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3663 example sentences with  blush

3663 example sentences with blush

Perhaps I ought to blush.

And Minnie beamed on Dick in a manner that made him blush, for he saw that several were watching them.

It is a sad one, but, thank God, there's nothing in it at which I need blush.

Roses flamed over the full round throat and spread their blush to her cheeks.

The colour flooded her face, but the blush was followed by the old look of trouble and doubt.

Without a blush, solemnly as if it were a sacrament, she raised her head and kissed him on the lips.

With a blush of maidenly shame she lifted the envelope to her lips and kissed each written word.

But the way I behaved I blush to tell.

Does it seem too much for a blush to pay If I confess I lost my heart?

If cheeks will blush, why, it is plain to see 'Tis not amiss.

Still deign to play the charmer, dear, Blush while you're thinking of me, Breathe coyest wordlets in mine ear, But don't confess you love me!

I'd make it fast by every law; Dearest, you need not speak your fond consent, Your paleness and your blush so finely blent," He gently said; "tell me my happy lot: I'd draw the knot."

Overflow it with the roses Which her timid blush discloses.

"As I understand it," said the earl, slowly, a faint blush stealing into his cheeks, "an 'amateur' is a lover.

and how first ought you particularly to blush, when you assert, "that prisoners of war are only purchased from the hands of their conquerors, to deliver them from death."

How much rather ought you receivers to blush!

But only at first blush, and to the most circumscribed of narrow minds, who, fortunately, do not control the policy of mankind, although occasional disorders here and there indicate that they are endeavouring to do so.

I positively blush in writing this to you.

"I am sure he will come," she said, turning quite away, that I might not dwell upon her warm blush.

A conscious blush overspread Enrica's face.

This made her blush.

On his conduct in these political concerns, his wife, otherwise influential as a woman who belonged to a family with a title in it, and who had condescended in marrying him, could gain no hold: she had to blush a little at what was called her husband's "radicalism"an epithet which was a very unfair impeachment of Spike, who never went to the root of anything.

"The bride kiss'd the goblet: the knight took it up, He quaff'd off the wine, and threw down the cup, She look'd down to blush, and she look'd up to sigh, With a smile on her lip, and a tear in her eye, He took her soft hand, ere her mother could bar, 'Now tread we a measure!'

Such dross the fire must purge away:'Tis just The author blush there, where the reader must.

And after all, I have been of opinion ever since that conversation, that the wit of all the rakes and libertines down to little Johnny Hartop the punster, consists mostly in saying bold and shocking things, with such courage as shall make the modest blush, the impudent laugh, and the ignorant stare.

Some will laugh, weep, sigh, groan, blush, tremble, sweat, at such things as are suggested unto them by their imagination.

Though we seem many times to be angry, "and blush at our own praises, yet our souls inwardly rejoice, it puffs us up;" 'tis fallax suavitas, blandus daemon, "makes us swell beyond our bounds, and forget ourselves."

A faint blush illumined her face.

Twenty lines ending her, breast, circumstances, now, simply, honourable, truth, selves, fight, sight, once, againe, fat, before, man, weare, blush, mortalitie, brow, guilty.

Reynolds gallantly took up the opposite side, and produced the one recorded instance of a Johnsonian blush.

"I should have thought so indeed, sir, had I made such a speech as you have now done," said Reynolds; and Johnson apologized with the aforesaid blush.

Mrs. Hislop's head was over the skeil, wherein lay one of the linen sheets of Mr. Dallas, the writer to the signet, which, with her broad hands, she was busy twisting into the form of a serpent; and no doubt there were indications of her efforts in the drops of perspiration which stood upon her good-humoured, gaucy face, so suggestive of dewdrops ('bating the poetry) on the leaves of a big blush peony.

They, too, would laugh and joke, but, at least, in such a manner that there was no occasion to blush for them.

Taquisara was too dark to blush, but to his own surprise he felt that the blood had mounted in his face, and in Veronica's own thin, young cheeks there was a faint and lovely tinge which lasted but a moment and then faded, coming again more strongly as she turned her eyes away.

" Undine remained motionless, and the manicure, suddenly laying both hands on the girl's shoulders, and bending over to peer at her reflection, said playfully: "Ever been engaged before, Undine?" A blush rose to the face in the mirror, spreading from chin to brow, and running rosily over the white shoulders from which their covering had slipped down.

