafty ballads to thy praise are sung.

So in Churchyard's "Challenge," 1593, p. 251 "Away foule workes, that fil'd my face with blurs!"

I hurried forward, and suddenly saw a group of two figuresmere blurs in the darknessfor one instant, at a distance of about fifty yards from where I was.

And yet, so sweet is human life, and so dear a respite, be it ever so short a one, that when that murderous hand was taken from my chin I heard a sudden chiming of little bells, and the lamp blazed up into a strange fantastic blur.

Blur, Mr. Constable, or the Spaniard's Night Walk, a Comedy, acted by the Children of St. Paul's School, 1602.

The name carried him back to the picture of the man who lay on his back, with the soft sands already half burying his body, and the round, purple blur in the center of his forehead.

render unclean &c adj.; dirt, dirty; daub, blot, blur, smudge, smutch^, soil, smoke, tarnish, slaver, spot, smear; smirch; begrease^; dabble, drabble^, draggle, daggle^; spatter, slubber; besmear &c, bemire, beslime^, begrime, befoul; splash, stain, distain^, maculate, sully, pollute, defile, debase, contaminate, taint, leaven; corrupt &c (injure) 659; cover with dust &c n.; drabble in the mud^; roil.

If he does this, a writer's words will have a purely objective effect, like that of a finished picture in oils; whilst the subjective style is not much more certain in its working than spots on the wall, which look like figures only to one whose phantasy has been accidentally aroused by them; other people see nothing but spots and blurs.

San Francisco lay a smoky blur on the southern horizon, while the night, still lingering on the western edge of the world, slowly withdrew before their eyes.

A thin, wet mist hangs over the silent and monotonous houses, and blurs the electric lamps along our road.

Nature makes the poet, not by adding to, but by taking from; she takes all blur and opacity out of him; condenses, intensifies; lifts his nerves nearer the surface, sharpens his senses, and brings his whole organization to an edge.

We feel nothing intensely; our experience is a blur without distinct form and outline; in short we are incumbered with too much clay.

A fine rain was beginning to blur the sea like a fog, and she realized that the journey before her might be a great deal worse than she had expected.

Use only the best of oil, one gallon of which is worth five gallons of cheap stuff and do far better service, as inferior grades not only clog the lubricator but chokes the ducts and blurs the sight-glass, etc., and the refuse of such oil will accumulate in the cylinder sufficiently to cause damage and loss of power, far exceeding the difference in cost of good oil over the cheap grades.

When his sister had left them, he wrote to her, describing scenes by brief precise touches which draw the picture that Coleridge blurs with grand phrases.

From nose and ears and gaping mouth the blood trickled; his eyes were blurs of red; his head rolled hideously on his shoulders.

In a blur of doubt and clouded perceptions she lost all definite impression of what she had heard.

And as he reached the float, the front windows on the hillock broke out yellow, pale blurs in the smoky night.

We could hear the rasping of bolts and the creaking of shutters from the cottages as we thundered past them, but we were only three dark blurs upon the road by the time that the folk could look after us.

There had been many constantly coming and going about the sick bed during the first days, and to him those days were mere blanks of suffering and blurs of pain.

''Blur an' ouns,' says I; 'tell his honour I'll be wid him in the twinklin'

Through the chinks the morning sun shot a few little gleams, which widened as they crossed the room to break in bright blurs of light upon the primrose-tinted wall.

To hurl us in her arms, before the blur Of time makes dim her rounded form, Or the cold blood recoils From the polluted swarm Of armed Chimeras that environ her.

Our very anxiety blurs our vision, and throws our judgment out of focus.

"Her beautifully written manuscript," says her publisher, "free from blur or erasure, and with every letter delicately and distinctly finished, was only the outward and visible sign of the inward labor which she had taken to work out her ideas.

This philosophic tendency mars the artistic effect and blurs the picture which would otherwise have been given.

He turned upon the cool shadows within, and amidst spots and blurs of colour regarded the giant child amidst that Rembrandtesque gloom, naked except for a swathing of flannel, seated upon a huge truss of straw and playing with its toes.

Behind him, the Ferrarian promontory was growing more and more shadowy, becoming a mere blur on the horizon.

His stentorian anger afforded so material a contrast to the placid environment that Deacon stood dazed under the vocal avalanche, hearing but a blur of objurgation.

She stared out of the window at the blur of passing lights.

The Odyssey of the oblong blur.

All that had faded among the incurable blurs of memory.

She saw them as vague, meaningless blurs of gray stippled on white.

When he does this his words have a purely objective effect, like that of a completed oil painting; while the subjective style is not much more certain in its effect than spots on the wall, and it is only the man whose fantasy is accidentally aroused by them that sees figures; other people only see blurs.

"I supposed so, but it is all a mere blur out there to me.

It loses your time and blurs the impression of your character.

THE EDGE OF THE EAST The mist was clearing off Yokohama harbour and a hundred junks had their sails hoisted for the morning breeze, so that the veiled horizon was stippled with square blurs of silver.

" Three blurs hugged the sod walls around to the north-east corner.

The blurs swayed like battered leaves on a vine that the wind tore in two at last and flung the living beings wide.

As yet no shadows blur the magic light, The glamour that surrounds the opening date.

But as the Prince and I drove furiously through, like pursuer and pursued, the busy streets cleared themselves in a twinkling; and we rode through lanes of faces yellow in the lamplight, or in the darker places like blurs of scrabbled whiteness.

A humid look was coming upon the earth, and blurs were over the fading stars.

When I came to aim at him with the rifle I found that I could see only a blur of sights.

a far, vague murmur of the city's life whispered up, with faint blurs of steamer-whistles from the riverbore Turkish spoils of battle.

