3532 examples of blush in sentences

Felicite was right yesterday when she said that it was really enough to make one blush.

One has no need to blush for an uncle like that, hey?

lib. 4. poetically setting down the meeting of Jason and Medea, makes them both to blush at one another's sight, and at the first they were not able to speak.

To put up with!at the thought, her pride rose in a hot blush, and, it must be confessed, she sought consolation in the looking-glass.

So I thought at first blush; but are we so sure?

MADAM, The bard who first adorn'd our native tongue, Tuned to his British lyre this ancient song: Which Homer might without a blush rehearse, And leaves a doubtful palm in Virgil's verse: He match'd their beauties, where they most excel; Of love sung better, and of arms as well.

whose cheeks unite The differing titles of the red and white; Who Heaven's alternate beauty well display, The blush of morning, and the milky way; Whose face is Paradise, but fenced from sin: For God in either eye has placed a cherubin.

Whatever may be the hygienic advantages or disadvantages of wine,and I for one, except for certain particular ends, believe in water, and, I blush to say it, in black tea,there is no doubt about its being the grand specific against dull dinners.

Better eternal and universal abstinence than the brutalities of those days that made wives and mothers and daughters and sisters blush for those whom they should have honored, as they came reeling home from their debauches!

Like the sudden emanation that crimsons all the east, the beautiful and earliest blush of morning, came the driven blood into the maiden's cheek, telling of discovery and shame.

He was a great boaster, toohe'd tell us, without a blush, of the most desperate things he'd done, and of how brave he'd been.

And he went on, to spin a yarn that would have made Ananias himself blush.

The prevalence of this consideration appears in the first part, which is appropriated to the humble purposes of teaching to read, and speak, and write letters; an attempt of little magnificence, but in which no man needs to blush for having employed his time, if honour be estimated by use.

I blush as I write this, knowing that hereafter no well-conducted globe-trotter will own to my acquaintance, and, indeed, the case requires explanation.

And then this Tommy would put the gas out softly and go to his own room, and, let us hope, blush a little.

There are things in my own past, which would be met with laughter and ridicule if I attempted to describe them, that still make me blush to recollect with a sense of guilt and shame, and seem indelibly branded upon the mind.

My blundering apology and evident embarrassment deepened Miss Cullen's blush five-fold, and she explained, hurriedly, "I found I was tired, and so, instead of writing, I went to my room and rested.

The war with the Emperor of Germany, Henry V., in 1124, appeared, at the first blush, a more serious matter.

An exquisite light-heartedness, an exalted sense of wellbeing, my pulse, my weight, my appetiteall these I observed and recorded with a care that would have put to the blush a majority of the doctors in charge of mental cases in institutions.

" A beautiful blush, exquisite as the hue of the fairest rose, spread over her face.

" Believe me, I am ashamed and blush to see unbecoming groups of women pass along the mart, tearing their hair, cutting their arms and cheeksand all this under the eyes of the Greeks.

Keith looked and looked at those breasts until Mina noticed him and actually began to blush.

I will, to what? Arb. To such a thing, as if it be a truth think what a creature thou hast made thy self, that didst not shame to do, what I must blush only to ask thee: tell me who I am, whose son I am without all circumstance, be thou as hasty as my Sword will be if thou refusest.

Virtue would blush if time should boast (which dries, Her sole child dead, the tender mother's eyes)

I could not think of myself in any way that did not make me blush.

3532 examples of  blush  in sentences