As she looked out at the thronged street, on which the summer light lay like a blush of pleasure, she felt herself naturally akin to all the bright and careless freedom of the scene.

Though the blow was hard enough to bring tears to her bright eyes, she smiled, and with a laugh and a blush picked up the ball and dropped it over the rail.

She was from the middle-West, and despite the fact that she was married, and that twenty-one half-blown blush roses had enwreathed her last birthday cake, she had the alert, quizzical brightness of a child who challenges everybody and everything that passes with the countersign"Why?"

Miss Bruce had been very pale hitherto, now a burning blush swept over her face to the temples.

He did not blush nor stammer now, his voice was very firm, and he stood up like a man.

The timid flush And rosy blush Which then from brow to bosom rush, Are pure and fair Beyond compare, Resplendent in the crystal air.

To blush like a banner bathed in slaughter.

My delight was, apparently, not shared by Juliet, to judge by the uncomfortable blush that spread over her face.

Let consistency blush, and justice hang down its head!

See the trader, as he examines with inhuman indifference the bones and sinews, the teeth and joints of the articles on hand, even of females, and hear him make inquiries concerning her capabilities, that would make a savage blush!

These Northmen were rather coarse people, and even put the Anglo-Saxons to the blush sometimes.

Others, again, are sometimes red inside, perfused with a beautiful blush, fairy food, too beautiful to eat,apple of the Hesperides, apple of the evening sky!

But to her amazement Ruth was suddenly blushing a lovely but startling blush and Larry was bending over to examine the hammock-hook in obvious confusion.

"If you think it is all right" she added with rather sudden blush, "for me to stay when I am married or not married and don't know which."

Whereupon Doctor Holiday, who happened not to observe the blush, remarked that he couldn't see what that had to do with it.

"Of course he paid for themtemporarily," she had added with a charming blush and a side long, deprecating glance at Doctor Holiday, senior.

and I don't blush to think about it.

Remembering his song from the street, she wondered if he, also, would have the grace to blush when they met.

Kinch tried to blush, but being very dark-complexioned, his efforts in that direction were not at all apparent, so he evidenced his confusion by cramming a whole short-cake into his mouth, and almost caused a stoppage in the tunnel; Caddy became excessively red in the face, and was sure they wanted more cakes.

Emily gazed into the mirror; and from the blush that suffused her face and the look of complacency that followed, it was quite evident that she shared her friend's opinion.

They did not blush to enslave a portion of their fellow-men, and to buy and sell them as cattle in the market, while they were fighting against the oppression of the mother country, and boasting of their regard for the rights of man.

Protection from the powerful and savage tribes of Indians within their borders, and who were harrassing them with the most terrible of warsand protection from their own negroesprotection from their insurrectionsprotection from their escapeprotection even to the trade by which they were brought into the countryprotection, shall I not blush to say, protection to the very bondage by which they were held.

But the olden feeling was gone, and Maggie could now meet his glance without a blush, while he could talk with her as calmly as if she had never been aught to him save the sister of his wife.

'Let her come in here immediately,' I said, turning my head on the pillow, so that Emmeline should not see the blush which had spread over my face and my neck.

To blacken these unhappy people, their enemies assert, that they are scarce human creatures?but it is we that ought to blush, for having been less men, and more barbarous, than they.

Will not christianity blush at this impious sacrilege?

There are things in my own past, which would be met with laughter and ridicule if I attempted to describe them, that still make me blush to recollect with a sense of guilt and shame, and seem indelibly branded upon the mind.

To what I am to attribute your suddenshall I call it whim or fancy' Julia continued with a faint blush, 'I do not know.

His still small voice of love I heard, When in the blush of youth; I paused, and listened to the word Of everlasting truth.

This inattractive part of the female national character is not confined to the lower or middling classes of life; and an English woman is as likely to be put to the blush in the boudoir of a Marquise, as in the shop of the Grisette, which serves also for her dressing-room.

This inattractive part of the female national character is not confined to the lower or middling classes of life; and an English woman is as likely to be put to the blush in the boudoir of a Marquise, as in the shop of the Grisette, which serves also for her dressing-room.

"Oh, I see you are a modest man, and blush like a young girl.