The Master, Alden, Rrisa, mere vague blurs among the ferns, remained motionless.

Captain Alden's and Rrisa's shots produced still other blurs of virescence.

The cloak slipped away, showing her armā€™s soft curve, the blue and white of her bodice, the purple blur of violets; and for a second I saw her face, with a smile quivering about her lips.

Sourly they shouldered their bed-rolls and went limping down the trail, and when their forms were only blurs beyond the shine of the headlights, the little woman churned Jawn around somehow in the sand and drove back quite as recklessly as she had come.

Majora's Mask also presents a high number of graphical issues, such as the blur effect commonly used during cutscenes either not disappear or not loading entirely.

These spots are often followed within a few days or weeks by a much greater leakage of blood, which blurs vision.

This blurs the boundary even more.

By the end of the year Blur and Oasis were the two biggest bands in the UK and sales of the NME were increasing thanks to the Britpop effect.

A faster refresh rate gives a smoother look and feel to the phone when you're using it, with no motion blur as you're moving between screens and everything feeling that bit snappier.

Birdwatchers call it the magical jizz ā€” spying a blur of a bird from the corner of an eye and recognising it.

Designed to look good in any room, The Serif blurs the lines between modern design and technology.

During lockdown, every day blurs into the next and itā€™s hard to remember what That Friday Feeling actually is.

Everything blurs together because every day looks essentially just like the last one.

For Reed, though, that looming degree of uncertainty is something that heā€™s become accustomed to and blurs silently into the background.

For some, the film is controversial because it blurs the lines between religion and science.

However, a rage grows within Aresia, presumably caused by the horrifying details of her early childhood -- despite her memories of those experiences being little more than a blur.

I did occasionally need to switch into shutter-priority mode and control the settings so that the long zoom didnā€™t introduce blur, and itā€™s a bit annoying the camera didnā€™t know to do this automatically.

It takes 12 craftsmen to put on bed together in two to three months with Gwyenth praising the bed as 'standard-shattering, certified-organic, made-to-order sleep system that beautifully blurs the lines between next-level comfort and sustainability.'

It uses a bell-shaped curve, which has its highest point in the center, then decreases on both sides (just like a bell) to blur the selected area of an image.

Live-focus mode blurs out backgrounds for a more dramatic look.

Netflix -- a company that blurs the line between what used to be separate TV and film spaces, and now dominates both -- clearly considers Best Picture the final hurdle to artistic legitimacy.

She added: ā€œI do not remember the first few weeks as everything was a complete blur, but I do remember in my darkest hours the love and support I received from the local community and the whole country ā€“ and for that I thank you all so much.

The City argued that it provides water and sewer services outside its borders, and that calling it unlawful to tax users both inside and out of its borders blurs the line of extraterritorialityā€“ā€“ exemption from law.

The Odysseyā€™s looks have been updated with a front end decked out in chrome that further blurs the line between crossover and minivan.

There are bespoke amenities everywhere, including Bardiglio marble inside and out, a two-story ā€œwater wallā€ by the homeā€™s front door, and a titanic living room completely encased in glass that blurs the line between indoor and outdoor living.

The siblingsā€™ adventures with pirates and tea parties blur the lines between fantasy and reality, as sticks and stuffed animals transform into real bow and arrows and crinkled bunny noses.

Through the blur of labour and delivery, Janice Rowe said she remembers only a few key things, including the fact that baby Allan represented a first for the midwife who'd helped her through the birth of her first child.

With his fantastical set designs and props, Gondry blurs the line between real and pretend in his films.

With LG OLEDā€™s self-emitting pixels in 4K and 8K, viewers have the prospect of seeing every feature, down to each blade of grass, while decreasing motion blur and flickering as every pixel illuminates independently.

After setting all my levels/curves and other basic processing I use the Glam Blur which creates a duplicate layer of the photo and then prompts me to make adjustments etc for the level of glam blur I think will work.

After setting all my levels/curves and other basic processing I use the Glam Blur which creates a duplicate layer of the photo and then prompts me to make adjustments etc for the level of glam blur I think will work.

I didn't even consider camera shake for the blur.

Although Libra is noted for its beautiful people, its equalizing effect often blurs sexual distinctions, producing handsome women and beautiful men.

If Google blurs identifiable faces they would certainly be in the clear.

I had noticed on the new UHF 43 CBUT-DT that sometimes, if it's the lowered bitrate or format going from 1080i to 720i, there now tends to be a momentary 'blur' when people or objects move across the screen.

It also blurs sharp edges and textures.

It may be simple, obvious maybe, but that chronic fear of big blurs and slow frame rates will disappear.

"Jenna Butler blurs the boundaries of identity in Wells."

MEDIAH is a visual Toronto-based artist who blurs the lines between post-graffiti and dynamic abstraction.

My windshield blurs both.

The market in general has been a bit of a blur the last few years making year to year comparisons a bit of a tricky proposition.

The need to be freee Blurs into conformity To the product To the thing Smile and suck it down.

There is no softness or motion blur of players.

The Search XR C1 is an adventure-seeker that blurs the lines between mountain and road, pushing the limits of what youā€™d expect from a drop-bar bike.

They note that differentiation requires sacrifice; future directions in marketing must not blur the difference.

This dangerously blurs the line between the private sector and the state.

Because labor is highly mobile, society disintegrates, social functions blur, and consequently individuals become maladjusted.

Writing for Spin, music critic Byron Coley described their sound as "magnificent, speedy scuzz-rock that blurs the distinctions between punk and noise like 40 stiff beers.

You can add a texture or blur to images.

You should be extra cautious if the scam artist entertains you with a rendition of the "Dead Parrot Sketch", or launches a rant debating the merits of Oasis over Blur.