"Berlin will pay it, in order that your majesty may retain her in your gracious favor; in order that the great Frederick may not have to blush for his faithless and dishonest town, which would not then deserve to be the residence of a king.

Berlin will paythat our sons may not have to blush for their fathers; that posterity may not say that Berlin had stamped herself with the brand of dishonor.

This was the mission which Catharine had confided to Prince Stratimojeff, who, when he determined to undertake it, said to himself: "I will take vengeance on this proud woman who thinks to cast me off like a toy of which she has tired; I will show her that my heart is unmoved by her infidelity; I will present to her my young wife, whose beauty, youth, and innocence will cause her to blush for shame.

His jests were the boldest and freest; they made even the empress blush, and sent her blood hot and bounding through her veins.

she whispered to herself, but with a shudder at the name, and a blush suffused her otherwise pale cheeks for a moment.

He had expected to prepare a pleasurable surprise for her with the princely titleto see her blush with proud satisfaction.

And afterwards, 'Pudet dicere in quæ probra nefandi homines isto cædendi jure abutantur, i. e. I blush to say how shamefully those wicked Men abuse the Power of Correction.'

Here I think I have laid before you an open Field for Pleasantry; and hope you will shew these People that at least they are not witty: In which you will save from many a Blush a daily Sufferer, who is very much Your most humble Servant, Susanna Loveworth.

There was never any such thing as a Blush seen, or a Sigh heard, in the Commonwealth.

Another timely Animadversion is absolutely necessary; be pleased therefore once for all to let these Gentlemen know, that there is neither Mirth nor Good Humour in hooting a young Fellow out of Countenance; nor that it will ever constitute a Wit, to conclude a tart Piece of Buffoonry with a what makes you blush?

I saw the ranks of the theatre emulating each other in candour and humanity, and contending who should most effectually assist the struggles of endeavour, dissipate the blush of diffidence, and still the flutter of timidity.

These seemed to me womanish advices which I should blush to obey.

The heroism of the Guard was rewarded by such treatment as we blush to record.

I entertain myself with the idea of a future senate in Carolina and Virginia, where their future patriots will harangue on the austere and incorruptible virtue of the ancient English! will tell their auditors of our disinterestedness and scorn of bribes and pensions, and make us blush in our graves at their ridiculous panegyrics.

Why should I?" answered Eric, with a slight blush.

The ladies did not blush at the new and convenient costumes which they saw in this country, and laughed a good deal over the way of traveling they had to adopt.

Keith looked and looked at those breasts until Mina noticed him and actually began to blush.

The China blush rose, R Indica (R Chinensis of Roxburgh), Kut'h gulab, forms a pretty hedge, if carefully clipped, but is chiefly usefully as a stock for grafting on.

Emily's fair cheek took a slight blush-rose tint.

He was pleased, too, though very much surprised, to find that she did not seem conscious of his intention (a most lovely blush had spread itself over her face when she spoke of her husband), but so far from expecting what he was just about to say, she had thrown him back in his progress more than onceshe did not seem to be expecting anything.

A sensitive blush spread itself over her face.

The spots of milky whiteness resolved themselves again into blush roses; hundreds and hundreds of them scented the air.

I will, to what? Arb. To such a thing, as if it be a truth think what a creature thou hast made thy self, that didst not shame to do, what I must blush only to ask thee: tell me who I am, whose son I am without all circumstance, be thou as hasty as my Sword will be if thou refusest.

Tilda saw him start and come to himself with a hot blush, that deepened when she laughed and ordered 'Dolph to bark for an encore.

You make me blush."

They saw how the blush of the bride increased.

Glam metal (also known as hair metal, sleaze metal Steven Blush, American hair metal (Los Angeles: Feral House, 2006), p. 8 and pop metal) is a hard rock/heavy metal subgenre.

After blending in the concealer, Selena brought out the Soft Pinch Liquid Blush in Grace — a nice, soft pink perfect for a day out and about.

They had the option to do it over and re-submit, so I wasn’t as heartless as it may have seemed at first blush.

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Show guests stopped by the Brother booth to discover the NQ900 sewing machine while completing a beautiful project and walking away with a free blush brush.

Some of them, indeed, on the very first blush, as soon as they are spoken, exhibit Christ and the Church, although some things in them that are less intelligible remain to be expounded at leisure.